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Returning to the Fundamentals: Wealth (Part 3 of 5)



In the first article of this five part series, I addressed the fundamental principles of success. Whether you’re trying to improve your dating life, build a better physique, or earn more money, there’s a series of fundamental laws that you must follow. These articles are dedicated to those laws.

These “elusive fundamentals” are:

  • Be Consistent
  • Seek Clarity
  • Focus on What’s Relevant, Discard What is Not
  • Learn from Mentors
  • Double Down on the High ROI Leverage Points
  • Take Massive Action
  • Utilize the Slight Edge

These laws apply to everything you do, and they are true in everything you do. If you choose to ignore them, you may succeed for some time, but your success will not be permanent. Most likely, you will fail, time and time again, until you learn and internalize these principles.

Today, I will be talking about how these fundamentals relate to earning money. Whether it’s making money from trading the markets, from selling a physical product, or from having a traditional job, you must understand and apply these principles to your life.


Attaining Wealth

fundamentals of wealth masculine development

Ah, money—we all want it, don’t we? Yet for some reason the average person is neck deep in debt, and only a select few seem to reach the “million dollar a year” mark. Why is this?

Well, we can take the mainstream consciousness approach to wealth and blame everything else. We can say it’s not our fault, it’s the “rich” who are “keeping us down,” and that millionaires only ever get that way by “cheating the system.

…or, we can take a much more constructive approach. Even though these claims may be true, they don’t actually help us advance. They keep us in victim mode. Instead, let us explore what we can do to attain wealth: by following the fundamentals.

Unbeknownst to most people, getting rich is actually a very simple thing to do. Millions of people have done it in the past, and as Jim Rohn used to say, success leaves clues. So ask yourself: what did they do, that you’re NOT doing? Then, once you identify these things, simply do them, and you will share in their success.


Wealth Fundamentals

fundamentals of wealth masculine development

When it comes to developing a solid, six figure income, there’s really only a few things you need to focus on. Rather than taking a typical “mass mentality” approach to things, it’s important that you prioritize the top 20% that will lead to 80% of your results.

The fundamentals of wealth are:

  • Offer value to other people
  • Go deep on one source of income
  • Automate everything you can
  • Leverage your existing assets
  • Diversify your investments

That’s really it. You don’t need to learn any fancy tricks or weird pyramid schemes to make money. You don’t need to scam people or offer “get rich schemes” in the hopes to sucker people in. All you really need to do is offer value, and triple down on what works.

Offer value to other people. Give them something they want, then charge them money in exchange for it. Use that income to scale your existing business model, and automate it using technology. Diversify your investments, make sure that you always have a constant stream of income coming in, and enjoy your life.


Offer Value

This is the most important thing for you to do. So many people wonder how they can make money, and how millionaires become rich, when the answer is really quite simple.

If you want to become a millionaire, either offer value by magnitude or scale. If you want to become a billionaire, do both.

In other words, you become a millionaire by offering a lot of people a little bit of value; you make thousands of peoples’ lives just a little bit better. You can also become a millionaire by offering a handful of people a lot of value. You make a dozen peoples’ lives FAR better. This is the key to wealth.

When people see me making thousands of dollars online each month, they wonder how I’m doing it—and while I’m certainly no billionaire just yet, the strategy is the same. I find a problem that people have, and I give them the information they need to fix it. That’s all there is to it.

I don’t hack into peoples’ bank accounts, I don’t force them to give me money, and I don’t rob them at gunpoint. I simply offer a lot of free information, and those who like the free information can have the chance to pay for premium information. They take out their credit cards, and buy my expertise in the form of eBooks and courses.


Go Deep (My First Product Example)

fundamentals of wealth masculine development

Once you find out a way to make money, you just double down on that thing. For example, when I first started Masculine Development and came out with my flagship product “7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity,” I noticed that it sold quite well (that’s the package deal right above).

It wasn’t making me anywhere near six figures, but I could see the potential. In fact, the first day I launched it I made around $100 from sales, which wasn’t a lot, but hey—it was pretty impressive to me at the time. So what do you think I did? Did I just stop there?

NO! Of course not! I kept writing, I kept putting out new content. I learned about SEO, how to drive more traffic to my blog. I learned about marketing, I bought other peoples’ courses and learned how to be a successful businessman. I went deep.

