post cycle therapy

Post Cycle Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to PCT For Beginners (2021)

Whether you’re doing steroids, SARMs, or prohormones, you’re probably going to need to do a post cycle therapy (PCT) at some point. The idea behind a PCT is simple—it gets your testosterone levels back to normal, so you don’t lose all of your cycle gains. The best PCT will change, depending on if you’re doing […]

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Prohormones 101: What They Are & How They Work (Update 2021)

I remember the first time I took prohormones. It was a cycle of 4-Androsterone and DHEA, and I was pumped. My shipment arrived in the mail, and I was ecstatic. I was ready to make some gains! Things quickly took a turn for the worse, however. After just a week on prohormones, I started having […]

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animal pak review

Animal Pak Review: Why It’s The Best Muscle Building Multivitamin in 2021

If you’ve been lifting weights for some time, you’ve no doubt heard of a product called Animal Pak, the bodybuilder’s best friend. Founded in 1977, Animal Pak has gone on to create a series of products, all geared towards amateur gym-goers and bodybuilders alike. Today, I’ll be giving my Animal Pak review, focusing on their […]

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adonis belt jon anthony

How to Get An Adonis Belt: Best Exercises, Diet, & More!

Have you ever heard of an Adonis belt? It’s the nice line you get around your waist, when you’re in REALLY good shape. In fact, most girls that I talk to say that right behind six pack abs, having an Adonis belt is the most attractive part of a man’s body. Here’s the good news… […]

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how to get laid on tinder thumbnail

How to Get Laid on Tinder: How I Banged 17 New Girls in 5 Weeks

Every guy out there wants to get laid on Tinder… that’s a fact. But, not every guy knows how to get laid on Tinder, though. Well, fortunately for you, I’ve cracked the code. Using this simple process, I’ve banged 17 new girls in just 5 weeks. …and I’m here to show you how you can, […]

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best sarms masculine development

Top 3 Best SARMs in 2021 (Bulking & Cutting Stacks Revealed)

A lot of guys have learned about SARMs recently, but they’re not quite sure which ones to take, let alone what the best SARMs are. Well, I’ve spent the past two years testing out tons of different SARMs, and I’d like to share my experience with you in this article. Today I’ll be covering the […]

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rad 140 for sale where to buy rad 140 online

RAD 140 For Sale: Where to Buy Testolone Online in 2021

If you’re trying to find RAD 140 for sale, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Jon Anthony, and I’ve tried over $1,000 worth of SARMs, to test them all out. Do you want to know the truth? Most RAD 140 for sale is absolute bullshit. It’s fake. …but, with that in mind, […]

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ligandrol for sale jon anthony where to buy ligandrol

Ligandrol For Sale: Where to Buy LGD-4033 Online in 2021

If you want to buy Ligandrol online, you need to be very careful. There’s a ton of SARMs scammers out there who want nothing more than your money. In fact, I would say that 85% of companies with Ligandrol for sale, are 100% garbage. But, with that in mind, here’s my honest review of where […]

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Ostarine For Sale: Where to Buy MK-2866 Online in 2021

If you want to buy Ostarine online, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been taking SARMs for the past two years, and have researched every supplier on the market… Before you buy Ostarine online, you need to be aware of the scammers out there. Don’t fall prey to their tactics. In this guide, I’ll […]

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sarms for sale

SARMs For Sale: 3 Known Scammers EXPOSED! (Read This First)

If you googled “SARMs for sale,” or “best place to buy SARMs,” you’ve come to the right place. Do a quick search around, and you’ll see everyone and his brother recommending SARMs. Unfortunately, most of the companies out there that sell SARMs are complete garbage. Yep—absolute pure fucking JUNK. In fact, I know of at […]

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