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Poor Logistics: The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Laid

game logistics

Guys ask me all the time how to get laid. They tell me that they can’t get laid, no matter how hard they try! This sucks, and I’m here to help.

There’s a lot of reasons why guys don’t get laid. There’s the most common reason, which is that they don’t go out—but then there’s the less common ones.

Some guys are great at building up attraction, but they can never seem to leave the bar with a girl.

Other guys are great at going home with girls, but they can never even strike up the nerve to start a conversation half the time.

However by far, the most common reason why guys don’t get laid, is that they simply don’t screen for logistics.

Little do most men know, there’s four key questions you should be asking every single girl that you try to pull, before you ever make your move…here’s what they are.


Logistics for Getting Laid

7 strategies

It’s funny how we tend to focus on the least effective ways to improve our results with women.

As men, we want to focus on the obvious things—we’re not tall enough, we’re not muscular enough, or we’re not handsome enough. Yet there’s one key component that rises above them all: logistics.

Without logistics, you will not get laid. It doesn’t matter how attracted she is to you, and it doesn’t matter how badly she wants to go home with you.

Hell it doesn’t even matter if she sucked your dick in the bathroom and is begging you to come home and fuck her in the ass. If you don’t have the logistics, it won’t happen.

In fact, when guys ask me how to get laid on Tinder, the #1 thing I always ask them first is: where do you live? If you live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, there won’t even be any Tinder matches to begin with.

Logistics is simply a catchall term for how you got to the club, who you’re there with, what you’re doing tomorrow, and where you’re going afterwards.

These are the four critical questions that every guy should be considering before he goes out to pull—and yet sadly, few guys are even aware that these questions matter.

The how, who, and where: these are the key four logistical questions to ask not only yourself, but the girl you’re with.

I promise that once you start doing this, your results with women will shoot through the roof. But be warned, you may not like a lot of the answers that you give.


“How Did You Get Here?”

masculine development game logistics

The first, and perhaps the most important question of logistics, is how did you get here.

Did you take an Uber? Did you drive here by yourself, and park 15 miles away? Did you drive here with friends?

Learning to keep these things in mind can be the difference between sleeping with a 10 and going home alone.

Generally speaking, there’s five ways that somebody can get to a venue:

  1. Drive alone
  2. Drive with friends
  3. Take public transportation
  4. Take private transportation (Uber, taxi, etc.)
  5. Walk

Depending on where you’re at, differing methods of transportation will be more popular.

For instance, if you live on a college campus or in a college town, taking public transportation, walking, and driving with friends will probably be the most popular methods of transportation.

If you live in New York City, taking private transportation to the venue will likely be the most common.

If you live in Las Vegas, walking and driving alone or with friends will also be very common.

So why is this important to keep in mind, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you why. If you don’t even know how the girl you’re with got to the club in the first place, you’re never going to be able to figure out a way to go home with her. The pull will never happen to begin with.

If she drove with her friends, you’re going to have to meet her friends so that they’re comfortable with you.

If you drove there, this may present complications if you parked 15 miles away. This is going to pose a huge problem.

Of course, you can always just learn how to get a girls number, and then text her the next day… but that’s not good if you want to get laid tonight.

Transportation is perhaps the biggest logistical nightmare, so the closer you can be to the venue, the better…which brings me to my next question.


“Where Are You Going?”

masculine development game logistics

The second most important question to ask is where you’re going at the end of the night.

If your house is a three hour drive away from the club, and she’s staying at a hotel with her two children, there’s no way in hell you guys can go home together. It doesn’t matter how bad she wants it—the logistics don’t permit it.

If you’re staying at a hotel that’s literally a five minute walk from the club, it’s going to be incredibly easy to sleep with girls.

One of the biggest cock blocks isn’t actually her friends, contrary to popular belief—it’s where your house is. If you can literally walk a few minutes down the block to your place, it’s easier than ever.

More importantly however, what matters is where SHE’S going that night. If she’s staying in town with two of her closest friends from college, or she’s hosting three of her best friends from Chicago, you’re going to be pretty hard pressed to go home with her that night.

