Approved Resources

Welcome to the approved resources page! This is where I post the best of the best shit that I've personally tested, experimented with, and found to be very helpful in improving my life.

Here I'll recommend anything that changed my life, and that I believe will change yours, too - things to help you build muscle faster, focus better, make more money, date more attractive women, and much, much more.

This is also where I keep a catalogue of discount codes (my gift to you). By buying the items below, you're helping to support this website and keep it free of advertisements - so thanks a whole bunch, friend!

Best Self-Enhancement Products

SARMs (Get Jacked Fast)

A safer (and legal) version of steroids. This stuff is the absolute best way to transform your body in just 2-3 months.

  • Legal Steroids - Basically a Legal (and Safer) Form of Steroids
  • Build Muscle - Rapidly Pack on Pounds of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Shred Fat - Finally Get Those Six Pack Abs You Deserve

DISCOUNT: Use The Code "MD10" For 10% Off!

Modafinil (Huge Brain Boost)

Basically genius intelligence in a pill. The strongest smart drug known to man. Just one pill and you'll be good for 24 hours.

  • Smart Drug - Easily The Strongest Smart Drug Out There
  • Laser Focus - Accomplish Task After Task For Hours on End
  • Unlocked Mind - Experience What True Genius Feels Like

DISCOUNT: Use The Code "MD10" For 10% Off!

Gorilla Mind Rush/Smooth

Not as strong as modafinil, but far safer, and will still give you great focus and overall brain support for the entire day.

  • Improved Memory - Recall Information & Learn Things Faster
  • Enhanced Focus - Experience All-Day Productivity & Focus
  • Less Anxiety - Powerful Ingredients That Improve Mood 

Tactical Soap (Get Laid)

I use this soap every day and women fucking love it. This soap has pheromones in it, so women literally get horny when they smell it (Jon Anthony tested & approved).

  • Stay Clean - Effectively Wipes Off Grime & Dirt For Clean Skin
  • Fresh Scent - Smell The Cool, Crisp Scent of Ocean Breeze
  • Pheromones - Powerful Chemicals That Arouse Women 

Swannies (Deep Sleep)

Have trouble falling asleep? These glasses block "blue light" which stimulates your brain to produce natural melatonin. Just wear them for 30 minutes before bed, and you'll see.

  • Natural Melatonin - Get On A Healthy Sleep Schedule
  • Deeper Sleep - Experience A More Restorative, Peaceful Sleep
  • Enhanced Productivity - Wake Up Refreshed The Next Day

Brain FM (Deep Focus)

Hack your brain's neural frequency by using binaural beats. They play two different frequencies in each ear (it sounds like music), to bring your brain into an enhanced state.

  • More Productivity - Pure, Unhindered Productivity & Focus
  • Works FAST - Feel The Difference in Just 15 Minutes or Less
  • Buddhist Mindset - Train Your Brain to Meditate 10x Deeper

Phenibut (Anxiety Relief)

The best cure for approach anxiety, social anxiety, and anxiety in general. Imagine the feeling of being drunk, without the sloppiness, or impairment. That's basically what this is.

  • Anxiety Relief - Imagine Feeling 100% Tranquil & At Ease
  • Social Confidence - Eliminate All of Your Social Anxiety
  • Total Relaxation - Use it to Sleep, to Socialize, & Much More!

DISCOUNT: Use The Code "MD10" For 10% Off!

Best Supplements & Gym Stuff

gorilla mode pre workout

#1 Pre-Workout Supplement

Just 2 scoops of this stuff before you hit the gym and you'll be breaking your personal records in no time. Chalk-filled with ingredients to boost focus, strength, endurance, and more.

  • Better Pumps - Ingredients to Enhance Blood Flow & Pumps
  • Laser Focus - 350mg of Caffeine & Other Potent Ingredients
  • More Energy - Endless Energy to Blast Through Your Workout

#1 Testosterone Booster

The best supplement for boosting testosterone on the market right now. Use it as a SARMs Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), or just use it alone to increase your testosterone levels.

  • Proven Ingredients - Backed By Research, Shown to Work
  • Boosted Libido - Higher Sex Drive, Energy, & Aggression
  • SARMs PCT - A Great Option to Use As Post Cycle Therapy

#1 Toughest Watch

The best watch on the planet right now. It's tough, rugged, and incredibly useful. Time your rest in between sets, time your meditation sessions, and more. Damn near invincible watch.

  • Incredibly Tough - I've Dropped 100lb Dumbbells On It Before
  • Extremely Useful - Adjustable Stopwatch to Time Anything
  • Waterproof - Shock Proof, Heat Proof, and even MUD Proof!

Best Financial & Success Tools

Coinbase (Trade Crypto)

The easiest & most secure cryptocurrency exchange there is. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and dozens of other cryptocurrencies for competitive market rates.

  • Secure Wallet - Safely Store Your Bitcoin & Other Cryptos
  • Exchange Coins - Buy & Sell Dozens of Crypto Currencies
  • Free $10 - Get $10 of Free Bitcoin When You Sign Up Today!

Coinigy (Analyze Markets)

The best tool for analyzing cryptocurrency markets. Predict future price action with a wide array of tools, indicators, and charting functions. I use this almost every day.

  • Live 24/7 News - Get Alerts to Relevant Cryptocurrency News
  • Cross-Exchange Integration - Dozens of Crypto Exchanges
  • Free Account - It's 100% Free to Sign Up & Start Using!

Site Ground (Start A Blog)

Want to start a 6-figure blog like me? Sign up with Site Ground for extremely inexpensive, reliable, and fast domain hosting, so you can get your website off the ground ASAP!

  • Inexpensive Hosting - Literally Less Than $7 Per Month
  • Fast & Reliable - I've Used Site Ground for 2+ Years Now
  • Start A Blog - Get Your Blog Online in Less Than 15 Minutes

Aweber (Email Marketing)

The best email marketing platform on the planet. 10x your blogging revenue by building an email list - a private army of die-hard, loyal fans who will read everything you send them!

  • Free Account - Get Started For Literally Nothing At All
  • Highly Scalable - 100,000+ Email List Enterprise Level Plans
  • Best Channel - Email Traffic is Still The Most Profitable 

Best Books For Men

Prometheus Rising

masculine development prometheus rising

I attribute most of my personal growth to this book. It's essentially a manual on how your mind works, and how to reprogram it. This is my #1 most recommended book.

The Millionaire Fastlane

masculine development millionaire fastlane

This is by far the best book on business, because it outlines the underlying business models. Even after being in business for 3+ years, I still learned a ton from this book.

Power vs. Force

masculine development power vs force

This is one of my favorite books of all time, because it outlines the underlying forces and causes that drive the whole universe. It will change your entire perspective on life.

Gratitude Journal

masculine development gratitude journal

Technically this isn't a "book," but I always start my day off by journaling in this book. It's got a template to fill out, and if you do it everyday, it will drastically increase your happiness.