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flavored sarms reviews

Rats Army Review: My Results, Experience, & More (2022)

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t like the taste of SARMs. You know what I’m talking about… that gross-tasting alcohol flavor. Of course, most of us just suck it up and use our alcohol-flavored SARMs, but what if I said that you could get sour gummy flavored SARMs? I’ve recently been trying out […]

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animal pak review

Animal Pak Review: Why It’s The Best Muscle Building Multivitamin in 2022

If you’ve been lifting weights for some time, you’ve no doubt heard of a product called Animal Pak, the bodybuilder’s best friend. Founded in 1977, Animal Pak has gone on to create a series of products, all geared towards amateur gym-goers and bodybuilders alike. Today, I’ll be giving my Animal Pak review, focusing on their […]

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gnc whey protein review

The Truth About GNC Whey Protein: Don’t Waste Your Money!

I remember the first time I stepped foot into a GNC store. I was only about 15, and was just getting in the world of bodybuilding—so naturally I wanted to buy all of the supplements my idols used. I was quickly greeted by a salesman, who promptly convinced me to buy some GNC whey protein. […]

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c4 pre workout review cover

Why C4 Pre Workout F*cking Sucks (And What to Take Instead)

As someone who’s been involved in the fitness industry for nearly a decade, let me tell you that a lot of supplements are scams. There’s one that every bro and his cousin recommends however, and that’s the C4 pre workout. Does it live up to the hype, though? They claim that it’s how you “get […]

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rules for life an antidote to chaos

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos – Rule #1

To be honest, I’m struggling for words right now. This may be the most important post I ever make, and I’m struggling with how to present it. No post, no article, no video, and no platform can contain the wisdom of ages. It simply can’t be done, because wisdom has to be felt. Wisdom is […]

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tai lopez 67 steps review

Is Tai Lopez A Scam? My 67 Steps Review! (PLUS: 5 Steps Revealed)

Is Tai Lopez a scam? I’m sure that you’ve seen his ads by now—they start with him saying “here in my garage,” and then pointing to his Lamborghini next to his personal library. He then promises that if you follow his “67 Steps” program, you’ll generate MASSIVE wealth…more than you ever thought was possible. He […]

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gorilla mindset

Gorilla Mindset Morning Routine: Full Summary, Review, & My Experience

The very first article that I wrote was about having a morning routine…and it isn’t hard to see why. Starting your day off the right way can be the difference between success and failure, wealth and poverty, happiness and misery. When you construct the first hour of your day, YOU take charge of your own […]

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mutant mass review

Mutant Mass Review: How I Gained 30 Pounds of Muscle in 3 Months

As you all know, I used to work at a supplement store… I’ve tried everything from Mutant Mass to GNC whey protein, and I’ve seen it all. The very first thing I learned is that most supplements are bullshit—you can market anything to a guy who’s desperate to build muscle. Thankfully however, I’m not interested […]

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red coffee review masculine development

Red Coffee Review: The Best Light Roast on the Market?

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while knows that I’m kind of a coffee snob. I appreciate good coffee; I enjoy it. Some might even say that my obsession with the bean is borderline hedonistic. And perhaps it is, but regardless, I recently decided to purchase my first bag of Red Coffee. For […]

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alpha brain review

Alpha Brain Review: Does It Really Work? (Updated 2022)

I want to give an honest Alpha Brain review today, because I’ve been taking this supplement for nearly two years, and have loved it overall. I recall first hearing about Alpha Brain from Joe Rogan’s podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. I was intrigued by the concept of using a supplement to improve my cognition, but […]

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