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6 Types of Openers Every Guy Should Know

When it comes to hitting on girls, your “opening line” is often the most important thing you say.

Far too many guys go in without a plan, just saying whatever comes to mind. And while this does work if you’re a “natural,” it doesn’t work for most of us.

That’s why it’s important you familiarize yourself with the six types of openers.

Once you become familiar with these, you’ll know exactly how to talk to girls, anywhere, and in any way. Obviously it will take a lot of practice, but it’s not that hard.

In the PUA world, there are six types of openers:

  1. Opinion
  2. Compliment
  3. Functional
  4. Direct
  5. Introductory
  6. Observational

…and while you certainly don’t have to memorize every single one of these types of openers, it doesn’t hurt to know a few.

So with that in mind, here’s the Masculine Development guide to the six types of openers, and how to use each one depending on the situation.

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indicators of interest iois

7 Common IOI’s Every Guy Should Know

Tons of guys are lost when it comes to girls. “Why are they so complicated?” they proclaim. “Why do girls always give me mixed signals?” they’ll say. Funny enough, girls actually aren’t that complicated…that is, if you know what indicators of interest to look for.

Guys are pretty upfront with their attraction. In fact, girls know whether a guy is attracted to them or not pretty much immediately. For guys however, it’s a little bit trickier—girls don’t broadcast their attraction as much as guys do.

That’s why learning to spot “IOI’s” or “Indicators of Interest” is critically important if you want to be successful with women. The best PUA’s often aren’t even successful because they’re that attractive. Instead, they’re just really good at seeing IOI’s and seizing the opportunity.

There’s dozens of IOI’s that you should eventually learn about, but as it turns out there’s actually only a few really critical IOI’s to look out for. If you spot a girl giving you any single one of these signs, the odds that she wants you are almost 100%. Here goes.

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text game how to text a girl

Alpha Male Texting Game: How to Text A Girl Like A Pro (Copy These Messages)

Ah, text game—the idea that you can somehow make a girl wet over the phone and have her back at your place faster than a New York minute.

Is it true, though? Can you really get a woman hooked on you just from texting her? If so, what do you message her to make it happen?

The truth is that texting women is filled with obstacles and landmines, from being left on read, to having her flake on you, and more.

In this article, I’d like to present the definitive guide on how to text a girl, complete with examples of messages, templates, and much more.

So strap in, sit back, and let’s go.

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mixed signals

3 Reasons Girls Give You Mixed Signals (And What to Do About It)

Why do girls give you mixed signals? Well, tell me if this has happened to you. You’re flirting with a friend, and everything seems to be going great. She’s giving you sensual eye contact, playing with her hair, and maybe even overtly flirting a bit back. Then, the next day you text her. No response.

Then maybe you see her again in a week or two, and suddenly she’s flirting with you again—what gives? Women give guys mixed signals all the time, but it may not be for the reasons that you think. She’s hot, she’s cold, then she’s hot again. It can be hard to decode a woman’s mixed signals, but once you understand WHY it’s easy to understand what to do about it.

Women give mixed signals for three fundamental reasons. The first is that she’s protecting her own reputation, and doesn’t want to seem “too easy.” The second is that she’s simply using you for validation. The third, and most common in my opinion, is that she simply doesn’t know what she wants from you.

Learning to recognize the difference between these three reasons can be the difference between having sex at her place, and getting the door slammed in your face. So with that in mind, let’s get to it. Here’s the Masculine Development guide to why girls give you mixed signals…and what to do about it.

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why girls ignore you

Girls Ignore You? Read This.

Tell me if this has ever happened to you…

You feel like you’ve been doing everything right. You’ve been hitting the gym, you’ve been working on your game, and you’ve even been making a little bit of extra money on the side.

…but for some reason, girls don’t seem to pay any attention to you. Every day, you swipe right on Tinder, hoping that they’ll swipe back. You try asking girls out in your social circle, you try improving your text game, you try EVERYTHING! But nothing seems to work.

Well I’m here to tell you, my friend, that I’ve been in this situation. I’ve been there, where girls ignore me, and where I’m pissed off and don’t know what to do about it. So if that’s where you’re at right now, then read on.

