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Ostarine: The Complete Newbie’s Guide to MK-2866

Ostarine, otherwise known as MK-2866, is one of the most popular SARM’s out there on the market—and it isn’t hard to see why. Within just a matter of a few weeks, you can experience god-like increases in strength, enhanced physical performance, and crazy euphoria.

Over the past few years, SARM’s such as Ostarine, Ligandrol, and Cardarine have been growing in popularity. Thanks to advancements in modern science, you can now take a few drops of clear liquid every morning, and experience all of the benefits of taking illegal steroids with none of the negative side effects.

This is the power of SARM’s: increased strength, enhanced physical performance, and fat shredding like never before. Today however, I’d like to focus on a very popular SARM known as Ostarine, or MK-2866. It’s perhaps one of the most popular SARM’s, and for good reason.

If you haven’t already read my Ultimate Guide to SARMs, then be sure to do that. We’re going to be delving deep on the science, history, and evidence behind it, plus talking about how you can take them for yourself to experience massive gains in strength. So with that in mind, here’s the Masculine Development guide to Ostarine!


What is Ostarine (MK-2866)?

ostarine mk-2866

SARMs began development in the 1940’s, originally as a pharmaceutical drug meant to help patients undergoing chemotherapy. The idea was that by giving patients SARM’s, doctors could prevent all kinds of nasty side effects such as muscle wasting and fatigue. Funny enough, they worked.

The SARM’s that we’re talking about though, didn’t undergo development until the early 1990’s. Developed by pharmaceutical companies over two decades ago, Ostarine quickly began spreading throughout the underground bodybuilding community. Although it was originally created to treat conditions such as osteoporosis, bodybuilders quickly caught on to its benefits.

Ostarine was originally developed by Merck & Company, one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in existence, but it was quickly acquired by a smaller, more specialized company known as GTX, Incorporated. These guys quickly began developing and researching Ostarine, until it eventually became what we now know it as.

After thousands of men quickly became aware of the benefits of taking Ostarine, there suddenly emerged a huge demand for the stuff. As with anything that’s highly effective though, good old Daddy Government swooped in and has desperately been trying to make it illegal. Fortunately, you can still order it online however, so it’s best to get it while you still can.


How Ostarine Works

Ostarine, and SARMs as a whole for that matter, work by selectively activating your body’s androgen receptors. This leads to an extremely powerful effect, which mimics steroids, but with none of the side effects that you’d get from taking actual steroids. Is it any wonder that Ostarine has exploded in popularity recently?

If you decided to take a regular steroid like good old Testosterone Enanthate or Trenbolone Acetate, for example, you’d be activating androgen receptors, left and right. Sure, this leads to great gains in strength, but it also leads to all of the steroid effects that everyone hates—think shrunken balls, bitch tits, and roid rage.

With SARMs such as Ostarine however, because they SELECTIVELY activate certain androgen receptors, you’ll get all of the good with none of the bad. Users who take Ostarine often report incredible gains in strength, with none of the nasty side effects that steroids would give them.

In fact, studies have shown that Ostarine has a high affinity for muscle and bone androgen receptors, which means that they specifically target those instead of organ receptors. In layman’s terms, Ostarine will cause your muscles to get bigger and your bones to get denser, without causing anything else to go wrong in your body (like with steroids).


Ostarine Benefits

Benefits of MK-2866 Ostraine

Some of the benefits of Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine is one of the most widely used SARMs, which thankfully means it’s also one of the most widely tested. According to numerous studies, Ostarine is responsible for rapid muscle gain, and has almost zero side effects when taken in normal doses. This makes it a bodybuilder’s absolute best friend.

“GTx-024 treatment resulted in dose-dependent increases in total lean body mass that were statistically significant (P < 0.001, 3 mg vs. placebo) and clinically meaningful. There were also significant improvements in physical function (P = 0.013, 3 mg vs. placebo) and insulin resistance (P = 0.013, 3 mg vs. placebo). The incidence of adverse events was similar between treatment groups.”

