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How to Buy Modafinil Online: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (2021)

If you’re trying to buy modafinil online, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from where to get modafinil online, to modafinil reviews, and more.

Modafinil is one of the most powerful nootropics of all time, BUT there’s a lot of sites that are selling “fake modafinil,” without you knowing it.

It’s important to know where you can get high quality modafinil, and which companies to AVOID so you don’t get scammed.

In this article I will be covering how to buy modafinil on the internet, where to buy it from, and how to avoid getting scammed.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


What is Modafinil?

modafinil chemical structure

Before we get into ordering modafinil online, let’s first talk about just what modafinil is, how it works, and why it’s so widely coveted.

Modafinil was first invented in the 1990’s as a prescription medication to treat narcolepsy. BUT, people started catching onto something.

Entrepreneurs began to realize that taking modafinil gave them INSANE focus and productivity levels, so they started using it to gain an edge on their competition in business. It became especially popular among Silicon Valley tech executives, due to its sheer effectiveness [1].

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Modafinil is what’s known as a smart drug, which is basically what it sounds like. It’s a pill you take, that literally makes you smarter.

Just how does this work? Well, there’s a new class of supplements known as nootropics, which improve the way that your brain functions.

I know, I know… it’s hard to believe. I didn’t believe it either, until I started looking at the clinical research which shows how powerful it is.


Modafinil As A Nootropic

According to most research, modafinil is actually one of the best nootropics for focus, productivity, and overall brain function in existence.

In fact, researchers who published their findings in the European Journal of Psycho-Pharmacology, said the following about modafinil [2]:

“The cognitive enhancing effects of modafinil and their neural correlates are being extensively investigated… [modafinil has] beneficial effects on cognitive performance processes such as attention, learning, and memory.”

In short, modafinil is extremely effective, and if you’re looking to improve your focus in a safe and powerful way, modafinil is a great choice.


Modafinil Benefits

smart drug brain neurons

How it feels to be on modafinil

As someone who’s had a prescription to modafinil for years (and also bought it online), I can personally attest to its effectiveness.

I used modafinil to help build my $15,000/month blogging empire, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will help you improve your life, too.

With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the clinically proven benefits of modafinil, and why it’s so damn popular with entrepreneurs.

Here’s a few benefits of taking modafinil:

  • Clinically Proven
  • Powerful Nootropic
  • Very Safe Smart Drug
  • It’s Easy to Get
  • Very Few Side Effects

Modafinil quite literally changed my life—no joke. It helped me make more money, organize my life, plan, strategize, and get my shit together.


Clinically Proven

A lot of smart drugs have anecdotal evidence backing them, but very few have actually been clinically proven to the extent that modafinil has.

Dozens of studies have shown that it’s one of the most powerful nootropics out there, and plenty of studies confirm that it’s safe, too.

One meta-study, for example, conducted at the University of Oxford and cited by 139 research papers, found that modafinil consistently improves “attention, executive functions, and learning,” in those who take it [3].

In other words, one of the most prestigious universities in existence literally said that modafinil improves your ability to LEARN new things.

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Think about how important that is. Taking modafinil literally helps you LEARN FASTER! What other drugs have been proven to do that?

Another study, conducted by the Air Force Academy in South Korea, stated that “modafinil can be used by anyone, who wishes to work late, stay awake, enhance their cognitive reactions, or brighten their moods.” [4]

So, not only does modafinil improve your learning, but it helps you stay awake, stay focused, and it even improves your mood!

More and more clinical studies keep coming out each year, showing just how incredibly effective modafinil is as a smart drug.


Powerful Nootropic

Most people love modafinil because it’s a powerful nootropic that takes your brain to the next level. It’s hard to explain, but the best analogy I can think of, is that modafinil is like giving rocket fuel to your brain.

Seriously. One study, published in the prestigious Journal of European Neuro-Psychopharmacology, found that taking modafinil literally led to “significantly higher chess scores” in test subjects [5].

You know that old saying, that chess is the only game in the world that measures your IQ? Yeah—that’s how strong modafinil is.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Just , try it for yourself, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.


Very Safe Smart Drug

In all my days of taking modafinil, I’ve never heard of a single person who overdosed from taking too much of it. It just doesn’t exist.

The worst that’s ever happened to me when I take too much modafinil, is I get a bit jittery and can’t sleep well. Not much else, though.

In fact, there’s been reports on forums of people taking up to 1,000mg of modafinil per day, without any reported side effects.

Of course, I don’t recommend this, because all you need is 200mg and you will be good to go. That’s how strong modafinil is.


It’s Easy to Get

While it can be a pain in the ass to get a prescription for modafinil, nowadays you don’t have to go through all that hassle.