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game vs attraction

Game vs. Attraction: What’s the Difference?

I use the terms “game” and “attraction” interchangeably, in part because there’s a lot of overlap between these two terms, but also in part for ease of writing.

Terms like “value,” or “attraction,” or “game,” or “status,” are often thrown around in the pickup community without many people fully understanding what they mean. There is a stark difference between these terms, and for the sake of clarity, it’s important that they be understood.

Again, there will be some overlap. Game is one way to add value and to improve your status, but having high status will help your game. Being more attractive can be split into the physical and non-physical components. Oh, the joys and complexities of female attraction.

Despite the constant confusion involved in semantics, I’m going to try and clarify some of these terms. Yes, they may be very similar, but for the sake of becoming self-actualized, you must understand their differences.

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game logistics

Poor Logistics: The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Laid

Guys ask me all the time how to get laid. They tell me that they can’t get laid, no matter how hard they try! This sucks, and I’m here to help.

There’s a lot of reasons why guys don’t get laid. There’s the most common reason, which is that they don’t go out—but then there’s the less common ones.

Some guys are great at building up attraction, but they can never seem to leave the bar with a girl.

Other guys are great at going home with girls, but they can never even strike up the nerve to start a conversation half the time.

However by far, the most common reason why guys don’t get laid, is that they simply don’t screen for logistics.

Little do most men know, there’s four key questions you should be asking every single girl that you try to pull, before you ever make your move…here’s what they are.

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how to get better game

7 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Game RIGHT NOW!

Part of game is technique, while part of game is your mindset. It’s important to approach relationships with the proper frame; primarily one of confidence, assumed attraction, and higher value.

The other part of game however, which I think is a bit over-discussed, is technique. While techniques are certainly great for getting a quick improvement in your game, they’re not really a long term solution.

They don’t fix the underlying causes of having poor game. That being said, sometimes you need a technique.

Sometimes your game is just so damn bad, and you’ve been brutally rejected so many damn times, that you need techniques to even get your foot in the door and start building attraction. These are those techniques.

I recommend you use them in conjunction with developing a strong, masculine mindset, a deep sense of self-esteem, and a high level of confidence. Let’s get to it.

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ramesh slept with maxim models

How A 5’2″ Indian PUA Named Ramesh Slept With Maxim Models

I always get questions from guys that go something like this. “Hey Jon, I’m a short 5’2% Indian guy with a very thick accent,” they’ll say.

“I really want to get laid, and want to learn pickup, but it just doesn’t seem like white girls are very into me. Is it possible for me to learn pickup or am I just wasting my time?”

I’d like to settle this question once and for all, by telling you all a story about a little Indian man named Ramesh that I met in Las Vegas. Ramesh was supposedly a “hard case newbie,” who was there to learn game. He was barely even 5’2″, was a little on the chubby side, and had a very thick Indian accent.

Yet, despite his apparent shortcomings, he managed to bang a smoking hot 10 in the bathroom. She was at least 6′ tall in heels, and had a face and body that could’ve been featured in Maxim. I know this may be hard to believe for some of you, but today I’d like to explain just how Ramesh did it.

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star girl with curly long hair

The Dark Side of Game: Machiavelli, Manipulation, and Sociopaths

There’s a lot of benefits to learning game. From higher self-esteem to better social skills, learning game certainly has the potential to transform any man’s life for the better. Yet even so, there’s a “dark side of game,” that is often ignored.

I’ve seen some of the most incredible transformations take place, all thanks to game. Men who’ve been so afraid they couldn’t even talk to a stranger are now successful entrepreneurs, dating the girls of their dreams.

But I’ve also seen good men, GREAT men, turn into monsters. Consumed by the often sociopathic, Machiavellian nature of certain PUA circles, they spiral downward until anything and everything in their lives is a mere husk of what it once was.

This is not an exaggeration. Learning game has the potential to change your life in ways you can’t even imagine, and yet there’s an often ignored dark side that wreaks complete havoc and chaos on unsuspecting men’s lives.

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