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Negging 101: What It Is & How to Use It (Plus 3 Examples)

What is negging? Have you ever heard that terminology before?

If not, it’s because you’re not familiar with the PUA subculture. Here’s a few examples of negging:

  • “Wow, you have the cutest Bugs Bunny overbite!”
  • “I like your shirt. Did it shrink in the laundry?”
  • “Oh my God, you look like that girl from the office!”

Ever heard these before? The idea behind a neg is that it’s a “backhanded compliment.” Used properly, it can be extremely powerful.

…but used IMPROPERLY, and it can actually be extremely dangerous. Here’s why.


What is Negging?

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If you want to know how to get laid with REALLY hot girls, then understanding negging is very helpful.

Negging is basically a backhanded compliment, that’s meant to take a girl’s ego down a notch.

That’s why I say you should only use them on EXTREMELY hot girls, who are VERY full of themselves.

Why? Because they get a million of these lame pickup lines per night:

  • “Wow you’re so beautiful.”
  • “You’re pretty, can I please buy you a drink?”
  • “I like your eyes, you could totally be a model.”

A hot girl at the club, is typically bored to death with these type of guys. That’s where you, the master pickup artist, come in.

The sole purpose of a neg is to show her that you’re not intimidated by her beauty. In fact, it’s just the opposite—you don’t mind teasing her about it.

This is why negging can be so powerful when used on a model… she’s not expecting it. So when you show her that you’re not afraid or intimidated, she immediately wonders: “Who is this guy?”


How to Use Negs

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For the most part, I hardly ever neg a girl.

Yep, that’s right—most of my conversation is just natural. I don’t use any “PUA openers” or canned routines (unless I’m out of state).

While this may be intimidating for many guys out there, it’s ultimately the goal. This is purely “natural game.”

If you’re just getting started though, sometimes it can be very useful to have these canned lines and routines… because your mind will often go blank.

The best thing you can do (if you’re new) is scour this blog, memorize a few openers, and go practice.

This is especially the case with negs. You ONLY want to use negs on model-looking girls, who have resting bitch face, and are extremely egotistical.

In fact, if you want to know how to turn a girl on, especially if she’s really hot, using a well placed neg on her can be very powerful to build attraction.

Using a neg on this type of girl will bring her down a notch. Using it on a “cute” girl, or a hot girl who ISN’T full of herself, will just make you come off as a dick.


The Two Types of Women

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There’s generally two types of women out there…

First, there’s the girls who respond to confidence and kindness.

They’re the girls who like you for who you are, and typically had good relationships with their fathers.

THEN, however, there’s the girls who chase assholes. These are the girls who want to be negged, and who will give you a shit test like every three minutes.

“B-but Jon, isn’t negging a girl manipulative?” someone will ask. Well, I’d like to ask YOU a question, Mr. Chode.

If she’s a gorgeous woman, and the only type of guy she dates are assholes, then doesn’t it make sense that MAYBE she wants to date guys who are assholes?

No duh. Obviously. I’m not saying you should date the type of women that you would use negs on. Most girls who want assholes have emotional issues.

That being said, it can be USEFUL to understand this social dynamic when it comes into play. Always ask yourself: what type of woman is she?

This is where understanding women comes in. You need to stop thinking about what society has told her, and actually understand HER.

Stop believing the same bullshit advice you were sold by Hallmark cards and Hollywood movies. If the results you are currently getting SUCK, then change your game plan, and consider giving negging a try.


Negging Examples

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Now that we’ve got some of the basics out of the way, let’s talk about a few examples. Negging can be extremely powerful when used properly.

In fact, if you want to know how to get laid on Tinder, using your neg as a Tinder opening line can be extremely powerful.

Anyways, now onto some negging examples. Say you go up to a girl, and she’s very blase about you. This is often called the “hot girl blase.”

It’s where, no matter what you say, she just doesn’t seem to care. You’re basically invisible to her.

In this type of situation, using a neg might be useful. Any emotional reaction is better than none.

You might say something like: “I love the way you try to ignore me, it’s so cute,” as if you’re onto her game.

Maybe she will roll her eyes and smile, because she knows it’s partially true. There. You just cracked the shell.

Here’s a few other negs you can bust out in situations like this, if she’s acting too full of herself:

  • “I like your eyes… are you wearing colored contacts? You have to be.”
  • “I love how you’re beautiful, but so goofy. It makes you more relatable.”
  • “I like your shirt… did it shrink in the laundry?”

You get the idea, right? Again—ONLY use these in a club environment, with extremely hot women. If you can’t pull her that night, learn how to get a girl’s number and text her the next day.

Your average girl isn’t going to need a “neg” to open her. You can just use a normal opener and some social calibration, and you’ll be fine.


Negging is NOT Bullying

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I want to make this extremely clear—negging is NOT bullying. It’s not putting her down. This website teaches you how to be a better man, not how to be a manipulative asshole.

It’s just meant to bring a girl back to earth, when she’s acting especially full of herself.

Be VERY careful when using these negs, because while they can work very well on hot girls, one little bit of social miscalibration can end up getting you a drink poured on your face.

Negging is meant to be used, once in a blue moon, to get a “princess” off her pedestal, and subtly communicate to her that you’re on her level.

Many girls reading this will not understand negging, and they’ll end up thinking it’s bullying.

I’m okay with this. Of course they can’t understand, because they don’t get rejected like guys do.

Even a good looking guy, with good game, will have to get rejected multiple times each night before finding a girl who’s interested in him.

…and this is all okay. As with literally everything else in life, learn how to get over rejection, and keep on plowing through. You’ll get it, champ.


Some Final Thoughts on Negging


All in all, negging isn’t really that hard of a concept to understand.

In fact, it’s pretty simple.

Just neg her when she’s extremely full of herself. That’s it.

If she’s cool, and NORMAL? You usually don’t have to worry about it.

Another time you can use negs, is if you’ve both been flirting back and forth, and you want to do some push/pull game (discussed in-depth in my course).

Generally speaking though, negs should not be the “bread and butter” of your game. That should be your masculine energy.

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All in all, I hope you enjoyed the article… let me know if you have any questions (down below) and I’ll see you next time! -Jon

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