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MGTOW Are Losers? The Truth About The “Men Going Their Own Way” Movement


mgtow men going their own way

“MGTOW are losers!” I heard her shout at the top of her lungs.

I was on a date last night, and apparently, just the topic of MGTOW really triggered her.

Needless to say, I will not be seeing that girl again (and thank God for that).

After that conversation however, it came to my attention that I’ve never even written an article on MGTOW before… this is absolutely unacceptable.

So with that in mind, here’s a pickup artist’s thoughts on the “MGTOW movement.”


What is MGTOW?

what is mgtow ad 1

MGTOW, or short for “Men Going Their Own Way,” is a movement that’s been growing in popularity lately.

It’s obviously hard to briefly describe a whole community’s belief system, but if I had to boil down MGTOW into a single philosophy, it would be something like this…

Put your own life, your own success, and your own well being, before women.

That means don’t chase women. It means don’t sacrifice your integrity for women.

It means don’t get married to a woman (without a prenup), and it means don’t become a beta orbiter for 15 years and waste your time on a woman.

If I had to describe MGTOW in a nutshell, that’s how I’d do it.

Are there guys who completely advocate NEVER talking to a woman, who identify as “MGTOW?” Of course there are.

But I think the vast majority of MGTOW men aren’t necessarily AGAINST women, they just don’t want to put women before THEMSELVES.


“MGTOW Are Losers”

mgtow are losers

It’s funny seeing this new philosophy of MGTOW spring to the surface of our culture, because I’ve been saying these things forever.

It seems like common sense doesn’t it? Put yourself before a woman. You have to help yourself before you can help others.

Don’t sacrifice who you are. Don’t sacrifice your integrity. Don’t endlessly chase a woman if she’s not interested in you.

It all seems like such common sense, doesn’t it? Yet somehow, I guess it’s not.

…and to be fair, I get that a lot of MGTOW guys are in fact very angry, bitter incels. I understand that completely.

Hell, a lot of them probably have fair points. Many of them are proponents of the black pill, and want to see society burn.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the black pill—I prefer to accept my life, take a positive outlook, and move on. Just do what you can to improve.

In many ways, I also think this is the approach that MGTOW takes. It’s as if they’re saying: “Well, Western dating is broken, so I’m just going to focus on myself right now.”

…and what the hell is wrong with that? Nothing. Nothing at all.


MGTOW is a Reaction to Modern Culture

mgtow definition

MGTOW is in large part a reaction to the changing dynamics of dating in western culture.

I’ll admit, I don’t like talking about this topic too much.

…and it’s not because I don’t think the culture critiques have a point. I get that a lot of American culture is hyper-sensitive and doesn’t appreciate normal male sexuality.

The reason I don’t like talking about it too much, is because it’s always best to focus on the things you can DIRECTLY change.

Who cares that our entire culture is moving a certain way, if you’re not even making end’s meet? Focus on that first.

Focus on getting your first 10 lays, before you complain about SJW culture.

“B-but Jon, I can’t get my first 10 lays, BECAUSE of SJW culture!”

No, that’s bullshit. You can. I did, and you can too. It just takes a little bit more effort than it would have 15-20 years ago.

This is where MGTOW comes in, though. The funny thing is, you don’t HAVE to be obsessed with chasing women all the time. You can actually just focus on your own life and eventually many of them will come around to you.

This has been my experience, and it will be yours too, if you go down the road of MGTOW.


PUA vs. MGTOW: What’s The Difference?

mgtow 101

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“But Jon, aren’t you a pickup artist? Doesn’t that mean you literally chase women for a living? How is that compatible with MGTOW?”

Well, first of all, I wouldn’t classify myself as anything. I have a blog and talk about a wide range of topics, from fitness to finance to fucking.

That being said, even being a pickup artist doesn’t require that you chase women. In fact, it’s literally the exact OPPOSITE.

Men should learn how to turn a girl on, and improve their social skills, SPECIFICALLY so that they DON’T NEED to chase women!

The whole reason you develop your masculinity, become more grounded as a man, and improve your life, is so that you can have your choice of woman.

Most men settle… this is not what winners do.

True winners are relentless. They’re fucking cleaners.

The truth is that you can absolutely be both MGTOW and PUA. You just don’t chase women and make them your #1 priority in life.

Your first priority should always be to follow your purpose, your dream, or whatever goals you’ve set.


