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What is Masculine Energy? (How to Become EXTREMELY Attractive)

masculine energy yin yang

In a previous article on The Way of Men, I presented a very practical, straight forward explanation of what it means to be a man.

Biologically, men are designed to protect the tribe from outside threats; this was their purpose for millions of years.

However, masculinity goes much deeper than man’s physical function. Masculinity is also spiritual—it’s those “Yang” characteristics that merge so well with a woman’s “Yin.”

To clarify, I am not confirming nor denying the existence of a non-physical world. When I say the word “spiritual,” I am referring to things which are greater than man, yet that he embodies and strives for; purpose, direction, and perseverance, among other things, are spiritual characteristics of man.

The goal of this article is to explain masculinity and in a deeper way. Man is more than just his physical purpose; he is also his spiritual purpose.

Taoism: The Way

what is masculine energy taoism

Taoism is a very interesting philosophy, in that it does not claim to have a way such as Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism does, but rather that it is the Way.

In other words, it does not lay out a path for you to follow—it is the path. This is what makes Taoism so different than other religions.

This “Way,” cannot be understood conceptually—it cannot be heard, seen, or tasted. It does not exist in time, nor does it exist in space.

It cannot be grasped with the intellect, yet somehow it’s so simple that a child could intuit it.

The Way is simply to be. There is no “objective,” one-size-fits-all Way, and yet, paradoxically, there is.

The way is different for every man, woman, and child—there is no… “objective” way. The Way simply means to be, or to practice your dharma, or your role to play in this giant cosmic theater show.

The Tao Te Ching, which is one of my favorite books on spirituality, discusses this in depth.

One of the fundamental beliefs of Taoism is that the ideas of good/evil, light/dark, and other dichotomies are constructions of the mind. They don’t really exist without one another, and in fact, they only differ in varying degrees.

In other words, light cannot exist without darkness, and darkness cannot exist without light—they are one in the same; two sides of the same coin.

This is where the concept of “Yin and Yang” comes from.

Yin and Yang: Two Parts of the Same Whole

Yin and Yang are often used to describe these “false dichotomies,” such as good/evil or light/dark. Yin is the dark side—it is receptive, passive, and intuitive. Yang is the light side—it is assertive, active, and analytical.

Both Yin and Yang are two parts of the same whole—without Yin, Yang would have no contrast, and thus would not exist. Without Yang, Yin would have no contrast, and thus would not exist.

These two paradoxical forces, or “energies,” as I will refer to them, can also be used to understand the concepts of femininity and masculinity on a spiritual, energetic level.

Feminine energy, which is the receptive, nurturing, and passive force in the Universe (and in the hearts of women), is basically Yin.

Masculine energy on the other hand, which is the assertive, direct, and action-oriented force in the Universe, is basically Yang.

These two masculine and feminine energies depend upon one another to exist—and, in fact, one quite enjoys the other.

This is why men typically gravitate towards women who are very receptive, nurturing, passive, and docile. It’s also why women crave men who know how to be an alpha male, too.

Feminine vs. Masculine Energy

masculine energy vs masculine energy

Every human being has certain feminine characteristics and certain masculine characteristics, I understand this.

I’m not trying to make men into caricatures that never feel or use their right-brain. I’m also not trying to make women into caricatures of complete drama-queens, unable to ever think logically.

BUT, with this being said, men and women tend to lean towards a certain side. If you want to know how to make her chase you, this is the key.

Men are typically more assertive, confident, active, and direct. Women are typically more receptive, passive, intuitive, and indirect.

These characteristics can be understood through the lens of Yin and Yang, as I said before—Yin is feminine energy, and Yang is masculine energy.

Thus, masculinity, in the spiritual sense, means to embody “Yang,” and femininity, in the spiritual sense, means to embody “Yin.” Masculinity is identical to Yang, and Femininity is identical to Yin.

This is not to say that a man is not receptive or nurturing at times—it is crucial to have a balanced spirit. However, his predominant “energy,” will be that of Yang.

This is also not to say that women are sometimes assertive, direct, or logical; certainly they are at times. However, their predominant “energy,” is that of Yin.

Sexual Polarity (Masculine vs. Feminine)

yin yang masculine energy

It is important to note that Yin and Yang are opposites, and that opposites attract—at least in this case. This is why men and women complete each other in a spiritual sense. They balance out one another.

