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3 “Weird Tricks” to Get A Better Jawline (Mastic Gum & More)


how to get a jawline

It’s no secret that having a chiseled jawline makes you more attractive to women. In fact, studies have shown that a man’s jawline is the number one determinant of whether or not a man’s face is attractive to the opposite sex.

Every single sex symbol out there, whether it be Brad Pitt or Taylor Lautner, has a chiseled jawline.

There’s just no way around this: if you want to turn heads, and have women approach YOU, you need to develop a chiseled jawline.

Yes, you should still learn how to talk to girls, how to dress well, and how to be more confident to attract women…

…but why not make things easier on yourself, and maximize your looks? It’s pretty easy to do, too. You can easily get a more chiseled jawline in a month.


How to Get A Jawline

chiseled jawline

We all want to get a better jawline… that’s a fact. Whether you’re a dude in high school, college, or the real world, we all want a chiseled jaw.

…and while some of this is genetic, a lot of it is simply due to facial muscles, which thankfully, can be grown.

There’s mainly three ways to get a better jawline:

  1. Jawline Exercises
  2. Lose Body Fat
  3. Boost Testosterone

All three of these methods work well individually, but when you combine them altogether? You’ll get a more defined jawline very fast.

The most immediate of these three is the jawline exercises, which I’ll talk about in a second. The other two work well, but take time.

Studies have shown that higher testosterone levels will help you develop a sharper jawline, but boosting testosterone takes time.

A lot of articles have tons of different crazy jawline exercises, but in my experience, simply chewing mastic gum is enough to get a good jaw.


Step #1 – Chew Mastic Gum

mastic gum jawline

After browsing around on the internet for hours and hours, I finally stumbled upon this weird trick that a small group of men had been using to get more chiseled jawlines.

When I first saw it I was kind of weirded out, but I decided to look deeper.

I found out that a ton of these dudes were using something called “mastic gum,” to get a more chiseled jawline.

Obviously I was a bit skeptical, but the guys had before/after pictures that were pretty impressive. So, I looked a bit deeper and did some research.


What is Mastic Gum?

Mastic gum is basically sap from a tree indigenous to Chios (an island in the Mediterranean), and apparently it’s actually pretty big over there.

Who knows, maybe that’s why Greeks all seem to have chiseled jawlines.

…and as it turns out, when you decide to start chewing mastic gum, it develops your jawline to an unnatural degree.

Like, to the point that it looks like you’ve gotten plastic surgery.

Regardless, it’s about 10x harder to chew than regular chewing gum, so it grows your jaw muscles like crazy.

I noticed a huge difference in my jawline after just a couple weeks of chewing this stuff every day.


Mastic Gum = Chiseled Jawline

mastic gum benefits jawline

I actually just ordered some of this stuff a couple of months ago, and I started noticing a difference after a couple of weeks.

…but I really started to notice a difference after a month.

My jawline seems to be way more chiseled than it was before—in fact, one of the girls I’ve been seeing even commented on it.

“Did you get plastic surgery or something?” she asked me. “Umm, no. Why?” I asked her. “I don’t know. Your jawline looks way better,” she said.

I have to say that it felt pretty good to hear this.

To be fair, the same girl also threw out a lot of compliments in general. She always complimented me on my six pack abs every time I saw her.

To be honest though, I noticed a difference in my jawline as well. Who knew that chewing mastic gum could help you get a better jawline?

All I do is chew it vigorously until I get a nice sore jaw, then I spit it out. This usually only takes 15-30 minutes a day, but it’s not as much as it sounds like.

I just chew on the stuff when I’m writing blog articles, at the gym, or sitting around and watching a seminar or educational video at the end of the day.

I just chew, chew, chew, until my jaw starts to get sore, and then I chew a few more minutes before spitting it out.


How to Use Mastic Gum

mastic gum
The stuff looks like this

Chewing mastic gum is by far one of the best ways to get a more chiseled jawline. To this date, I don’t know of any other (natural) way.

In fact, aside from taking testosterone or SARMs, I’d say that chewing mastic gum is the best ways to get a better jawline.

When your order arrives in the mail, it’ll come in a little box. If you have Amazon Prime, it should get there in two days.

All you do is take the mastic gum out, put a little bit in your mouth, and start chewing it over and over for as long as you can comfortably.

Here’s how to use mastic gum for a better jawline:

  1. Pour a quarter size of the beads into your hand
  2. Put them in your mouth and start chewing
  3. Chew vigorously for 5-10 minutes and slowly up the time.

When you throw it in your mouth and chew it, the sap will crunch into a million tiny pieces—this is normal.