Back when I was 18, I got a prescription to modafinil (I give screenshot proof below). I had to go through all this work to get it.

Now, however, you can literally order modafinil online, without even having to see a doctor. Your product arrives in the mail. Simple.

Within just half an hour, you can go to any number of websites, and order pharmacy grade modafinil, that will arrive at your door in 1-2 weeks.


Very Few Side Effects

With a drug as powerful as modafinil, you’d expect for there to be a lot more side effects, wouldn’t you? Fortunately, they aren’t common.

Some people may experience the following side effects [6]:

  • Nervousness
  • Inability to Sleep
  • Headache
  • Stomach Issues

Like I said, I’ve been taking modafinil (and other nootropics) for years now, and in my experience the side effects are extremely minimal.

The only time I ever experience nervousness or stomach issues is when I take too much modafinil. For that matter however, taking too much of anything can cause these side effects. Too much coffee can make it hard to sleep and give you stomach issues.

So, that’s the good news. Even though modafinil is extremely powerful, it has very few side effects, and is also not very addictive at all.


Where to Buy Modafinil Online

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Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Okay Jon, all that clinical evidence stuff is great—but where’s the best place to buy modafinil online?”

It can be hard to find a good online vendor sometimes, which is why I’ve compiled a list of my two favorite modafinil sources.

Keep in mind that there are dozens of modafinil vendors out there, and most of them are scams that should be ignored.

That’s why, in my opinion, you should only buy modafinil from the following two vendors. I’ve tested them, and they’re both legit.


BuyModa (My Favorite Vendor)

This modafinil vendor is only a year or so old, but so far I’ve been thoroughly impressed with everything about them.

Their custom support is absolutely unparalleled. Most modafinil companies have shit service, and never reply to your emails or support requests.

buy modafinil online buymoda support

Not Buymoda, though. Not only do they have responsive email support, but they even have a live chat option that’s available to you 24/7.

In fact, I like this online vendor so much that I wrote a full Buy Moda Review, which you can go check out for more details.

That being said, here’s a few things I like about Buymoda:

  • Competitive Prices
  • Fast Shipping & Delivery
  • Huge Bitcoin Discount
  • Incredible Customer Service

They’re by far my favorite modafinil vendor out there, so if you do buy modafinil on the internet, I highly urge you to order it through them.


Competitive Modafinil Online Prices

Buymoda isn’t the cheapest vendor, but when it comes to something as important as modafinil, you definitely don’t want to skimp out.

When you order through Buymoda, you can get fully dosed, pharmaceutical grade modafinil for just $0.88 per pill when you order in bulk.

Their prices are highly competitive, and if you use the discount code “MD10” you’ll save another 10% off on your order.


Fast Shipping & Delivery

One of the BEST things about Buymoda is that they have guaranteed delivery. So, if your modafinil doesn’t arrive, you get a refund.

Buymoda offers free worldwide shipping, and best of all, if your order never arrives in the mail, they’ll literally refund your money.

buymoda shipping policy

I don’t know of a single other modafinil company that actually does this—it’s literally 100% risk free for you, regardless of your country.

In addition to this, they also ship to Canada, which is notoriously difficult to get into. They charge a fee, but hey, that’s better than nothing!

Their shipping is also very fast, considering they have to import their modafinil from India. My orders usually arrive within 3-7 days.


Huge Bitcoin Discount

As if their prices weren’t competitive enough, they also offer a 30% off discount when you order modafinil online with Bitcoin.

You don’t have to use Bitcoin, but you might want to. When done properly, it’s 100% anonymous, and no bank can “block” the transaction.

If you use the discount code “MD10” plus pay in Bitcoin, you can save 50% off your order, which is insane. If you don’t know how to buy, sell, and use Bitcoin, then read my guide to cryptocurrency investing here.


Incredible Customer Service

Buymoda has some of the best customer service on the planet, which is more than 99% of other modafinil vendors can boast.

They’ve got extremely responsive email support, and they’re the only modafinil company that has a 24/7 live chat help desk option.

I even tested it out, too—and it actually works! There’s literally someone behind the scenes to help you solve whatever you want, in real time.



ModafinilXL is another vendor that I also like. They’ve got legit pharma-grade modafinil, and best of all, very competitive prices.

In terms of speed, ModafinilXL reigns supreme. They guarantee that your order will be dispatched within just 2 hours of ordering.

That’s pretty incredible if you ask me. Within just 2 hours of ordering your modafinil, it will be shipped and on the way to your front door.

ModafinilXL is also one of the longest running modafinil vendors in the business, meaning they’re one of the safest places to buy online.

They’ve been around for several years, and they’ve gotten a great reputation for being the #1 modafinil vendor out there.