When a man completely embodies his “Yang,” or his masculinity, women are very attracted to this on a deep level. They can sense when a man is very grounded and centered in his masculine energy, almost as if they have a sixth sense.

If you want to know how to turn a girl on, this is the key. Embody your masculine energy. Be the manifestation of yang, in your life.

Likewise, when a woman completely embodies her “Yin,” or her feminine energy, men are very attracted to this.

Contrary to popular belief, and contrary to what the media brainwashes women with, men do not want overly-masculine women that can’t play a supportive role in a relationship.

In an ideal relationship, something very beautiful happens: a woman aligns her feminine energy with a man’s masculine energy, and they become one. They complete each other.

His masculinity complements her femininity, and her feminine energy complements his masculine energy. Their energies merge, in a sense, and align themselves towards accomplishing a single, greater purpose.

This is why it is so important for a man to have a strong frame—feminine energy naturally detects when masculine energy is faulty…and if it’s faulty, or unsure of itself, feminine energy will not align itself with it.

Women know when their man isn’t 100% sure of himself, and they will not align with him until they have complete trust in his unwavering certitude.

This is why women test men—they want to see how sure of himself he is. Their feminine energy wants to experience the unwavering, constant, beacon of masculine energy that their man should embody.

Unfortunately, most men don’t ever fully embody their Yang. This is one of the reasons that I made this website. I want to help men develop their masculinity, in all senses of the word.

Yin: Feminine Energy

feminine energy flower

Have you ever met a woman who just oozed sex appeal? I know that I definitely have… and it’s absolutely intoxicating.

It happens very rarely, but every now and then I’ll spot a woman that is just so in touch with her feminine energy that you can literally feel it.

It’s something that you can’t pinpoint—it’s in the way that she moves, it’s in the way that she talks, it reverberates with every cell in her body. Girls like this are 100% oneitis material, because they’re so damn feminine.

I didn’t realize this for a long time, but this “sex appeal,” that I and other men often recognize is her embodying Yin, or feminine energy.

Whenever a woman is very sexy, it is because she embodies yin—it shows itself through her body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and other nonverbal communications.

To embody Yin means to be receptive. It is feminine to be receptive. It means to be passive, and it means to be nurturing.

It’s an entire way of BEING, a way of living life and interacting with the world in a receptive and intuitive manner.

Women want to receive energy from their environment—this is what feminine energy wants. It wants to receive, because it is formless. It wants masculine form to give it order and structure.

Feminine energy is receptive; it is passive and emotional. Its counterpart is that which is active. To feel is to receive.

Women want to receive masculine energy. Not some MGTOW loser energy that hates women. True masculine energy completes a woman.

To put this in layman’s terms, women want to “vibe” off of a man. They want him to have a very strong sense of reality, and they want him to “penetrate” her, spiritually.

They want to receive his reality; to be drawn into his world. They want him to take the lead, and to be a strong man who they can follow.

Feminine energy is intuitive—this is why women are often much more adept at social communication than men.

Women are clearly experts at reading IOI’s and interpreting the emotional side of reality, and can often tell more about a man than he knows about himself, just from a quick glance.

This is what feminine energy does. It does not “think,” but rather, it “feels.” It does not logically analyze, but rather it uses intuition.

Do not place a label on whether it is better to feel or to think—men frequently think (haha, get it) that logic is superior to emotions, however this is not the case.

Masculine and feminine energy compliment one another; both are two sides of the same coin, and are appropriate in different situations.

Feminine energy, due to its chaotic, ever-changing, emotional nature, is drawn to logical, firm, and steady masculine energy.

Yang, or masculine energy, serves as a lighthouse, so to speak, that constantly grounds the tumultuous waves of emotion which feminine energy revels in.

Yang: Masculine Energy

masculine energy

Embodying masculinity, or masculine energy, is how you can become spiritually attractive. It’s how you can cultivate that “vibe,” or energy that women intuitively pick up on, and are drawn to like a magnet.

As a man, you do not have to be physically aesthetic to be very attractive to women. What do women want? A man who’s masculine. Period.

Look at Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling, and Benedict Cumberbatch—they aren’t particularly physically attractive, are they?

Daniel Craig has giant ears and a bloated nose, Ryan Gosling’s eyes are all fucked up, and Benedict Cumberbatch looks like a meerkat.