Eventually, the sap will get crushed together and form a really dense, thick rubber-like substance. Again, this is totally normal.

If you aren’t an experienced gum chewer, your jawline will probably be sore within 5 minutes, or even under a minute.

This is good—it means your jaw muscles are growing.

Over the next week slowly start increasing the time. You want to do it gradually however, so you don’t over train your jaw muscles.

Just start chewing what you can handle and slowly work your way up.

You’ll start to notice that your jawline will become more developed very quickly, probably in just under a couple of weeks.


Step #2 – Lower Body Fat

henry cavill jawline
Do you think this guy has a high body fat percentage?

This is probably the most obvious thing that you can do to get a chiseled jawline, and yet somehow nobody talks about it.

Getting a chiseled jawline means having low enough bodyfat so that your jawline and cheekbones can show.

If you want to get a chiseled jawline, you need to get your bodyfat down pretty damn low. Ideally it should be below 8%.

Doing this is actually pretty simple if you know how.

It isn’t rocket science, although it can seem like it to people who haven’t ever been in good shape before.

Generally speaking, there’s two ways to lose fat:

  • Diet and Supplements
  • Exercise Routine

For dieting, I recommend you simply count your calories and do some form of intermittent fasting. This is like rocket fuel for fat burning.

The important thing is to stay consistent, though. You’re not going to burn off pounds of fat overnight. It’s going to take time, plain and simple.

If you really want to take things to the next level, you can consider getting on an ECA stack to lose an extra pound or two, though.

As for the workout routine, there’s a ton of workout routines out there, ranging from Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength to paid routines such as mine, but it will all depend on your individual goals.


Step #3 – Boost Testosterone

brad pitt fight club jawline

The reason why women find chiseled jawlines so attractive, is because they’re an indicator of being a high testosterone alpha male.

Women are genetically pre-disposed to be attracted to high testosterone men, because those are the type of men that can protect them.

In other words, having high testosterone gives you a chiseled jawline.

This is why a lot of guys who take steroids often report growing a more chiseled jawline. This is what high testosterone does for you.

Increasing your testosterone levels is a great way to develop the muscles in your jaw, and get a more chiseled jawline.

Boosting testosterone this comes down to three things:

  • Powerlifting
  • A Good Diet
  • The Right Supplements

That’s really it. If you want a testosterone boosting workout routine, check out Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. Seriously, it’ll do you good.

Any sort of powerlifting is good for testosterone, so you want to incorporate compound lifts into your workout routine (like the bench press).

It’s also a good idea to watch your diet. There’s probably a lot of testosterone killing foods in your kitchen, that you aren’t even aware of.

Aside from this, you can take certain supplements to boost your testosterone, like Ashwagandha or D-Aspartic-Acid.


Want to Get A Chiseled Body, Too?

Getting a chiseled jawline is actually pretty easy. It just comes down to chewing the right gum, losing bodyfat, and boosting testosterone.

The most effective strategy out of these three is probably the mastic gum. You’ll notice a big difference after chewing it for just a month or so.

If you combine this with the other tips, however, you’ll have the jawline of a Greek god. Chew mastic gum, lose that extra body fat, and boost your testosterone. You’ll look like Zeus in no time.

If you want to get the body of a Greek God in addition to your chiseled jawline, then check out my Body of an Alpha program.

It lays out EXACTLY what you need to do, if you want to get that lean, shredded physique, that turns heads at the beach.

In fact, here’s some of what you’ll get with Body of an Alpha:

  • The “Fast Track Method” to Get The V-Taper Look That Celebrities, Athletes, and Male Sex Symbols Have
  • My “Hybrid Training Protocol” That Helps You Shred Fat Off Like Butter, and Pack on Lean Muscle Mass in Record Time
  • My Full Nutrition Layout, Including Customizable Options For Your Specific Body Type and Needs
  • …and much, much more!

So, if you’re serious about bodybuilding, training, and getting your dream body, consider checking out Body of an Alpha today.

If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I’ll see you next time.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ How Do You Get A Chiseled Jawline?

There's many different ways to get a chiseled jawline, but most of them come down to exercising your jaw muscles. There's several ways to do this, such as mewing, buying a jawline exercise device, or by using mastic gum.

Another important way to get a better jawline is to get down to 10% bodyfat. If you're overweight, the extra fat stored in your face will hide your natural jawline, so losing weight can be an effective way to improve your jawline and cheekbones.

❓ Does Mastic Gum Work For A Better Jawline?

Absolutely. I've personally been using mastic gum on and off for the past few years, and I've noticed that it improves my overall jawline and helps me get a chiseled jaw that looks really good.