“GTx-024 showed a dose-dependent improvement in total lean body mass and physical function and was well tolerated. GTx-024 may be useful in the prevention and/or treatment of muscle wasting associated with cancer and other chronic diseases.”

In other words, taking Ostarine led to a significant increase in total lean body mass and physical function when compared to placebo. As if this wasn’t enough, it was also “very well tolerated” in the researchers’ own words, which means it had almost zero side effects.

The benefits don’t stop there, though. In another study conducted by the Department of Medicine at Saint Agnes Hospital, researchers found that not only did Ostarine dosing lead to increased muscle mass, but it also led to many of the test subjects shredding off fat much faster than usual.

“The newly developed nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulator Ostarine has demonstrated promising results in Phase I and II clinical trials, increasing total lean body mass, enhancing functional performance and decreasing total tissue percent fat. This selective androgen receptor modulator may have the ability to perform as a potent anabolic agent with minimal side effects on other organs (prostate and hair follicles), thus presenting a new strategy in managing cancer cachexia.”

As if these incredible steroid-like benefits weren’t enough, there’s actually a ton of other benefits, too. While I don’t have time to discuss all of them in one article, let’s take a look at one more benefit: improved heart function. Researchers at GTX, Incorporated found that Ostarine even led to a decrease in cholesterol!

“An additional Phase II study in muscle wasting associated with cancer cachexia began in 2008 as an early objective of clinical development. Ostarine also resulted in a dose-dependent decrease in LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, with the average LDL/HDL ratio for all doses remaining in the low cardiovascular risk category.”

Are you convinced that Ostarine is pretty much the best thing ever to hit the bodybuilding market just yet? Well if not, then keep reading. Ostarine has an incredible host of benefits from lean muscle gain, to rapid fast loss, to lower cholesterol, higher bone density, and even decreased risk of cancer according to some studies.


My Ostarine Results

ostarine results 2

I experienced some incredible benefits when I was on Ostarine, I’m not gonna lie.

In just 90 days, I put on about 18 pounds of muscle, and lost 7 pounds of fat.

You can read my full SARMs Before and After post, for the full details, but here’s the recap.

I got on a SARMs cycle, of the following, each day:

  • Ostarine (25mg/day)
  • Ligandrol (10mg/day)
  • Cardarine (10mg/day)

I took these dosages for 90 days, and saw some incredible results.

Most of these results were due to the Ostarine, in my opinion—Ostarine is great for strength.

The Ligandrol helped me stay “cut and dry” and get rid of a lot of fat.

The Cardarine was mainly for endurance (studies show it can literally 2x your endurance).

Overall, that SARMs cycle was awesome, and I will definitely be doing it again.


Ostarine Side Effects

workout for bodybuilder During ostraine uses

“Ostarine side effects? You mean building more muscle?”

Now, I know what you’re thinking—how the hell could something so powerful exist, and have no side effects? Well, if you ask me, Ostarine is nothing short of a wonder drug. I’ve personally used it to put on 15+ pounds of lean muscle mass in just a few months, as have countless other men who read this blog.

That being said, there are some potential risks for side effects that should be mentioned. If you take the normal dose of Ostarine (discussed below) then you have a very small chance of having these. Even so, some people do report a difficulty seeing at night, and a yellowish tint to their eyes. These side effects go away once you stop taking Ostarine.

Again, 99% of people I’ve spoken with, and ALL of the studies indicate that most people tolerate SARMs like Ostarine very well. If you stick to the recommended doses, then there’s almost no chance that you’ll encounter any side effects. Even if you do, simply stop taking Ostarine, and you’ll feel normal again.

Most scientists agree that Ostarine has almost no side effects, and the only time people encounter them are when they take far more than they should. Some argue that Ostarine shuts down your natural testosterone production (which steroids do), but there isn’t definitive evidence to support this just yet.


Ostarine Stacking and Dosage

Ostarine, Cardarine, and Ligandrol

Alright, now it’s time for the good part—how to take Ostarine. Well first off, let’s touch upon the topic of stacking. The good thing about SARMs is that you can actually take more than one at a time, to get twice the benefits, with NONE of the side effects. This is what I’m currently doing.

