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Jon’s Top 5 YouTube Channels For 2018


top youtube channels 2018

I’ve personally been a YouTube addict since it came out. Oh, I recall watching hours and hours and hours of mindless fluff—from cat videos to prank videos I’ve seen it all.

Yet, my life changed once I began subscribing to self-development, fitness, and other related channels. Not because I began to watch YouTube any less, in fact it was quite the contrary. I was glued to my screen pretty much 12 hours a day.

But the content that I subscribed to radically changed my life. I do not speak lightly when I say that this blog would not exist had several key YouTubers not influenced me.

That being said, YouTubers come and go. So I thought I’d compile a list of my top 5 anticipated YouTubers of 2018. They already have a channel, but I expect incredible things to come over the next 12 months…so here we go.


1. Tom Bilyeu/Impact Theory

I initially discovered Impact Theory by seeing Tom Bilyeu’s interview with David Goggins in my suggested feed. Being a self-development junkie, I half-unconsciously clicked on it, expecting the typical motivational bullshit that every video rehashes time and time again. Instead my head was torn inside the fuck out—I did not see this coming.

“I was weighing like 297 pounds and I had to make a change in my life. I wasn’t going anywhere and I was exactly where everybody said I was going to be: nowhere. I came from a horrible background, I got called nigger every day of my life growing up. The Klan headquarters at that time was about 20 minutes from where I lived. One of the high ups in the KKK’s son sat behind me in two classes, so he called me nigger all the time. I got my first car, and they spray painted ‘Nigger we’re going to kill you’ on it.”

Okay, I was immediately hooked. Here we have this guy who’s in incredible shape, who’s a member of all three branches of the US special forces, who’s broken the Guinness world record for pull ups, and who’s done some of the most grueling athletic races in all of history…how the fuck did he get there?

“Do hate things you hate to do. Be uncomfortable every fucking day of your life. I’m not the smartest kid in the world—no, I’m a dumb mother fucker. So how do you get smarter? Educate yourself. We’re running from the truth, man. The only way I became successful was going towards the truth. As painful and brutal as it is, it changed me.”

Mark my words, this will be one of the most incredible interviews that you ever watch. I immediately smashed the subscribe button after seeing this, because there was just no way I was going to let an incredible channel like Tom Bilyeu’s pass me by.

“I knew nothing about ultra-marathons, I hadn’t even run a marathon. So I Googled the top 10 hardest races in the world, and what comes up is the Badwater 135. It’s a 135-mile race through Death Valley in the summertime. “I got to mile 70, and I cleared 70 miles in like 12 or 13 hours, pretty quickly, but I was done. My feet were broken, stress fractures, shin splints, muscles were tearing—I was in bad shape. I was eating Ritz crackers and drinking Myoplex. So I sat down at mile 70, and at this time I was married, and I look at my wife and tell her that I’m messed up bad. So I literally start to turn white—I’ve got 30 miles to go, peeing blood down my leg. I can’t stand up because my blood pressure is all messed up. I’d been in three hell weeks, Ranger school, I’d overcome so many obstacles in my life…but the last 30 miles of this race is when I realized a human being is not so human anymore.”

“We have the ability to go in such a space, if you’re willing to suffer—and I mean suffer—your brain and your body once connected together can do anything. This 30 miles was the life changing moment. I was out of it, I was in the worst pain of my entire life. To me, I was on the brink of death, and I was able to chunk this 30 damn miles into small pieces. I was so driven to succeed in this race—I wasn’t even thinking about the guys that died in this race. This became a personal thing; me against this race, me against the kids that called me nigger, me against me. It just became something that I took so violently personal and I broke this down into small pieces.”

Seriously if that doesn’t inspire you to go fucking lift some weights and get your shit together, I don’t know what will. In all seriousness when I watched this video, I felt a fucking fire deep within me burn with a fury that I’d never felt before in my entire life. YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.

As a side note, Tom Bilyeu was the creator of Quest Nutrition (you know, Quest bars). Eventually he got tired of the corporate grind, and decided to start another company (Impact Theory) dedicated to waking people up from the Matrix. I highly urge you to subscribe to his channel.


2. Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan B. Peterson made international headlines in 2016 when he refused to sit down and condone his freedom of speech being taken away. Leftists at his university had been forcing staff to use ridiculous pronouns like “xim/xer,” and whatever the hell else SJW’s use, and he refused to do so.

Since then, he’s been embroiled in a global conflict and his videos have been seen literally over a hundred million times. He’s been featured on the Joe Rogan Experience (above), Fox News, Channel 4 News, and more. He’s done interviews with Stefan Molyneux, Kathy Griffin, Dr. Michael Shermer, and dozens of others.

So mark my words. I do not speak lightly when I say the following: Jordan B. Peterson could quite possibly be the man who saves Western Civilization from collapsing.

“Even the fundamentalists have the wrong idea about religious truth. Religious truth is not scientific truth. The stories in Genesis, which are very old stories, maybe tens of thousands of years old—they’re obviously not scientific theories, because the people who wrote them weren’t scientists…these stories, they come up everywhere, there’s no avoiding them, and it’s because they’re true, but they’re not true like scientific truths. They’re a behavioral truth, or a pragmatic truth, or a dramatic truth—and part of the reason why our society is so damn unstable now, and part of the reason why all of this weird chaos is emerging…this is a consequence of Nietzsche’s observation back in the late 1800’s about the death of God. We blew the metaphysical foundations out from underneath our culture, and the whole thing is shaking and twisting.”