Now, because I’ve learned to TRIPLE DOWN on what works, I am making far more money than I ever did before. I saw an opportunity, and I went deep. Don’t just see an opportunity and let it sit around. Find out how you can offer value, and then learn how to do that thing REALLY, REALLY FUCKING WELL.



fundamentals of wealth masculine development
An example of how I automate my business

From here, once you learn how to do something really well, you want to automate the lesser components of it. Let’s go back to the blogging example, since it’s one of the things I’ve done well in my life. I make money from this blog while I sleepLITERALLY. 

Every morning I wake up richer than the night before, because I’ve learned how to AUTOMATE. Google does most of my work for me. People search for terms online, and get taken to my blog, all without me ever having to do anything (except write the initial post).

From here, I get them onto my email list. I offer them a free eBook in exchange for their email address. Again, this is all automated—I have programs to do it for me. They sign up to my email list, and automatically get sent a bunch of free content and cool articles over the next few months. I do nothing. It’s all automated.

As they come to like my content, and read more and more, they begin to trust me. Then, eventually, maybe they’ll buy one of my products. Again, IT’S ALL AUTOMATED. I do not have to do a single thing except set it up in the first place, so that it starts making me money. This is the millionaire’s mentality.

All I ever really have to do is write articles and upload YouTube videos. Once that work is done, I keep making money for years afterwards. This is what you want to do. Don’t trade your time for money, invest your time upfront for the promise of more money down the road. Seek residual income, and automate it all.



fundamentals of wealth masculine development

You always want to play to your strengths, and eliminate any crippling weaknesses you may have. Common advice dictates that you want to “focus on your strengths and weaknesses equally,” but millionaire advice dictates the opposite. Focus on your strengths, and ignore your weaknesses.

As you go down your journey of accumulating wealth, you must leverage your strengths, or your assets. Do you have a very good knack for writing? Leverage it. Are you a great public speaker? Leverage it. Do you have a lot of money? Leverage it.

In everything you do, you should always leverage your existing assets. Use them to your advantage—don’t be a fool and throw them away, or worse yet, neglect to use them. Ask yourself how you can use your existing assets to your advantage, and do so.

For example, I leverage my knowledge on self-improvement by writing this blog. I leverage my website’s traffic to make me money. I leverage my knowledge on health and fitness, to write an eBook (that actually sells quite well). Leverage, leverage, leverage, my friends—leverage everything you’ve got.



fundamentals of wealth masculine development

Most people make the mistake of diversifying their income far too early. I wrote this point last, because I want to make a point—when you’re first getting started making money, DO NOT try to diversify your income! It’s the stupidest thing you could ever do, for one simple reason: you’re scattering your focus.

If you want to ACTUALLY attain financial freedom, do you know what you must do? Put ALL OF YOUR EFFORT into one thing for several years, until it’s making you at least six figures in residual income. Then, and ONLY THEN, can you move onto the next thing.

Far too many people try to do 10 things at once, and consequently, they all suck shit. Sure, you may have “10 different sources of income” but none of them make you more than a few hundred bucks a month, because you never WENT DEEP on them one by one. Going deep comes first, diversification comes later.

Once you already have a solid source of income though, then the time comes to diversify. I recommend you start by making money online. Then, once you have a successful online business, consider investing your money in cryptocurrencies. Learn how to read the markets, how to trade, and how to do fundamental analysis.

Put some into land, because this will always be in demand. Have a few rental properties (or more if you want) and AUTOMATE them, by outsourcing the maintenance to a property manager. Boom, just like that, you’ve got $5,000 coming in each month in completely passive income.

Ideally, you want to have some income coming in from the following sources: an online business, some physical land, and some passive investments. The first is to create your wealth, and the latter two are to grow it and maintain it. So long as you remember this formula, you will never die a broke man.


The Principles

fundamentals of wealth masculine development

Now that I’ve discussed the fundamentals specific to making money and creating wealth, let’s dive a little bit deeper and look at the overarching “fundamentals” or “principles” that I keep mentioning. While the wealth-specific fundamentals are important, these principles are equally, if not even more important.

If you recall, the principles are:

  • Be Consistent
  • Seek Clarity
  • Focus on What’s Relevant, Discard What is Not
  • Learn from Mentors
  • Double Down on the High ROI Leverage Points
  • Take Massive Action
  • Utilize the Slight Edge

Now let’s look at how each of these principles, or fundamentals, apply to making money. As you’re reading this article, try to make connections between how they apply to not only wealth, but also your physical health, your dating life, and any other endeavor you choose to pursue.


