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How to Stop Hair Loss (Advice That Actually Works)


how to stop hair loss in men

Almost every single man in the world will eventually have to deal with hair loss at some point in his life. Some men might welcome it. Others, might not.

Regardless, I’m not here to judge—I’m here to give answers. If you’re trying to stop your hair from falling out, consider following my multi-pronged plan of attack.

The sooner that you start doing these things, the better. If you’re at the age of 45 and you’re starting to notice a lot of hair falling out, then it’s best to start now. Don’t start when you’re already bald—this is stupid. It’s like waiting until you have a heart attack to start exercising.

If you’re worried about balding, then start using this advice now. The sooner you use it, the sooner you can stop losing hair.


Multi-Pronged Approach

how to stop hair loss in men
Stop your hair loss before it gets to this point

There’s generally a few ways that you can stop hair loss from happening, but first I think it’s a good idea to explain how hair loss occurs. The main culprit to blame is DHT.

DHT is a chemical derivative of testosterone, so in other words, the higher your testosterone levels are, the more prone you are to balding—don’t worry though, you can still be a high-test alpha male and not go bald.

Basically the way that DHT works is it binds to receptors in your hair follicles and prevents them from growing. It isn’t known exactly why DHT does this, but all we know is that it does this.

In short, blocking DHT from binding onto your hair follicles is crucial if we want to stop hair loss. But, there’s more to it than that.

Other things that can cause hair loss are:

  • High stress levels
  • Lack of protein
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Steroids
  • Vitamin B deficiency

So, in order to stop you from losing that precious hair, we need to attack all of the culprits. I have developed a multi-faceted approach to do this.


Anti-Balding Shampoo

how to stop hair loss in men

This is, in my opinion, one of the easiest and most effective ways to stop hair loss. Literally all you have to do is use a special shampoo instead of your ordinary shampoo. Now that isn’t so hard, is it?

Argan Oil Hair Growth Therapy Shampoo is probably the best way to stop hair loss that I know of. And not only that, but it leaves my hair feeling clean and soft every time I wash it.

I’m not going to go too in depth here, but this shampoo actually contains multiple DHT-blockers. If you recall, DHT is what causes balding.

So, in other words, this shampoo actually BLOCKS the stuff that makes you go bald. In addition to this, it’s sulfate free. This may not be important to many guys, but it’s very important to me.

Sulfates have been shown to decrease your testosterone levels, so I definitely don’t want that in my shampoo. Plus, it’s all natural. Overall, Argan Oil Hair Growth Therapy Shampoo is the best way to stop hair loss, and it’s one of my favorite shampoos thus far.

Previously, I had tried one called Regenepure, and I had alright results with that—but to be honest, this version is way better. It’s all natural, sulfate free, and I feel like it leaves my scalp feeling much more “fresh,” if that makes sense.

It says that it’s “Hair Growth Therapy,” but to be honest I don’t think it does this, and if it does, it’s not very effective at it. The main benefit of this shampoo, based off of the ingredients that I can see, is that it stops hair loss.


Use Minoxidil

how to stop hair loss in men
Okay, I’m not going to bullshit you here, this one is kind of annoying. That being said though, being bald is a lot more annoying. If you’re using minoxidil to stop hair loss, you have to rub it into your scalp twice a day.

Minoxidil basically works by widening your hair follicles, leading to hair re-growth. This is good, because it means it works synergistically with the shampoo.

While the shampoo that I recommended stops hair loss, minoxidil encourages hair re-growth, so it’s basically a one-two punch. It comes in these little droppers that you can use to measure out your dosage.

I would recommend starting off by just applying it once a day, and then working your way up to applying it twice per day (this is what’s recommended). Minoxidil is phenomenal at re-growing hair, and according to this study, the 5% strength is far better than the 2% strength.

Not only does the 5% minoxidil have more of an effect on re-growing hair, but it starts working earlier.

To be honest, if you’re a kid I wouldn’t recommend using this stuff, though. It’s mainly for guys that are trying to stop hair loss, so depending on your genetics, it may be a good idea to start using minoxidil when you’re in your mid to late 20’s.


