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The Steak and Eggs Diet: Shred Fat, Boost Testosterone, and Feel Like Zeus

There’s a million different diets out there. From paleo to gluten-free to vegan to vegetarian to tea cleanses, every other “health expert,” has a different recommendation.

It can be hard to know the truth about dieting when you’re first starting out. Believe me, I’ve been there.

One diet that’s surrounded by an ENORMOUS amount of confusion is the steak and eggs diet.

Some people think it’s horrible for you, some say it’s great for you…well in this article, I’m going to expose the truth about the steak and eggs diet.


The Steak and Eggs Diet: Not For Everyone

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The most difficult thing for most of my clients to understand is that there’s no “perfect diet.” Your diet will depend entirely on your goals, lifestyle, and genetics.

Yes, we can make some general statements about dieting, such as that you need protein to build muscle, or that saturated fat is good for boosting testosterone, but beyond simple statements like this, we can’t say much.

A good diet for losing weight, is a HORRIBLE diet for bulking up…and vice versa. Your diet must change and evolve depending on your specific needs and goals.

Generally speaking, diets high in carbohydrates are good for building muscle and bulking up. Diets low in carbohydrates are generally good for shredding fat. Before you can understand why, however, I need to explain the biological process of ketosis.


Ketosis: Burning Fat For Fuel

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Ketosis is one of the most misunderstood and underrated concepts in all of health and fitness. See, our bodies have two primary sources of fuel: carbohydrates and fat.

When your body is in a state of using carbohydrates for energy, it’s called glycolysis. When your body is in a state of using fat for energy, it’s called ketosis.

While there’s benefits to each, depending on the circumstances, ketosis is objectively better for losing weight for one major reason: it doesn’t boost insulin nearly as much as glycolysis.

I talk about this more in Body of an Alpha, but the idea is that insulin is a “storage hormone,” and carbohydrates increase it. So when you eat a bunch of carbohydrates, what does that do? Well, it means you’ll either store your food as fat or as muscle.

This is why eating carbohydrates is mandatory for bulking up. But when you only eat fats and protein, you don’t boost insulin very much…meaning it’s WAY easier to shred fat, but harder to build muscle.


The Steak and Eggs Diet Example

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The steak and eggs diet is just what it sounds like. It’s comprised of steak and eggs. That’s all you eat. You don’t have any starches, any fruit, or even any vegetables…just pure steak and eggs. Two meals a day.

The steak and eggs diet is phenomenal for putting you into a state of ketosis, which is why a lot of people use it to get lean. What it is NOT good for, however, is building muscle as a hardgainer.

The diet in and of itself is pretty simple. You don’t eat for the first 8 hours of your day, which is effectively intermittent fasting. Then, you have half a pound of steak and 5-6 eggs cooked in butter for lunch. You have the same for dinner.

That’s it. Those are your only two meals a day—pure steak and eggs. I recommend you use cage-free eggs, grass-fed beef, and grass-fed butter, to minimize the toxins, hormones, and antibiotics in this diet. It’s more expensive, but I still urge you to do so if you value your health.


Steak and Eggs Diet Benefits

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Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of the steak and eggs diet: losing weight. If you follow this diet, and don’t cheat, you can expect to lose roughly a pound of fat a day.

In addition to this, you’ll also boost your testosterone levels by a significant amount. The high saturated fat content of eggs, grass fed butter, and grass fed steak, will be used to create testosterone in your body, giving you more energy and speeding up your weight loss.

The steak and eggs diet is also great for productivity—being able to fast the first 8 hours of your day is a great way to enhance productivity. No food crash, no interrupting work by cooking food, and no taking snack breaks.

Lastly, the diet is extremely easy to follow. The amount of time you spend cooking each day is a max of 15 minutes per meal, and the food is fucking delicious. I never ONCE got tired of eating my rare-cooked steak and sunny side up eggs. This makes the diet easy to follow.


Steak and Eggs Diet Side Effects

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Although the steak and eggs diet is phenomenal for losing weight, there’s still a good amount of drawbacks. Like I said before, there’s no perfect diet.

The first drawback of the steak and eggs diet is that it’s very difficult to build muscle on. In order to build muscle you pretty much need carbohydrates. Yes, you can try to build muscle on a ketosis-based diet, but it’s very difficult.

Second, there’s no vegetables. Despite what “hardcore bodybuilders,” tell you, vegetables are incredibly important to your health. They don’t play that much of a role with building muscle, but there’s still extremely important.

A diet high in vegetables is correlated with damn near every positive health effect in the book: lower risk of cardiovascular disease, lower risk of cancer, longer life, and a stronger immune system, to name a few.

Thirdly, the steak and eggs diet isn’t sustainable. Your body actually needs carbohydrates for certain bodily functions, and without it, you don’t function too well. This is why I don’t view the diet as a permanent lifestyle change, but rather, a temporary change to shred fat.

Lastly, there’s some concerns over the link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels. Personally, I don’t think it’s as big a deal as the medical community makes it out to be, but this is still something to monitor (I get blood drawn 4x a year).


How to Do The Steak and Eggs Diet

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If you’re trying to lose a lot of weight, then this is probably a good diet for you to follow. You could also try following the Bulletproof Diet, but that’s a bit more complex, and it’s more of a lifestyle change than it is a temporary change.

To implement the steak and eggs diet into your life, I recommend you only do it until you get down to your ideal bodyfat percentage, then switch over to a more sustainable diet.

For some men, this may mean following the steak and eggs diet for a few weeks, for others, it may take a few months. Remember to ALWAYS listen to your body, however. If you feel like absolute shit on this diet, and that doesn’t change after a week, maybe it just isn’t for you.

When I’m on the steak and eggs diet, I feel GREAT. I feel like fucking Zeus—I’m energetic, stronger, and leaner…but again, it’s very difficult to build muscle on. If your priority is building muscle, consider trying a different, more carbohydrate-focused diet.


Steak and Eggs Diet: The Final Verdict

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In summary, the steak and eggs diet is great for guys trying to lose some fat, but not so great for guys trying to build some muscle. Although there are numerous benefits to the diet, there’s also quite a few flaws, as well.

It will boost testosterone levels, give you more energy, enhance your productivity, and most of all, help you melt off pounds of fat. At the same time, though, it’s pretty devoid of micro-nutrients and phyto-nutrients, which are essential for good long term health.

Overall, I don’t recommend you follow the diet for long periods of time. Think of it more as a temporary diet that you can use to lose weight, and then when you’re at your desired level, you can switch over to something more sustainable (like paleo or a macro-based diet).

If you guys have any questions or concerns, shoot me a message in the comments section down below. And, as always, I’ll see you next time.

Steak and Eggs Diet Review
  • Lose Fat
  • Build Muscle
  • Boost Testosterone
  • Cost Effectiveness

Steak and Eggs Diet Summary

All in all, the steak and eggs diet is a great diet for men trying to boost testosterone and lose fat. It’s alright for building muscle, but I would recommend throwing in some more carbohydrates for that. Either way, it’s a great overall diet, especially for men!


Boost Testosterone

Laser Focus

Shred Fat

Feel Great


Not Great For Bulking Up

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