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How to Turn A Girl On: The #1 Easiest Way to Turn A Girl On

how to turn a girl on masculine development

Women are very complicated creatures in many ways—in fact most men feel like they can barely even understand what turns girls on.

One second she’s getting sexual with you, and the next she says you guys should put on the brakes and take things slow… what gives?

There’s only two things you need to know to turn a girl on—and once you understand these powerful triggers, it’s easy as hell.

…and in this article, I’ll cover what they are, how to use them to build anticipation on her end, and how to use them to get sexual.

Keys to Turn A Girl On

If you want to get laid a lot and get lots of sex, it’s important to understand what will turn a girl on and will also turn her off (so you don’t do it).

…and while most women are complicated when it comes to sex, there’s two underlying principles that once you understand, it will all make sense.

In fact, after you read this article, I have no doubt you will 100% understand how to turn a woman on. You can do it by just talking to her (you don’t even have to touch her, although this does help a lot).

To turn a girl on and make her chase you, all you need to understand is the balance between comfort and value—two key sexual triggers. Once you get these concepts into your mind, you will be able to get any woman’s arousal levels to 10/10.

When guys screw it up with girls, and turn them off, it’s almost always because they have too much comfort, and get stuck as a beta orbiter. They try to then talk their way out, but they’re forever friend-zoned (not viewed as a sexual man).

Guys who get these two concepts though, will find it so easy to leave a girl in sexual anticipation, where she’s eagerly awaiting your advances.

Turn A Woman On With THIS

two pretty girls vaping

If you want to know how female sex drive works, and how to turn women on, you need to understand how value and comfort both work.

Don’t stress, though—they’re simpler than most guys think. You don’t need to over complicate things to get laid, it’s actually really simple, guys.

Two Powerful Attraction Triggers

  1. Value – Being Sexually Attractive
  2. Comfort – Women Feel Comfortable w/ You

When you understand how value and comfort work, your sex life will rapidly grow, and women will start to chase you 10x harder.

Unfortunately however, too many guys focus on COMFORT and not enough VALUE—which unfortunately will not give you the sex you want.

Making women turned on, and having them anticipate sex with you, comes down to enough VALUE to attract them, and COMFORT for logistics.

In other words, the goal is to become the type of man that turns women on (high value), but has enough COMFORT to make them go through with it.

I’m going to break it down even further though, so you can understand these powerful sexual attraction triggers that turn women on.

Sexual Attraction Decoded

Before I start going into the details here, I want to make a very important point—attracting a woman and having sex are NOT the same thing.

You can make a woman sexually attracted to you, but if she doesn’t feel comfortable around you, then sex won’t happen—period.

Conversely, too much love and relationship stuff, without enough raw sexual appeal (value), and she’ll start to view you as a friend.

In other words, it’s about the balance between value and comfort that matters, more so than the amount of each one that you have.

Once you strike the right balance, girls will not only want to have sex with you, but they’ll feel at ease around you, which will 10x your lays.

High Sexual Value

girl on a boat

When it comes to turning women on, getting more sexual attraction, and making women fall in love with you, value is the name of the game. You want to aim to be what’s called a “high value guy.”

To put it simply, value is being an attractive man—the type of man that women love, and want to “lock down” into a personal and sexual relationship.

Any time you’ve turned a woman on in the past and had sex with her, it was likely because you portrayed enough “value” to arouse her sex drive.

There’s 4 fundamental parts of value:

  • Physical Looks (Tall, Dark, Handsome, Jacked, etc.)
  • Masculine Energy (Assertiveness, Dominance, Confidence)
  • High Status (Wealth, Connections)
  • Good Game (Emotional Intelligence, Being Funny, Flirting, etc.)

I know that seems like a lot, but don’t stress it—even just optimizing one of these areas will put you above 90% of other men in terms of value.

