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How to Get Modafinil Prescribed By A Doctor (How I Got My 200mg Prescription)

My hands were trembling. As I sat on the old, beaten-down couch in the corner of my psychiatrist’s office, he thumbed through my files.

“So you’re having trouble focusing, it sounds like?” he blurted out while intently reading through my case history. “Yeah,” I said. “It’s horrible – I can’t focus for any longer than like four seconds.”

“Hmm, okay – have you ever tried Adderall?” he asked. “No,” I thought. That stuff is basically meth, I’m not putting that shit in my body.

“No, I’ve heard such bad things about people getting addicted. I actually did my research and found a drug that can be used to treat ADD and it’s not amphetamine based. Have you heard of modafinil?”

He thought for a second, and recalled: “Oh, yeah—I remember prescribing it to one of my patients with narcolepsy a few years ago. I thought it was only for sleep disorders?”

“Well, technically, yes—but it can be used off label to help treat ADD. I was thinking that we could try it for a month and if I don’t feel like it works, I can just schedule another appointment and try something else?” I eagerly awaited his response; what was probably only 5 seconds felt like an eternity.

He whipped out his notebook and pen. “Sounds good to me. Here—take this and tell the pharmacy to fill it, let me know how it goes.”

I had just gotten myself a prescription to modafinil.

Modafinil Prescription vs. Buying Online

modafinil package and prescription

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Before I delve into the step-by-step guide on how I got a prescription for modafinil, I want to explain something very important to you.

Right now, there’s only two ways to get modafinil:

  1. Through A Doctor’s Prescription
  2. From An Overseas Pharmacy

If you can acquire a prescription to modafinil from your doctor, then that’s awesome. You know it’s 100% pharmacy drug quality, and 100% legal.

If you can’t, however, you can still . It’s a bit more risky, as modafinil is a controlled substance, but if you click that link and follow my guide, you’ll be good.

Buying Modafinil (Provigil) Online

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a modafinil prescription, or if your insurance doesn’t cover it, then buying it online is a great alternative (if you have a good source).

As of now, I recommend BuyModa to get modafinil online, because they source all of their provigil from Indian Pharmacies (so it’s real, plus it’s cheaper because it’s generic).

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What is Modafinil Prescribed For?

In order to get yourself a modafinil prescription, you first should know what it’s prescribed for, to know if you’re a likely candidate or not.

I got my modafinil prescribed as an off-label treatment for ADHD, and because I was having sleep problems, as well as significant fatigue.

Provigil is typically prescribed for narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder, but it’s also used as an ADHD treatment medication off-label.

On-Label UsesOff-Label Uses
Shift Work DisorderADD
InsomniaBetter Focus
Generic Uses for Modafinil

Most people have the symptoms of ADD, so getting modafinil prescribed as an off-label treatment for this drug shouldn’t be too hard.

The fact that this drug also has a very low abuse potential makes it far easier to get a modafinil prescription, especially compared to other medications.

How to Get Prescribed Modafinil

Alright, so if you’re still reading, I assume you want a prescription to modafinil—preferably a high dosage one, like 200 mg per day or more.

Doctors usually prescribe modafinil as treatment for sleep disorders, but sometimes they prescribe it for off label use. This is what we want.

Unless you have narcolepsy or some other sleep disorder, your best shot at getting modafinil (provigil) is by getting it as an off label treatment.

Because provigil has a low abuse potential and is generally considered to be a safe medication, doctors are more willing to prescribe it for this.

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Unlike Adderall or other stimulants, modafinil (provigil) has a low abuse potential, meaning that doctors feel better prescribing it to patients.

Here are some off-label uses for modafinil:

  1. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
  2. Work Shift Disorder (Late Nights At Work)
  3. ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Your best bet at getting prescribed provigil is for one of these things. I personally chose ADHD, but you can choose whichever works for you.

3 Easy Steps to Get A Prescription

How it feels to be on modafinil

Alright, so you’re ready to unlock that super brain that you’ve always wanted by getting yourself access to a modafinil (provigil) prescription.

Now what? Well, there’s basically three steps that I used to get myself a provigil prescription, and you can use them for yourself, too.

Here’s 3 steps to get prescribed modafinil:

  1. Set Up The Appointment
  2. Tell The Doctor Your Condition
  3. Start Off With A Small Dosage

That’s it. Keep in mind that none of this is medical advice, and ultimately it’s up to your doctor. That being said, all these steps worked for me.

Set Up The Appointment

modafinil prescription

The first thing you want to do is set up an appointment with your doctor and tell the receptionist about your disorder (mine was ADHD).

If you’re chronically tired, then mention that to the psychiatrist as well—this will give the doctor an idea of what issues you have beforehand.

Off Label Usage

Remember that modafinil is typically prescribed as an off-label treatment for chronic fatigue, so if you have that plus ADHD, then it’s even easier to get a prescription from your doctor.