To use Mastic gum, simply order it online, and begin by chewing a quarter sized amount for 5 minutes each day. Eventually, you can start chewing it for up to 20 or 30 minutes a day, but most people find that just 10 minutes a day is enough to improve their jawline.

❓ How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin?

A double chin is caused by excess fat in the face and neck area, so simply losing fat will help remove your double chin. You can start by eating a healthier diet, working out consistently, and drinking more water on a daily basis.

While this probably isn't the answer you want to hear, it's the truth. If you diet down to 10% bodyfat, not only will you get rid of your double chin, but you'll also have a very well defined jawline, too. It's a win-win, isn't it?

❓ Do Jawline Exercises Actually Work?

Absolutely. I've tried them myself, and they certainly do work to improve your jawline. The most important thing is to be consistent, however. It may take a few weeks to start seeing results, but if you stick with it, you will drastically improve your jawline.

Chewing gum daily and practicing mewing can also help with improving your jawline. In addition to this, there's a few other exercises that can help, such as pushing your chin out 10 times each day, for 3 sets.

❓ How To Get A Jawline Like Brad Pitt?

While most of Brad Pitt's jawline is genetic, there are some ways you can naturally improve your jawline to look like his. The first is to lose enough weight, so that your natural jawline actually shows. You want to get down to about 10% bodyfat for this.

Another way to get a jawline like Brad Pitt is to practice breathing through your nose, otherwise known as mewing. This helps the tongue and facial muscles form more evenly. You can also try chewing gum daily, and various jawline exercises.

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3 years ago

Isn’t boosting testosterone something that results in negative feedback? Or is it only when we’re talking bigger “doses” of the hormone?

4 years ago

Hey Jon, quick questions: Will Mastic Gum harm teeth either by decay from sugary sap or by being too rough to chew?
Also, what does it taste like? Nasty or nice?

4 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

Jon, my order just arrived today from Greece. The same exact one in your Amazon link. I started chewing it right away, but it immediately became apparent that the stuff sticks to your teeth like CRAZY! I don’t mind how hard it is to chew, but damn, how on earth do you get rid of the gum? I just ruined one toothbrush trying to get it out and my fingers are as sticky as if they had Crazy Glue on them. I tried gargling with the hottest water I could stand and I still feel like my teeth are all sticky.
Have you had the same experience, and if so, was there a hack to get it out? My wife once had a filling come out due to a piece of sticky candy, so I’m a bit leery on chewing this gum again tomorrow.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

Thanks a lot Jon. Things went better after the first day.

mmafan3 .
5 years ago

I also clench my jaws and work the face muscles as much as I can, be it while I’m working out or at work. Many people forget the face is a muscle and needs to be trained as well. Also working the neck and traps will compliment a chiseled face and of course, neck and trap health should be a part of any well -rounded program.

6 years ago

One more thing, what are your thoughts on topical diuretic, specifically Yohimburn? Chris from GLL recommended it alongside with the water pill. I’ve used the water pill and it is pretty effective but was curious if you’ve used Yohimburn and whether it was worth the investment.

Jon Anthony
6 years ago
Reply to  Bilal

Never used Yohimburn, but diuretics would work. They aren’t a long term solution, more of a shot term thing. Lots of fitness models (including me) use them before a photoshoot to look extra shredded.

6 years ago

Also, one more thing, any tips on how to avoid developing an asymmetrical jaw from chewing? Should I just time myself and chew on both sides for the same length of time? Thanks

Jon Anthony
6 years ago
Reply to  Bilal

Yep, that’s what I do. Do like 5 minutes on each side or something.

6 years ago

Another thing regarding the low body fat%, its also building muscle mass. you want to put on as much muscle and size as possible, and then lower the body fat %. Day and night difference when I was 140 pounds 8% bf vs 170 pound 8% bf.

6 years ago

hey dude cool article so for how long should i chew mastic gum ? should l reduce it to every other day or 3 times per week after one month or just stick with it every day??

Woods Man
6 years ago

Cool article! Very intuitive, yet I have not thought of these ideas before!
Can one chew wood/other hard plant fibers (for example, maple leaves or stuff like that) or hard-to-chew meat instead of mastic gum? Why (not)?

John DeLaTorre
7 years ago

Do you know or have any idea if there is something else that can be used? I cannot find that in my hometown, and cannot be delivered thanks

John DeLaTorre
7 years ago
Reply to  Jon Anthony

Mexico, it is not shipped here, but i have fixed that problem, also i have read your entire website and i have a comment, and a question, not sure if i should make it here


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