The TRUTH About Female Hypergamy: Using it to Your Advantage

What is female hypergamy? A lot of men may have heard about this concept, but they don’t really understand what it is.

Hell, some men deny that it even exists. Albeit, most of them are blue pilled, reality-deniers, but there’s still men that deny it, nonetheless.

In the same way that men are biologically polygamous, women are biologically hypergamous. This is important, as it will impact your future relationships.

I’m going to unwrap this concept of female hypergamy a little bit for you today, and better yet, teach you how it can be used to your advantage.


What is Hypergamy?

what is hypergamy

Female hypergamy, put simply, is a woman’s tendency to marry the best possible man that she can find. This stems from the biological imperative for her to get pregnant with the best genes possible, seeing that pregnancy is a 9 month investment for her.

Men, because they can have numerous kids from numerous women, tend to be more naturally polygamous. This is why men have a more insatiable sexual appetite, and it’s why men are applauded when they have sex often, whereas women are slut-shamed.

Women are programmed to get pregnant with the best possible DNA that she can find. Despite this simple concept, it actually has brutally devastating consequences. It’s why women shit test so much, and it’s why we’re so advanced as a species.

When you look at the genetic history of humankind, you’ll see that roughly 50% of men didn’t reproduce, whereas 100% of women did reproduce. What does this mean? It means that the top 10% of men get 90% of the women.


Hypergamy Definition

hypergamy definition

Upon hearing that women are naturally hypergamous, most guys get incredibly butthurt. “Women are all gold-diggers!” they shout. Well, sort of, not really.

First of all, get over your anger at women. You’re in like Phase 2 of swallowing the red pill. Second, don’t get mad at women for their biology.

Getting mad at women because they’re hypergamous is like getting mad at men for liking a nice ass and perky tits. It’s fucking stupid. It’s just in our biology to like those things, just like it’s in a woman’s biology for her to like a man with confidence, social status, and wealth.

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It’s in a woman’s biological nature to want the highest value man she can get. This is what I call “primal attraction,” which is basically the most raw, animalistic type of attraction that there is. Beyond this, there’s other types, which I will elaborate on further.


Types of Attraction

define hypergamy

Now don’t go getting all upset, because you think women only care about social status and wealth, and they’re going to dump you the second they find out you have none.

The reality is that attraction is more complicated than that. Saying that women only care about social status is like saying that the only thing men care about is tits. That may be true for a fling, but not for a relationship.

Most women actually care more about men who have core confidence, ambition, authenticity, and charisma more than they do social status and wealth…there’s a catch, though.

Again, female hypergamy comes in here—they’re attracted to the TOP 10% of ambitious men. In other words, you need to have more ambition than other men. You need to be more authentic than other men, be more confident than other men, and have more charisma than other men.

Whereas men are content with a cute girl who has a great personality, women are prone to cheating with a higher value man. I know this is a tough pill to swallow, but you can either be a butthurt little bitch, or accept it and use it to your advantage.


Using Female Hypergamy to Your Advantage

female hypergamy example

Although it may seem hopeless if you’re in the bottom half of men, the truth is it’s actually easier to be in the top 10% of men than it has ever been before.

Previously, whatever social caste you were born into, you would likely die in. If you were born a peasant, you would stay a peasant; born a king, you would stay a king.

Now, however, there’s TREMENDOUS social mobility—you can be born in the bottom 5% of men and work your way up to the top 5% within a matter of 15-20 years. It isn’t that hard.

Don’t believe me? Let’s do a little thought experiment. First off, let’s list some characteristics that women find attractive:

  • Social status (charisma)
  • Wealth
  • Confidence
  • Non-Neediness (AKA not having a oneitis)
  • Muscles
  • Decisiveness
  • Competence

How many men do you think ACTUALLY put in the effort to improve these things? How many men do you know that actively go out and try to start a business? How many men do you know that actively go out and practice game? How many men actually get jacked and follow a good workout routine?


The Top .0001%

hypergamy mgtow guy

Okay, time for the thought experiment. Out of 1,000,000 guys how many do you think actually go to the gym? Maybe 15%, so around 150,000 guys. Okay, then out of that 150,000 guys how many do you think take the gym SERIOUSLY? How many take it to the next level, and use legal steroids, like SARMs?

Maybe 20% of them? IF THAT? So now we’re down to 30,000. Now out of that, how many men do you think meditate? How many of them actually know how to meditate properly? Maybe 10% or so? That brings us down to 3,000 men out of a million that meditate and work out seriously.

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Now how many of those men do you think have a business? Maybe 5% or less? That’s about 150. How many of those men do you think actually have a SUCCESSFUL business? Maybe 1%? That’s less than two people. How many even invest their money, to keep getting more and more of it passively?

Do you see how quickly you get get into the top 1% of men? Just by working out seriously, meditating, and creating a successful business, you can literally be 1 in a million. It isn’t that hard when the entire world is lazy. Nobody’s competing against you.

“But Jon, that will take so much time!” someone might say. No fucking shit it will take a lot of time, but who cares? What else would you rather do? Wake up in 10 years and be a mediocre wage slave, or be a fucking millionaire pimp boss? The answer is pretty clear.


