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Can’t Stop Thinking About Her? Here’s What You Need To Do.

can't stop thinking about her

So, you can’t stop thinking about her, huh? Yeah, we’ve all been there…

As men it can be very difficult to get over a girl. Whether she was your girlfriend, a oneitis, or even a wife, getting over a girl can be VERY difficult.

But it can be done. I know how you feel. It can be hard to stop thinking about her, whoever “she” is.

If you want to get over her though, and I believe that you do, it’s absolutely CRUCIAL that you do what I’m about to tell you.


Can’t Stop Thinking About Her?

i can't stop thinking about her

The #1 most important thing to do, when you just cant seem to get over a girl, is to go sleep with 10 other girls.

Does that sound harsh? Does it sound vulgar, blunt, and maybe even a bit cruel? Of course it does.

…but it’s 100% true. The reason you can’t stop thinking about her isn’t because she’s really that great.

Unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, and have dated dozens of Victoria’s Secret models, I guarantee you, this so called “prize” that you’re obsessing over wasn’t that great.

The reason you can’t stop thinking about her is BECAUSE you’re in a state of scarcity. You don’t know how to get laid with other girls.

You think you’re the only one who’s ever had this problem before? Of course not. Literally every man who’s ever walked the face of the earth has had this problem at least once, so you’re not alone.

Don’t think that this problem is unique to you, because it isn’t.

Every man has been in love before, including this one—and every man has had his heart broken before, including this one.

What separates the weak men from the strong men, is that the strong men know how to keep on plowing forward. So what are you going to do, my friend? It’s time to decide.


The Harsh Reality

can't stop thinking about her

As harsh as this may sound, you need to go fuck 10 other women. Stop complaining, stop whining, and stop saying that you can’t stop thinking about her. You can, and you will.

As a man it can be difficult to “rebound.” Women go through a breakup, and they already have dozens of guys texting them trying to hook up. Men, however? We have to go out and earn that right.

As men, we’re the conquerors. We’re the alpha males; the ones who go out and get what we want. We don’t have shit handed to us.

As men, we can’t just sit around and expect women to come after us (although that would be nice). We have to go out and get what we want.

In other words, we have to learn “game,” or the art of seducing women. Women simply are, whereas men have to become who they are.

Men are attracted to physical features; a woman’s face and body. Women can just flaunt these things, and have men chasing them all day long.

Women however, are attracted to personality characteristics. They want a man who knows how to pass her tests. They want a man who’s confident.

They want a man who’s an alpha male. Therein lies the problem. We are not born with these traits. We must develop them.


Learn The Game

why can't i stop thinking about her

I know that you can’t stop thinking about her, and I know that it sucks. But you must keep going onward. When you’re going through hell, keep going.

When you’ve just gone through a breakup, you will be tested as a man. Going through a breakup is a microcosm of hitting rock bottom.

It tests your emotional resilience, your motivation, and your persistence. It tests you, and you either fail as a boy or come out the other side as a man.

If you can’t stop thinking about her, go out there and fuck 10 other women. Then, see if you still have that problem.

I know that sounds harsh, I know it sounds blunt, and I know it’s not what you want to hear. But it’s the truth.

As a man, you have to do the following:

Any man who is a conqueror, but can’t do these things, will not have a good life. In order to have a happy, successful life, you must have all the foundations down pat.

You must earn a sufficient income, you must be in good physical shape, and you must have sexual abundance. These are needs, not wants.


Get it Together

when you can't stop thinking about her

Get your shit together and move out.

I don’t care whether you just have a mild crush, or went through the most gut-wrenching, worst breakup of your entire life.

You’re a man, and the responsibility lies on you to get your shit together. It’s on you to improve your life.

There is only one path as a man, and that is the path of self-improvement. You can’t stop thinking about her? Go out there and get jacked.

You can’t stop thinking about her? Start your own business and make thousands of dollars online in passive income.

You can’t stop thinking about her? Go meet other women, learn how to flirt with girls, and learn how to get laid on Tinder like a fucking boss.

The only solution to your problem is to become a better man—PERIOD. Don’t whine, don’t complain, and don’t bitch. Just get better.

Nobody cares about your sob story, nobody cares about your problems, and nobody cares about you. As a man it’s on you to get your shit together. So man up and move out.


Final Thoughts

This was shorter than most of my other articles, because there’s not much to be said. I don’t care if you just “can’t stop thinking about her.”

Get your shit together and move out, soldier.

I know this isn’t what you WANT to hear, but it’s what you NEED to hear. Nobody gives two shits about your sorry ass problems in life. You either get bitter or you get better, and today it’s on you to choose.

If you’re looking for a surefire way to 10x your attractiveness to women, bypass the bullshit, and become a world-conquering alpha male, then consider checking out my “7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity.”

I guarantee you that this “can’t stop thinking about her” bullshit will come to an end with these strategies. That’s my personal promise to you.

As always, let me know your thoughts down below. If you recently went through a breakup, realize that it does get better—if you make it better.

Don’t complain, don’t whine, don’t bitch, and don’t talk shit. Just get out there and go get shit done, man. This is Jon, and I’m reporting out.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ Why Can't I Stop Thinking About A Girl?

The reason you can't stop thinking about her is because you're too focused on women rather than your purpose. A man needs to have a purpose in life, and needs to set goals - without this masculine purpose and drive, he succumbs to base instincts and emotions.

❓ How Do I Stop Thinking About Her?

The best way to stop thinking about her, and get this girl off your mind, is to clarify your purpose. Set some goals and figure out what you want out of life, and out of your relationships - because I guarantee you aren't getting what you want out of her, if she's not into you.

❓ What Does It Mean When I Can't Stop Thinking About Her?

Usually, when you can't get a girl off your mind, it's because you aren't focused on your mission in life. Men need to focus on a mission, a purpose, a goal, or something greater than themselves, in order to derive meaning and life. Without this, you will become a sucker for chasing girls, and will consequently never be happy.

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The Night Slasher
5 years ago

The funny part about this kind of thing is, she’s probably not giving a shit and sleeping with whatever Chad she can find. Why wouldn’t guys do the same thing? I’ve had friends who had extreme cases of one-itis for a woman and when they learn the truth it destroys them. This is all in total spite to what I tell them to actually do, they will do the opposite and wind up getting hurt in the end. I’ve learned to just let blue pill beliefs in people lay where they are and let them find out the hard way. As much good advice this article is, very few will actually take it on board.

Jon Anthony
5 years ago

So true. Often times it’s our own painful experiences that force us to swallow the harsh and bitter red pill. Sometimes you can’t do anything to change someone’s mind – you just have to let them act out their beliefs and let them see what happens.

Rafe West
5 years ago

Yea man you can be a little’ve got to celebrate your freedom go to places you used to go with her and make them yours again.Hug people during the process if you didn’t before get close with people physically that helps and hey if she comes a calling (which they always do even.if it’s a year ) and reconcile is in the air grab the chance as that’s part of the healing process too as most find “hey this shit.Ain’t worth ” and it confirms the result. Spoken like a true OG

5 years ago

I had the same problem with a crush over 6 years, i can totally agree with sleeping (spending) time with other women helps with that. Also, having a crush brings you motivation that no other thing can bring, female acts as an inspiration and fuel. Totally on point, when i saw articles before talking about this i was blind but you got to lift your head and do the job. As it slowly fading, im seeing the clear picture that every man needs a women in his life to make him great… it’s not a curse. Thanks Jon, it was helpful


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