Right now, I’m on a stack of Ostarine, Cardarine, and Ligandrol—the Ostarine is mainly known for its ability to enhance strength, which I definitely feel. The Cardarine and Ligandrol, on the other hand, are for enhancing endurance and shredding fat. Again, I can definitely feel both of these working.

While your dosage may depend on your goals, here’s what I’m currently taking to shred fat and build muscle:

According to the studies done, you probably shouldn’t take anymore than this. These are the maximum doses that have been shown to be safe in studies, so anything greater might lead to side effects. That being said, I’ve been on my cycle for almost a month now, and feel zero side effects.

I’m going to follow this protocol for 12 weeks, although you can also choose to do 8 weeks if you wish. I’ve done steroids before, and let me tell you, SARMs are far better. They’ve given me great euphoria, incredible strength, and phenomenal endurance, and I have had NONE of the negative side effects that steroids gave me.


Best Ostarine PCT

Red growth PCT

The best SARMs PCT

Even though I haven’t experienced any side effects while dosing Ostarine, some people still claim that it shuts down your HPG Axis. In other words, while evidence shows us that SARMs such as Ostarine have very few (if any) negative side effects, it’s still best to err on the side of caution.

For “PCT” or Post Cycle Therapy, nothing major is needed. The idea behind PCT is that it’s meant to get your natural testosterone production (and other hormones) back to what they were before you started your cycle of SARMs.

Again, nothing major is needed here—just one bottle of Red PCT.

This supplement contains an all star lineup of ingredients, from chlorophytum borivilianum (75% extract) to N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, and 1-dehydroepiandrosterone.

In layman’s terms, all three of these powerhouse ingredients are meant to work synergistically to detoxify your body, preserve your muscle gains, and shoot your testosterone back up to normal.

All you need is one bottle—nothing more, nothing less. It will last you for about a month, which is exactly what you need. Just start taking it after you’ve run out of SARMs, and give your body a break from the stuff. Take three capsules daily. One with breakfast, one with lunch, and one with dinner, and you’re good to go.


Where to Buy Ostarine

buy ostarine online proven peptides

As someone who’s been using supplements for nearly a decade now, let me tell you there’s a LOT of bullshit out there. So when it comes to stuff like this, you want to be 100% certain that what you’re getting is completely unadulterated, no-bullshit, pure SARMs.

That’s just what I’m going to give you. For all of your SARMs needs online, I recommend you go through Proven Peptides. They’re a US-based pharmacy that has an independent, third party lab verify EVERYTHING—so you can rest assured that what you’re getting is 100% pure, no-bullshit SARMs, ready to jack your muscle gains up through the roof.

Proven Peptides is BY FAR the best SARMs dealer I’ve ever encountered. In fact, you can read my full Proven Peptides Review for more information.

Trust me when I say that buying SARMs online is like wading through a swamp filled with con artists, crooks, and flat out liars. Proven Peptides is none of these things—their shit is 100% the real deal.

Better yet, if you click on this link and use the code “Masculinedev” you’ll get 10% off, plus free shipping on any of your orders over $75. They’ve also got a phenomenal customer support section, which includes both email AND a telephone number. So whether you want to buy just Ostarine, or the whole meal deal, you can rest easy.


Common Ostarine Questions

ostarine questions

I understand that SARMs as a whole can be a bit confusing, especially the specific ones like Ostarine.

So, I’ve created a frequently asked questions center, to help shed some light on a few common issues here.


Best MK 2866 Dosage

The general guideline for your Ostarine dosage is that it should be at 25mg/day. This is the most common Ostarine dosage.

Some however, have taken up to 50mg of Ostarine per day, with no side effects.

Either way, if it’s your first SARMs cycle, it is recommended that you start with 25mg/day.


How Long Does Ostarine Take to Work?

In my experience, I felt the Ostarine start to work within just a few days. I felt stronger, lifted more in the gym, and had more energy.

That being said, the Ostarine didn’t really hit its peak until about 2-3 weeks, when I really started to feel it.