Elevate Your Status

chris pine female hypergamy

The easiest way to get into the top 1% of men is to simply integrate good habits into your life. First and foremost, start working out regularly. If you don’t know how, check out my eBook that lays out all of the details.

Second, start meditating. I personally aim to meditate for at least 20 minutes every day, sometimes more. Here’s a full list of habits you can put into your life in order to ascend the social hierarchy:

  • Work out 3-5x a week
  • Meditate for 20 minutes daily
  • Read for 30 minutes daily
  • Start a business (or sell eBooks online)
  • Work on your style
  • Go out 2-3 nights a week and learn game

It really isn’t that hard, guys. In fact just by reading this blog regularly, you’re probably already in the top 1% of men in terms of ambition. How many men do you know that read success blogs regularly? Exactly. You’re in the top 1%, bud.


Female Hypergamy vs. Loyalty

female hypergamy hot girl

The big question on everybody’s mind is whether or not she’ll cheat…and to tell you the truth, it’s impossible to say.

Some women will cheat, and some won’t. Women are naturally prone to cheating with higher status men, so all you can do is find a loyal woman who loves you, and hope for the best. As lame as that sounds, it’s really all you can do.

Learn how to screen for manipulative women. Learn how to find the perfect girlfriend. Search for any and all red flags that a girl may have, and drop her if she has any. You’ll get good at it soon enough.

It was certainly much easier in the past to maintain a healthy marriage, but now with divorce laws being so lax, it’s easy for women to follow their hypergamous nature. Don’t sweat it, though—just strive to improve yourself, find a loyal girl, and the odds of her cheating on you are extremely low.

Remember: just by putting in the work and having good habits you’re literally in the top 1% of men. What more could she ask for?


Common Questions

hot girl female hypergamy example

There’s a lot of common questions that people have about female hypergamy.

Questions like “Can you define hypergamy?” or “What does feminism have to do with hypergamy?” get asked quite a lot.

So, I’ve taken the time to put a nice “Frequently Asked Questions” section here, for your own convenience.


“What Does Hypergamy Mean?”

Hypergamy is just a term referring to women’s innate preference to date across and up the social hierarchy.

It is a term that is firmly based in biology, and millions of years of evolution.


“What Does Feminism Have to Do With Hypergamy?”

In short, the theory is that society used to have social constructs such as religion, which encouraged women to be modest.

In other words, religion and social standards kept hypergamy at bay.

Now however, with feminism, women are encouraged to explore their sexuality—for better, or for worse.

This means that hypergamy has effectively been “let loose” on society.


“How Does Hypergamy Affect Marriage?”

Very poorly. One of the reasons we’re seeing a huge 50%+ divorce rate in the western world, is because of female hypergamy.

It’s always been there, but feminism made it far more acceptable for women to sleep around and divorce their husbands.

Many modern men feel the strain of hypergamy on their relationships, feeling as if it’s hard to find a decent woman.


“How Does The Red Pill Relate to Hypergamy?”

The “Red Pill” and the “Black Pill” both state that in order to maximize your chances of dating in the modern world, you must acknowledge hypergamy.

You must not only do this however, but also work to set it in your favor.

This is the point of this article. To explain that you too can be in the top 1%, if you are willing to put in the work.


“How Does Hypergamy Relate to MGTOW?”

Many men do not feel that putting in the work to get into the top 1% of men is worth it, so they simply go “MGTOW.”

MGTOW, short for “Men Going Their Own Way,” is a social movement in which men effectively defect from society, to pursue their own ends.

Theorists of the MGTOW philosophy claim that due to female hypergamy, most men are now pushed out of the dating pool.

I cannot personally argue with this—their reasoning is sound. I simply think it’s more profitable to focus on becoming the top 1%.


“What Does ‘Hypergamy Doesn’t Care’ Mean?”

“Hypergamy Doesn’t Care” is a phrase coined by Rollo Tomassi, author of The Rational Male, which sums up the ruthlessness of biology.

Essentially, it’s meant to encapsulate the idea that women don’t care about “emotional equity” or past loyalty.

All that hypergamy cares about is: are you a better choice for her, or not?



female hypergamy solution cure

Although it’s a tough pill to swallow, women are hypergamous by nature. They want the best possible DNA to get pregnant with, just as men want to spread their DNA to as many women as possible. Men want breadth of genetic spread, women want quality of genetics.

Don’t get butthurt about it. It’s just biology. Accept it, and ascend to the heights of status—become an elite man by integrating good habits into your life, and before you know it, you’ll be getting more pussy than 99% of men out there. I know, because I’ve done it before. I’ve gone from zero to hero.

Trust me, it isn’t that hard. I probably started off in the bottom 5% of men, and now I’m in the top 1% (just 10 years later). Do as I say, integrate the habits I recommend, follow my advice, and you’ll be golden. If you REALLY want to take things to the next level, consider trying my “7 Strategies” to become an alpha male.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, please, PLEASE do NOT hesitate to leave them down below! I hope you guys enjoyed the article and I will see you next time.

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