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RAD 140: The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Testolone

RAD 140, which is otherwise known as “Testolone,” is by far the most powerful SARM in existence. Coming in at a whopping androgenic ratio of 90:1, it’s literally 90% as effective as injecting yourself with pure testosterone with only 1% of the side effects.

In fact, using just a small dosage of it, you can quite literally transform your physique in just a matter of 2-3 months. I’ve posted my RAD 140 results below for you to see, so you can easily decide for yourself.

But first off, let’s explain just what this highly sought after SARM is, and why it’s so powerful. In this “Ultimate Guide to RAD 140,” I’ll be discussing everything you need to know to make an educated decision about your RAD 140 cycle, dosage, PCT, and more.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


What is RAD 140 (Testolone)?

Testolone or RAD 140, is a very popular SARMs which is used to build muscles, shred fat, and increase your strength.

In fact, in my opinion, Testolone is the most powerful SARM in existence. But first off, what are SARMs?

Short for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators,” SARMs are basically a new form of “legal steroids” which are taking the market by storm.

Currently under the development of Radius Health, Inc., Testolone has slowly started to grow in popularity, and is notorious for its “steroid-like” strength.

In fact, a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, found that RAD 140 was much safer than Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

“In this regard, SARMs like RAD140 can be better alternatives to T because they are only partial agonists or antagonists to androgenic regulation of prostate while still having androgenic effects on other tissues such as muscle and brain. In addition, higher doses of SARMs as compared with T might still promote neuron viability and not induce apoptosis, making them a suitable therapeutic strategy against age-related disorders such as AD.”

Another study conducted by researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine found that SARMs present an “unprecedented opportunity” to help users build muscle, shred fat, and completely transform their bodies, with almost none of the side effects associated with traditional steroids:

“The last decade has witnessed unprecedented discovery effort to develop selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) that improve physical function and bone health without adversely affecting the prostate and cardiovascular outcomes. SARMs hold promise as a new class of function promoting anabolic therapies for a number of clinical indications, including functional limitations associated with aging and chronic disease, frailty, cancer cachexia, and osteoporosis.“

In short, RAD 140 and other SARMs present an incredible opportunity for users to literally get the muscle-building effects of steroids, with almost none of the side effects. But, just exactly how is this?


How Does RAD-140 Work?

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There’s something in your body known as an “androgen receptors.” You have them everywhere—in your muscles, your organs, and even in your heart.

Certain chemicals bind to these androgen receptors, and activate them. This can lead to a ton of muscle growth, but also to a ton of side effects.

This is why traditional steroids are so powerful. When you take a steroid such as Testosterone Enanthate or Trenbolone Acetate, they bind to your muscle’s androgen receptors, signalling your body to build muscle.

The problem is however, that steroids don’t just bind to your muscles’ androgen receptors—they also bind to your heart and organ androgen receptors.

Steroids have so many side effects. Yes, they signal your biceps and other muscles to grow, but they also mess with your heart and organ’s androgen receptors.

In addition to this, traditional steroids such as testosterone go through a process known as “aromatization,” which basically jacks up your estrogen levels.

This is why SARMs such as Testolone are so powerful. Not only do they avoid binding to the “bad” androgen receptors, but they also don’t aromatize.

SARMs such as Testolone however, bind to the androgen receptors in your muscles, and avoid the ones in your organs.

What this means, is that when you take a SARM like RAD 140, not only will you get most of the benefits of taking steroids, but you’ll also get none of the side effects!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the RAD 140 results that I posted below.


RAD 140 Results & Review

Rad 140 results from day 1 to day 60

I posted a previous article in which I discussed my RAD 140 results, but I will briefly summarize it here.

In short, I took 30mg of RAD 140 (from Proven Peptides) for 60 days, and put on 21 pounds of muscle, while also losing 12 pounds of fat.

Within a matter of two weeks, I was breaking almost all of my personal records—and getting leaner in the process!

Normally, this is something you can only do while on a “bulk,” but with the power of SARMs, I was able to get stronger while also getting leaner.

If you are thinking of buying some RAD 140, and want to learn more about it, I recommend you read my full RAD 140 Results article right here.


What Are The Effects of RAD140?

Effects of rad 140 (testolone)

RAD 140 is a very powerful SARM, which is known for its ability to help users pack on slabs of muscle, and shred off pounds of fat without side effects.

In fact, many users often “stack” a SARM like RAD 140 with other SARMs, such as Ostarine or Ligandrol.

When you take a SARMs like Testolone, not only do you build a shit ton of muscles, but you also do it without getting the nasty side effects of taking steroids.

Here are some of the effects of it:

  • Increased Strength
  • More Muscle Mass
  • Melting Off Fat
  • Lean, Dense Muscle

When I started my RAD 140 cycle, I started breaking my personal records within just the first week or two. I also put on a shit ton of muscle (21 pounds in 2 months).

In addition to this, I also lost 12 pounds of fat—and I was already pretty skinny. I didn’t experience any side effects either, which was incredible.

