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Cycles of Self-Development (Clawing Your Way to Success)

Today is my birthday. As I look back on the past five years of self-development, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I’ve crawled my way out of the dirt. I’ve begged, borrowed, and stolen—I’ve clawed my way to success, and every single ounce of effort that I’ve exerted has been nothing, but worth it. […]

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how to overcome fear

How to Conquer Your Fears Like a Samurai

Legend has it that before battle, the Samurai would employ a certain technique to eliminate their fears. Fear of battle meant less than perfect fighting technique, and they would not have this. These noble Samurai would vividly imagine every possible way that they could die. They would imagine themselves being impaled through the chest, having […]

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masculine development self growth

The Key to Exponential Self-Growth (One Simple Principle)

A lot of guys get upset, because they aren’t growing fast enough—this was me for quite some time, and to an extent, it still is me. How do you get health, wealth, and happiness faster? How do you get the body that you want, the girl that you want, and the life that you want, […]

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how to accomplish your life goals

How to Set and Achieve Your Life Goals (No Bullshit)

Being able to effectively and efficiently accomplish your life goals is the number one determinant of your success. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, it doesn’t matter how determined you are, and it doesn’t matter how talented you are—if you can’t set and achieve life goals, you will not be successful. What life goals […]

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How to Actually Be More Confident (Without Relying on Cheap Tricks)

Google “how to be more confident,” some time. Do you know what type of advice you’ll find out there on the internet? Generic, bullshit advice that literally doesn’t help a single person. “Just be yourself!” “Be positive!” “Recall a time you felt powerful!” As if any of this garbage is actually going to help you. […]

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how to be more humble

Be Humble Like a Wolf, Yet Proud Like a Lion

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that there’s a ton of paradoxes in self-development that I discuss. You have to be strong, yet you have to acknowledge your weaknesses. You have to work hard, yet you have to rest when appropriate. You have to be assertive, yet you […]

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how to get out of depression naturally

How to Get Out of Depression Naturally (And Be Happy All of the Time)

“How do I cure depression, Jon?” is one of the most common questions that I get asked. A lot of men are depressed nowadays, for numerous reasons. Well, lucky for you, I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and a ton of emotional baggage for most of my life. A dysfunctional childhood left my psyche completely shattered […]

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how to have more energy low energy levels

3 DEADLY Thought-Patterns That SAP Your Energy

Most of the people in the world have very low energy levels, but everyone wants more. More energy means you can work harder, longer, and faster. It means that you can accomplish things that you only dreamed of. Maybe you want to start a business, but just don’t have the energy. Or maybe you’re trying […]

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best books for men

16 MUST-READ Best Books For Men (#3 Will Change Your Life)

This list is a compilation of the very best books that I’ve ever read. These are some of the best books for men in existence, covering many topics. They range from books on psychology to bodybuilding to masculinity, but they’re all incredibly valuable and we can learn a lot from them. I’m an avid reader—I try to read […]

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just be yourself

Why “Just Be Yourself” is the Worst, Yet Best Advice Ever

We’ve all heard it before. “Just be yourself!” Whether it’s your parents telling you that you’re fine just the way you are, or a girl telling you to just “be yourself,” every single one of us has been told this before. And the truth is, a lot of people struggle with being themselves. But, it isn’t […]

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