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There is a War Being Fought Against Masculinity


I try to avoid posts like these, as they can come off as a bit too “tin-foil-hatty” for my taste, but after witnessing the latest battle which has been waged against masculinity, I’ve been left with no choice. For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, the boy scouts recently defied over a century of tradition by now allowing girls into their mix.

Of course, they implemented this radical change in rules under the guise of “equality,” to claim the moral high ground. It doesn’t matter that the places where boys can be boys are growing increasingly rare in today’s society, and it doesn’t matter that by nearly all metrics, women are outperforming men in America.

There is a full fledged war being waged against all forms of masculinity, and it will not stop until we speak up and put our foot down. What started as an inconspicuous movement in the 1990’s has grown into an all out attempt to castrate men and ostracize anyone with half a god damn brain.

Now is the time to speak out, now is the time to voice your concerns, and now is the time to act. Without sufficient outrage in response to this ridiculous change in the boy scouts, the Marxists and their globalist allies will push farther and farther, until before we know it, it’s too late.


Masculine Energy

boy scouts

There’s a new and emerging branch of study which aims to research and better understand the difference between masculine energy and feminine energy. Although it may seem esoteric, strange, and maybe even woo-woo, it’s actually grounded in reality and has very practical implications.

Masculine energy can be likened to yang. It’s the aggression, dominance, hierarchy, and order that is inherently understood to be masculine. Forget what the “gender studies” quacks say, we’ve understood these principles for literally thousands of years, ever since the dawn of civilization.

Conversely, feminine energy can be likened to yin. It’s the tenderness, submission, empathy, and intuition that acts as a glue to hold society together. Contrary to popular feminist ideology, one isn’t “worse” or “better” than the other. Both masculine and feminine energies are important.

…and herein lies the fundamental problem. Modern feminists profess that for years, society has been too “patriarchal,” and in an attempt to remedy this, they’re trying to destroy all masculine energy left within us. What they don’t realize however, is that a balance is required.


Gender Polarity

yin yang masculine energy

There is a very intricate and important polarity that takes place between masculine and feminine energy. Without feminine energy to counteract it, masculine energy will grow out of control, and with it will come violence, aggression, and ultimately the breakdown of society.

Likewise, without masculine energy to counteract it, feminine energy will grow out of control. When this happens (as we’re seeing now), feelings become more important than facts, emotions become more important than logic, and “being nice” becomes more important than individual dignity and rights.

This is the fundamental problem with modern feminism, and its attempts to destroy masculinity. Little do they realize, that in doing so they’re going to end up creating a country that won’t be able to sustain itself. Policies, government, and socioeconomic structures will be based off of “feels” rather than facts.

Both energies must be managed lest we wish our society falls into chaos. “But how can too much feminine energy lead to chaos?” one might ask, pointing out the benign nature of the feminine. Well if you want to see what an overly feminine society might look like, just take a look at Sweden in its modern condition.


Feminine Imbalance

Currently in Sweden, there are over a dozen “no go zones,” which are reminiscent of war zones. Rape has skyrocketed by triple digit percentages, violent crimes have grown out of control, and some female politicians have even advised women to start wearing full on hijabs to avoid being raped.

Of course, feminists will somehow blame oppressive masculinity for this, but anyone with half a brain can see that this is utter hogwash. Political correctness, a feminine trait, led to this. By valuing “feels” and “being nice” to any and all refugees wanting to get in, they abandoned the counterbalancing masculine energy which creates BOUNDARIES.

Then, rather than exerting (again) MASCULINE energy to create boundaries and punish wrongdoers, they succumbed even farther into feminine energy by pandering. Rather than kicking ass, taking names, and setting up stricter laws, female-backed politicians just grew submissive and decided to be “culturally sensitive.”


Masculine Imbalance

Many modern men are understandably angered by feminism and its constant spreading of myths, such as the gender pay gap, or the “all men are rapists” lie. They grow bitter and blame too much feminine energy for all of society’s perils—but this is a vast oversight.

Like I said, too much of any one energy leads to chaos. When masculine energy is too dominant, we also have problems. This isn’t hard to understand, seeing that too much masculine energy can lead to unnecessary aggression, murder, theft, rape, and other violent crimes. Without enough empathy and submission, violence grows out of hand.

If you want to see what excessive masculine energy looks like, take a look at pretty much any country in the Middle East. What do you see? There’s tribal warfare going on everywhere, bands of men fighting for their individual beliefs, bullets flying through the air, torture, rape, and outright chaos.


Perfect Balance

Again, neither angry MGTOW cowards or bitter, daddy-issue-ridden feminists are right in this matter. In order for society to function properly, a balance between male energy and female energy is needed—and we must foster and guard this balance at all times, lest it be snuffed out.

When you have a proper balance of masculine and feminine energy, society flourishes. Masculine energy ensures that there are enough boundaries, laws, and freedoms to protect each and every individual from harm. Feminine energy ensures that society is held together by familial, social, and cultural bonds.

Like it or not, men and women need each other, and no amount of Marxist philosophy or MGTOW blogging can change this. It’s high time for men to stop supporting the boy scouts, because to finally come full circle, they’re distorting the balance of gender energies in our culture.


