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Why Modafinil is The Real Life NZT 48 (The Limitless Pill)


nzt 48

If you’re looking for the real life NZT 48 pill from the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, then you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve probably seen Limitless before. It’s a movie about a writer who’s a complete loser—but then he gets a hold of a drug called NZT-48.

This drug supercharges his brain and makes him a super genius. He’s able to absorb information like a sponge, develops a photographic memory, and becomes a millionaire in the process.

Wouldn’t it be great if this drug existed? Well, while the exact drug doesn’t exist, there’s a drug called “CRL-40476” that does exist.

…and it’s the closest thing to the real life NZT-48 that we’ve got. So, with that in mind, here’s how I got a prescription to it, and how you can, too.

The Real Life NZT 48

nzt 48 pill limitless movie

ATTENTION: If you’re just skimming and want the real life NZT-48, then click here to buy it online from my favorite source. Use the code “MD10” to get yourself 10% off, too!

It all started many years ago. I was trading the stock market, and was looking for an edge on my competition. I wanted to get rich.

So, I started poking around, and discovered a class of drugs called nootropics, otherwise known as “smart drugs” to the average user.

I ended up testing dozens of these smart drugs, and wasting well over $10,000 on them, but eventually I found one that actually worked.

Eventually, I found out that entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley were using a drug called “modafinil” to destroy their competition in business [R].

…and that’s where my journey with NZT began.

Introducing Modafinil

modafinil chemical structure

CRL-40476, otherwise known by the name Modafinil, is a “wakefulness enhancing agent” that was developed in the late 1980’s for patients with narcolepsy, according to the US National Library of Medicine. [R]

In other words, it was developed as a treatment to help people suffering from narcolepsy stay awake. People with narcolepsy can fall asleep at any time without any notice, so developing a treatment for this condition was extremely important.

At first, users began to get a prescription to this brain drug to help improve their medical conditions, but eventually, people began to catch on to something.

>> Buy Modafinil Online <<

It didn’t take long before people realized that Modafinil, or as I like to call it, the real life NZT, could be used to enhance cognitive function, improve memory, and drastically clarify their thoughts.

Just a single 200mg pill on an empty stomach, consumed with a large glass of water, has the power to shift your brain into overdrive.

I ended up getting a prescription to modafinil (which I discuss later), so if you want to read about my experience, scroll down to that section.

If, however, you’re only interested in the clinically proven benefits, and want to know why modafinil is the real life limitless pill, then keep reading.

Clinically Proven Benefits

modafinil research studies results

Modafinil is by far one of the best nootropics out there right now. It has the potential to supercharge your brain and bring out your genius.

This isn’t just bro science, either—while some people may exaggerate the effects of modafinil, they’ve all been clinically proven in studies.

Here’s some of the benefits of taking modafinil:

  • Insane Alertness & Focus – Militaries around the world are using modafinil to increase their special forces’ alertness, focus, and brain functioning on critical missions [R]
  • Incredible Productivity – Tons of entrepreneurs are using modafinil as a brain enhancing nootropic to avoid sleep, reduce fatigue, work longer hours, and help improve overall brain function and executive thinking [R]
  • Improved Memory & Cognition – One study conducted on 60 healthy individuals found that taking just 100mg or 200mg of modafinil significantly improved memory in nearly all of the test subjects who were studied [R]
  • Enormous Amounts of Energy – Wall Street traders have started using this drug in place of caffeine and Adderall, in order to work 20+ hour days without sleep, without hindering cognitive function [R]
  • Euphoria & Enhanced Mood – Modafinil can even help enhance mood, as one study found that test subjects given modafinil not only needed less sleep and had better alertness, but also better mood [R]
  • …and more

The brain boosting benefits of this incredible smart drug are absolutely off the charts—and it isn’t any wonder why so many entrepreneurs want to get a hold of it.

ATTENTION: If you’re just skimming and want the real life NZT-48, then click here to buy it online from my favorite source. Use the code “MD10” to get yourself 10% off, too!

