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Is Learning Game Manipulative? (A Pickup Artist’s Perspective)

When the average person learns that I teach men how to approach and seduce women, they almost always look at me in a judgmental way. “This guy teaches other men how to seduce women? That’s so manipulative!” or “So he’s a professional pick up artist? What a pervert!” Thoughts like these are very common to […]

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4 Simple Steps to Beat Approach Anxiety (Read This First!)

I recall walking around Washington, D.C. one afternoon, telling myself that I was going to do some day game. “Alright, this is it Jon—no more fucking around. It’s time to learn game.” I got out of my car and trotted over to the nearest park where they were putting on some sort of music festival. […]

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Consent vs. Assertiveness (Paradox #1 of Game)

I talk a lot about being decisive and assertive on my blog, and how these characteristics are good when it comes to attracting women. Women want a man who’s confident, and isn’t afraid to escalate things sexually; they want a man who’s decisive, and who takes action. They want a man who takes the lead. […]

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Why You Should Friend Zone Hot Girls (Yes, You Read That Right)

Would you rather have a one night stand with Megan Fox, or be her best friend? Most guys, upon being asked this question, would respond with the following: “Jon, are you JOKING? Of course I’d rather fuck her!” Most guys would KILL to have a one night stand with Megan Fox; they get friend-zoned enough, […]

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How to Pull a Girl From Open to Close (My Last Friday Night)

As I was sitting at home, putting some of the finishing touches on an article for Masculine Development, I got a text from my wingman. “Dude, come through. There’s tons of hot girls here.” Eager to go out after having been working all day, I quickly replied: “Where at?” He shot me an address, and […]

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how to talk to girls

How to Talk to Girls: 3 Key Secrets For Effortless Conversation With Girls

What’s up, guys. Recently I got a question from our friend Jay asking for advice on how to talk to girls. Here’s an excerpt from the email that he sent me: “My lack of confidence with women is in the ability to start and carry on a conversation beyond a few minutes.  Is there any […]

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what do women want from men

What Do Women Want in a Man? (The TRUTH About Attraction)

What do women want in a man? Now, that’s a question that’s been asked since the very beginning of time. It’s quite simple, though. In this article, I will attempt to break down a model that I use to understand female attraction. I will explain exactly what women want, too. The model of primary vs. […]

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5 Simple Steps to Last 30 Minutes or Longer in Bed

“Oh god,” I thought. “You better not mess this up, Jon.” A gorgeous, dirty blonde girl of 18 was on my bed, with her ass up in the air. “Fuck me, daddy!” she begged. I stuck my dick inside of her, and she moaned: “Oh god, put it all the way in!” As I shoved […]

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How to Have an Immersion Period for Game

Gentlemen, this is going to be the definitive guide to any newbie trying to learn game as fast as possible. I’ve thought a lot about potentially putting this in an eBook, and selling it to make some good money, but I’d honestly rather just give it out for free. This all started months ago, actually—if […]

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how to get a girls number

How to Get a Girl’s Number (Real Life Example)

So, just how do you get a girl’s number? This is a question that many men struggle with, and whether you’re just trying to have a better sex life in general, or get a specific girl’s number, I believe that this article will solve your problem. But first I’m going to tell you a story…I think it […]

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