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How A 5’2″ Indian PUA Named Ramesh Slept With Maxim Models

ramesh slept with maxim models

I always get questions from guys that go something like this. “Hey Jon, I’m a short 5’2% Indian guy with a very thick accent,” they’ll say.

“I really want to get laid, and want to learn pickup, but it just doesn’t seem like white girls are very into me. Is it possible for me to learn pickup or am I just wasting my time?”

I’d like to settle this question once and for all, by telling you all a story about a little Indian man named Ramesh that I met in Las Vegas. Ramesh was supposedly a “hard case newbie,” who was there to learn game. He was barely even 5’2″, was a little on the chubby side, and had a very thick Indian accent.

Yet, despite his apparent shortcomings, he managed to bang a smoking hot 10 in the bathroom. She was at least 6′ tall in heels, and had a face and body that could’ve been featured in Maxim. I know this may be hard to believe for some of you, but today I’d like to explain just how Ramesh did it.


The W.I.N.S. System

body of an alpha

“We’ll call it WINS,” he said. I was a young pickup newbie and was eagerly scrawling down notes as I sat in the front row of a popular seminar on dating advice. I had purchased a $300 ticket to hear one of the top speakers on PUA give a speech in person, and I refused to take my hand off my notepad.

“The W stands for workout. Hit the gym, and hit it hard,” he said. “The I stands for image. Master your style, personal grooming, and overall appearance,” he added. “The N stands for nutrition, which means to eat healthy food to nourish your body. And the S? The S stands for shut the fuck up and go game.”

As simplistic as his view of learning pickup was, there’s actually a lot of truth to this method. Stephen Covey’s wildly popular 7 Habits of Highly Effective People referenced two spheres: that of influence and that of concern. Most men spend all day thinking about the wrong one.

Your sphere of concern is everything you are concerned about—the president starting a nuclear war, the stock market going down, or getting in a car crash. These are things you cannot control. Your sphere of INFLUENCE however, is everything you can actually affect. This is what you should focus on, and it’s at the heart of the W.I.N.S. mindset.


“I’m too Short”

I’m a little on the shorter side. Coming in at 5’8″, I’ve also asked myself all of the typical pickup questions you hear from short guys. “B-but women only want tall guys!” I used to tell myself, despite the fact that you can easily find millions of examples where this isn’t the case. “B-but what if her boyfriend beats me up?” I’d ask.

The truth is that yes, obviously looks, height, ethnicity, and your appearance has an impact on what women think of you. Yet, as I’ve said before, these are only secondary attraction characteristics. What women REALLY care about are primary attraction characteristics; things like confidence, decisiveness, resourcefulness, and competence.

Ramesh had just about everything going against him when it came to appearance. Despite being a very smart and genuine guy, he was frequently rejected solely on the basis of his ethnicity and his height (or so he thought). As it later turned out, it was he who was rejecting himself.

If you walk up to a woman thinking that she’s going to reject you, she will most likely reject you. If you walk up to a woman thinking that you’re the shit and that she’s going to like you, she will most likely like you. This is simply the “law of state transference.” What you believe exudes into your vibe, and others can sense it.


The Tale of Ramesh

Ramesh had understandably been having some problems with women, so he decided to go to the mecca of pickup: Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout the several weeks that he spent there, he evolved from a meek little chode who could barely talk to women into a ice cold fucking pimp.

I shit you not, I witnessed with my own two eyes the confidence of this 5’2″ Indian man. He would walk into sets with guys a foot taller than him, and completely blow them out. He would spit game on the hottest girls, and it was more effective than damn near anything else I’d ever seen.

See, Ramesh eventually understood the art of hardcore reality selection. Rather than viewing his 5’2″ height as some sort of obstacle, he COMPLETELY reframed it into something that was awesome. It was actually incredible to see, and was one of the best pieces of game I’ve ever witnessed.

“B-but what if the girls see that you’re really short?” someone might ask, but not Ramesh. Do you know what he would say? “Fuck yeah, I want to be 5’2″ that way when I walk up to these models they’ll wonder why I’m so damn confident. They’ll think I’m a millionaire or have a 15″ dick or something.”

As funny as this is to recite, this is the truth about game—when you’re simply 100% okay with who you are, to the point where every single ounce of your personality exudes self-esteem, women will magically gravitate to you like you have a giant fricking magnet on your head.


The Switch vs. The Knob

There’s an old metaphor that goes something like this. Male attraction is like a light switch—you simply turn it on in a matter of seconds, and he’s good to go. Think of how many times you’ve seen a sexy girl at the beach or at the club. How long did it take you to get turned on?

Probably not very long. Most men decide whether they’re attracted to a woman within a matter of seconds, but with girls it’s a little bit different. Women are more like knobs than they are switches—see, it takes women time to figure out if they’re attracted to you or not (most of the time, at least).

Where men are attracted to visual cues, women are attracted to personality cues. This is why women can be attracted to a man one second, and then he says or does something stupid or really low self-esteem, and they’re instantly turned off. Female attraction is very fickle, and can change on a dime.

Ramesh understood this, and he used it to his advantage. Voltaire, a French philosopher and mathematician, once said the following: “Give me 10 minutes to talk away my ugly face, and I’ll bed the Queen of France.” Voltaire understood that women take time to warm up to a man, because they’re more attracted to personality than they are appearance.

This is why Ramesh was able to have such astounding results. Sure, maybe women weren’t attracted to him in the initial 10 seconds, but once they saw how incredibly confident he was—and it was REAL confidence, not fake confidence—they started to grow interested, and eventually would go home with him.



In short, we can all learn an awful lot from the tale of Ramesh. The fact of the matter is that we’re all born with a certain appearance and ethnicity that we can’t do much to change, so we might as well accept it and move on. Take steps to maximize your appearance by lifting weights and dressing well, but don’t beat yourself up.

Ramesh, a 5’2″ little Indian man, slayed more pussy than probably half of us combined, because he understood the power of simply getting over rejection. He understood that rejection is never personal, and he understood how to completely destroy all fears of rejection.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re short, tall, fat, skinny, or WHATEVER—so long as you have good game, women will be attracted to you. Some will just want to engage and talk with you, others may want to kiss you, and others may want to have sex with you. The results depend entirely on your chemistry.

Learn from this tale of Ramesh, and apply his wisdom into your own life. Stop complaining, stop bitching, and stop whining. Simply workout, improve your image, get your nutrition on point, and shut the fuck up and go game. It’s that simple…so what are you waiting for?

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