If you know how to kiss a girl, how to escalate, and how to isolate, you MAY be able to fuck her in the bathroom or something… but even then, this isn’t ideal. It’s best to have a place nearby to go to.

This is why I always recommend guys who are SERIOUS about game move to Las Vegas and rent a cheap apartment on the strip.

You will get more pussy in a month simply by living in downtown Las Vegas, than you will in a LIFETIME from living 45 minutes outside of New York City.


“Who Are You Here With?”

masculine development game logistics

The third question to ask is who she’s here with.

Again, it doesn’t matter how wet her pussy is for you—if she’s there with her super controlling and overly protective boyfriend, there’s no way in hell you’ll be able to sleep with her (at least without some major drama and probably some violence that you don’t want in your life).

If she’s there with her friends on a bachelorette party, though? It will be way easier to sleep with her.

Are you starting to see how important logistics are? Again, half of the time it doesn’t even matter how attracted to you she is.

Even if you know EXACTLY how to turn a girl on, it doesn’t matter how turned on she is, if her boyfriend is right there next to her.

Hell, girls will sometimes sleep with you even if they’re just 1% attracted, simply because it’s easy and convenient.

“Where are your friends?” is almost always one of the first questions I ask a girl I’m interested in. Not only does this allow me to screen for logistics, but it also provides me with an in to meet her friends—this works wonders for disarming any wariness her friends may have towards me.

If a girl is there alone? There’s a high chance she just wants to hook up. If she’s there getting drunk with three of her friends before a wedding?

There’s a high chance she wants to hook up. If she’s there on a business trip with her business partner? Things will be a little bit different. Always ask who she’s there with.


“What Are You Doing Tomorrow?”

masculine development game logistics

Lastly, always be sure to ask what she’s doing tomorrow—but first, there’s something that’s more important.

What are YOU doing tomorrow? If you have a very important business meeting scheduled at 7am tomorrow, it’s very unlikely that you’ll even be willing to go home with a girl, even if she’s gorgeous.

There have been times where I knew a girl wanted to sleep with me, but simply couldn’t hang out with her, because I had obligations the next morning.

This is, in my humble opinion, one of the most important reasons why every guy should design a lifestyle that allows them to create their own schedule.

Again, it doesn’t matter how much she wants to sleep with you. Even if there’s zero mixed signals and she is 100% down, if she has obligations the next day, you probably won’t up getting laid.

If she has to drive her friends to the airport at 5am, if she has to wake up at 6am for a business trip, or if she has to take care of her sick son and usher him off to the doctors office, she will not sleep with you.

Don’t take it personally—rejection is never personal, especially when it comes to logistics.

Understand that if either you, or the girl you’re interested in, is busy tomorrow morning, it probably won’t work out.

Always ask this question to determine whether or not the lay is probable.


How to Improve Your Logistics

game logistics

In short, always probe for the four critical logistics questions: how she got there, who she’s with, where she’s staying, and what she’s doing tomorrow.

Obviously you don’t want to be creepy about it and bombard her with questions, but a well placed question every now and then will do just fine.

If she’s socially intelligent, which most girls are, she will know what this means.

She will know that you’re trying to see if she’s available to hang out and/or sleep with, and if she’s a normal girl she won’t get offended if she’s not interested. Just be cool about it.

If you’re serious about learning game, begin designing your own life to maximize your logistics.

Live near a good city for learning game, get a job (or start a business) where you can sleep in late if you need to, and earn enough money so that you don’t have to worry about spending $500 a month on Ubers.

Some of the best guys in the game get laid simply due to their logistics. Like I said, a guy whose game is a 4/10 will get more action living in Las Vegas than a guy whose game is 10/10, but who lives on a military base.

Surround yourself with women, night clubs, and fun, and your ideal dating life will naturally happen.

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Andreas Pistol
5 years ago

Very good list and straight to the point Jon…this is completely “going back to basics”, a point which most the guys seem to overlook!

However, it is important to emphasize how many Americans complain about their country/women, but the fact is that USA is eventually the best place in the world to get laid easily, especially because night life still bear fruit…unfortunately, most of these rules will not mean much in other parts of the globe, where ONS (One night stands) and “night game culture” are a rarity.


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