MGTOW vs. Incels: What’s The Difference?

mgtow are losers 2

I think that a lot of incels flock to MGTOW, because it basically fulfills their need to feel like a victim, and simultaneously urges them to just take no action.

This is obviously extremely unhealthy.

If you’re an incel, the BEST thing you can do for your life, is get your situation with women handled.

Believe it or not, “game” is a learnable skillset. It’s not that hard if you put some time and effort into it.

Learn to recognize her IOI’s. Work on your style and image. Lift some weights and eat some steaks. Develop your confidence. Go out and practice.

When you literally just stop bitching and complaining, and start taking some action, you’ll realize that most of your excuses were lies.

Most incels and MGTOW losers don’t want to hear this, because it exposes their own flaws to them. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about…


The Dark Underbelly of MGTOW

mgtow are losers elliott rodgers

While I do think that MGTOW has a lot of interesting principles that can help me live better lives, a lot of their community is pretty toxic.

Take, for example, some of these “rules” from a popular MGTOW post:

  • Don’t reproduce; use contraception, or even better have a vasectomy
  • Don’t use Tinder, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network
  • Ignore women unless they give you something upfront
  • Be healthy or unhealthy, but don’t preach others on your choices

Those are just a few random examples of some “MGTOW rules” from a popular post. And do you know what? That’s stupid as fuck.

Don’t reproduce? Wow, what a great idea—let’s just let Western Civilization, culture, and our way of life die out. Phenomenal.

Don’t use ANY social network, and become a sigma male? Good luck keeping in touch with old friends, being invited to parties, and actually having a social life.

Ignore women unless they give you something upfront? You mean be so angry and bitter, that you won’t even put in 10% of effort to potentially date a gorgeous woman?

Be healthy or unhealthy? Of course, because we all know being a fat slob is great for your life.

This is why so many people say that MGTOW are losers…because many of them are. Whoever wrote this post, is without a doubt, a fucking loser.

Now I’m not saying to sacrifice who you are for a woman, but for Gods’ sake, don’t be a bitter little faggot. Just grow up and move on.

Ditching all social media because it can have negative side effects, is like choosing to live in a fucking cave for the rest of your life, because society isn’t perfect. It’s an extremely over simplified approach to a very complex problem.


How to Go MGTOW Without Becoming A Loser

Hopefully by now, I’ve presented a decently balanced perspective on MGTOW. Like I said, many of the “MGTOW men” are complete losers who just make excuses and are emotionally immature. Many of them are just too lazy and pathetic to put in a little bit of effort to improve their sex lives.

Then again though, as I said before, many of them bring up good points. There is no “black and white” perspective on MGTOW, or anything in life. Learn from everyone, and everything.

That being said, let’s talk about some “MGTOW” rules you can apply to your life, that aren’t toxic:

  • Be willing to date women, but only on your terms, and if they treat you right
  • Never sacrifice your priorities for sex (or the promise of sex)
  • Always put your own goals and your own life first
  • Improve your life by 1% each day, for as long as you can

That’s basically it. Just following those four rules will put you leaps and bounds above the average man. Unfortunately, most guys go one of two ways.

They either fawn over the first girl who gives them any sort of attention, and end up becoming completely whipped, or they go the OPPOSITE direction and ignore women altogether.

Neither of these is a healthy way to live your life.

Ultimately, you want to date the right women (or woman) for you, because without a significant other, it’s pretty difficult to be happy and fulfilled in life. So don’t buy into the angry, cynical incel MGTOW losers who tell you to forget women altogether.

That’s no way to live your life. Understand that game is a LEARNABLE SKILLSET, and with a little bit of practice, you’ll attain the life you want in no time.

So, if you’re looking for a quick, easy way to 10x your attractiveness to women, then look no further than my 7 Strategies Program.

It fixes the underlying problem with your game, by making you more MASCULINE, and thus far more naturally attractive to women.

Of course, if you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to let me know—and as always, I’ll see you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ What is MGTOW?

MGTOW stands for "Men Going Their Own Way," which is a reactionary movement to the perils of modern feminism, the divorce courts, and our skewed culture. MGTOW advocates claim that dating and relationships aren't worth it anymore, and choose to focus on themselves first.

❓ What Does MGTOW Mean?

"Men Going Their Own Way," or "MGTOW" for short, is a movement of men who have chosen to ignore women and marriage in our modern culture, and focus on improving their own lives. Proponents of MGTOW typically believe that marriage isn't worth it, due to divorce courts heavily skewing towards women.

