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How to Be A F*cking Commander: The Secret to Killing it at Life


Spartans masculine development

There’s a certain type of guy… we’ve all seen him, maybe once or twice.

He walks through life with ease. Everything he touches turns to gold.

Most importantly, though? He’s a commander. He’s relentless. He’s the guy everyone else wants to be.

…and today, I’m going to teach you how to become him.


We Think Differently

The first thing to realize is that men who are on top of their shit think differently than you do.

There’s dozens of myths about success that you still buy into, that they don’t, such as:

  • Everything matters equally
  • Big is bad
  • A “balanced life” is good

Commanders understand that in order to achieve success, you must be relentless. You must be one of the chosen few.

They understand the importance of hard work, discipline, and most importantly, not entertaining bullshit.

Most guys have the dumbest thoughts that go through their head. Thoughts that don’t help them whatsoever.

  • “Wow, Ariana Grande is so hot. How do I get her?”
  • “Jeez, my boss is such a jerk. How do I get on his good side?”
  • “Am I ugly or too short to get hot girls?”
  • “He’s driving that Lamborghini? Wow, he must be a trust fund baby.”

Commanders don’t have thoughts like this. Instead, they have thoughts like:

  • “Fuck, Ariana Grande. I focus on the women I actually know.”
  • “I don’t have a boss, because I have a fucking business.”
  • “I’m the shit, and every girl wants me.”
  • “Nice Lamborghini, dude. You wanna do business together?”

The commanders of the world focus on what they CAN do, not stupid frivolous abstractions and theories. They focus on action and practicality before all else.


Becoming A Commander

masculine development

In order to become a commander, you must hold yourself to a different standard. You must consider yourself “a cut above” other men.

On one hand, you’re not. You’re just a guy who has ambitions (like me).

But on the other hand, just the fact that you think like that MAKES you a cut above other men.

To become a commander, you must master your mindset, first and foremost.

Nothing is a disadvantage—everything is an advantage.

You do not dwell on stupid shit. You focus on what matters: what you can change.

Get the “commander’s mindset” down, and everything else will follow:

  • Women
  • Money
  • Happiness

Your life springs from your mindset—never forget this. You are where you are, due to your own decisions.

Once you take accountability for your life, a whole new world of opportunities opens up to you.


Women Want You

masculine development

When you’re a commander, women can feel it. They can feel it deep inside of them.

I was walking through the gym today, and I swear every single girl there turned her head as I walked by.

You’ll notice it happens when you’re “in the zone.” You walk with swag. You walk with confidence.

This is the presence that a commander has. When he enters the room, people knows he’s there.

Girls flirt with him, guys want to be him. People sense his natural masculine energy.

There’s a lot of things that women want. To be fair, they’re complicated creatures in many ways.

Men are simple. We just want a pretty face, some nice tits, and a fat ass, and we’re happy.

Women on the other hand, want a lot more. Physical attractiveness isn’t enough.

They want the champion. By the laws of female hypergamy, they’re desperately attracted to the alphas of society.

The men who make the rules, and the men who break them. The men at the very top of the food chain.

In other words, the commanders.


Life Supports You

When you’re a commander, life will support you. It’s funny how that works.

I’ve written a few articles on this phenomena before, to really drive the point home.

Ask and you shall receive,” as the old saying goes…

…well it turns out it’s actually not that far off from the truth.

When you have the commander’s mindset, life will seem to magically align itself to help you.

In Jungian Psychology, this is sometimes called “synchronicity.”

It’s when everything magically lines up, as if some higher power is on your side, rooting for you.

Problems naturally fix themselves. Women naturally chase you. Things naturally align in perfect synchronicity.

This is the power of the commander’s mindset. It permeates to the reality around you, and alters it to your will.


Brain on Fire

masculine development

Lately I’ve been having a lot of Satori experiences, in which the “commander’s mindset” is truly revealed to you.

This is similar to an “ego death” where your false identity fades into non-existence, and you realize who you truly are.

I recall one time when I was sick with pneumonia… I hadn’t been able to sleep in days, and was basically on my death bed.

For whatever reason, I began to realize the truth. Reality is what you make of it—nothing more, nothing less.

I then proceeded to run 15 fucking miles in sub-freezing weather, while I had fucking PNEUMONIA, and literally hadn’t slept in DAYS.

This is the power of the “commander’s mindset.”

It’s been called many things over the years:

  • Satori experience
  • Ego death
  • Enlightenment
  • Dark night of the soul
  • Visions

Whatever you call it, it’s fucking amazing. You can’t describe it—you can only feel it, and hope to remember.


The Commander’s Mindset

masculine development

When I was running those 15 miles—and I mean SPRINTING—what do you think was going through my head?

Was it: “Wow, gee—I sure hope I don’t catch a cold tonight! It’s awfully chilly!”

Do you think I was worried about whatever the fuck plagues normal mens’ minds?

“Hurr durr, Western Civilization is awfully precarious right now! Muh hypergamy run amuck! Let me circle jerk online about it for the next 15 years of my life, without actually doing anything to change it!”

Of course not. I didn’t give two shits about anything except one thing: “I am a fucking conqueror.”

That’s what it felt like. That’s what it feels like to be a commander.

As my pneumonia-ridden lungs took in the frigid air, I felt ALIVE. I was FREE—I was truly free.

This is the mindset of the commander. It doesn’t matter what the fuck you’re facing. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are.

All that fucking matters is that you are a God amongst men, and you can do anything you set your mind to.


The One Question…

I wrote an article ago, entitled: “One Simple Question That Will Change Your Life.”

In it, I urged my readers to ask themselves a single, poignant question.

“If your life was a movie, and you were the hero of that movie, what would you do right this instant?”

Well? Would you sit around and get upset over stupid shit?

Or would you take MASSIVE action to get what you want?

Obviously the latter.

When you get in the habit of viewing your life this way, you slowly let the commander’s mindset sink in.


How to Get There

masculine development

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Jon, this sounds great—but how the FUCK do I get there? How do I feel that way?”

I’ll tell you how…

Chasing ego death is a little bit like chasing a cat. If you chase it, it will run away from you.

…but if you ignore it and go about your way? It will come chasing after YOU, my friend.

There’s many ways to “coax” the commander’s mindset out, such as:

  • Using drugs like Ayahuasca, or huge amounts of Adderall/Cocaine
  • Going on a week-long meditation retreat
  • Trying the 7 Strategies in my eBook (probably the best way)
  • Shocking yourself by doing something different

Ultimately, I don’t know what will work for you. All I know is, I want you to have it.

When you first taste the power of the “commander’s mindset—all the motivation, the ecstasy, and the godlike focus—you will never forget it for the rest of your life.



masculine development

It’s kind of strange for me to put a “logical conclusion” to the end of this beast of an article. Why? It’s simple.

The “commander’s mindset” defies all logic. It’s characterized by:

  • Extreme goal-orientation
  • Sheer force of will
  • The “do or die” mindset
  • 100% presence and focus

You can’t fake it. You can’t bottle it and sell it.

You can only pray to God you can achieve it.

As always, I hope you guys got something out of this article, and… I’ll see you next time.

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21 days ago

Can we get another one like this one? 🙂


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