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Ask And You Shall Receive

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” -Matthew 7:7 I get a lot of questions that make me nauseous sometimes. They make me worry for the current state of men. “J-Jon, I really want to date a high quality woman, […]

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death and rebirth

On Death and Rebirth

Sometimes, you need to take some time off to figure out who you really are. Other times, you need to hit the grind full force—and pull out all the stops. A man learns many things about himself when he isn’t burdened by work. Without it, who does he become? Most men are their jobs. They […]

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the ultimate goal

The Ultimate Goal: Keeping the Bigger Picture in Mind

Every day I get guys asking me how to get girls. They’ll ask me questions like “how do I get a girl interested in me,” or “what do I do when she ignores me.” I’ll get questions about health and fitness, trading cryptocurrencies, and pretty much anything and everything in between. …and of course, I […]

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benefits of morning meditation

How Morning Meditation Will Transform Your Life (In Just 20 Minutes a Day)

When people hear about meditation, they usually get this image in their head of some weird monk sitting in a Buddhist monastery. They think that meditation is something that only Buddhists do, or weird, spiritual hippies…but what if I told you that meditation is actually one of the most common habits of the successful? Yup, […]

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how to be happy masculine development

How to Be Weirdly Happy and Motivated (Even if Your Life Sucks)

I believe that there’s a lot of power in emotions. They affect us in ways that modern science can’t understand. They can motivate us, give us energy, and encourage good health…or, they can demotivate us, sap our energy, and steal our health. Learning to master your emotions is not only essential to your success, but […]

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positive energy

The 5th Energetic Law of the Universe (Ignore At Your Own Peril)

I’m back at it, guys. After a 2 month long hiatus, I’m finally ready to start writing again—and today I’ve got a pretty epic article for you. After writing previously about the 4th energetic law of the universe, I got a ton of guys telling me how interesting they thought it was, and asking me […]

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law of attraction tips

The 4th Energetic Law (How to Attract Success into Your Life)

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you probably saw that I’ve been taking classes with an energetic coach out in Los Angeles. Although the idea of “energetic work” may sound like hippie nonsense to a lot of men, it’s actually one of the most powerful things that I’ve ever learned. The reason why is because […]

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david hawkins power vs force

How to Transcend Your Old World-Views (And Live Life Fearlessly)

Recently I’ve been reading a book called Letting Go by David Hawkins. It is an incredible, life-changing read, and I highly urge you to get yourself a copy if you’re struggling with your past. The whole concept behind the book is that human beings harbor tons of negative emotions which hold them back, one of which […]

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self acceptance

Learning to Accept Yourself (Paradox #2 in Self-Development)

WARNING: The goal of this article is to show you that material success does not equate to happiness. It was 2 in the morning, and somehow I couldn’t fall asleep. As I lay in bed, I couldn’t stop feeling depressed. I thought about things that I’d done wrong in the past; things that I’d fucked up […]

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ego death

What is Ego Death? (How to Instantly Transform Your Reality)

I had a rather shocking experience upon reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which I later discovered was known as ego death. This experience started when I read one little line from this book: “You are not your thoughts. You are not your mind.” Perhaps it was this line alone, or perhaps it […]

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