If you can optimize all four, however? You’ll be that exciting stud every girl wants to have sex with, and you’ll be the one they all chase after, want to talk to, and get turned on just by your touch.

Physical Looks

While looks matter more for what makes a woman attractive, obviously women still like a man with a nice body and handsome face (duh).

So, if you’re going to become a player and have sex with girls left and right, you might as well put the odds in your favor with your looks.

Spend some time learning how to get jacked, improve your style, read more about grooming, and learn what girls like in a man’s appearance.

As a man, your physical looks come down to the following:

  • Grooming (Hairstyle, cologne, facial hair)
  • Style (Clothes, accessories)
  • Physical Fitness (Having muscles, being lean)

While there’s other things involved, like height and your facial structure, you can’t really change those, so I suggest ignoring them.

The MAIN one to focus on is getting your body physically fit. When you’re jacked, you will look good in almost anything.

If you want to achieve the “Greek God” body that you see in celebrities like Brad Pitt, then check out my “Body of an Alpha” program.

Tons of guys have written testimonials for it, and I find it makes it way easier to get lots of sex from tons of different women.

Aside from your physical body, the next most important thing is finding clothes that FIT and compliment your physique. This is key!

Masculine Energy

Another way to increase your value (and sex appeal) is by increasing your confidence, dominance, and overall male sexual energy.

When a man has strong masculine energy, he naturally attracts women into his life, due to sexual polarity and the excitation that comes with it.

Masculine energy consists of 7 characteristics:

  • Confidence
  • Congruence
  • Non-Neediness
  • Clarity of Intent
  • Presence
  • Carefree Energy
  • Bigger Purpose

I go EXTREMELY in depth on these characteristics in my video courses, but for now, here’s the “Cliff’s Notes” of developing your masculinity.

First things first, learn how to be more confident.

If there’s one thing I’ve seen ruin relationships, get guys rejected, and drive girls insane, its when her partner has low confidence.

Beyond this, it’s also a good idea to focus on your own life, set your own goals, and cultivate a genuine enjoyment and purpose in life.

High Status

Another critical part of “value” is your status—a woman will slam on the brakes if she feels like her “status” is lowering by being with you.

This ties into female hypergamy, which I’ve already discussed on this blog before. Women want to have sex with the top 1% of men.

If you’re going to get good at this, you should understand how status works and operates—go back and read my previous articles on this topic.

Status can be shown in one of many ways:

  • Having Wealth
  • Having Connections
  • Pre-Selection
  • Social Proof
  • High Status Job (Lawyer, Doctor, etc.)

The basic idea of status is it’s your propensity to be a leader—no amount of tricks, tactics, or sneaky conversation lines can change this.

Status is often the hardest to attain, because it depends on the whims of other people, HOWEVER, having “good game” implies status.

Good Game

You want women to wait in anticipation for you to text them? Then you need to understand female psychology and what makes good game.

Having “good game” is basically comprised of social intelligence as well as the ability to flirt, tease, and feel what others are feeling.

The reason why I focus so much on game, is because it’s by far the highest leverage point for men trying to get more girls.

Sure, getting a better body, learning some sexual pickup lines, and getting more money will help you turn girls on much easier, BUT it doesn’t matter if you lack basic conversation skills.

Game is always the #1 priority to focus on, because even with poor looks and subpar status, good game can compensate for a lot.

Get Comfort With Women

dan bilzerian

Now that you understand sexual value to an extent, let’s talk about comfort and why it’s the hidden key to turning women on and getting sex.

As I said before, the right ratio of value to comfort will make her want to fuck you—but the wrong ratio will often screw most men up.

99% of men should focus on increasing value, but comfort is still extremely important (especially if you’re looking for long term relationships).

Fundamentally, comfort is just what it sounds like. High comfort means she trusts you, and she’s comfortable being with and around you.

Most guys don’t really have a problem with comfort. Having “too much value” and not enough comfort is a good problem to have.

