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Why Girls Are Rude to You (And What to Do About It)

not creating any sexual tension first

“I can recognize someone’s footsteps and tell if it’s a man or a woman,” she said. “Men have heavier footsteps, so I can always tell if there’s a guy behind me.”

“When I hear that it’s a guy, I immediately take out my knife and unlock the blade,” she added. Needless to say this conversation hit me like a ton of bricks.

A lot of guys wonder why women are so rude to them. Questions like “Why do girls ignore me?” and “Why are girls so mean to me?” flood my inbox every day, and it’s not hard to see why.

It seems that everywhere you go, there’s some girl ready to shoot you down and leave you feeling worthless. Whether it’s at the club, at a frat party, or simply during the day—but what if I told you that the reason she’s being rude isn’t what you think it is?


Thought Experiment

why girls are rude

Imagine that you’re walking through a gigantic pack of well-trained wolves, and you’re covered entirely in barbecue sauce. I know, I know—it’s kind of a weird example, but bear with me for a second.

You have to walk through this pack of trained wolves, that probably wants to devour you, and hope that given the chance to eat you, their training will be able to override their instincts. Everywhere you walk, you’re surrounded by these wolves.

How would you feel? Probably pretty paranoid, right? You’d be afraid that maybe, just maybe, if there was nobody else around, and a couple of wolves happened to find you, they’d literally eat you alive.

This is literally how girls feel all the time. The reason that they’re rude to you isn’t because they’re “mean” or “bitchy,” but it’s because they don’t know if you’re a fucking serial killer or not.

I honestly don’t think that men can fully understand the fear that women experience when meeting a guy for the first time, going to a frat party, or going out with their girlfriends.


False Rape Accusations?

girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

For a while I was pretty bitter over this type of thing. I’d been falsely accused of rape when I was only 18 years old, after a girl had nearly ripped my face off with her mouth, because she said I “looked like one of the Jonas Brothers.”

I knew I was innocent, and that I hadn’t done anything wrong—but there was still something unsettling about a woman being able to potentially ruin my life with just a few short words. It was like I was guilty until proven innocent.

So naturally, whenever someone brought up how often sexual assault occurs, my first reaction was of a visceral nature. I’d seen too much to go back. It was like the curtain had been pulled up from over my eyes, and I could see the truth.

People believe the woman. They always believe the woman, because it’s in their nature to do so. One woman with a desire for vengeance can ruin a public figure’s entire career, with a mere accusation—as has been made so evident in light of recent events.

Yet reality is far more nuanced than this. Over the past several years, I’ve come to understand the finer points of false rape accusations, abusers of power, serial rapists, and the complexities of life.

Yes, false rape accusations are far more common than most people think. Yes, sexual assault is far more common than most people think. Yes, some women do just “want attention,” and yes, some men really are just pieces of shit.


She’s Terrified of You

girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

If you’re a guy and you go home with a girl that you just met, what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe she’s a little bit fatter than she looks, or maybe she’s emotional and starts to cry over an ex or something (I’ve experienced both of these).

Now, ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen to a girl who went home with a guy that she just met? Let’s see—she could get tied up, tortured, raped, and cut up into a million pieces never to be seen again.

That’s a pretty stark fucking difference, wouldn’t you say? Most of the time when a girl blows you off, is rude to you, or ignores you, it’s not because she’s “a bitch”—it’s because she’s scared.

Maybe she just met you. Maybe she doesn’t know if you’ll rape her or not. Maybe she wants to meet in public first, as Tinder dates often do. Maybe she thinks you’re a nice guy, but isn’t quite sure yet.

To be fair, yeah—maybe she’s just a spoiled little brat. Maybe she is just a bitch, and it’s that simple—but more often than not, I’d bet that the reason why girls are rude to you, is simply because they’re afraid.


“Come on Jon, Really?”

girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Oh come on, Jon—sure this stuff happens, but really? You act as if it’s happening to every single girl on the planet or something.” I would’ve thought this too for a while, because it’s a completely valid point.

Yet again, put yourself in her shoes. You’re literally not even half as strong as a man in most cases and all of these physically stronger human beings have a primal urge to fuck you. On top of this, every single day you hear about some girl who was kidnapped, tortured, and raped, or some creep who abducted a woman and held her in his basement for 30 years.

Do you really think it’s that much of an exaggeration to think that she’s just scared of you? I’m a dude who’s trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and yet even if I were to go over to some random dude’s house I’d never met, I would still probably be a bit paranoid.

Imagine how scared you would be, KNOWING that he could literally rape you if he wanted to. There’s nothing you could do about it, because he’s literally twice as big and twice as strong as you. Again, put yourself in her shoes—this is how she feels.


Your Reality vs. Her Reality

girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

I know that this will still be hard for a lot of guys to understand, because it’s not the reality that we live in. We don’t have to worry about walking home at night alone. We don’t have to worry about getting drugs slipped in our drinks.

Again, I didn’t understand this for YEARS, even after sleeping with dozens and dozens of girls. It was only when I started actually opening my eyes that I began to see what I’d been missing this entire time.