In short, taking Testolone has the potential to completely transform your body.


Where to Buy RAD 140 Online

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Personally, I’ve only ever bought my SARMs from Proven Peptides. I don’t trust any other company out there.

No other company has the same level of customer service, and in all honesty, most of the other companies are complete bullshit.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost a decade now, and let me tell you—be very careful who you trust.

Most companies will bottle dangerous pro-hormones and label them as “SARMs,” to make a quick profit.

In fact, I wrote a full guide on why most SARMs for sale out there are complete garbage.

I even exposed 3 known scammers, with screenshot proof, and they threatened to sue me!

Not Proven Peptides, though. Every single batch of SARMs they make is 3rd party verified, so you know it’s 100% real and legit.

They have the best RAD 140 on the market, by far, and my results go to show it.

Think about it… most guys out there recommending SARMs don’t even publish their own results. Why not?

Because they know the RAD 140 they’re recommending is BS. It’s garbage.

Not me, though. I’ve posted all of my RAD 140 results here for you to see… so you know it’s legit.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

where to buy rad 140 questions

I get that you may be new to RAD 140, and probably have a lot of questions.

So, I’ve compiled a quick “hit list” of FAQ’s that I commonly get, with my answers to them.


What Were Your Testolone Results?

Like I said, when I was on RAD 140 I ended up completely transforming my body.

In just 60 days, I gained 21 pounds of muscle, and lost 12 pounds of fat.

To be fair, I had to work very hard. I used a great workout routine, and also had a good diet, which plays a huge role.

But the results I got would have absolutely been impossible had I not been taking RAD 140.


Where Did You Buy Testolone For Your Cycle?

I bought my RAD 140 from Proven Peptides, because they’re the only place that I trust.

You can read my full Proven Peptides Review for more information, but in this summary, they’re 100% legit.

Every product they sell is 3rd party verified, so you know it’s at least 98% pure and my personal results prove this, as well.


What’s The Best RAD 140 Dosage?

It’s recommended that you take between 15mg and 30mg each day, for your RAD 140 dosage.

Personally, I would start off with 15mg per day, and if you do well on that, work your way up to 30mg.

Any RAD 140 dose higher than 30mg is generally thought to be “unsafe,” but more research should be done to confirm this.


Does RAD 140 Suppress Testosterone Levels?

The research seems to suggest that SARMs do mildly suppress your natural testosterone levels, but nowhere near as much as steroids do.

Most science suggests that your testosterone levels go completely back to normal once you’re off your SARMs cycle, too—which is great.

Personally, I didn’t feel much any testosterone suppression on my RAD 140 cycle, and my blood tests seem to confirm this idea.

I’ve been off it for a month as well, and I feel great. I kept all of my muscle gains, and my testosterone is surging high once more.


Did You Take A RAD 140 PCT?

Personally, I don’t think that a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is necessary on SARMs.

But, yes, I did take one just to be safe. I prefer Red PCT 2.0 from Red Supplements.

It’s packed with a bunch of ingredients to boost testosterone and lower estrogen naturally, so you can rest assured your testosterone levels will be 100% safe.


What’s The Best RAD 140 Stack?

Personally, I haven’t stacked RAD 140 with anything (yet), but the classic RAD 140 and Ostarine Stack would be great.

Using a SARM like Ostarine, Ligandrol you can gain incredible strength and muscle mass.

If you combine Ostarine with RAD 140? You can expect your strength gains to absolutely explode.


The Bottom Line

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In short, RAD 140 presents an unprecedented opportunity for users to completely transform their physiques in just a matter of a few months.

It has an anabolic ratio of 90:1, meaning that it’s literally 90% as effective as pure testosterone, with only 1% of the side effects.

If you do decide to buy RAD 140, make sure you get it from Proven Peptides. Like I said, they’re the only source I trust.

I’ve personally bought over $1,000 worth of SARMs from them—and every batch has been 100% legit.

If you do decide to take some RAD 140, be sure you combine it with a good workout routine and good diet, as well. This will give you the type of transformation that I got.

If you have any questions about SARMs in general, be sure to leave me a comment down below, or shoot me an email. I might not respond immediately, but I do respond to every single email I get.

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed the article, and I’ll see you next time!

RAD 140 (Testolone) Results
Effective results of rad 140 proven peptides

Product Name: RAD 140 (Testolone)

Product Description: RAD 140, a popular SARM otherwise known as Testolone, is a liquid supplement frequently used for building muscle.

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  • Build Muscle
  • Increase Strength
  • Burn Fat
  • Improve Recovery

Summary (My Results

In summary, I took 30mg of RAD 140 each day for 60 days, and saw incredible results. I ended up gaining 21 pounds of muscle, losing 12 pounds of fat, and drastically increasing my personal records. To put it simply, RAD 140 is the strongest SARM in existence.


Increase Strength Build Lean Muscle Easy to Take Very Powerful


Can Be Expensive

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