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The ECA Stack For Summer Shredding: Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin

Summer is right around the corner, and just about every guy and his brother is looking to get shredded for those sexy beach babes. People often turn to fad diets, weird exercise routines, and even steroids, but one chemical concoction reigns king to them all: the ECA stack.

While it certainly isn’t as powerful as thermogenics such as DNP (an illegal steroid/fat burner), the ECA stack is considered relatively safe and is used by amateur bodybuilders and guys trying to lose a few pounds of fat alike. Does it actually work though?

The truth is that it does. This so-called “ECA Stack,” short for Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin, has been used for years due to its ease of acquirement and high effectiveness. This isn’t something you want to mess around with, though—many of these substances should not be consumed if you’re under 18.

That being said, if you’re looking for a magic bullet to push your fat loss into overdrive, look no further than the ECA stack. In this quick, step-by-step guide, I’m going to explain what an ECA stack is, how an ECA stack works, and how to take an ECA stack.


What’s The ECA Stack?

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As said before, an ECA stack is simply a combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. The whole idea behind this stack is that it speeds up your metabolism and suppresses your appetite, thus making it easier for you to lose fat in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise filled lifestyle.

The ECA stack combines three readily available substances in a predetermined ratio (which I will discuss later), that’s meant to target specific fat cells to be burned for energy, speed up your metabolic rate, and suppress your appetite. All three ingredients work in conjunction with one another.

According to Live Strong:

“Ephedrine works as a beta agonist and stimulates production of norepinephrine, as well as circulating it through adipose tissue by way of increasing cAMP levels. The caffeine and aspirin function to inhibit the body’s natural response to halt this cAMP production, thus prolonging the effects.”

The caffeine is typically consumed in the form of caffeine pills, which can be purchased on Amazon or at any run of the mill general store. Aspirin is also easy to attain, and is available at most pharmacies. The only ingredient that’s going to take some work is the ephedrine.

While it can be purchased online, the legality of this is questionable. Your best bet is to grab an over the counter medicine called “Bronkaid,” which is typically prescribed for Asthma, but has 25mg of ephedrine per pill. This can also be obtained at any major pharmacy, although they may ask for your ID.


ECA Stack Dosage (How to Take)

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Taking the ECA stack is pretty simple. Once you’ve got yourself some caffeine pills, a bottle of aspirin, and some Bronkaid tablets, it’s time to get down to work. I recommend you assess your tolerance first by taking smaller doses, but in general here’s how the dosing works.

The ECA stack is typically split into three doses per day, comprising of:

  • 25mg Ephedrine (one tablet of Bronkaid)
  • 200mg Caffeine (one caffeine pill)
  • 81mg Aspirin (one baby aspirin tablet

For those of you who are sensitive to stimulants, simply one dose of the ECA stack will have you wired for an entire day. If this is the case, please take your time in scaling up to three doses a day, because while the ECA stack is generally considered safe, anything is subject to harm you when abused or used improperly.

When taking the ECA stack it’s important that you consume lots of water, and take at least 1-2 days off a week to let your CNS recover. It’s recommended that you drink a gallon a day, especially if you’re also taking creatine and other workout supplements in conjunction with the ECA stack.


ECA Stack Results (My Experience)

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The first time I tried an ECA stack was when I was 19 years old in college. I’d been working out for a while and had a really solid base of muscle, but wasn’t quite as shredded as I wanted to be. I decided to take the advice of a fitness forum that I regularly visited at the time, and get on an ECA stack.

I’ve got to be honest here, it was incredible. I was so laser focused on absolutely everything I did, from homework to socializing, and it gave me a great boost of energy throughout the day. Not to mention the fact that it really helped me lose those last few pounds of fat, albeit I was also eating healthy and lifting weights.

If you’re looking for a “quick fix,” the ECA stack is your best friend. While it certainly won’t cause you to lose 15 pounds of fat overnight, it will definitely make dieting and shredding fat a hell of a lot easier…which is exactly what we all want just before summer comes around.

Be careful combining the ECA stack with other supplements, particularly those containing caffeine. Any pre-workouts should be monitored carefully, as you can easily hit very high doses of caffeine if you’re combining the ECA stack with pre-workouts each day.


ECA Stack: The Final Verdict

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Dieting and lifting weights certainly isn’t easy. In fact, it can really be a struggle sometimes—but with that being said, nothing worth having in life is easy. The feeling I get when I walk around at the beach with my shirt off, as girls stare me down like a piece of meat, is absolutely indescribable.

You can have that feeling too, if you’re willing to put in the work. If you’d like more advice on bodybuilding, losing weight, and supplement hacks like the ECA stack, consider checking out my definitive guide to building a sexy, shredded physique: Body of an Alpha.

When used in conjunction with the Body of an Alpha workout routine and nutrition, the ECA stack will give you a physique that’s guaranteed to moisten panties and turn heads. Just be sure to use this power responsibly, because believe me when I tell you that other guys will get very jealous.

All in all, the ECA stack is a highly effective way to make losing those last few pounds a hell of a lot easier—and with summer just around the corner, God knows we’re all looking for ways to make our lives easier.

ECA Stack Review
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Product Name: ECA Stack

Product Description: The ECA stack is a common supplement stack, consisting of Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin. Users commonly take this stack to shred fat faster than they could normally.

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ECA Stack Summary

Overall, the ECA stack is a good way to lose fat faster. It isn’t as effective as steroids or SARMs, but is a good alternative for people who still want to stay natural.


Cost Efficient

Can Help Boost Metabolism

Burn Fat Faster


Lots of Jitteriness

Can Cause Digestive Issues

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