I live in a college town, and literally just in the past month there’s been several instances of fully grown, middle-aged men sneaking into girls’ rooms while they’re asleep. Nobody knows how this happened or who the men were.

My Freshman year of college, I recall one fraternity (which I won’t name) spiked the bowl of jungle juice, and something like 50 girls were raped. Dozens of girls (and guys) verified this, saying that they didn’t remember anything after that party.

As a guy, if my phone is dead, that’s fine. I can walk home from the club alone, who cares? As a girl however, if your phone is dead, you will not be able to get home safely without walking in a pack.

Why do you think girls travel in packs everywhere? Again, it’s because they’re scared. We don’t see this though, and to be honest I can’t really blame us. It’s not the reality that we live in, so we don’t really see it.


What You Can Do

why girls are rude to you

Understand that most of the time when a girl ignores you out in the club, doesn’t want to talk to you, or doesn’t want to go home with you, it isn’t necessarily because she hates you. She’s most likely just scared.

So what do you do about it? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Just show her that you’re a decent human being—this in many ways, is what game is. Game, in a nutshell, is simply having a high level of emotional and social intelligence.

Don’t be too aggressive, but know when to take the lead. Don’t be overly sexual, but know when to flirt with her. Know when she’s shit testing you, and when she’s actually concerned about something serious.

These are the complexities of game, and it’s not hard to see why so many men are initially overwhelmed by all the paradoxes of game and contradictory dating advice out there:

  • “Be assertive, but not aggressive!”
  • “Be kind, but not a pushover!”
  • “Be yourself, but change certain things!”
  • “Be self-amused, but socially aware!”

I understand that learning game is complicated, which is why most guys suck at it, and why it takes so long to master. Yet even so, the best thing you can do is first be aware of how she’s feeling.


The #1 Way to Make Her Comfortable

girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

A lot of guys get into the whole “PUA world” because they want better sex lives. So they scour the internet looking for all kinds of dating advice, and get the typical talking points about being more confident.

So, they try being more confident—and obviously you should work on your confidence, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t. Yet what happens is predictable almost to a T.

Guy is insecure and needy. Guy reads internet advice. Guy tries being confident. Guy gets more success. Guy hits roadblock. Guy doesn’t know what to do. Guy gets mad. Guy finally has the epiphany.

After working so much on his confidence, assertiveness, decisiveness, and all of the other characteristics that generate raw attraction, he realizes the “missing link” in his interactions: vulnerability.

Being vulnerable in your interactions will do wonders. So many guys have this problem where they can generate attraction, but she still doesn’t quite want to go home with you yet—again, this is almost always because she’s afraid.

So do you know what to do? Open up. Talk about yourself. What are your passions? What are your hobbies? What was your childhood like? Tell her about that scuba diving trip you took to Cozumel last year, or that weird little hobby of yours that’s kind of embarrassing or nerdy.


Concrete Example #1

girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

I understand that it’s often difficult to grasp these concepts, so I’ll give an actual example here. One night I was out with some buddies, locked eyes with a girl, and immediately went up and hugged her.

She hugged me back, and thought I was hilarious. “Haha, who are you?” she asked. We got to talking, and eventually we really hit it off. I was confident, if not outright cocky, and she was eating it up.

Yet when I tried to go anywhere else with her, she wouldn’t budge. Most guys would interpret this as her just “wanting attention,” or her “teasing you,” but I knew otherwise.

She was afraid. She’d just met me. Yeah, I seemed cool, but who knows—I could be a freaking serial killer for all she knew. So what did I do? I opened up to her. I just started talking about who I am. I was vulnerable.

I told her about how I’m a nerd and like to play World of Warcraft (true fact, actually). I told her that I’m really into self-development, that I love acoustic guitar, and spent some time getting to know her.

After half an hour or so of this type of conversation, she actually invited me back to HER place. She pulled ME. Again, this was because I was vulnerable. I didn’t get butthurt and offended when she didn’t want to go home after like 15 minutes of talking to me, but rather I understood she wasn’t comfortable yet.

This is the attitude that you must take. Show her that you’re a cool guy. Show her that you’re a normal guy. If you can show her that you’re actually going to protect her, that’s even better.


Concrete Example #2

girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

That also reminds me of another time that I had a girl try to pull me. I was out at a night club in DC, and saw some creepy ass looking mother fucker with a pedophile beard lurking around. I could tell that something wasn’t right.

I noticed that he was walking around and kept getting awkwardly close to girls, but he tried to act like it was an accident—then I saw it. He was bumping into girls “by accident,” and sneaking his hand up their dresses to feel them up while he did so.

I walked up to one of the girls who he just did this to, and asked her if she knew him. I was pretty sure she didn’t, but just wanted to be sure. “That guy just tried to slip his hand up your pants, he looks like a creep, why the fuck is he here?”

Immediately her eyes lit up, and it was like I could read her mind. “Oh my God, it’s a guy who will actually look out for me. It’s a guy who I can trust.”

I grabbed her by the hand and took her to the bouncer. We explained what happened, and then pointed out the creeper who was upskirting girls. He got kicked out.

The girl was actually so turned on that she started hitting on me and wanted to go home with me. Unfortunately I had to decline her offer, because I’d already committed to helping my friend out with his game in the field.