Be Consistent

It matters not how you’re trying to make money. What matters MORE is that you’re consistent. Are you working each day towards your goal? Are you constantly seeking out new ways to apply these principles and grow from your mistakes? If not, you’re not very consistent, and you won’t become very wealthy.

If I stopped blogging this very day, how long do you think Masculine Development would continue to make me money? Perhaps for another few months, or maybe a year—but the money would very slowly start to drop off. Rather than making thousands of dollars each week, I’d be making a few hundred bucks each week.

Now, let’s take things a level further—what if I was never consistent in the first place? I’ve written over 200 posts on this website, all by myself, largely due to consistency. If I decided to stop being consistent, and quit writing after post 25, do you think I’d ever make a PENNY from this blog? FUCK NO!

Building a business requires CONSISTENCY, especially upfront. Thankfully, you can take breaks more frequently as the business grows and as you learn to automate things, but when you’re first starting ANY endeavor, you need to be consistent.


Seek Clarity

Without clarity, you have nothing. It takes clarity to do anything in life, because without clarity, you aren’t AWARE of anything. How do you think I built this blog? Do you think it was by randomly mashing my keyboard and just HOPING that things turned out alright?

Of course not! I built this website by seeking clarity. I wanted actionable intelligence, I wanted data, and I wanted clarity. I specifically sought out information on how to build a website, what keywords to target, what topics to write about, and what programs to use.

Every day when I look at my blog, I try to seek clarity. If I have a really good day in sales, I seek clarity by asking WHY this happened. Seeking clarity will help you discover what’s working and what’s not, so that you know exactly what to stop doing, and more importantly, what to keep doing.

Are you broke? Why? Seek clarity. Is it due to your lack of income? Or maybe you make six figures, but spend all of it. Seek clarity. Does your business have stops and starts? Or maybe you make a lot of money one month, but none the next. Why is this? Seek clarity. I guarantee you there’s a reason, you just have to go out and see what it is.


Channel Your Focus

Too many people, ESPECIALLY when building a business, focus on the 99% that doesn’t matter. They focus on the stupid little things like “what color is my blog theme” or “what should my article image be?” rather than just focusing on the 1% that matters: delivering quality content.

Of course, I still focus on some of this other stuff. Design is important, creativity is important, and the little things all add up—but the bulk of my time is spent towards focusing on creating high quality content, automating my website, and keeping my customers happy. If you don’t focus on these things, you will not make a cent.

Seeking clarity is like bringing a candle into a dark room. It allows you to see your target. From there however, channeling your focus is how discover the best path to your target. Without seeking clarity first, you cannot channel your focus—and without channeling your focus, you cannot take action, and ultimately accomplish your goal.

Pareto’s Law dictates that 20% of your efforts will be responsible for 80% of your results. Seeking clarity is what allows you to identify this 20%. That’s not enough, however. Channeling your focus is how you actually FOCUS on that 20%, and constantly ensure that you’re doing those 20% of things that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.


Learn From Mentors

Learning from mentors is perhaps the most powerful thing you can ever do. Just think about it—how did you learn to speak? How did you learn to read and write? Did you just “follow your heart” or “do what felt natural”? Of course not, you learned from someone.

Better yet, you learned from someone who was GOOD at something. When you’re trying to learn how to speak English, do you seek out someone who can only speak Spanish? Or Thai? Or Japanese? Of course not! You want someone who can speak English, and who can speak it WELL.

I’m always learning from people who are wealthy. Take, for example, the Tai Lopez 67 Steps program. It’s literally one of the BEST investments I ever made, and what does the mainstream say about him?

“Oh, he’s a scammer! He’s taking your money!” Bitch, are you kidding me? The entire course is like $67 bucks, and it’s got access to HOURS of content, from a guy who’s literally got like 15 Lamborghinis. This is why you NEVER want to listen to what the vast majority of people say.

It’s the same with anything, especially with business. If you want to learn how to invest, seek someone out who actually KNOWS how to invest and has a proven TRACK RECORD on how to do it. Don’t just try to learn all on your own, willy nilly. No! Seek someone else out and learn from them!

Find someone who has succeeded at what your business is trying to do, and copy them! That’s why I’m always reading so much, talking to older, smarter men, and surrounding myself with successful people. Without learning from mentors, things will take 10x longer than they have to.


Double Down on High ROI Points

This single point has been responsible for so much of my success. Let me give you an example. When I first launched 7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing from a business perspective. Even so, I made $100 my first day.

