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How Kratom Can Help You Get Rich


kratom for energy

There’s a new phenomena that’s been sweeping the manosphere, known as kratom.

Kratom is basically a plant native to south-east Asia that can be used for a vast number of reasons, such as:

  • Increased motivation
  • More energy
  • Lasting longer in bed
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Combating depression

And more. But today, I’d like to focus on a lesser known benefit of using kratom, which is how it can help you make money.


How it All Started

kratom for energy

I’m always looking for ways to enhance my performance, so I’m a frequent browser of various online forums that discuss all sorts of ways to increase your IQ, ways to become more motivated, faster, stronger, and everything else.

It was then that I stumbled upon a forum post, where someone was claiming that a weird plant known as kratom was giving him CRAZY benefits.

He said that he was a computer programmer somewhere in Europe who learned about kratom on his trip to Thailand last year—apparently it’s really popular with the locals. He said that since that vacation, he’d been using kratom every single day to focus intensely on his programming job, and he claimed that it was a godsend.

I was immediately intrigued, but fairly skeptical. I’m always a little bit skeptical when it comes to massive claims like this, especially when someone has a financial stake in the matter. But, because it was some random guy on a random forum with zero affiliation with kratom, I decided to give it a shot. I ordered 2 ounces of kratom—one “fast” strain, and one “slow” strain, from an online distributor.


My Kratom Experience

kratom for energy
How I felt when I used kratom for the first time

It was a boring afternoon; I’d been up since 8AM writing blog articles, and my motivation was running thin. It was then, that my doorbell rang. “The fuck is that,” I thought. I order a lot of stuff from Amazon prime, so it didn’t occur to me that it was my kratom.

But regardless, I opened up the little package that it came in, and whipped out two plastic bags of this weird green powder stuff (like the image at the beginning of the article). “Huh.” I didn’t know what to think.

So, I put on my big boy pants and used 4 grams of the fast strain.

I’d done some research and found out that there were three types of strains: fast, medium, and slow. Fast strains are best for productivity and energy. Slow strains are for relaxing and stress reduction. Medium strains are basically an in-between. I used 4 grams of the fast strain (I think it was called red-vein Thai, but I’m not sure), and immediately felt it kick in after just 15 minutes.

“Woah,” I thought. I felt a slight sense of euphoria; like everything was alright. This must have been the general anxiety relief that others had talked about. I went upstairs and was stuck between either writing more blog articles or taking a break for a few hours (I’d been writing for a while at this point). I decided to write just another thousand words and call it a day.


Four Hours Later

kratom for energy

I hardly even realized it, but when I looked at my watch I found that I’d been writing for four hours straight. “Wait, wh-what the fuck?” I literally didn’t believe it. I couldn’t understand how the time had gone by so fast.

“Did this shit make me blackout?”

Fuck—I quickly consulted the forums that I had been browsing before and found out that this was actually a very common effect of kratom. Because it produces such a nice euphoric effect, people often spend hours doing seemingly boring tasks, and they actually enjoy doing them.

Basically I’d had one of the most productive days of my life and was too happy and motivated to even notice time going by.

Ever since that moment, I was hooked. I still use kratom to this day. In fact, I recently got another 3 ounces in the mail (I’m trying out some new strains).


Kratom: The Ultimate Motivator

kratom for energy

In my opinion, the biggest benefit of using kratom is its ability to enhance your mood. Although this may seem like something that’s relatively pointless, and very simple, it actually has very far-reaching effects, such as:

  • It’s easier to write long blog posts
  • It’s easier to go to the gym
  • It’s easier to get work done
  • It’s easier to read books
  • It’s easier to socialize and pull hot club girls

Take, for instance, something as simple as having to write blog posts (like me). Have you ever tried writing for 6 hours straight? It’s pretty fucking hard. After about 5 hours, I’m usually spent. MAYBE I can push out another hour or two if I’m really trying to get an article out by a certain time, but usually 5 is my max. But with kratom this all changed.

Why? It’s actually very simple. Kratom makes me happy. Yup. And when I’m happy, I’m not thinking to myself “Ugh god I have to write ANOTHER 5,000 words?” I’m thinking: “YES, I can’t wait to write another article! So many guys are going to learn from my advice!”

Somehow kratom just makes me see the positive in everything. Even washing the dishes is fun. It’s the weirdest thing (okay maybe not that fun, but still).

Or take, for example, going to the gym. I actually really like going to the gym; it’s fun as fuck to push yourself farther and farther, slowly growing your body and increasing your strength. But, as I’m sure you know, there’s some days where you just don’t feel like going to the gym. I had one of those recently.

Kratom, although it isn’t a miracle in powder form, helps fix this to a great extent. I just use 3-4 grams of kratom about 45 minutes before hitting the gym, and it puts me in a WAY better mood. Have you ever been at the gym, and you’re just really happy? Like ridiculously happy? You’re enjoying perfecting every little nuance of your squat form, the music in your earphones is awesome as hell, amping you up…everything in your life just seems to be great.

That’s what going to the gym after using kratom is like. Hell, I’m even writing this article right now after using kratom (I used 3.02 grams about an hour ago). The shit works.


How Kratom Will Make You Rich

kratom for energy

Due to kratom’s ability to make you happy, you can do virtually any task without burning out. Maybe you’re trying to start a freelancing IT business online, but every day when you get home from work, you’re just too spent to put in the time and grow your business.

Maybe you’re a sales person, and you’re struggling to get to your next commissions cap; you just can’t seem to get there, no matter how hard you try—0r maybe you’re a blogger like me, who’s trying to make a full time living by sharing his advice and experience.

