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How to Easily Succeed at Everything in Life (Using Upward Spirals)

What’s up, guys—this is going to be a really deep blog post on how to enhance your life using upward spirals and self-amplifying feedback loops.

I go fairly in depth in the video above, talking about things like my early life, and why the rich get richer, but I thought I’d take some time to elaborate a little bit more.

See, what you’ll often find is that success breeds more success. People who succeed in one area of life, generally tend to succeed in others.

Now, obviously this isn’t always the case—there’s plenty of financially rich businessmen with emotionally poor lives, but in general, success tends to breed success. Here’s why.

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how to rest

How High-Achievers Rest For Maximum Efficiency

I just got out of a three day resting period. No working out, no following a strict diet, no writing articles (I had a couple written in advance), no nothing. It felt nice to take some time off for once.

Most self-development coaches focus on why you need to work more. And they’re right.

Most people are lazy as shit. Most people sit around and watch Netflix for 3 hours a day, don’t ever push themselves, and live a pretty pathetic life in general. But, as I’ve said before, there’s a lot of paradoxical advice when it comes to self-development. Telling an average person to rest more would simply remove all productivity from his life, because he has next to none.

But if somebody’s a fucking conqueror, it takes its toll—you need to rest since you’re operating at 100% of your peak capacity for long periods of time.

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night time routine evening routine

Jon’s Night Time Routine for Deep Sleep and Success

A night time routine, just like a morning routine, is one of the most essential components of any man’s day. Together, a morning routine and a night time routine serve as the bookends of a successful life.

Getting into a proper routine is one of the very first steps that a man must take if he wishes to become an intermediate at self-development. These routines can later be abandoned once a man is sufficiently focused, at ease, and successful, but it must be desperately held onto until then.

This is the night time routine that I follow (not always, but more on this later) and it has given me an enormous amount of focus, drive, energy, and wisdom, and with all due respect to others, this routine is probably 10x better than anything I’ve ever seen.

Follow it for 1 month and you will feel like a fucking badass. You’ll be more confident, assertive, decisive, and you’ll have way more energy.

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minimalist lifestyle blog

Why You Should Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

“The things that you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.” -Chuck Palahniuk

One of the largest problems with Western culture, is its rampant endorsement of consumerism. “Buy this! You’ll feel better,” says the man trying to sell you designer clothes. “Buy this! You’ll get all the girls,” says the man trying to sell you a Rolex. “Buy this! You need to be better than your neighbor,” says the Mercedes-Benz salesman.

Despite the fact that you don’t need money to get girls, and that nobody gives a shit what car you drive, advertisers still have us running along our little hamster wheels, desperate for validation and approval from others.

This is the root of consumerism: a lack of internal satisfaction.

When you aren’t satisfied within yourself, you buy things to cover it up. And that makes you a great consumer.

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how to establish firm boundaries

How to Actually be Successful by Eliminating BULLSHIT From Your Life

What people often don’t understand is that success isn’t due to luck. It isn’t due to your connections, it isn’t due to having wealthy parents, and it sure isn’t due to following the well trodden path.

Success is a mindset. Once you learn to adopt a certain mindset, success will come naturally.

I guarantee that if you took Elon Musk, Bill Gates, 50 Cent, or any successful, self-made entrepreneur, and put them into the middle of some poverty-stricken ghetto, within a decade they would be millionaires, if not billionaires again.

Why is this? It’s because they have the “millionaire mindset,” so to speak. They know the principles that lead to success, which I’m going to talk about today.

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slight edge

The Slight Edge: How These 8 Simple Habits Will Transform Your Life

When you look at someone like Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Bill Gates, it’s easy to be intimated. It’s easy to think that they were just born with some sort of supernatural gift that none of us have.

But the truth is, that every single one of us has just as much potential as they do—we just aren’t taught how to cultivate it. The school system and our parents fail us. They don’t teach us the secrets to success.

The secret to cultivating your dream life, lies within a very simple concept known as the slight edge.

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how to be more productive

How to Be More Productive: 4 Ways to 3x Your Productivity

Becoming more productive is actually incredibly simple. You don’t have to increase your brain power or do anything too difficult, you just have to shift the way that you approach tasks and goals.

Unfortunately, however, there’s a ton of bullshit advice out there when it comes to scheduling, and it’s hard to know what works.

Trust me—I’ve tried all of it, and most of it doesn’t work, but there’s a few gems that I’m going to share with you today. If you properly implement this advice into your life, I guarantee that you will be more productive, happier, and have a much more fulfilling life.

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best life lessons masculine development

6 Major Life Lessons From Nearly a Decade of Self-Development

I’ve been actively involved in improving myself for a pretty long time now, and I’ve learned plenty of life lessons along the way. Some I learned by making mistakes, others I learned by watching others make mistakes.

The beautiful thing about these lessons is that they apply to any discipline you’re trying to improve: fitness, health, game, your mind, emotional health, business, lifestyle, ANYTHING.

If you’re smart, you’ll remember these life lessons for yourself and learn from my experience. Some of them may not make any sense for you right now, but in a year or two they’ll be the most profound things you’ve ever read.

Regardless, I hope that you get the most out of these. Here’s the top life lessons that I’ve learned on this journey.

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good habits masculine development

4 Foundational Habits That Every Man Should Practice Daily

Having good habits or bad habits can be the difference between success and failure, riches and poverty, or happiness and misery.

Depending on your habits, you will either be a highly successful man, financially and emotionally, or a complete loser with zero girls, zero money, and a bunch of fake friends.

That’s why it’s so important to have good habits—they are literally the foundation upon which you improve yourself.

Good habits not only improve the quality of your life, but they also improve the quality of your life, too. Here’s 4 of the best habits that every man should practice.

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how to break an addiction

How to Break an Addiction in 5 Steps (From Heroin to Smartphones)

I know two heroin addicts—in fact, I’d say I’m pretty close to them. They’re both family members.

Both of them had dysfunctional upbringings: verbally and physically abusive fathers, and emotionally dysfunctional mothers. Both of them ruined a large portion of their lives with heroin.

One of them decided to step into the light some 25 years ago—he now has a wife, two kids, and a nice house by the ocean side.

The other had his wife divorce him, his family disown him, and eventually became homeless. He stuck himself with a dirty needle, and ended up in the hospital with a deadly heart infection. As he struggled to stay alive, he phased in and out of consciousness for days.

Suddenly, he awoke, gasping for air, and in one agonizingly lucid epiphany, he realized that he had wasted his entire life.

He broke down into tears, begging God for a second chance. Unfortunately, he passed away later that night. Often, we don’t realize the consequences of our actions until it’s too late.

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