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My name is Jon Anthony.

I am obsessed with success.

I refuse to follow the status quo. The 9-5 grind will kill your soul.

I am a practitioner first and an intellectual second. If it doesn't work in practice, it doesn't matter how good the theory is. Throw it out.

My life philosophy is simple: make money, get jacked, and conquer.

I believe in good, old-fashioned honesty. I am blunt. I am not politically correct. If what you're looking for is comforting lies, then leave this place at once.

The goal of Masculine Development is to arm you with the tools necessary to succeed in all areas of life: finance, fitness, dating, and more.

All it takes for you to change your life is for you to change your mindset.

Instead of focusing on what you don't want, focus on what you do want - and go get it.

You are here because you want to succeed. You are here because you want to kill it. You've had your entire life to "just take it easy," and now is your moment.

Take action.

From The Desk of Jon
Washington, D.C.

Hello, and welcome to Masculine Development. This is a place for men to congregate and share ideas about success in the dating marketplace, financial success, and physical fitness.

To get the most from this blog, I recommend you read through the articles that are relevant to your needs. For example if you wish to improve your physical fitness, browse through the "Health and Fitness" section.

If you wish to improve your financial situation, either through investing or entrepreneurship, read through the "Finance" section, and so on. Here are some of my most popular articles:

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To Your Success,

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