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Proven Peptides Review & Results (Plus 10% Discount Code!)

Most people wonder if Proven Peptides is legit or not, and the truth is that about 90% of SARMs vendors are complete scams.

You have to be EXTREMELY careful when you’re buying SARMs online, because most of them are fraud or liars. I expose them here, too.

In this Proven Peptides Review, I’m going to show you the results I got from them, and give you proof that they’re 100% legit.

After seeing the results I got from my Proven Peptides SARMs cycle, you should have no doubt in your mind that they sell the real deal.


Proof Proven Peptides is Legit

proven peptides rad 140 results

My results from Proven Peptides RAD 140

As I discussed in my SARMs before and after article, the Proven Peptides Ostarine, Cardarine, and Ligandrol I bought was 100% legit.

For my first SARMs cycle I decided to take what I’ve termed the trifecta, and boy let me tell, you did I ever blow the fuck up.

On my first SARMs cycle from Proven Peptides, I put on a whopping 18 pounds of muscle while losing 7 pounds of fat at the same time.

If you don’t believe me, you can read the article yourself. I was skeptical about SARMs at first, but after this experience, I’m a true believer.


Why I Love Proven Peptides

I’ve tried over $10,000 worth of supplements in my life, from testosterone boosters, to pure steroids, to the RAD 140 from Proven Peptides.

…and let me tell you something. So far, Proven Peptides is probably the best place to buy SARMs that I’ve found online. Nothing else compares.

I know their SARMs are legit, because I could feel them working within the first day or two. I remember feeling the following:

  • Increased strength
  • Better endurance
  • Higher sex drive
  • More motivation

My first cycle with Proven Peptides consisted of Ostarine, Ligandrol, and Cardarine. It was so great, that I decided to try another cycle with them.

My second cycle consisted of RAD 140, and even though the cycle only lasted 60 days in total, I got better results than my first cycle.


My Proven Peptides Review (2019)

proven peptides review

In my opinion, Proven Peptides has the best SARMs for sale in 2019. In fact, I’d go on to say that if you’re buying from anywhere else, you’re a fool.

Why do I say this with such conviction? How can I claim that Proven Peptides is the best SARMs vendor of all time? It’s simple, really.

Proven Peptides is one of the few SARMs vendors that actually has a legitimate 3rd party verification, from an independent lab.

This means that a separate company, independent of their own, tests and verifies the purity of their SARMs, so you know they’re at least 99% pure.

Do you know how many other companies do that? Very few. I’m not aware of any that do this to their products, aside from Proven Peptides.

Here’s why Proven Peptides is the best place to buy SARMs online:

  • Everything is 3rd party tested
  • Their SARMs are extremely potent
  • They accept multiple forms of payment, including Bitcoin
  • Their shipping is blazing fast
  • I’ve tested them myself

Most vendors out there rely on fake reviews, like I covered in my article on SARMs4You, exposing how they’re a bunch of liars with fake SARMs.

Proven Peptides, however, is 3rd party tested. This means that all of their batches of SARMs are at least 99% pure, so you’re getting the real deal.


Best Place to Buy SARMs

buy sarms online

Like I said before, a lot of internet marketers write reviews of shit they’ve never tried before. One guy even stole my own SARMs progress pictures.

He saw my RAD 140 results, and literally took the Proven Peptides review pictures I posted, and put his own f*cking logo over them!

I ended up emailing him, and he took it down, but still—that should give you an idea of how many sleazy SARMs vendors and reviews there are.


Proven Peptides SARMs Comparison

Like I said before, I’ve had great results with this company. I love Proven Peptides RAD 140 especially, because it gave me great results.

That being said, it is more expensive—you’ll have to figure out which SARMs cycle you want to do, based on your own fitness goals.

OstarineRAD 140
100% Pure99.3% Pure

Personally, if it’s your first time running a SARMs cycle, I would stick with their Ostarine, Cardarine, and Ligandrol. I had great results with this.

Just buy a large bottle of each one, take one ml per day, and your entire cycle will last you 90 days. You’ll keep most of your gains, too.