“What’s The Big Deal?”

boy scouts accepting girls

One common thought I’ve seen in response to the boy scouts’ recent actions has been something along the lines of: “What’s the big deal? They’re just letting girls in, so what?” This is a big mistake. Whether you realize it or not, this seemingly insignificant action has profound implications.

This is how ideologies (and by extension modern feminism) work—step by step, inch by inch, millimeter by fucking millimeter, they push you until you put up a fight. Then, do you know what they do? Do they keep pushing? No, they wait…at least until you calm down.

Then, they keep pushing. Again, it’s little by little. It’s so slow that’s it’s nearly imperceptible, but that doesn’t matter—because before you know it, after a few years of progressively worse and worse decisions, you’re 10 miles back farther than you should be, and they’ve gained all of the battleground.

This is a big deal, because it’s not about “equality.” It’s never been about that. If it were about equality, they would just make their own damn independent group called “The Scouts.” They would’ve opened up “girl scouts” to boys as well, but they didn’t—and this is what’s so telling.

They do not give a damn about equality, they don’t give a damn about women’s’ rights, and they certainly don’t give a damn about men. To all of these social justice warriors, this is just another attempt to eliminate any and all havens for masculine energy to be created—and it looks like they’ve won this battle.


Rite of Passage Destroyed

boy scouts accepting girls

One of the reasons why this is such a huge deal, is that the boy scouts served as a rite of passage for millions of men all across this country. Every week they would go sit with their tribe of boys, and do boyish things. They would fight and tussle, poke dead squirrels, explore the woods, and play games.

The men of the tribe would pass down their knowledge to the boys. All of the collective years of wisdom that they fought for and learned through hard experience—experience with different types of women, true friends and fake friends, and LIFE in general, was passed down to the new generation.

All it takes for a country to fall, is for this tie to be severed—and the modern feminists are doing a damn good job at severing it. Now, boy scouts will no longer be allowed to be boys. They’ll do “gross things” that the girls won’t like, and they’ll be forced to stop. They’ll be “crass” or “crude,” and will be forced to mind their tongue.

Just the mere PRESENCE of girls changes the vibe, and if you don’t notice this you’re either incredibly stupid or just a liar. The boy scouts is no longer a place for “boys to be boys,” but rather an attempt at destroying this solidarity between men and boys, and creating a homogeneous mishmash of “one gender identity.”


What’s The Solution?

The solution, my friends, is not “out there” but rather “in here.” In distressing and confusing times like this, where it seems that cultural Marxism is sinking its devious tendrils into every aspect of society, the answer is not to blame others, but rather to blame yourself.

Take accountability. Do what you can to fight this. Send letters to the boy scouts, telling them that they’re destroying a 100-year-old tradition, and that they no longer have your support. Speak out on social media, start a blog, call your local politician, do what you must do to make your voice heard.

Most importantly however, handle your own masculinity and family life. This is what you have the most direct control over, and if you cannot handle your own masculinity, your own family, your own relationships, and even your own children, then you have no business complaining about others.

As I said before, I typically refrain from writing articles like this even though they’re in high demand. I like to focus on self-improvement, because that’s the only thing we can really do—everything else is just complaining. That being said, I believe that the contents of this article are extremely important and deserve attention. So please share while you can. Thank you.

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3 years ago

Maybe if these American idiots hadn’t attacked the Middle East, the situation would of been much better.

5 years ago

Very true about Sweden, been living there as a foreigner for over 15 years, except about the “no-go zones”. They are basically areas you wouldn’t go to because of ghetto people (MENA), not because they are officially declared as no-go zones like in some form of war….Regarding feminine energy, it is full of it here. I have rarely seen a native Swede that has stood up against refugees/criminals born in Sweden with foreign parents whether it be in school, the bus or at work (without taking PC measures e.g not phsycially striking back, demonstrating against the criminal behaviour) . They are obviously pussies which foreginers have known about for ages and therefore feel that they can go beyond the moral limits of what they can do. I am definetly not part of this toxic group of foreigners, as is the majority of foreigners here as well. I really feel bad about Swedish people in terms of masculine energy, you can rarely feel a true brotherhood connection ( if you know what I mean). Such innovation, standard of living, social integrity is being eroded by the PC lefties who are acting blind to the issue at hand eg not sending seriously criminal refugees home.or strictly regulating the well-fare system which would prevent 90% of the Somali people here to live like parasites. This is becoming more and more subconsciously obvious when you see how obedient Swedish men are to their wifes ( due to them having the scarcity mindset) who themselves start to prefer masculine foreginers with education more and more, nobody goes against the grain (not following the societal norms) and having their own purpose in life (even though there are quite a few Swedish websites/podcasts) about self-improvement) and foremost the ever growing PC in forms of clothing, opinions, gender issues, testoterone levels and “feel good”-mentality.

Jon Anthony
5 years ago
Reply to  ELF

Why’d you move to Sweden out of curiosity? It certainly wasn’t always so pussified, but it’s been that way for at least a decade or two I’d imagine.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

Moved because my step-father lived here for quite a while. Certainly wasn’t pussified over twenty years ago, but it was still more pussified than other countries. Life is still great, but in terms of societal mental health, it is going downhill especially for men. No true role models, mentors, contrarians and so on 🙁

Jon Anthony
5 years ago
Reply to  ELF

Time for us to pick up the mantle, then.


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