…but, it’s still a problem. So here’s some ways you can increase your comfort level with a girl and increase her sex drive around you:

  • Having High Social Proof
  • Leveraging Pre-Selection
  • Going on Dates With Her
  • Demonstrating You’re A Protector
  • Giving Her A Compliment

In my experience, the best way to demonstrate comfort AND value at the same time, is to continue the conversation on social media.

When a girl sees pictures of you and your family, you and other girls, and you doing cool shit on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, she will immediately have 10x the comfort she did before.

Aside from that, spending a few hours getting to know her doesn’t hurt—having some conversations with her friends is great, too.

If her friends approve of you, this will instantly increase both your value AND comfort with her, so it’s like a pickup artist “hack” so to speak.

In addition to these things, showing her that you’re protective is good. It will turn any girl on when you show her this side of yourself.

For example… if a girl sees you playing with your niece, that’s a huge turn on for women. Every girl on planet earth likes a protective alpha male.

Another way to build comfort with a girl is by simply going on dates with her, spending time with her, and having good conversation with her.

Most guys already do this decently enough… it’s the VALUE that is lacking, though. Increase your value, and all else will come into place.

How to Turn Her On (The Balance)

Okay, so you understand the basic concepts of turning girls on—but what are some actionable tips, tactics, and secrets to help you out here?

First off, understand that turning a girl on requires that you heavily lean on creating anticipation, sexual excitation, and using her imagination.

A woman’s imagination is your best friend for turning her on. Women love to think about the “mystery” behind you, and it turns them on.

Getting good at texting girls is another great way to get more sex, and have more women in your life—texting can either make or break you.

Women love to be turned on when you know how to do it right, so don’t stress, don’t worry, and just absorb this information like a sponge.

Tips to Get Her Turned On

Now that I’ve laid down the “inner game” part of it, let me briefly give you a few tips. Woman are emotional and social creatures, so the majority of women will get turned on when you talk to her in a sexual way. Read my article on how to talk to girls for that.

Aside from talking, if you want to be that guy who arouses the sexual envy of women, get really good at physical touch—and no I don’t mean to go up and grab her ass. Don’t do that (unless her ass is naked in your bedroom).

Get good at what’s known as “kino” which is the art of sexual touch that flows smoothly with talking. Learn to graze her shoulder, her waist, and other “non-sexual” or “mildly sexual” parts to get her used to your physical touch.

Then, as you become a guy she’s comfortable around, you can start escalating on her. The key is to keep talking the entire time, though—ideally about something that’s not sexual (funny enough). Escalate with your actions, not your words.

Want to 10x Your Dating Life?

If you want to be that exciting sexual fling that women chase and wait in anticipation over, then understanding these concepts is critical.

Once you learn how to balance value and comfort, turning a girl on will be completely stress free—the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

So if you’re looking for the fastest way to 10x your attractiveness to women, and develop the confidence, assertiveness, and dominance needed to succeed at LIFE, then look no further than my “7 Strategies” program.

It’s designed to turn weak, insecure losers into confident alpha males within a matter of weeks. So if that’s you, consider taking a chance and changing your life.

In fact, here’s some of what you’ll get with the 7 Strategies program:

  • How to 10x Your Attractiveness to Women, With A Simple Concept That NO OTHER DATING COACH Seems to Talk About
  • Learn EXACTLY How to Turn Any Girl On, WITHOUT Becoming A Try-Hard Douchebag, Asshole, or Using Cheesy Pickup Lines
  • PLUS 4 Free Bonuses, Including Jon’s “Tinder Cheat Sheet” Which Shows You EXACTLY How I Banged Over 100 Girls on Tinder
  • …and much, much more.

So, if you want to start getting laid with hotter girls WITHOUT becoming a douchebag, consider checking out the 7 Strategies program today.

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed the article… if you have any questions about how to turn a girl on, be sure to leave them down below. I’ll see you guys next time!

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