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binaural beats guide

Binaural Beats 101: A Science-Based Guide For Beginners (Update 2021)

“Do binaural beats work?” I remember asking myself, right before I clicked the buy button. Questions were circling my head, but I decided to take the plunge. I didn’t really understand how they worked, I didn’t really get what effect they had on the brain, and I didn’t really expect them to do anything… But […]

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modafinil vs adderall

Modafinil vs Adderall: Which is the Better Smart Drug?

Modafinil vs Adderall—the nootropics match up of the century. For YEARS college students and entrepreneurs alike have been using Adderall to stay alert and focused for hours on end. But with the emergence of modafinil, a previously unknown drug prescribed for narcolepsy, it seems that the reigning champion may have to give up its title…for […]

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best supplements for anxiety

4 Best Supplements For Anxiety (Natural and Effective!)

Anxiety can absolutely destroy your life. Whether it’s mild, moderate, or god forbid, severe anxiety, it takes a massive toll. Having anxiety makes it difficult to pick up girls, to build a social circle, to enjoy your life, and to be happy…so you want to eliminate it as soon as possible. There’s a number of […]

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how to make natural viagra

How to Make Natural Viagra For Men: 7 Key Ingredients

What’s up, guys. Recently I’ve been playing around with different “natural Viagra” recipes. I already know how to last 45 minutes in bed, so the next logical question is: how do I increase my ability to fuck multiple times, and stay hard? Well, I’ve tried plenty of pharmaceutical drugs before, and I’m not gonna lie, they […]

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modafinil dosage

Why Modafinil is The Ultimate Edge in Business

A lot of successful guys out there hate it when guys like me spill the secrets that it takes to become successful. Why? Well, it’s simple. They don’t want the competition. Every post I make about generating wealth, about how to get jacked, and about game…it’s all creating competition for the other guys. That’s right. […]

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kratom for energy

How Kratom Can Help You Get Rich

There’s a new phenomena that’s been sweeping the manosphere, known as kratom. Kratom is basically a plant native to south-east Asia that can be used for a vast number of reasons, such as: Increased motivation More energy Lasting longer in bed Relieving stress and anxiety Combating depression And more. But today, I’d like to focus […]

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Cold Showers: The Psychological and Physical Benefits For Men

I remember the first time I decided to start taking cold showers. I’d read about all of the benefits and decided that I’d give it a shot. I turned the shower onto my usual temperature, washed my hair, washed my face, and did everything else I normally do. Then, I decided to turn the shower down as […]

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best natural hangover cure

The Best Natural Hangover Cure (For Just $5)

One of the biggest temptations that guys trying to get laid face is drinking alcohol. Whether you’re going to that posh new lounge, or the ultra sleek nightclub, there’s always a hot cocktail waitress who’s going to ask you what you want to drink. This coupled with the fact that most guys have severe approach […]

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best natural male enhancement supplements masculine development

Top 5 Best Natural Male Enhancement Supplements

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while knows that I’ve wasted literally thousands of dollars on male enhancement supplements. …and supplements claiming to increase my libido, make my loads bigger, or give me a harder boner are no exception. Every company claims that they have the best natural male enhancement supplements, but very […]

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how to get modafinil online modafinil prescription

How to Get Modafinil Prescribed By A Doctor (How I Got My 200mg Prescription)

My hands were trembling. As I sat on the old, beaten-down couch in the corner of my psychiatrist’s office, he thumbed through my files. “So you’re having trouble focusing, it sounds like?” he blurted out while intently reading through my case history. “Yeah,” I said. “It’s horrible – I can’t focus for any longer than […]

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