Proven Peptides Shipping

proven peptides shipping

In my experience, the speed and convenience of Proven Peptides shipping makes them the best place to buy original SARMs online easily.

As I said before, most companies source their supplements from shady overseas pharmacies, meaning that most of their products are fake.

…and even if their SARMs are 100% real, the shipping takes forever. Buying supplements from overseas means it will take 2-3 weeks to get to the US.

With Proven Peptides shipping, my order arrived at my doorstep in less than a week. This is twice as fast as any other SARMs vendor.

Everything was neatly packaged in bubble wrap, so that none of the glass vials would break. It was also discreetly labeled, so that nobody would snoop on my packages and know they were SARMs.

Overall Proven Peptides has great shipping, and they made sure that my SARMs not only got to me fast, but without any cracks or damage.


Payment Methods

proven peptides payment

Most major credit card companies like Visa, American Express, and MasterCard have blocked SARMs vendors from receiving payments.

This means that buying SARMs can sometimes be a gigantic pain in the butt, but with Proven Peptides, it doesn’t have to be.

Proven Peptides offers multiple payment methods:

  • eCheck
  • Bitcoin
  • Zelle Pay

Most SARMs companies only have one or two payment methods, but Proven Peptides has three, with Zelle Pay being the easiest.

Personally, I just bought my first cycle using Bitcoin. I sent over the payment, it was 100% anonymous, and they shipped my order ASAP.


Proven Peptides Coupon Code

proven peptides coupon

I’m so convinced that Proven Peptides is the best place to buy SARMs online, that I teamed up with them to offer you a nice little discount.

Just use the coupon code “Masculinedev” upon checkout, and you’ll receive 10% off plus free shipping on any orders over $99.

As a full disclaimer, I do receive a commission for promoting them, but it doesn’t cost you a penny, and it’s how I make a living as a blogger.

That being said, I’ve personally been in the fitness industry for the past 10 years, and can without a doubt say that I hardly ever promote anyone.

In fact, if you read through some of my older work, you’ll find that I only really ever recommend a handful of muscle building supplements.

So if you’re going to buy SARMs, don’t risk your money with shady companies and overseas pharmacies and fake Ostarine.

Do yourself a favor and get them through Proven Peptides, because they have the best SARMs on the market out there, without a doubt.


The Bottom Line

buy sarms online proven peptides

In this summary, Proven Peptides is by far the best place to buy SARMs online in 2019. I have been consistently impressed with their quality.

They’ve got a great lineup of powerful SARMs, for great prices, and I’ve tried out nearly half of their entire product catalog.

Everything in their inventory has been 3rd party tested, meaning that it’s verified to be at least 97% pure (usually more) by an independent lab.

They also offer a 10% discount to my readers, which you can get when you use the coupon code “Masculinedev” upon checkout.

If you want to pay in Bitcoin (which I know many of you like to do), you can. There’s virtually no downsides, and only upsides.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts down below, and tell me if you had an experience with their SARMs that you’d like to share.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ Is Proven Peptides Legit?

Absolutely. I gained 21 pounds of muscle and lost 12 pounds of fat using their RAD 140, so it's safe to say that Proven Peptides is 100% legit. I've also tried their Ostarine, Cardarine, and Ligandrol, all of which were pure.

❓ Do You Have A Proven Peptides Coupon Code?

Yep! Just use the discount code "Masculinedev" and you'll save yourself 10% off. This coupon code works for any of Proven Peptides' SARMs, and you can get 10% off on any of your orders using it.

❓ Does Proven Peptides Have Good Reviews?

They do, yes. There's an occasional bad review here and there, but the majority of Reddit reviews are good. My own experience also confirms that their SARMs are 100% legit, because I gained a ton of muscle while using them.

❓ Is Proven Peptides Ostarine Any Good?

Proven Peptides has some of the best Ostarine on the market. For my cycle I took 25mg/day and ended up gaining 18 pounds of muscle and losing 7 pounds of fat at the same time. Their Ostarine (MK-2866) is 100% pure, and very strong.

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