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Want to build more muscle?The best way to start is by clicking here to download my guide to legal steroids 

Want to build more muscle?The best way to start is by clicking here to download my guide to legal steroids 

Want to Build Muscle And Lose Fat?

If you want to get jacked fast as hell, you’re definitely in the right place! Here I’ll share the secrets that you WON’T find on mainstream bodybuilding websites…

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The Foundations

If you’re new to  bodybuilding, and want to get the foundations down, then click below to read some of the articles!

Getting Jacked

If you’re intermediate, and are looking for tips and tricks to fine tune your gains, then check out the articles here!


If you’re looking to take your gains to the next level, check out my articles on legal steroids like SARMs right here!

Supplement Reviews

If you’re browsing around, and are curious about what the best pre-workout, whey protein, multi-vitamin, or other supplements might be, then click below to see what I recommend.

Body of an Alpha

If you want the FASTEST way to build lean muscle and get jacked, then check out the “Body of an Alpha” program below…

  • Build Lean, Dense Muscle
  • Shred Fat Fast As Hell
  • Get A Greek God Physique
  • And Much, Much More!

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Get Your Free eBook on Building Muscle!

Discover exactly how I put on 21 pounds of muscle in just 60 days, using a lesser known workout supplement called “selective androgen receptor modulators” which are basically LEGAL steroids…

masculine development start here

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What's Up, I'm Jon Anthony

Women. Fitness. Money. I’ll help you achieve it.

After dropping out of college to pursue my dreams, I started this blog as a way to help other men do the same.

What started off as a fun hobby, grew into a full-scale 6-figure business that’s changing the lives of men worldwide.


Top 10 Dating Articles

Are you struggling with girls ?

If you’re trying to improve your dating life, this is the first product you should start with. It contains 7 actionable steps you can start implementing right now, to start becoming more attractive to women today.

After using strategy #2, everything else in my life magically seemed to fall into place. Now, women come up to ME and start talking to ME!
Shane Grayson
- Green Bay, Wisconsin
If You have A Dick, You NEED This Book! Jon forces you to write down, think about, and implement these things, BEFORE you proceed with the book. Definitely get the 7 Strategies.
As someone who was raised in a household, where my Dad was a total beta male, I was so desperate for a solution. Long story short, your program completely transformed my life. I ended up meeting a girl, chatting her up, getting her number, and she is my absolute dream girl...thanks a ton, Jon!
Jason Swanick
- London, England
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