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How to Turn A Girl On: 2 Critical Attraction Triggers to Make Her Want You

Learning how to turn a girl on is pretty simple…

In fact, there’s only two things you need to be aware of.

Value and comfort. These two attraction triggers hold the key to turning her on…

…and in this article, I’m going to talk all about how you can master each one.


How to Turn A Girl On

how to turn a girl on guide

Obviously, there’s different types of attraction.

There’s emotional attraction, which is the foundation for a relationship.

There’s intellectual attraction, which leads to good conversation.

…and then, there’s SEXUAL attraction. This will be the focus of this article.

You see, far too many guys get LOST when learning how to turn a girl on.

They look at these elaborate models, and ridiculously complicated frameworks to understand attraction.

…and while they certainly HELP, the biggest bang for your buck is understanding the value vs. comfort model.


Value vs. Comfort

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If you want to know how to turn a girl on, you absolutely NEED to understand value and comfort.

Once you understand these two things, you will have no questions about how to turn a girl on ever again.

Value is simply being a sexually attractive man. Comfort means she feels safe with you.

When you learn to have the right balance between these two things, women will fall on their knees for you.

Most guys focus way too much on building COMFORT…

They take her out to dates… wine and dine her… and make sure she feels 100% safe with them.

…but then when it comes down to it, she never ends up sleeping with them.

Why is this? It’s because he didn’t have enough value.

Let’s break it down further though, because these concepts are still too vague.


What is Value?

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Value, put quite simply, is just being a sexually attractive man.

Defining a sexually attractive woman is easy. She’s got a pretty face, big perky tits, and a nice round ass.

…but defining a sexually attractive man? Well, that’s a lot harder.

Fundamentally, there’s a lot of things that can make a man attractive:

  • Physical Looks (Tall, Dark, Handsome, Jacked, etc.)
  • Masculine Energy (Assertiveness, Dominance, Confidence)
  • High Status (Wealth, Connections)
  • Good Game (Emotional Intelligence, Being Funny, Flirting, etc.)

When you master any of these things, you will increase your value… period.

Most guys spend WAY too much time courting a girl, and not enough time increasing their value.

…and then they scratch their heads, and wonder how to turn a girl on.

This is how. Improve your VALUE, and then create enough COMFORT, that she feels okay being alone with you.

Too much value, and she’ll be extremely intimidated by you.

Too much comfort, and she’ll be comfortable being alone with you, but won’t be horny.

Learn to strike a balance.


Physical Looks

For men, “physical looks” is more than just your height, weight, and handsomeness.

It’s also your IMAGE… this is the combination of your looks, your style, and your grooming.

Leather jackets give off a “bad boy” image…

Blazers and sports jackets give off a “promoter” image…

Do you see the point?

As a man, your physical looks come down to the following:

  • Grooming (Hairstyle, cologne, facial hair)
  • Style (Clothes, accessories)
  • Physical Fitness (Having muscles, being lean)

While there’s other things involved, like height and your facial structure, you can’t really change those, so I suggest ignoring them.

The MAIN one to focus on is getting physically fit. When you’re jacked, you will look good in almost anything.

If you want to achieve the “Greek God” body that you see in celebrities like Brad Pitt, then check out my “Body of an Alpha” program.

Tons of guys have written testimonials for it, and I find it drastically increases a man’s chances of success with women.

Aside from your physical body, the next most important thing is finding clothes that FIT.

Most guys wear clothes that are too small. You want clothing that shows off your physique.

I go very in-depth on grooming and style in my courses, but for now, this is enough.


Masculine Energy

Another way to increase your value as a man, is to have strong masculine energy.

When a man has strong masculine energy, he naturally attracts women into his life.

Masculine energy consists of 7 characteristics:

  • Confidence
  • Congruence
  • Non-Neediness
  • Clarity of Intent
  • Presence
  • Carefree Energy
  • Bigger Purpose

I go EXTREMELY in depth on these characteristics in my video courses…

…but for now, here’s the “Cliff’s Notes” of developing your masculinity.

First off, you want to improve your confidence. This is the primary driver for everything else.

Beyond this, learn to focus on your own life… this is the “bigger purpose” aspect of masculinity.

As a man you want to put your purpose before your woman. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it works.

Masculine energy knows what it wants and where it’s going… it’s the “raging bull” embodied.

It’s calm in the face of danger… present in the face of anxiety… and confident in the face of being tested.

You either have it, or you don’t.


High Status

Another critical part of “value” is your status.

Ask yourself right now… are you in the top 1% of men?

If not, you’ve got some work to do.

This ties into a concept known as female hypergamy

…a concept that many men refuse to acknowledge.

The fact of the matter is that women want high status men.

They don’t want losers. They don’t want lazy, unambitious idiots.

They want alpha males; men who they feel can protect and provide for them.

Status can be shown in one of many ways:

  • Having wealth
  • Having connections
  • Pre-selection
  • Social proof
  • Having a high status job (doctor, lawyer, etc.)

To complicate things further, status also CHANGES depending on the environment.

For example… a drug dealer at an exclusive night club? He has extremely high status there.

That same drug dealer at a business networking event, though? He’s practically worthless.

The goal is to create your own little reality, where you’re the #1 high status guy.

This is what Dan Bilzerian does, for example. He throws parties, and has friends around him… all the time.

So of course, he becomes known as the “alpha male” within that environment.

