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The Way of Men Summary: The 4 Tactical Virtues of Men

A lot of men struggle with what it means to be a man—and it’s hard to blame them. In an age where masculinity is crushed out of boys at a young age, where being assertive and strong are looked down upon by the masses of weak hordes, and where toxic political correctness is pushed down our throats, it’s hard for us to get in touch with our masculinity.

Our society has no coming of age rituals, it has no strong male role models, and it has no traditional gender role which men are expected to adhere to.

In other words, modern man is lost, and struggling to define himself; he is struggling to get in touch with his masculinity.

Consequently, countless philosophers and authors have written on the topic of masculinity. Some say that masculinity is having a lot of body hair. Others say it’s in how many girls you sleep with. Or maybe it’s how much you make, or how nice your car is?

None of these are true. They’re bi-products of a capitalist, consumerist society that wants men to buy the latest car, watch, or other status symbol. Here’s how to define masculinity on a primal level.

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4 Best Muscle Building Supplements (According to Science)

When it comes to the best muscle building supplements on the market, you can bet your ass that I know the facts inside and out.

I spent nearly 2 years working at a supplement store, so I know my shit—I’ve tried damn near every bodybuilding pill and powder out there.

From rare Chinese herbs claiming to extend your life by 40 years, to a funky mushroom that grows on the backs of caterpillars native to the Andes, I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on workout supplements.

And do you know what? Most of that money was wasted on crappy products that don’t work. But, there are some that do work—you just have to know which ones.

That’s why I’ve made this list for you. I remember when I first started getting into bodybuilding—I was completely clueless.

I got scammed on numerous occasions by GNC reps who promised to help me build muscle, and I got lost thousands of dollars in the process.

It wasn’t until many years later that I started to figure out which ones were actually worth my time, and which are worth YOURS!

So, with that in mind, I’d like to present to you my top bodybuilding supplements on the market, to maximize your muscle gains.

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The #1 Best Morning Routine for Massive Success in Life

Ask anyone who’s successful: “What’s your morning routine?” and they almost always have a very specific answer.

Whether it’s going for a jog, hitting the gym, reading the paper, or meditating, every single successful person has some form of a morning ritual.This is not coincidental, it’s for a reason.

A good morning routine will get you started on the right foot; it will prime your mind to focus on what’s important, get you into a good mood, and fill your body with energy. For any man trying to change his life, I recommend you start by simply implementing a morning routine.

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