❓ Should I Go MGTOW?

No. While it may be true that divorce courts are skewed against men, you can still have an enjoyable dating life and get laid a lot without having to get married. When you learn game and improve yourself as a man, you become a player who can have his cake and eat it, too.

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8 months ago

MGTOWs aren’t losers. They’re pragmatic.

George Palmer
1 year ago

My anger at women began when this female camped out down the hallway from my dorm room for a year and ran me down constantly. That was a heinous violation of my privacy. My anger at women intensified when they began to imply strongly that I should commit suicide. My anger increased over the years due to slights and put downs by women, some deserved and some not, but the innumerable lies women told me solidified my hatred for them. But now a woman is denying me badly needed medication for COPD. I’m weak as a sick kitten because of it and my COPD is getting worse. I am apoplectic about the way they have invaded my privacy.

1 year ago

None of these Kunts said anything about toxic femininity when the book
“women need men like a fish needs a bicycle” was written. They cheered it.

what comes around goes around.

1 year ago

too young to know the sad reality

1 year ago

Jon Anthony-Aka I’ve never heard of Post Nut Clarity

1 year ago

PUA aka game guys are corny asf. Zero authentic personality, 100% pure fluff and all bravado. Zero substance.

1 year ago

this post sure sounds like it is dogging on the RP community lol, very likely written by a PUA.

1 year ago

MGTOW creates weathy men ,who ignore women.
I never met a broke MGTOW . I’m enjoying my success.

1 year ago

MGTOW is awesome and Truth [lol]. The vids are funny to watch and if you have to Karen up on that then you all are the losers. SMH

Tom Palmer
2 years ago

I can argue mgtow, pro or con. Lately I have been leaning towards the con. These dickless wonders we call women never cease to amaze me at the way they try to impose themselves on my life. If they have really done nothing wrong they should be willing to admit all the pertinent facts in a deposition.

2 years ago

For those who think that MGTOW has “rules” they could not be more wrong, each man is on his own path, living how he wants to live, interacting with women as little or as much as they are comfortable with, there is no leadership to MGTOW which doesn’t give detractors a solid target to attack so they go to broad brush stroke smearing instead.

2 years ago

everyone (including the OP) just seems so angry and depressed. I need to stay off the internet 🙂

gordon Anderson
2 years ago

I am joining mgtow as I am such an utter wimp and back stabber that I can no longer be called a man

2 years ago

You sound like a male feminist

2 years ago

I am a MGTOW. MGTOW is a lifestyle that focuses on self-reliance and independence. MGTOW have walked away from some aspects of society because those things no longer benefit them. Relationships and marriage do not pass the cost benefit analysis. There is not one state in the USA that recognizes marriage as a binding contract. It is called “No-Fault Divorce.” The minute she is pregnant with your child she is locked into your income for 20 years whether she stays with you or not. She can be abusive or have an affair and she will still end up as the primary parent. Men are predominantly the non-custodial parents with less rights than mom. Women are initiating 75% or more of all divorces. The suicide rate for divorced men is extremely high and no one cares. There are fringe mgtow just like their are fringe feminists and fringes on other groups as well; we can not write off the MGTOW lifestyle because of a few extremists. People are afraid of men when they stand together and voice their disapproval of their treatment by society. It’s okay for women to do this but not men. The problem with articles like this is that they have not really spoken to many MGTOW at all. I am educated, a good father, and a good citizen as well. I am also proud to be a MGTOW!

Name Here
2 years ago
Reply to  Tron

Well said sir. I don’t avoid beer because some people are alcohol abusers. I don’t avoid mgtow because some guys are woman haters

2 years ago
Reply to  Tron

To be fair, the article did state

Be willing to date women, but only on your terms, and if they treat you right.
Never sacrifice your priorities for sex (or the promise of sex)
Always put your own goals and your own life first.

I agree with these sentiments

2 years ago

No man should be a so called mgtow… You are not a loser and you club of goons is too much ham.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

Sure if you want to invest Money, Energy, Attention and Time into getting it. What is the point is using your corny ass “game” theory when thots out here taking payments on cashapp and calling it a “favor”. You game guys are a joke. Quit wasting other men’s time with nonsensical advice. Modern Women are 100% pure detriment. There is no benefit to having one. What do they bring other than a hole? Nothing. If you think sex is anywhere near priority in life, you are not anywhere near intellectual. If it happens it happens. If you go out seeking it you are a buster.