The Hair Growth Diet

how to stop hair loss in men

As I said before, if you’re trying to stop hair loss a crucial factor is your diet. Not consuming enough protein is a major issue for the vast majority of Americans, and it’s also a major issue for your hair.

Hair is mostly protein, so if you don’t consume enough protein, your hair won’t be able to keep growing. In other words, you’ll go bald more quickly, your hair will thin, and you won’t be able to regrow hair.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I recommend the Bulletproof Diet for a number of reasons:

  • It’s low in toxins
  • It’s filled with quality vitamins and minerals
  • It’s great for losing weight and building lean muscle
  • It enhances mental focus (sort of like my favorite smart drugs)
  • It’s extremely healthy overall
  • AND, it’s great at stopping hair loss

The bulletproof diet is basically a modified paleo diet, but what’s important is that you’ll be getting a ton of protein from healthy sources: wild caught salmon, grass fed beef, sardines, pastured eggs, and more.

This is important, because although it’s better to get a lot of protein than a little, it’s even better to get a lot of protein from high quality sources. Meat from a cow that’s fed antibiotics, hormones, and grain isn’t as good as meat from a cow that’s been allowed to walk around and eat grass, maintaining a good level of health.

As a tip, if you’re having a hard time affording the bulletproof diet or just don’t have the time to prepare so much food, consider using whey protein as a substitute.

A couple scoops of some high quality whey protein is usually around 40-50 grams! That’s basically the same as having a 6 ounce steak. Don’t buy the cheap Walmart protein, however, unless you have a VERY strong stomach. More often than not, cheap protein will give you the shits and a ton of farts. Not fun.


Supplements to Stop Hair Loss

how to stop hair loss in men

There’s a bunch of multi-vitamins out there that claim they’re made specifically to stop hair loss—don’t buy them. Despite good reviews, most multi-vitamins are absolute garbage, especially when it comes to hair regrowth multi-vitamins.

I’m sure that some might be good, but I haven’t encountered any. Instead, I think it’s more effective to buy the individual ingredients themselves, so that you know you’re getting a relatively pure source (plus you can choose your own dosage).

Here’s my “stop hair loss” supplement regimen:

If you’re taking a multi-vitamin in addition to this, be sure to check and make sure that you’re not getting too many nutrients (sometimes too many is worse than too little). Also it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor before following my advice, even though it’s all from experience and has worked for me.


Boost Scalp Blood Flow

how to stop hair loss in men

A lot of the time, even if you’re taking in high quality food and supplements, if your blood flow isn’t very good, the nutrients won’t even be able to get to your scalp! This is where boosting your scalp’s blood flow comes in.

There’s two ways to do this: you can do it yourself, or you can pay a professional masseuse to do it for you. Personally, I do both.

I aim to get a massage as often as possible in order to maximize athletic recovery, reduce stress, and enhance health. That being said, sometimes it doesn’t happen that often.

Sometimes you need to take your health into your own hands—in this case, you can give yourself a very simple scalp massage by just taking your hands and rubbing your scalp. This works pretty well, but I like using a scalp massaging tool in addition to this.

These things are fucking awesome. I keep one right next to my desk so that if I ever get stressed, I can use it for a few seconds and get some nice tingles all along my scalp. It feels great.

It also helps stop hair loss by increasing blood flow to your scalp. Remember, nutrients get carried around your body through your BLOOD, so if your blood flow sucks, it’s hard for all of your cells to get the nutrients that they need.

In fact, a lot of the time balding is caused by simply not getting enough blood to your scalp. Giving yourself, or getting regular scalp massages can fix this.



how to stop hair loss in men
Girls love a guy with nice hair

In summary, I’ve given you a 5-pronged approach to stopping hair loss. If you do just any one of these things, make it the shampoo (tip #1). If you do decide to do all of them, however, this will obviously be the most effective.

If you’re a teenager, or in your early 20’s, I wouldn’t recommend you use Minoxidil. Aside from this, everything else is healthy, and some of these things (like the Bulletproof Diet) you should be doing anyways.

If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to let me know. And, as always, I’ll see you next time.

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6 years ago

Any tips for greying hair? Perhaps a future article? 😉

7 years ago

Are you sure the dht blockers recommended are limited to the vicinity of the scalp?
This is because dht is what gets your dick hard too


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