In a world where most modafinil vendors are scammers, buying from ModafinilXL is a very solid choice to make—their stuff is legit.

Their service generally focuses more on the bulk side. They’re one of the only online modafinil vendors that sells packages over 500 pills.

also offers a whopping 35% discount when you pay with Bitcoin, which knocks even more off their already good prices.

So, if you’re looking to buy less than 100 pills, your best bet is to go with Buy Moda. But, if you’re trying to buy modafinil on the internet in large quantities, go with ModafinilXL.


Modafinil Online vs. Prescription

buy modafinil online shipment order

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. “Shouldn’t I just get a prescription to modafinil? Wouldn’t that be easier, Jon?”

Well, I’ve bought modafinil online, and I’ve also had a prescription to modafinil before. I’ve done both, and here are my thoughts.

There’s really only two ways you can get modafinil:

  1. Buying It Online
  2. Getting A Prescription

There are benefits to each one, but in my opinion, even though getting a prescription is a giant hassle, it is obviously going to be safer.

I’ve already covered from a doctor’s prescription, so you might want to read that article if you haven’t already.

When you get a prescription to modafinil, you know it’s 100% legitimate, because it came from a pharmacy in your country.

That being said, sometimes it’s hard to get a prescription to modafinil, especially if your insurance is picky about off label usage.

When I first wrote that article in 2016, doctors were a lot more lenient in prescribing modafinil. They were even more lenient when I got my first prescription to modafinil, way back when in 2013.

Now, since big pharma has been catching on to this super nootropic, they’ve become far more strict in handing out prescriptions.

Personally, I have had a hard time getting a prescription to modafinil recently, which is why I’ve started buying it online.


Benefits of Buying Modafinil Online

In addition to the difficulties of getting a prescription, pharmacies overcharge like a mother fucker thanks to corporate bullshit.

Take a look at some of these ridiculous modafinil prices I found. This is for 30 tablets, so one table would cost fucking $62 at a Kroger pharmacy.

modafinil prices generic

Now, compare that to the prices at Buymoda where you get the EXACT SAME modafinil, from an Indian pharmacy, for $0.88 per pill.

Why the fuck wouldn’t you just choose to pay literally 3% of the cost, and to have it shipped directly to your door? It’s the obvious thing to do.

Now, that being said, you do NOT want to buy modafinil from any online vendor, because a lot of them are scams. If you stick with the ones I recommend however, you’ll be 100% good to go, and ready to rock.


Best Generic Modafinil Brands

modafinil prices by vendor

A lot of people get confused when they go to shop for modafinil online and they see a bunch of names like modalert, modvigil, and provigil.

Don’t worry, though—it’s actually pretty simple. Modalert and modvigil are just two different generic names for the same drug: modafinil.

See, most legit modafinil comes from one of two places:

  1. SUN Pharmaceuticals
  2. HAB Pharmaceuticals

These two pharmacies are based out of India, which due to international laws, isn’t subject to as much regulations as American pharmacies.

SUN Pharmaceuticals, based in Mumbai and founded in 1983, produces generic 200mg modafinil tablets under the name of modalert.

$0.91 Per Pill$0.75 Per Pill
200mg Dosage200mg Dosage
Sun PharmaHAB Pharma

HAB Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, was founded in 1980, and produces generic 200mg modafinil pills under the name of modvigil.

Both modalert and modvigil are the exact same thing—modafinil. They’re just two different pharmacy brand names for it.

Modalert is cheaper though, so if you do choose to buy modafinil, definitely go with the modalert. It’s only $0.88 per pill from Buymoda.


Side Effects & Safety

modafinil tablets

Like I said, I’ve been using modafinil for years now. I first got my prescription 7 years ago, and have been using it on and off ever since.

I’ve personally never had any serious side effects from modafinil, but there’s still some that you should watch out for, just to be safe.

Here are the main side effects of taking too much modafinil [7]:

  • Insomnia
  • Mild Dehydration
  • Stomach Issues

Most people who experience side effects on modafinil will experience one or two of these, especially if you’re using a modafinil stack.

Fortunately, you can easily remedy these by simply not taking modafinil too close to bed time, and by drinking lots of water throughout the day.

The less frequent, more serious side effects of modafinil include:

  • Depression
  • Tremors
  • Chest Pains
  • Vertigo
  • Rapid Heartbeat

While the vast majority of people who use modafinil will not experience these side effects, some rare individuals have reported them.

If you do start to experience chest pains or rapid heartbeat, it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately. These side effects are very rare.


Modafinil Safety Guidelines

As long as you stay within the recommended modafinil dosage, the vast majority of people will be fine. Modafinil is generally very safe.

Like I said, I’ve been taking for years now, and the worst I’ve ever experienced is some mild insomnia and jitters if I take too much.