Due to the short half life of SARMs (compared to steroids), most of them start working very quickly. Ostarine is no different.


When to Take Ostarine

Personally, I just take my Ostarine first thing in the morning. Some people freak out over when to take it, but it doesn’t matter too much.

Since Ostarine has a half life of 24 hours, there will be a lot of it in your system regardless of when you take it.

I just prefer to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, because that’s when it’s easiest for me to remember.

Take it every day, on both your on days and your off days, for the full length of your cycle. I recommend a cycle of 8-12 weeks, and then a PCT.


Ostarine Side Effects

In my experience from taking 50mg of Ostarine for 3 months, no.

There may be some slight testosterone suppression on cycle, but it will return to normal after a few weeks off.

The most common Ostarine side effect that people report is slight difficulty seeing at night.

Many believe this is simply due to “fake Ostarine” fillers and pro-hormones however, and is not a side effect from actual Ostarine itself.


SARMs vs. Prohormones

Many people think that prohormones are the same as SARMs, but this could NOT be further than the truth!

Prohormones are absolute garbage. They’re a watered down version of steroids that are extremely liver toxic, and barely even work.

I have been on several prohormone cycles, and I do not recommend them at all. SARMs are far more effective, and have far less side effects.


Best Ostarine Cycle

In my opinion, one of the best Ostarine cycles is simply taking 10mg Cardarine, 10mg Ligandrol, and 25mg Ostarine combined, daily.

When taken together, they have a very synergistic effect that builds pounds of lean muscle, and shreds off fat like butter.

You can read more in the “Stacking/Dosing” section above.


Is Proven Peptides Ostarine Legit?

In my opinion, I would only ever buy my Ostarine from Proven Peptides.

They’ve got the best SARMs for sale on the market. Period.

They have incredible stuff, that’s all 3rd party verified to be 100% pure.

Their support is also outstanding, and they have very competitive prices.


How to Take Ostarine

Taking Ostarine is quite simple. If you get it from Proven Peptides, which I highly recommend, you will be taking liquid.

Just put a full dropper in a glass of water, swish it around, and drink it. Pour some more water in there, and drink it up again, to get any last bits of Ostarine liquid that might be left over.

Do this first thing in the morning, on your on and off days, for the full length of your cycle. That’s it! Taking Ostarine is simple.


The Final Verdict

buy ostarine online proven peptides

The bottom line is that Ostarine is an incredibly powerful muscle-building supplement that should NOT be abused. When used properly, Ostarine can be an extremely powerful weapon in your bodybuilding arsenal. Within a matter of weeks, you can put on pounds and pounds of lean, dense muscle.

When you do decide to take Ostarine, I recommend that you take it with the other SARMs that I mentioned. stacking Ostarine with Ligandrol and Cardarine is bar-none the best way to build a lean, shredded physique within a fraction of the time it’d normally take. Do it and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Even if you don’t go to the gym, SARMs will still cause you to put on some muscle. That being said, taking SARMs in conjunction with doing my “Body of an Alpha” workout routine will literally drive your muscle-building progress into overload. You’ll have to beat off the bitties with a stick before you know it.

Taking SARMs in conjunction with the advice in my “Body of an Alpha” eBook is by far the best way to get jacked in record time, so I highly urge you to do it. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them down below…and as always, I’ll see you next time!

Ostarine (MK-2866) Results
mk 2866 mk-2866 how to take ostarine guide d

Product Name: Ostarine (MK-2866)

Product Description: Ostarine, a popular SARM otherwise known as MK-2866, is a liquid supplement frequently used for building muscle.

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  • Build Muscle
  • Increase Strength
  • Burn Fat
  • Improve Recovery

Summary (My Results)

Overall, I took 25mg of Ostarine each day, for 90 days, and saw significant gains. In the course of 3 months, I put on about 18 pounds of muscle, lost 7 pounds of fat, and increased all of my lifts by at least 50%. To put it bluntly, Ostarine is extremely effective.


Increase Strength Build Lean Muscle Easy to Take Very Strong


Can Be Expensive

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