Even still however, this example just goes to show you how powerful it can be when a girl realizes that you’re actually not a creep, that you actually don’t want to hurt her, and that you’ll actually protect her if need be.


White Knights vs. Alpha Males

girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

Again, I can immediately tell what some of you guys are probably thinking. “So what you’re saying is I should just be some faggoty, spineless white knight? I’ve been trying that and it hasn’t worked.”

Here’s where the nuances of social interaction come in, however. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter so much what you do. What makes someone an alpha male is the place it’s coming from.

When white knights try to “protect” a girl, really what they’re doing is trying to fuck her. It’s pathetic. “Hehehe, maybe if I act all righteous and valiant, she’ll want to fuck me!”

What I was doing on the other hand, was something entirely different. Again, like most things in game, it wasn’t my actions that she picked up on—it was the place that they were coming from.

I wasn’t trying to get laid when I saw that happen. I wasn’t thinking “Haha, now’s my chance! I’ll throw this guy out, look all cool, and she’ll want to suck my dick in the bathroom!” No, that’s fucking stupid.

I was literally just concerned for peoples’ safety. I saw a guy who looked like a fucking creep, and to be honest was kind of upset that the bouncer even let him in. I didn’t want him stalking any girls or doing some weird shit like that, so I got the guy kicked out—that was that.

Do you see how this isn’t the same as some lame “white knight” or “captain save a hoe” who just tries to get laid by being a complete pushover? It’s coming from a different place. White knights protect girls to get laid, alpha males protect them because they’re decent fucking human beings.



girls are rude why are girls so rude to me

I know that this article was pretty nuanced, and I’m sure that some idiots out there will misinterpret it. Try to realize the complexity of the situation and see reality for all of the multiple layers that it has.

Yes, false rape accusations happen. Yes, there is rape hysteria in some places. Yes, some men are serial abusers who should be shot in the back of the head. Yes, many rapes and sexual assaults go unreported due to fear or guilt.

The takeaway of this article however, should be that you understand where women are coming from when they’re being “cold” or “standoffish.” Half of the time it’s literally just that they’re scared.

So be genuine. Be nice. Be open to them. Don’t be a pushover, but don’t be afraid to open up a little bit. Make her laugh. Have fun with her. Give, but learn to receive…and most importantly, actually apply what you’re learning, and strive to be a better human being.

As always if you guys have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to leave them down below. I look forward to getting some feedback from you guys, and as always, I’ll see you next time.

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2 months ago

I did not just read this filth.

5 years ago

Jon, you put great content out and help your fellow men. But for this particular post you deserve to be given a hard time. Your “pack of wolves” analogy is the dictionary example for sexism. Whenever you want to see if something is sexist, reverse the genders and see how it sounds. For example I once read a hostel review like this “I wasn’t feeling comfortable sleeping in a room full of males”. Now reverse the genders and see how it sounds. I leave it to you to do the same for your “pack of wolves” analogy.

Leftists talk about social constructs a lot but they fail to realize that social conditioning goes both ways. For example it’s worth thinking how much of “I immediately take out my knife” and “wasn’t comfortable sleeping in a room full of males” is based on sexist prejudice. Sure we don’t leave in a perfect world and crime happens but it happens to men too and men are actually more likely to be subject to a violent crime.

Jon Anthony
5 years ago
Reply to  Zach

Zach, thanks for the complement and constructive criticism. I’ve gotten a lot of shit for this post, most definitely. I think that my analogy was DEFINITELY sexist, but for good reason – women don’t really rape men. 99% of the time it’s men raping women.

I’m not denying that there’s been a huge media feeding frenzy with the #MeToo movement, and that it’s gone WAY too far. I’m simply saying that a lot of the time, you need to build more comfort with a woman, and that’s why she’s ignoring you.

I don’t think women being paranoid is entirely a social construct. Some of it is fed by leftist propaganda and “hurr durr muh 1 in 4 women” lies, but a lot of it is the truth. Again, this isn’t an end-all-be-all post on why girls are rude, sometimes they’re just bitchy. It was just a different perspective that I don’t think many men are considering.

Useless Crap
10 months ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

It is a social construct. Specially in the US. With this post you become one of the contributers of all men seen as a creep just for wanting to talk. Maybe if you don’t want to be cut into pieces or listen to crying women how about getting to know the person before inviting home with you.

5 years ago

I’m a girl and i was just browsing the site out of curiosity. Thank you for writing this, i can confirm this is true! (At least for myself and other women i know). i’ve had bad experiences in the past (assaults and others) which is why im usually on edge when approached by men, even tho i know most men are ok and wouldn’t do anything nasty, but its hard not to get anxious because of the ones who would. it’s a defence mechanism.

As girls we also grow up being taught not to walk alone at night and to always be careful, so it’s partially from how we were raised. Don’t take rejection personally.

Jon Anthony
5 years ago
Reply to  Fergurina

Thanks for commenting, it’s good to see a girl confirm my thoughts on this. I think a lot of guys get offended, because they see themselves as “good guys,” but they don’t realize that a lot of girls are just scared half the time.


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