And yet despite this, women all agree that these men are incredibly sexy. Why? Again, it’s because they completely embody masculine energy.

Attractive men embody the following characteristics:

  • Assertiveness
  • Decisiveness
  • Action-oriented
  • Firm in their sense of self

Does James Bond ever look uncertain? No, he knows what he wants and he goes after it. He is active—he acts on his environment, rather than having it act on him. He does not get blown around like a leaf in the wind, he is the fucking wind.

Does Ryan Gosling ever seem ashamed of his personality, or insecure? No. He is extremely expressive of himself through his body language, facial expressions, and other nonverbals. He acts on his environment, it does not act on him.

Masculine energy is active and assertive—it knows where it’s going, and takes action to get there. Masculinity does not receive, but rather it goes forth. Masculine energy influences its environment, not the other way around.

Masculine energy is very clear in its intentions—there is never a doubt in its mind. It knows what it wants, and it takes action to get it.

Masculinity is persistent and impregnable; it goes outward, expresses itself, and influences its reality.

It acts on its reality, rather than reality acting on it. This is the core of masculinity right here; masculine energy is a mover, rather than being moved.

This is what makes a man truly sexy—when he is the cause and not the effect, when he is completely himself and serves as a beacon for others to follow, when he is assertive and active, and when he does not let external reality dictate his internal reality.

When you begin to embody masculine energy, your life will naturally come together. When you begin to embody masculine energy, your health, finances, emotions, and sex life will all improve.

Why? Because rather than simply expecting things to happen, you fucking make them happen. This is the core of masculine energy right here.

When you align with your masculine energy, you will find yourself making decisions with ease, that would have previously flustered you.

You will find yourself pursuing the job that you really want, the relationships that you really want, and the goals that you really want to achieve.

Want to 10x Your Masculine Energy?

get more masculine energy traits

Remember—Yang, or masculine energy, is active. It is assertive; it knows where it is going and what it wants. It is the driving force behind your entire life, and once you tap into it, you will experience massive abundance.

In fact, when you start to develop your “masculine energy,” you’ll find that women will be drawn to you, like bees to honey.

So, if you’re looking to SERIOUSLY improve your dating life, look no further than my best-selling program: “7 Strategies.”

It’s the best dating book on the market right now, because it teaches you how to FUNDAMENTALLY become more attractive, without resorting to cheesy gimmicks, pickup lines, and techniques.

In fact, here’s some of what you’ll get with the 7 Strategies program:

  • How to 10x Your Attractiveness to Women, With A Simple Concept That NO OTHER DATING COACH Seems to Talk About
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  • …and much, much more.

So, if you want to start getting laid with hotter girls WITHOUT becoming a douchebag, consider checking out the 7 Strategies program today.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to leave me a comment down below. I hope that you enjoyed the article, and I’ll see you next time around.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ What is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy is a little bit hard to understand, but it can be equated to "yang" in Chinese philosophy. It's assertive, decisive, aggressive, and it goes forth. It knows what it wants, and it is 100% purposeful.

If you want to understand masculine energy, think of a charging bull. Does it ask what it wants? Does it blow about in the wind? Is it dictated by circumstances? No, of course not. It knows exactly what it wants, and it's just DOING it. Masculine energy does things.

❓ What is Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is receptive, empathetic, and supportive. It can be likened to "yin" in Chinese philosophy.

If you want to understand feminine energy, think of a flower. It is beautiful and full of life. It receives attention and adoration from the world around it. It receives pollen from bees, and allows others to come to it.

❓ How Do You Get More Masculine Energy?

The best way to develop masculine energy is to be on your purpose in life as a man. This will account for about 80% of your masculine energy, because when you have a strong purpose, all the other masculine traits usually come naturally.

You can accomplish this by doing deep internal work. Finding your life's purpose is not easy, but it's something you can learn to do over time by taking action and developing decisiveness in all areas of your life.

❓ How Are Masculine Energy And Feminine Energy Different?

Masculine energy is like "yang" in Chinese philosophy, and feminine energy is like "yin" in Chinese philosophy. They both serve an essential purpose in life, and are beautifully different. They're meant to compliment one another.

Think of masculine energy like it's a charging bull. It is 100% focused on accomplishing what it wants, and will do anything to get it. Nothing can stand in its way, because it is so filled with purpose, and raw aggression.