Modafinil also has a very low potential for abuse, especially when compared to other productivity-enhancing drugs like Adderall.

In fact, the Oxford Treatment Center, which specializes in rehabilitation of patients with addiction issues, said the following about modafinil [8]:

“Modafinil does not lead to addiction or withdrawal symptoms for many, so few people develop a dependence on the drug or a tolerance to it. However, taking larger doses, especially if the dose is more than the prescribed amount, has led to some instances of tolerance to the drug.”

While I’m certainly not a doctor, and this is certainly not medical advice, most of the research suggests that modafinil is very safe overall.


Legality of Buying Modafinil Online

modafinil on book

Most people who consider ordering modafinil online have a common question. “Is it legal to buy this stuff without a prescription?”

While this will vary depending on your country, in general, buying modafinil on the internet without a prescription is in a legal “gray area.”

The laws around this will vary depending on your country, but to date, not a single person has been arrested for buying modafinil.

Of course, if you don’t have a prescription, it’s illegal for a pharmacist to SELL you modafinil. But buying it online? That’s a very legal gray zone.

Many people are concerned about what will happen if customs seizes their package, and finds out that it contains modafinil. Well, for the most part, they’ll just discard your package—they can’t prove that you ordered anything, unless you sign for it at the door.

The only thing to worry about, legally speaking, is if you’re buying thousands of dollars worth of modafinil, and re-selling it.

Aside from that though, not one person has been arrested for ordering modafinil online (to my knowledge). Still, look into your country’s laws.


Ordering Modafinil By Country

modafinil on books

Depending on the country that you live in, it may be difficult to buy modafinil on the internet. In most countries however, it’s very doable.

Generally speaking, if you live in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, or Asia, Buymoda will ship to you for free.

So, if you live in the USA, you’re in luck. It’s probably the easiest country to order modafinil in. There’s almost never a problem with customs.

If you live in any of these countries however, which have very strict customs offices, there will be a small extra charge for shipping:

  • Canada ($15 Extra)
  • United Kingdom ($9 Charge)
  • Greece ($9 Charge)
  • Switzerland ($9 Charge)
  • Ireland ($9 Charge)

There are some countries where it’s very difficult to get modafinil, however—unfortunately, you can’t get modafinil in every country (yet).


Modafinil Discount Codes

I get modafinil online all the time, so I’ve got some of the best discount codes around. I asked these guys to hook you up, and they delivered.

If you’re going to order from ModafinilXL, use the code “MD10” for 10% off.

If you’re going to order from Buy Moda, use the code “MD10” for 10% off.

Overall, Buy Moda is definitely the cheaper option. They’re my favorite vendor overall, but that being said, ModafinilXL has better bulk deals.


The Final Verdict

In summary, when you buy modafinil , you want to do it right. There’s a lot of scammers out there who will take advantage of you.

That’s why I only ever recommend you buy from ModafinilXL and Buy Moda, which are my two favorite modafinil sources.

Currently, I’m starting to like Buy Moda better. Not only do they ship faster and have a 24/7 chat box, but they’re also a lot more inexpensive.

Buymoda offers a larger discount as well (10% off when you use the code “MD10”) and their prices are already the best I can find.

All in all, I personally prefer Buy Moda, but you can buy from whichever source you prefer. What’s important is you get what’s right for you.

If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

As always, I hope you enjoyed my ultimate guide on how to buy modafinil online to up your focus and productivity, and I’ll see you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ Can You Buy Modafinil Online?

Yes, you can. You need to make sure you buy modafinil from a reputable vendor however, since many vendors sell fake modafinil and the buyers have no way to tell if it's real or not. As of now, the best source to buy modafinil online is Buy Moda.

❓ Is Legal to Buy Modafinil In The USA?

Yes, however unless you're buying thousands of pounds of modafinil, nobody will likely care. Thousands of people buy modafinil online every single day, and so far, there isn't a single documented case of anyone being charged with a crime.

❓ How Much Does Modafinil Cost?

Modafinil prices may vary depending on where you buy it online, but typically you can get good, high quality modafinil for less than $1.00 per pill. If you buy in bulk and use discount codes, you can probably get it down to $0.65 per pill or even cheaper.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, however. If anyone is selling modafinil for less than $0.50 per pill, it's probably not real. Legitimate modafinil isn't expensive, but it's not super cheap, either. Always remember that you get what you pay for.

❓ Can You Buy Modafinil From India?

Yes, you can. There's two main pharmacies that create modafinil in India, and this is where most of the world's modafinil comes from. The first pharmacy is Sun Pharma, and the second is HAB Pharma. Both produce high quality modafinil under generic names, such as Modalert and Modvigil.

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