1 year ago
Reply to  nahbruh


2 years ago
Reply to  Thomas

I am proud to be a MGTOW. MGTOW is not a club or a movement. It is a lifestyle that encourages independence. (read my other post.). Transcendentalist believe that “…men are fundamentally good but are corrupted by society and therefore, should strive for self-reliance and independence.” Thoreau was a Transcendentalist and strived to, “…live simply, wisely, and independently. Hence, I go my own way.

1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas

Ever try using your brain?

3 years ago

you forgot to say that there is a 80% divorce rate in California and over 50% nationwide —- it is not worth getting married when you are going to be single anway. (would you jump out of an airplane if there was a 50% chance your parachute would not open) date older women with some money/education and don’t get married or live together —- as far as western civilization ending — that is the leverage we have to change the system, THE MGTOW STRIKE —- when someone strikes they don’t want the company to go bankrupt — they want the company to change —-

Fed Up
3 years ago

This is a well-written post, I will give you that. However you neglected some MASSIVE factors in choosing a solitary life.

1. Introverts- many people don’t want a social life because they don’t enjoy socializing. These people are very unlikely to go out and “practice game”, because they just don’t want to.

2. Promiscuity- if men really wanted to be the umpteenth notch in a bedpost (those who are inclined toward traditional, monogamous, long term relationships are NOT) they’d just hire a prostitute and save themselves the time and effort of “the game”. They’d rather leave such exploits to the non-stoics who put their primitive urges before their intellects.(like American or western European women do) Pick Up Artist like yourself and merely capitalizing on the worst side effects of societal marketing and social Marxism.

3 years ago

Getting laid isn’t as important as people think it is. I knew a lot of guys in the army that lacked intelligence because they filled their heads with pussy. These same guys would get STD’s from “dragons” (as we called them), commit suicide over some useless bitch who royally fucked them over (one guy shot himself in the head over his cheating wife, and then she had the gumption to show up at the military funeral—I’ve never seen so many dudes want to choke a bitch to death), etc. And I know a SHITLOAD of guys who, to this very day, have their cock and balls held over the fire by their ex-cunt whom the courts and society favors. You can be asexual and have a very busy, creative and fulfilling life. Having a significant other isn’t as useful or important these days as it was 500 or even thousands of years ago. It’s sad that men feel the need to strut around and peacock for women. Women really aren’t that important. My favorite pastime is watching feminist women who support trans-people get thrashed around in sports by these same trans-people they feministically support hahaha this world is hell, and people are the demons.

3 years ago

There is this trend to stereotype people, I don’t fit in any category, could agree with some ideas on MGTOW but not completely. For some people I’m a looser, I’ve lost my chains)) I see many married man mostly as slaves. Society it’s a program, and if you don’t fit on it they try to destroy you through social pressure, fortunatelly I have a wonderful life and this technique doesn’t work.

3 years ago

About a month ago, I learned about a friend of my brothers whom was a white christian. This guy was an associate pastor, was working to become a full pastor, had a wife, and four kids. He was working two jobs (one as a Sheriff), building a house, obviously going to church regularly, and still managing to spend time with his family. About four or five weeks ago he was given custody papers from his wife whom was a stay at home mom to have FULL custody of his children. This man wanted to work things out with her. A week later, she gave him divorce paper. This man committed suicide that day. This describes the culture of society today.

3 years ago

Love your writing style and content, really simple and to the point.

Keep it up brother

3 years ago

MGTOW also understand the court system and the way it works. You could run into the nicest woman on earth, but one day she’s in a bad mood and decides to divorce you for no reason. Then the court puts men through the meat grinder and takes away everything they’ve earned then gives it to the woman. Then after that they expect the newly destroyed man to pay child support which he can now not afford, he then ends up in jail.

You can be the nicest person in the world, and still have your life destroyed utterly completely by court systems. Stay away from sex, and stay away from marriage.

3 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Congratulations, I sure hope women enjoy making the first move (I know I don’t), because men aren’t going to anymore with the added concern of the metoo movement, and becoming more aware of what the court system does. Western men have been completely annihilated, thanks modern feminism.

3 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Women like you give people like me some hope, hope for the future. Though I tend to subscribe to the adage “shit in one hand and hope in the other, see which one gets filled first” lol…

3 years ago

What’s with all the F’ing Acronyms? I can’t understand anything you are saying when you pivot so much of your discussion on terms I don’t understand. Frustrating since is looks like there might be some good information here that I am missing because I’m not “In the Know”

4 years ago

First of all, I don’t understand this whole thing.