This is your goal. Create your own high status environment, to nourish you and help you grow.

PS – If you haven’t already, read my “College Dropout’s Guide to Making Money Online.” It’s a classic.


Good Game

Having “good game” is the last component in the question of how to turn a girl on.

It’s basically comprised of social intelligence as well as the ability to flirt/tease.

The reason why I focus so much on game, is because it’s by far the highest leverage point for men trying to get more girls.

Too many guys focus on getting jacked, and think that girls will just magically come to them. They won’t.

It doesn’t matter how “high status” you are… without good GAME, you’re nothing.

Without approaching women, and learning how to CLOSE, you’re nothing.

If you haven’t already, I suggest reading the following “primers” on game:

Once you’ve got the basics down, all you really have to do is go practice.

Gain massive experience. Learn from that experience. Then do it all over again.


What is Comfort?

how to turn a girl on dan bilzerian

Now that we understand value, let’s briefly explain comfort.

As I said before, the right ratio of value to comfort will make her want to fuck you.

Fundamentally, comfort is just what it sounds like. High comfort means she trusts you, and she’s comfortable being with and around you.

Most guys don’t really have a problem with comfort. Having “too much value” and not enough comfort is a good problem to have.

…but, it’s still a problem. So here’s some ways you can increase your comfort level with a girl:

  • Social proof/pre-selection
  • Spending time with her
  • Demonstrating you’re a protector

In my experience, the best way to demonstrate comfort AND value at the same time, is to just add her on social media.

When she sees pictures of you and your family, you and other girls, and you doing cool shit on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, she will immediately have 10x the comfort she did before.

Aside from that, spending a few hours getting to know her doesn’t hurt. Knowing her friends helps a lot as well.

If her friends approve of you, this will instantly increase both your value AND comfort with her.

In addition to these things, showing her that you’re protective is good.

For example… if she sees you playing with your niece, that’s a huge turn on for women.

Another might simply be just taking her on a date so she gets to know you.

This is what most guys do… and combined with HIGH VALUE, she’ll be very attracted to you in no time at all.


How to Turn A Girl on FAQ’s

how to turn a hot girl on

Learning how to turn a girl on can be pretty difficult… especially if you never knew how.

Women are complicated in many ways—and many guys have trouble understanding them.

So, I’ve created a list of common questions regarding how to turn a girl on, so that there’s no confusion. Here you go.


How to Turn A Girl On?

Fundamentally, there’s really only two things you need to understand—value and comfort.

Value, is simply how sexually attractive you are. Comfort, is how at ease she feels around you.

Learning to master and balance these two things, is the key to turning women on.


How to Turn A Girl On Over Text

Turning a girl on over text is a little bit different, but the principles are the same.

Over text, the biggest thing is creating comfort (by building commonalities) and creating value by teasing.

Don’t tease too sexually at first, but ease into it. Alternatively, if you’re trying to screen HARD, you can be sexual right off the bat.

If you want to learn more about this, check out my Tinder Guide, which comes for free when you purchase my 7 Strategies eBook.


How to Turn A Girl On With Words

The same as you turn her on in any other way. Demonstrate comfort, and demonstrate value.

You can demonstrate comfort verbally by not pressuring her, and building commonalities.

Anything like you went to the same school, lived in the same city, or like the same TV show is great.

You can demonstrate value verbally by name dropping, telling her high value stories, and more.

In general however, actions always speak louder than words, so focus on how you act, not what you say.


How to Turn A Girl On in Bed

Read my article on “How to Fuck A Girl Properly,” to get some hints.

The biggest thing is to do LOTS of foreplay. She should be wet by the time you get down to her pussy.

When in doubt, kiss more. More, more, more, MORE dammit! More foreplay.

This is the single biggest thing I never understood as a man, but once I did, turning girls on became easy.


How to Turn A Girl On Physically

It depends on what you mean by “physically,” but I’m assuming you don’t mean in bed.

I’m assuming you mean before you’re in bed… in which case, just use some kino.

Get used to touching, in a friendly, lighthearted way. Touch her elbow, back, arm, etc.

You can touch her knee or leg too, although this is a little bit more sexual.


How to Turn A Girl On Over The Phone

Again, the principles are the same—demonstrate value and comfort.

Over the phone however, it will change. A lot of it comes down to your tone of voice.

Using the right tone of voice is important, because without it, everything will fall flat.

Speak slow and sexy. Literally feel the good emotions coming out of your mouth as you speak.


Want to 10x Your Dating Life?

how to turn a girl on step by step

The bottom line is that learning to balance value and comfort is EXTREMELY important to make her want you.

Once you learn to balance these two things the right way, you’ll have no questions about how to turn a girl on.

Most guys have too much comfort and not enough value… so learning to focus on value at first is your best bet.

So if you’re looking for the fastest way to 10x your attractiveness to women, and develop the confidence, assertiveness, and dominance needed to succeed at LIFE, then look no further than my “7 Strategies” program.

It’s designed to turn weak, insecure losers into confident alpha males within a matter of weeks. So if that’s you, consider taking a chance and changing your life.

In fact, here’s some of what you’ll get with the 7 Strategies program:

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So, if you want to start getting laid with hotter girls WITHOUT becoming a douchebag, consider checking out the 7 Strategies program today.

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed the article… if you have any questions about how to turn a girl on, be sure to leave them down below. I’ll see you guys next time!

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