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how to get rich dad poor dad summary

How to Get F*cking Rich: The 6 Principles of Creating Wealth

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is: “Jon—how do I get rich?” Well, to be honest, there’s no simple answer to that. There’s as many ways to get rich as there are to skin a cat, but in general, there’s a few rules every rich person follows. I’ve been re-reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, […]

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how to invest in stocks for dummies with little money

How to Invest in Gold Stocks (268% Increase in 5 Months)

Hello, gentlemen. Today the topic of discussion will be money. Particularly, how to invest in the stock market. On January 6th, 2016, I recommended that you buy ABX (a gold mining company’s stock). I believed that due to the declining American economy, and a number of other factors that I will discuss today, the stock was poised […]

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how to find your purpose and passion

How to Find Your Masculine Purpose (Monetize Your Passion)

We live in a world where most men are completely devoid of any purpose. Most men stumble through life without ever really waking up—they’re in a haze, drifting from day to day, and they never realize their full potential. Rather than learning to monetize your passion, you simply relinquish your masculine purpose and spend your life […]

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how to invest in yourself best investment

4 Killer Ways to Invest in Yourself (Without Breaking The Bank!)

“What’s the best investment out there?” asks the young kid with fire in his heart, trying to make it big in the world. Well, there’s a lot of talk about how investing in stocks at a young age is a good thing to do—and it is. But what’s actually more important, is to start investing in […]

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creative ways to save money in college

10 Creative Ways to Save Money in College

Generally speaking there are three ways to get rich: to generate new wealth, protect existing wealth, and minimize expenditures. Generating new wealth comes down to developing assets, such as investing in the stock market, buying a franchise, working a job, or creating a method of passive income. Protecting existing wealth comes down to setting up […]

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