There are plenty of hot and attractive women in places like Colombia, Brazil, etc, who’ll date guys who take care of themselves and maintain a decent life & career.

So the idea of developing ‘game’, a.k.a being aloof & not giving a shit, just to attract shallow, social climbing American bitches between the geographic box from San Diego to Boston, makes no sense. In effect, it’s another version of the suburbanite ‘Keeping Up With The Jones’ where it’s one guy, not being pussywhipped, to make himself more attractive to the bitches who’re used to pussywhipped men.

In fact, a Bostonian can drive to Montreal and get a better looking escort gal at a much cheaper price, than in wasting time in the dating scene in his hometown. And sure, if he bothers to learn French, a real French-Canadian girlfriend but that’s another story for another day.

4 years ago

This has been something I have gradually found myself gravitating to over the years. The MGTOW position.
Funny how some women would get pissed off at this but among them there are women who have been promoting and advocating this same stand, but for themselves. They call it feminism now and in the past it was women’s liberation.
The idea here being that a woman as a human being, should base her worth and esteem on her own individuality, as opposed to what the rest of society (and men in general think).
She should not be judged by her looks, sexual attractiveness, appearance, procreative potential or whatever superficial criteria to judge by.
Also if she cares not to cater to men or their needs that should be her right.
As a human being she is not to be judged by her potential to be useful to men or to exploited by men.
She is after all a genuine human being.

Well that in essence is what the MGTOW viewpoint is all about but in regard to men. Another way of saying that this is a male version of the feminist movement.
I believe in sexual equality (genuine) as it applies to both of us.
What applies for women should also apply to men in all fairness.

4 years ago

Being called a ‘Loser’ implies we have somehow lost something, MGTOW = more time, more money, more freedom.. what exactly did we lose except for nagging old bitchy demanding women

3 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

To play devil’s advocate.
>inability to have sex
Just masturbate or go to a brothel/get a hooker.

>maintain a relationship
Have something to add to the list of “things to worry about”

>potentially starting a family.
So spending money and time on children too (intentional or condom just broke). Then potentially losing them during divorce (which 50% of couples will).

After thinking about it, I can see how those points don’t stack up compared to the promise of freedom proposed by the actual MGTOW line of thinking.

CA Topper
2 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

IF you are so superior to those to whom you refuse to listen, why do you bother with this topic? It takes time away from your insistence that women educate you about topics so many other (lesser to you) men already know in detail.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

That’s a tradeoff I’m willing to accept; I enjoy being by myself most of the time. Sex is just a feeling; its like a drug. It feels good in the moment, but unless I want to reproduce it really has no purpose. Starting a family would be nice, except for the fact that I could lose it all.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

Family LOL. Let me guess your brother is a family divorce attorney. Monogamy is 1000% dead. “Building a family” is a systematic programming designed to instil poverty before a foundation of wealth is created. Family can wait. Men can build families in their 40s, 50s even 60s if that is really important. You sound like you are hiding a secret desire to marry one woman. The comments have more logic than any of the post. Written by someone with the intellect of a child. “Lost the ability to have sex” no the hell your penis did not stop magically working because you didn’t penetrate a hole. What kind of immature and outdated, captivity based, boxed in thinking, is that? Jon you are a chump

1 year ago
Reply to  nahbruh

2nd home run!

4 years ago

I’m really sick of the name-calling! Just because a person (guy) doesn’t actively interact in society, to get laid should not be labeled as an incel. You people are as bad as the SJW’S bullies! If a person chooses to give up, that’s their business. Who makes one person a judge over another? Labeling someone an incel is just an attempt to bully someone else into action. Not ever one is meant to get married, have kids, etc.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

How about a virgin who doesn’t want to get laid? I’ll admit I used to. My goal now is to have a house by a beach. Women just don’t excite me anymore.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

You got all Straight F’s in school didn’t you bruh

Opting out
4 years ago

In my circle of people, the only MGTOW’s I know are some men who were divorced by their wives and they came out damaged from the court system. They all vow they would never have a relationship with a woman again. They aren’t incels or socially “ackward” but they have had such a bad experience with their former relationship, that they don’t wan’t to take any chance again. Frankly speaking, I agree with them. Nowadays, the average western woman is overweight, has tattoos, is on some meds, and has had multiple partners before she meets you.