Here is what my phone call looked like, for example:

  • “Hey, I’m trying to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist?”
  • “What do you want to be seen for?”
  • “Uh well I’ve been having a lot of trouble focusing, and I feel like it’s negatively impacting my life. I’m also pretty fatigued a lot of the time.”
  • “Hmm, okay—can you do Thursday at 9:30?”
  • “Yup that works for me. Thanks.”

That’s all. It doesn’t need to be anything super complicated. Just tell the receptionist what you’re struggling with, and set up an appointment.

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If you can schedule the appointment early in the morning, even better—that way, you’re the doctor’s first patient, so they’re in a good mood.

You want to catch him when he’s in a good mood, and when he’s not worn out from the day. When he’s worn out, he’s more likely to just follow the “safe path,” and do what 99% of other psychiatrists do: prescribe you adderall.

Getting Your Modafinil Prescription

Right from the start, you want to give your doctor a good impression. If you come dressed nicely and arrive early to the appointment, your doctor will be far more likely to hear your concerns.

The biggest concern that most doctors have when prescribing a stimulant is that the patient will abuse it. So, if you arrive 10-15 minutes early, and wear something nice, the doctor’s concerns will be set at ease.

The Appointment

During the appointment, mention to your doctor that you don’t want to try Adderall due to the side effects, but that modafinil looks promising.

In fact, I recommend you read my article on so you fully understand the differences, and can tell them to your doctor.

If you play your cards right, most doctors will be willing to prescribe you a small dosage of provigil, to see how well it works for your condition.

How to Take Modafinil

Personally, I take modafinil first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but some doctors recommend you take it with food to minimize nausea.

Just 200 mg of provigil taken first thing in the morning, along with a cup of coffee, and I’m 100% focused for 8-12 hours. It’s absolutely amazing.

You can also combine modafinil with my list of the best nootropics for even more focus and cognition. Be sure to use with care, though.

Modafinil pairs well with coffee and L-Theanine, because the caffeine adds some extra focus and energy, while the L-Theanine reduces anxiety.

Provigil Dosage Guidelines

Thankfully, modafinil as a drug is fairly safe, especially when compared to the abuse potential of drugs like adderall and other stimulants.

I don’t believe there’s ever been a single recorded case of modafinil overdose, due to its low abuse potential compared to other medications.

When it comes to stimulants and smart drugs, provigil has a very low addiction potential, so it’s hard to cause any real damage to yourself.

Best Beginner Dosage

That being said, if it’s your first time taking this incredible smart drug, start off with just 100 mg to be safe, and assess your tolerance from there.

Be aware of the symptoms of taking too much (discussed below), because even though modafinil is very safe, there’s still potential for abuse.

For more information, read my .

Modafinil Abuse Side Effects

In my experience, every single stimulant has pretty much the same side effects, but only if you abuse them and take too much.

Here are some provigil side effects to watch out for:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Jitteriness
  • Anxiety

Most of these side effects can be avoided if you simply don’t take too much modafinil. Like I said, start off with 100 mg and see how you feel.

If you’re a beginner, DO NOT combine modafinil with other nootropics. Try your modafinil dosage by itself, and see how you feel for that day.

The Bottom Line

In short, modafinil is EXTREMELY powerful stuff that should NOT be trifled with! This stuff is like tripling your brain’s horsepower, and jacking it up to a high octane learning machine.

You will be shocked and astounded at how effortlessly learning new skills happens when you’re on provigil—it’s some next level stuff.

You now have all of the knowledge that you need to get a prescription for modafinil. This step-by-step guide will work on literally 99% of doctors.

In the off-chance that it doesn’t work on one psychiatrist, just schedule an appointment with a different one—or buy some modafinil online.

Don’t be a dumbass though. Always consult with your doctor about taking a new drug. If you have any sort of mental disorder, weird heart disorder, or any other health issue, I wouldn’t recommend taking this stuff. It’s extremely powerful and shouldn’t be messed with.

If you’re interested, BuyModa is also running a special where you can get —that’s less than a cup of coffee! They also have free shipping on all orders, and if you use the code “MD10” you can get 10% off your order.

If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to let me know. And, as always, I’ll see you next time.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is an FDA approved drug that was initially used for the treatment of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. Eventually however, people discovered you can use this little white pill to enhance mental performance for biohacking, and started using it left and right.

❓ What's The Easiest Way to Get Modafinil?

The best way to get modafinil is through an FDA licensed physician, such as a medical doctor. If this is not possible, the next best option is to get modafinil online from an overseas pharmacy, which is known for quality and drug manufacturing controls.

❓ How Long Does Modafinil Last?

Modafinil typically lasts 8-12 hours, although this can vary wildly depending on your dosage and any underlying medical conditions. 100 mg of modafinil, for example, will not last as long as 200 mg of modafinil, which is why some people take 100 mg twice per day.

❓ How Can I Avoid Side Effects on Modafinil?

The best way to avoid the side effects of this drug is to start off with just 50 mg or even 100 mg first thing in the morning. Get a good sleep the night before, and have some L-Theanine on hand in case you get anxiety. Most people don't experience side effects on modafinil, but it's always good to be safe, though.

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