It lets you work more hours on less sleep, improves brain functioning, improves memory, and is 10x more effective than Adderall or caffeine… what’s not to love?

Enhanced Focus

Like I said, I was convinced that modafinil was the real life limitless pill, due to its ability to enhance memory, improve brain power, and drastically increase cognitive ability.

…but I wanted to find some data to back my assumption.

So, I scoured the web, and found dozens of NCBI studies and clinical trials proving that modafinil is the closest thing to NZT 48 we’ve got.

One study, conducted at the Air Force Academy in South Korea, found that modafinil “can be used by anyone, who wishes to work late, stay awake, enhance their cognitive reactions, or brighten their moods.” [R]

Fighter pilots often have to go without sleep, for hours on end, so it makes sense that South Korea’s Air Force would want a drug for this.

Increased Chess Scores

As if the brain enhancing effects of this real life limitless pill weren’t enough, another study shows that it may even increase your IQ.

It’s long been known that chess is one of the few games which can actually measure someone’s IQ—so what if modafinil actually increased this?

Well, if you aren’t convinced that this stuff is the real life version of the limitless pill, then just keep reading—because this study totally blew my mind.

In one study, published in the highly respected Journal of European Neuro-Psychopharmacology, doctors found that taking modafinil before playing a game of chess led to “significantly higher chess scores” in users. [R]

If that isn’t the real version of NZT then I don’t know what is.

Improved Cognition

In another study, conducted at the University of Oxford and cited by 139 other research papers, researchers found that modafinil seems to consistently improve “attention, executive functions, and learning.” [R]

That sounds a lot like the limitless pill, don’t you think? I don’t know of any other smart drug that can literally improve the way your brain works.

In the movie, Bradley Cooper takes a pill called NZT-48 and it makes him super smart, right? Well according to this study conducted by the University of Oxford, that’s exactly what modafinil does.

My Experience With NZT-48

Modafinil Prescription 200mg
The modafinil prescription I have

When I first got my hands on the real life NZT pill (otherwise known as modafinil), I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to drive home and try it.

My hands trembled as I took one little white pill, and then I waited for the cognitive effects to kick in. I made sure I had no food in my stomach and got a good sleep the night before, because I wanted it to be 100% effective.

…and then 45 minutes later it hit me. This stuff really is like NZT-48.

What Real Life NZT Feels Like

My brain began to tingle as I felt the effects of this nootropic kick in. Suddenly, my brain felt like it was working at full capacity.

I sat down by my computer and began to read. My eyes blazed through thousands of words—my brain tingled as I absorbed information like a sponge. It was absolutely un-real.

I vividly recall the effects kick in—I was watching three different YouTube videos at the same time, all on stock market analysis and trading.

>> Buy Modafinil Online <<

It was like somebody had made my brain limitless (no pun intended). I felt like I had been a genius all along, and this pill simply unlocked it.

Using modafinil, I went on to make over $20,000 in a single year from trading Bitcoin—you can read that guide if you want to learn more.

Long story short, I was sold—hook, line, and sinker. The effects of modafinil, or as I like to call it, NZT-48, are absolutely unparalleled.

The True Limitless Pill

Hopefully by now you realize that modafinil is absolutely the real life NZT 48, and best of all, it’s backed by clinical studies and tons of research.

Keep in mind that this isn’t medical advice, and that you should always talk to a doctor before you try any new pill, drug, or supplement.

If you want a good place to get a hold of some legit modafinil, then click here to get it from ModafinilXL, the most legit vendor on the market today. (I used to recommend BuyModa, but after hearing they often don’t deliver, I don’t recommend them anymore).

They’ve got free shipping, and if you use the code “MD10” you can get fully dosed modafinil for literally just $0.96 per pill. Not bad, eh?

Anyways, if you have any questions, then feel free to let me know in the comments section down below—I hope you enjoyed the article!

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