T Ferguson
3 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

Don’t worry, MGTOW only serves as a warning, the divorce rape will ensure that any optimism along with your earnings is ripped out of your ass. But hey, you want to walk that plank knock yourself out.

4 years ago

Bro do you really think by deleting all social media you won’t be able to contact friends or have a social life? Getting rid of social media was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I have several groups of friends who I stay in contact with via group text.

Also I do ignore women because most offer nothing of value in today’s society. If they want to communicate then they can say hello. I’m not accommodating their passiveness.

I do hit the gym 5 days a week and take my health very seriously so I do agree with you about the staying healthy part.

4 years ago

I am an asexual aspie, with blunted affect from schizoids, I have no interest in relationships and I have denied all womens advances, my game is average

Just wanted to point this out on your reply to the ‘black pill’ , as it is hypocritical as you are misunderstanded or not understanding part of it that I’m going to refer too, you said this:

“Don’t reproduce? Wow, what a great idea—let’s just let Western Civilization, culture, and our way of life die out. Phenomenal.”

You know what else is absolutely phenomenally retarded? Basically every man in western culture to date, why? Well when you give women rights without responsibility then the majority of them will refuse to reproduce, this has been seen since 1970 in every western country with its fertility rate declining below 2.1, if the fertility rate is below 2.1 by the power of only women, meaning at the fault of only women then by your previous comment “Let’s just let western civilization die out”, well yes that is exactly what you puas and everyone else are doing, no matter how many you sleep with you wont solve this problem.

The black pill part of information I am referring to here is not women itself, but the laws of a gynocentric society, whomever has power must have responsibility otherwise it is just slavery.

If society does not keep their men strong and fertility rate at and above 2.1 then it will die out(whether that is forcing women too from slight patriarchal means, or hopefully in the future using artificial wombs with donated eggs), and also the male bashing since 2nd wave feminism, the chemicals that affect the endocrine system and act as camoflagued estrogens in your body, the overall lowered sperm count and testosterone.

tl;dr answer for a working successful society(really easy answer yet no one in the west since the beginning of time can figure it out because they are all retarded and not top 1% weschler):
You need 2.1+ fertility rate and men that are supported and strong to defend it or your society will die.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

I completely agree with this page and your reply, I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy with that comment, as blackpill entails every dark little secret from any and all variables.

I know I am mentally different and most people are offended by me, you could say I’m closest to a philosophical absolutist excluding the morals.

I am 31 years old a little over 6 foot high asymmetrical youthful face due to no sun, talking/stretching of skin, no bad diet, alcohol, or smoking. I have lifted weights for over 10 years, at around 84kg 10-12% bodyfat biceps are my best genetically visually I can do 25kg dumbell curls both arms x 25 times no problem, prefer hammers, but anyway I’m not sure you know but in Australia for example only 6% of people on the spectrum reported any income from a job in 2017, there is a social problem with improving in that area psychologically speaking. So I do agree with the improvement social wise, but we are biologically wired differently in the brain and so I don’t think that is possible, you also would’ve wrote all your pages while tailoring it to a neurotypical who does engage in social/emotional behavior and not atypical logical behavior and disinterest. Normally if you said any specific details of the self like I did people would just troll/shit on you, it doesn’t phase me and you can if you want, my point was for an aspie I am quite content with dead pokerface like confidence and you wouldn’t tell me apart in a crowd unless engaged with socially for more than a couple minutes(I have learnt acting but IDGAF after a while as I lose interest fast).

But yes they don’t affect my life individually, I mean thinking so far ahead and taking everything into considering at a far higher level

My mentality at the moment is this, I will create a blackpill quote based on what I said earlier and how I see it all based on all the variables:
“It is illogical to support a white society that is actively killing itself to extinction from female hedonism.”

Should you now care for your own race? Every race does and have implicit bias towards it.

Also thank you for the kind reply and for also making an easy to read website with accurate information.

4 years ago
Reply to  Stoogie

I assume you understand me fine now so I don’t need to comment more.
I viewed your website because I needed a good reference to teach a family member about red/black pill and womens behaviour/psychology or just hypergamy in general and the mgtow one was a good one too but decided to comment on it. I already knew mostly all of it so a little extra here and there was good. You have written it well and I must thank you for making such an easy to read website, though technically I guess it’s not for me, but I do like learning everything I possibly can. Everyone should know these things, teaching others can be impossible at times.


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