Feminine energy is more like a flower. It's receptive and beautiful, and others come to it. It doesn't go out into the world and assert its purpose, but rather allows the world to come to it. This is the difference between masculine and feminine energy.

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1 year ago

Totally ignores the existence of same sex relationships.

Out goes your theory.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lei

Most people talk or think without actually bothering to learn. Read up on the books related to Masculinity on this site and elsewhere. You’ll see that Masculinity (or Femininity, for that matter) is NOT about sex. It is about energy and how it manifests. Same sex relationships are even more keenly aware of masculine and feminine traits.

Majid Syed
2 years ago


This is Majid from Chicago Illinois. I want to develop masculinity. I am the oldest in the family treated like a kid. Even though I am good looking, I never had an opportunity in my life to date or experience relationship. I am indian light skin color already had an arranged marriage. It is soo boring. I want to experience being masculinity. I wish I can talk to you. Thanks. Instagram talldarkcreatur and mysnpchat is talldarkgy

2 years ago

I think the danger is in negating one for the other instead of dealing with the two forms of energy. Each has the capacity to tap into both. I enjoyed the article and agree regarding MAGTOW. I view them as weaker males, almost predators. Getting in touch with the opposite energy when needed is to our advantage, letting it rule our nature is not. One who can only harness one type of energy is not as well adjusted, mature or attractive as one who can deal with both. This applies to either gender.

1 year ago
Reply to  AnneC

Actually true MGTOW is a VERY potent force in the world. It simply means a man who is fully alive and driven with his purpose and so extremely masculine. All men should go through a period of true MGTOW in their lives, which is when they go their own way and discover their purpose. The MGTOW movement online has perverted this definition so that MGTOW’s are ignorantly doing things from the perspective of women which shouldn’t be the case to begin with.

3 years ago

I googled masculine energy because I needed some adjectives to describe the thoughts I’m writing down for a rant I plan on doing later in speaking on toxic femininity and why all these males now a days claiming they want to get in touch with their feminine side and disparaging masculinity is wrong. This article was very wise and you hit the nail on the head all the way through. A world with no masculine energy and all feminine energy is actually dangerous and deadly. There would be no direction or growth. Likewise all masculine and no feminine would be deadly because they’d be growth but it would be inconsiderate and harmful. Thank you for giving me the proper words to properly clarify what I’ve been considering.

Bih MammyAfrika
5 years ago

I’m a lady but reading your article on Masculine energy has been a great help for me and my relationship. Thank you

5 years ago

We know for a fact that logical women who take risks and are not intuitive and cooperative are usually unfeminine and are more likely to be lesbians. I’ve seen that a lot while emotional men who are calm, receptive, and intuitive are usually not masculine and are more likely to be gay. Those traits are not attractive to the opposite gender and result in women getting raped and abused and men getting abandoned by women for more masculine men who see these women marrying feminine men as easy targets for stealing. You know how homophobic people are?

Greg Mueller
6 years ago

You lost me when you said Ryan Gosling’s eyes were “all fucked up”. Nothing against the rest of him, but he’s made a career off his eyes and looks in general. I’m a straight man and I can’t stop looking at his eyes. Were you joking?

Jon Anthony
6 years ago
Reply to  Greg Mueller

Nah, serious bruh. Look at them, they’re all crooked and shit. They’re certainly unique, but not attractive.

6 years ago

Sir, I greatly like your post but you seem here to misinterpret yin and yang. As it was originally. It is to say that all human beings possess both, not man 1 and female the other. It is just our environmental and social culture upbringing have taught both genders to repress in order to woman a husband and children and a man success . However not present in other historically and today. I’m native American majority mixed and born and raised on reservation.

Sara maxwell
5 years ago
Reply to  ty

Gender is assigned before birth at conception. Males have naturally Masculine energy, Females have natural feminine energy. Time gone by environmental and social culture was NEVER taught to repress gender as it came natural. Society today, is teaching people to repress their energy and become less of what they naturally are. That is why you see so many men acting like women and women acting like men.


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As someone who was raised in a household, where my Dad was a total beta male, I was so desperate for a solution. Long story short, your program completely transformed my life. I ended up meeting a girl, chatting her up, getting her number, and she is my absolute dream girl...thanks a ton, Jon!
Jason Swanick
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