Either way, kratom will help you make more money.

Why? Well, again, it’s incredibly simple: kratom makes you happy. You come home from your IT job, and know that you should really design that website of yours, but can’t find the energy? That’s fine, just use a few grams of kratom. Being in a good mood will make it easy to code for hours on end. Maybe you’ll pop in some music, and just vibe along to it, while you’re churning out code.

You’re a sales person, and you’re struggling with staying motivated selling timeshares? That’s fine, just use some kratom; your positive energy and good mood will increase your sales exponentially. You’re a blogger, and you know that you should really write another article today, but you’re just completely spent? That’s fine, just use some kratom. You’ll actually enjoy the prospect of writing another 5,000 words, despite the fact that your fingers are numb from typing.

Kratom makes it easy to do the jobs you know that you should do, but don’t have the energy for.

If it weren’t for kratom, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article right now. I’ve actually had one of the most productive days EVER today. I’ve written 4 articles (around 20,000 words total) that I’ve scheduled for the upcoming week.

Some of this can be attributed to will power, and my secrets to productivity, definitely. Some of it is because I’m a decent writer (I like to think). Some of it is even just experience, but a good amount of it is due to kratom. I firmly believe that if I had not used kratom today, there’s no way in hell that I could’ve written this much.


“Will I Have The Same Results?”

kratom for energy

In addition to making you happy, which makes it WAY easier to get work done, kratom is also great for a number of other things:

  • Increased libido (I last like 45 minutes after using kratom)
  • More energy
  • High motivation
  • Stress relief
  • Physical performance

And plenty more. I’ll be writing more about how you can use kratom to achieve specific benefits that you want in your life later, but for now, I’d just recommend trying it out for yourself.

I’m not going to lie—I respond well to kratom. This may not be the case with everyone. Some people may use two grams and hate it. Some may need to use 8 grams to feel anything. I get that there’s genetic anomalies and that not everyone has the same neuro-chemistry.

But based off of my own results, and what I’ve gleamed from conversations with others, I think that kratom will work very well for probably 97% of the population.

Did I just pull that number out of my ass? Yes, entirely—but that’s because I haven’t heard a single person say that they respond negatively to kratom. I just don’t want to say 100% of people will respond positively to be safe, because I’m sure that there’s some people who won’t respond well at all. If you do respond well, however, kratom will be one of the best things that you ever discover.


Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

kratom for energy

As with anything, improper use can lead to some negative side effects. If you frequently use too much kratom, without ever taking a break or switching strains (I’ll write an article on this in the future), you will definitely develop a tolerance. If you use too much kratom (the amount varies depending on your weight), you may experience nausea and fatigue.

These side effects can easily be avoided, however, by simply using kratom responsibly.

Kratom is an extremely powerful motivator, so I DO NOT recommend that you take it lightly. Always get your kratom from a quality source and keep track of how much you use. I don’t recommend using more than 4 grams your first time. In fact, I think that 2 grams is enough to start off.

If you don’t feel anything within 30 minutes, use another gram; but that’s it. For me, I feel kratom work pretty well from just using 2 grams.


The Best Source


You can definitely have some pretty bad side effects…IF you get kratom for a bad source. A lot of low quality vendors choose to fill their “100% pure kratom” with ground up plant matter and bullshit that will leave you feeling nauseous and fatigued.

I’ve tried several different kratom vendors from around the internet, but in my experience, Coastline Kratom is the best vendor that I’ve ever bought from. All of the kratom that I’ve gotten from them has been phenomenal. I’ve tried something like 9 different strains of theirs at this point, and every single one has been spot on. Sure, some have been better than others, but none of them are bad (like a lot of other kratom companies).

They always give you a little bit more than you expect, too, which is nice. If you decide to order the newbie starter pack, I believe they give you an extra 10 grams of a special strain.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend any source other than Coastline Kratom. Even if you can find a source that’s charging less (although Coastline Kratom is pretty inexpensive), I wouldn’t go for it. It just isn’t worth it to fuck around with bad kratom. Get the good stuff, and thank me later. Oh, and also get the “Newbie Starter Pack,” because it lets you sample 3 types of kratom (plus a bonus).



kratom for energy

Kratom is definitely one of the best things that I’ve ever discovered. In fact, it’s so good, that it’s one of my favorite nootropics out there. Kratom has a ton of benefits ranging from increased libido, to lasting longer in bed, to having higher energy levels, to getting work done more efficiently and making more money. The list is virtually endless.

But, I don’t want to lie to you—again, some people may not respond favorably. I get that. We all have different bio-chemistry, so for me to say that “everyone will do well with kratom,” would probably be a lie. And I’m not going to lie.

But, that being said, I think that the vast majority of people will receive IMMENSE benefits from using kratom. But again, don’t get just any bullshit, filler-laden, Chinese bootleg bullshit kratom. Get it from a quality source.

As usual, if you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know—if you have any nootropic recommendations, feel free to post them down below, as well. I love experimenting with new ways to enhance my life. I hope that you all enjoyed the article, and I’ll see you soon.

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6 years ago

So you just mix the powder with water on the stove and inhale the fumes? How do you actually take this powder if you don’t ingest it?

Ava Ovila
6 years ago

This is a Really important Product for Body Healthy. And this post really know Topic of kratom. Bucause Kratom is scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a medicinal leaf extract from a tree in the family Rubiaceae and is native to Southeast Asia.

kratom vendors
7 years ago

great article thanks for posting. Any information on the ban??

7 years ago

How do you consume Kratom?


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