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[VIDEO]: When Your Ex Starts Playing Games

Have you ever experienced a breakup?

It fucking sucks, man…

But do you know what sucks even MORE?

When your ex starts playing games with you.

Now that shit HURTS.

That’s why I wanted to take a second to answer a reader question I got, on what to do when a girl plays games with you…



The email was written in broken English, so I had a little bit of trouble understanding it…

BUT, here’s the key points to take away, guys:

  • Tit for tat is always a good strategy with women. Never give them TOO MUCH, unless you haven’t talked in a while and you’re trying to work your way back into her life
  • Never EXPECT anything in return… reach out and give, just to give
  • Do not be needy or desperate—sending text after text, or call after call, is NOT a good strategy
  • Sometimes women will keep you on the back burner by showing you just enough interest to keep you there, but never showing you so little that you leave
  • They do this, because they enjoy the validation, and want to keep you around in case they need you
  • The best way to AVOID this, is to be a MAN on your PURPOSE in life!!! This is why I always hammer this home.

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