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rad 140 SARMs stack for cutting

RAD 140 (Testolone): Results, Dosage, & More (Update 2021)

You may have heard of RAD 140, or Testolone as it’s sometimes called—a potent SARM that rivals some steroids in terms of its anabolic strength. In fact, you may even be considering taking this SARM, but maybe you want to know more about how it works, what results to expect, and more. Well, in this […]

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proven peptides review

Proven Peptides SHUT DOWN? The #1 SARMs Vendor Alternative

UPDATE: Since Proven Peptides has shut down recently, I now recommend Rat’s Army. For your convenience, I have updated the links in this article accordingly. Most people wonder if Proven Peptides is legit or not, and the truth is that about 90% of SARMs vendors are complete scams. You have to be EXTREMELY careful when […]

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should I take preworkout

Should You Take A Pre-Workout or Be “Natural”?

I get this question a lot… “Jon, I want to take pre-workout, but isn’t it cheating? What if I get addicted?” someone will ask. To be honest, it’s a pretty good question. Getting addicted to stimulants is a pretty common problem that gym bros have. Not to mention spending all that money on pre-workouts… but, […]

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caffeine benefits caffeine to get shredded

3 Ways Caffeine Can Help You Get Absolutely Shredded

Everyone’s looking for a quick way to shred a few extra pounds of fat. Whether it be skinny fat newbies trying to bulk up for summer, or hardened bodybuilders preparing for the last few weeks before a competition, we all want to be lean. Fortunately enough, caffeine has been shown to have HUGE benefits when […]

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sarms before and after

SARMs Before and After (With Pics): My 90 Day Cycle Results

I’ve been meaning to write a “SARMs before and after” article for a while now, and here it is. I just got finished with a 90 day cycle of Ostarine, Ligandrol, and Cardarine, and the results have been nothing short of incredible to be completely blunt. Over the past 90 days I’ve jumped up by […]

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fundamentals of health

Returning to the Fundamentals: Health (Part 2 of 5)

In the last article of this five part series, I discussed the fundamental principles of success. In everything you do, you will find that there are a few core principles which are responsible for 90% of your success. This is true in business, in dating, and in life. Some of these “elusive fundamentals” are things […]

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how to break gym prs

4 Dirty Insider Tricks to Blast Through Your Gym PR’s

Tell me if this has ever happened to you… You’ve been going to the gym for a while, following a great workout routine. You want to get in shape. You want to look good for the summer and for the girls. Maybe you even bought my book “Body of an Alpha,” and you’ve been doing […]

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Daily Habits to Boost Testosterone

6 Daily Habits for Higher Testosterone Levels

To become a badass alpha male you have to live like a badass alpha male. As the masculine philosopher Aristotle once said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” Your identity, then, is nothing but a sum total of your habits. What you do everyday, day in […]

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best bodybuilding foods

7 Best Bodybuilding Foods That Should Always Be In Your Kitchen

Ask anyone who’s been in the game long enough…muscle isn’t built in the gym, it’s built in the kitchen. That old saying may be a cliche, but it’s absolutely true. If you’re not eating some of the best bodybuilding foods out there, then you’re robbing yourself of gains. Going to the gym breaks your muscles […]

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bodyweight shoulder exercises

Top 5 Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises For Cannonball Delts!

If there is any body part that just screams “alpha male”, it would have to be the shoulders. Big, broad, cannonball shoulders are the most noticeable feature of a well-defined upper body, and having them will do wonders for the looks you get from young, fertile women. Having six pack abs and an Adonis belt […]

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