No, I’m not saying that sarcastically. I’m not saying it facetiously, I’m not saying it jokingly—I’m not even exaggerating. No. I am dead fucking serious. Jordan B. Peterson is one of the most important thinkers the world has seen since Carl Jung, and if you can’t see this after watching the video above then I don’t know what to tell you.

After spending literally hundreds of hours pouring through his channel, watching his lectures, and following him on social media, I literally cannot get enough. In fact, his book just came in the mail today, and I’ve already devoured 100 pages of it. I cannot recommend this man enough—his ideas will change your life.


3. Todd V Dating

A mechanical engineer turned pickup artist, Todd Vandehay has been studying the art of seduction for more than a decade and has compiled quite the impressive list of credentials. Many of you may not know this, but he was actually a part of Real Social Dynamics up until fairly recently. They had a falling out, deleted Todd’s entire channel, and are currently suing him.

Whether you’ve heard of RSD or Todd Vandehay is irrelevant, however—his knowledge on game is absolutely unparalleled. He’s literally uploaded dozens and dozens of hours worth of free content on his channel, that will teach you how to attain an abundant dating life with zero questions to ask.

He knows what to do when a girl shit tests you. He knows what to do when a girl has logistical issues. He knows what to do when a girl has bitchy friends. He’s taught men how to game in cities from Chicago to New York to Los Angeles to Miami, and he’s one of the best coaches out there.

In fact, I almost had a gig with him recording infield footage in New York City, but this happened right before his falling out with RSD so it had to be cancelled. Don’t be surprised if you see me collaborating with Todd over the next year or two, however—I’m seriously considering applying to be a part of his team. So subscribe to his channel.


4. Cedric Dahl

I’ve been working on a video course on how to trade cryptocurrencies for profit, and boy let me tell you something—this is an industry that is completely rife with bullshit. I’m not going to name any names in particular, but there’s been tons of YouTubers recommending scam coins like BitConnect (which recently crashed) and other junk.

Nothing pisses me off more when someone is trying to improve, and learn what they need to know in order to do so, but some fuckwad guy with a camera poses as an expert and makes a shit ton of money off of affiliate advertising, all the while tens of thousands of men lose their precious savings.

Cedric Dahl, however, is one of the few YouTubers who actually gives out consistent, valuable, and high quality advice regarding cryptocurrencies. From what I gather, he’s an accredited investor, and while he isn’t legally allowed to be your financial adviser, he gives some pretty damn good advice on everything crypto related.

In fact, I actually heard about two of my most anticipated coins of 2018—Civic and File Coin, which I anticipate will explode in value over the next 1-3 years. I’m not talking like 500% gains. I’m talking like, you put $100 right now and you’ll be a millionaire by 2021 type gains.

With all of the Tanner J. Foxes and Ryan Hildreths of the world riding on the wave of mainstream cryptocurrency awareness, it’s extremely refreshing to see someone who actually gets it and isn’t just in it for the money. I’d even go so far as to say that Cedric Dahl is my top YouTuber when it comes to crypto news. So subscribe to his channel.


5. London Real

Jokes aside, this episode was actually pretty enlightening and pretty hilarious all at the same time. The interview above is with Mantak Chia, who’s a God in the realm of East Asian martial arts, particularly those based out of the Taoist philosophy.

If you’re a man who’s struggling to perform in the bedroom, struggling to make a girl squirt multiple times, and struggling to last for hours on end, then you need to watch the interview with Mantak Chia. Another phenomenal interview, and a personal favorite of mine, was with Dan Pena, the “50 Billion Dollar Man.”

After starting his career in the oil industry and making millions, Dan began to mentor others and teach them how to grow their businesses from nothing to millions. He’s coached hundreds of men and his students have generated over $50 billion worth of revenue collectively, which is pretty damn impressive. He’s also like 90 years old and is a total badass.

“When I feel wimpish, I just say to myself: ‘Come on, what’s wrong with you, you cunt?’ And then I just go out and do it.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Dan Pena’s life and getting to know his thoughts on success, I highly recommend watching his interview with Joe Rogan. It’s loaded with killer advice, incredible tips on success, and larger-than-life stories that will spur you to action. So watch it.



top youtube channels 2018

All in all, these are probably my most anticipated YouTube channels for 2018. While they may certainly not be perfect, and while I did focus heavily on motivation and leave out a lot of the health/fitness channels I watch, I figured that this is a great start.

Subscribing to the channels I listed is a great way to begin getting some positive information into your life. Rather than watching hours on end of stupid YouTube clips and Vine compilations, you can now watch material that will actually help you grow as a human being.

If you feel that I’ve left any particular channels out, or that I should give one a mention, feel free to say so in the comments section down below—and, as always, I will see you guys next time.

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5 years ago

When will the Cryptocurrency guide come out? I can’t wait man, I have 10000$ to blow.

Jon Anthony
5 years ago
Reply to  Pope

Haha, I’m actually 95% finished uploading it. It’s 10 video modules packed with info, plus I’m considering adding a “market update alerts” type deal where you guys get instant alerts when I make a trade so you can do the same…

Hoping to have everything finalized by mid-March, but we will see.



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