Then, I launched Body of an Alpha. This time around, I had a much better idea of what I was doing, so I made around $2,000 the day that I launched it. Still though, compared to what the pros are making, this is nothing. So I recently decided to give it another go, and released a high ticket video course.

This most recent product, which I’ve since closed off to the public, made me over $10,000 the very first TEN MINUTES that it launched. I attained this by focusing on the high ROI points, such as email marketing, high ticket products, high value high price, and more.

Learning to identify what works, and then double down on it, is perhaps the single biggest factor that will contribute to your success. So ask yourself right now: where are you making most of your money from? Even more, what actions are bringing about most of that result? Double down on those, forever and ever.


Utilize The Slight Edge

How long does it take to become a millionaire? Well, it takes longer than most people want (aka longer than 24 hours), but still it can happen quite fast. You have to understand that often times, you will get ahead in little steps each day, not in big spurts.

Even that $10,000 I made in just ten minutes didn’t happen overnight. It was the result of studying, growing, and improving each and every day. You need to accept that the road to success is a long journey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Accept that the slight edge is your best friend, and strive to improve by just 1% each and every day.

Just improving your business or growing your income by 1% each day is MASSIVE. Take for example, a trading portfolio. If you had $1,000 to start with, and gained 1% each day (compounded), by the end of the first month you’d have $1,361. By the end of the second month, you’d have $1,853.

That doesn’t seem like much, does it? Well, according to the law of the slight edge, small improvements really add up over time. Guess how much that measly 1% improvement would be after a single year? That $1,000 will have turned into $43,431. That’s over a 40x increase in a single year. After two years, it’d be over $1.5 million dollars.

Small improvements compounded over years and years add up to MASSIVE amounts, and it’s why seemingly subtle habits such as meditating or working out can make two people look COMPLETELY different after just a few years of progress. The slight is your friend, so learn to cherish it and use it wisely.


Take MASSIVE Action

Lastly, and most importantly, you have to take massive action. If you’re ever in doubt, and can’t wonder why you aren’t succeeding, you need to follow the 10x rule. The 10x rule states, quite simply, that if you aren’t achieving your goals, the answer is simple: just 10x the action you’re taking.

Are you trying to start a blog, and can’t seem to get it going? That’s simple—write 10x as often as you currently are. Or maybe you’re trying to learn how to trade the markets, and are studying for 30 minutes a day? That’s fine. Start studying 10x as much as you were before.

The truth about success is that it’s incredibly simple. All you have to do is take MASSIVE action, and the universe will honor your request. This is what they mean when they say “ask and you shall receive.” Asking isn’t a whim. You have to ask with every fiber of your fucking being.

ASK and you shall RECEIVE, but only under one condition—you much ask sincerely. Do this by taking action, and you will find that the universe will magically line everything up in place for you. When you start to take massive action down the path of your dreams, you’ll be astounded at how rapidly success comes your way.



In summary, the principles of wealth are quite simple—so simple that they’re almost “unsexy” and boring to talk about. Funny enough though, if you can get through them, and implement them into your life, you will achieve more than you ever dared to dream possible.

Focus on the highest leverage points in your business, such as marketing and sales. Double down on what’s working, play to your strengths, and establish a solid income before you worry about diversifying your wealth. Seek out mentors, and learn from them, because I guarantee you—they’ve been where you want to go.

If you’re interested in exploding your income, and are willing to do what it takes, consider checking out my critically acclaimed program: “Blog Money Blueprint.” It’s extremely exclusive, and I personally vet each and every student that I let in, so I warn you: prepare to give it your all.

As always, feel free to take my advice and either apply it to your life or ignore it. For your own sake though, and for your family’s sake, I hope you decide to follow it. Having more wealth for yourself means you can treat yourself and your family to a better life, and ultimately, that’s what we all want. So, without further ado, I hope you all enjoyed the article…and I’ll see you next time!

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Rafe West
5 years ago

Hey I guess you write because you’ve found your strength(instead of like on video) I just ordered dark pool secrets and wondered if you heard about it.You sound like your evolving quite well just wanted to be able to ask you certain questions like what do you think of alcohol and do you imbibe?what is your best purchase under 100 dollars and why?ever thought of doing YouTube lives so maybe we can get to know you better and ask u questions like these?

Jon Anthony
5 years ago
Reply to  Rafe West

I do imbibe from time to time, yes. I’m thinking of doing a YouTube live maybe once I reach 1,000 subscribers or so.


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