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Spartans masculine development

How to Be A F*cking Commander: The Secret to Killing it at Life

There’s a certain type of guy… we’ve all seen him, maybe once or twice. He walks through life with ease. Everything he touches turns to gold. Most importantly, though? He’s […]

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how to have a good new year

How to Murder Your Goals in 2019 (My Plan For The New Year)

2018 was an interesting year for me. Despite having massive financial success, launching two new comprehensive video courses, and nearly quadrupling my income, there was still a lot of pain. […]

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How to Be More Motivated (Especially When It’s Hard)

Tell me if this has ever happened to you… There’s a great opportunity in front of you, and you KNOW that you could achieve it. BUT, for whatever reason, you […]

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How to Develop

How to Develop “Alpha Male” Emotions

Learning to develop alpha male emotions is incredibly important in today’s ever-changing world. One second you may be faced with losing your job, and the next you may be forced […]

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why success is the best revenge

Why Success is the Best Revenge (And How to Get It)

I went to a bar the other day, and was having a pretty good time. I was hanging out with friends, shooting the shit, and just being myself. The night […]

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How to Read a Book a Day Knowledge FIltration

Knowledge Filtration: How to Read a Book a Day

In the world that we live in, information is becoming increasingly important. Having the right information can mean the difference between life and death—quite literally. Information guides everything we do. […]

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level up your life masculine

Jon’s #1 Proven Secret to Level Up Your Life – How to SKYROCKET Your Results!

There’s a special something that you see in a very select few men… They just seem to CRUSH IT with everything they do. Whether it’s with money, fitness, or women, […]

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fear of rejection get over fear of rejection girls

How to CRUSH Your Fear of Rejection (Women, Success, Life!)

I’ve always had a fear of rejection for as long as I can remember. Whether it was being too scared to ask a girl out, or being afraid to go […]

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how to deal with haters

The Psychology of Haters: How to Deal With Friends Who Won’t Grow

As you go down your journey of self-improvement, you’ll find that very few people are willing to grow with you. It’s a sad fact of life, but most people don’t […]

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13 Miyamoto Musashi Quotes For The Modern Warrior

Reading Miyamoto Musashi quotes is a great way to gleam wisdom from an ancient samurai, who mastered the way of life. Few warriors have ever reached the wisdom, prowess, and […]

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