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If you want success in all areas of your life, it isn’t enough to just read my blog. Yes, it certainly helps in a big way, but you also need to utilize other resources out there to get the best results. Every single thing that I recommend, both here and on this blog, I personally own and love. I would not recommend anything that I haven’t seen great results from.

At no expense to you, I get a small commission for each sale that I generate. I do not recommend products, because they pay me. I recommended products that I loved from the start, and later on figured I might as well get paid to do it.

Top 5 Must 

For a full list of books that I recommend click here.

1. Prometheus Rising - by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson. This book actually went out of print for over half a decade, but was brought back into print last month. This is, hands down, the best book on how to use your mind in existence. It's based off of the work of the infamous Dr. Timothy Leary, a psychologist at Harvard, who develop an "8 Circuit" model to understand consciousness. This book will literally teach you how robotized 99% of human beings are, and how you can re-program your mind to do whatever you want.

2. The Power of Now - by Eckhart Tolle. This book literally changed my life. Upon reading it, I had an experience known as "ego death," which is where you experience an intense revelation and become sick for several days after. I didn't know it at the time, but what happened was the book caused me to realize that I had based my life around an entire personality that wasn't even me. That depressed, anxious, angry victim-complex self died off within literally a matter of seconds, due to this book. I highly recommend taking your time to read it.

3. The Way of the Superior Man - by David Deida. This book is basically the "how to" manual for a man's life. It touches upon subjects such as your work, your love life, and your purpose. This book was very life-changing for me, simply because it added a more spiritual lens to masculinity. It made me realize that being a man is more than just physical; it's also psychological. He talks about how as a man, you're only truly happy when you're living your purpose. He talks about how women will try to test you, and draw you away from your purpose, and what to do when it happens. He talks about a lot of things that I believe every young man should know by heart. It's a must read.

4. The Way of Men - by Jack Donovan. In sharp contrast to #3, this novel takes an entirely primal approach to defining masculinity. Jack Donovan postulates that to be a man means to embody four virtues: strength, courage, mastery, and honor. He discusses how these were the "core four" virtues that held tribes of men together, and how these things are disappearing in our modern society. If you're struggling with what it means to be a man, I highly urge you to read this book.

5. Think and Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill. This book is all about how to achieve your goals and make money. The premise is actually incredibly simple: everyone who's gotten rich has done so from a simple idea. Think about it: Carnegie, Buffett, Gates, did they all get rich? It all started with a simple idea that they made a reality. That's how wealth is created: it starts with an idea. This book teaches you the power of your thoughts, and how they influence your reality, AND how to get anything that you want in life (if you're willing to follow the book's advice).

Smart Drugs That Actually Work!

Smart drugs are perhaps one of the best investments that a man could make; after all, you do everything with your mind, don't you? You use it to make money, figure out which workout routine you should do, you use it to remember things, to process information. A better mind means a better life.

1. Alpha Brain - This one comes first on the list due to the substantial amount of research backing it up, in addition to how safe it is (it's very safe). That doesn't mean it's not extremely effective, however. I've been taking this stuff for years, and I love it. It makes writing and speaking so much more fluid; I can easily articulate my thoughts in a manner that's clear and precise. It helps me remember more, sounds are more crisp, and it gives me CRAZY ass lucid dreams (when I dose right before bed).

2. Modafinil - Modafinil is probably the most effective nootropic in existence. It will give you RAZOR-SHARP focus for literally 14 hours straight, and increase your intelligence by an extremely noticeable amount. I recommend you get a prescription from your doctor. As a side note, there's some weird Eastern European gene that roughly 20% of Slavs have, that makes modafinil ineffective for you. So if it doesn't work for you, that's probably why.

3. Coffee + L Theanine - Coffee in and of itself is a very powerful cognitive enhancer, but when you combine it with L-Theanine? Man, you've got something else entirely. Don't ask me about the science on this one, because I'm not quite sure, but L-Theanine somehow works synergystically with coffee in order to create a smoother, less jittery, more focused caffeine rush. I recommend consuming 200mg (about 1/8th tsp) of L-Theanine per cup of coffee. I recommend using BulkSupplement's L-Theanine and Red Coffee (if you can't find a good local roast).

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Supplements to Help You Relax

I believe in a two part cure for people that are stressed out. On one hand, you should meditate, learn to re-program your subconscious mind, and live a lifestyle that minimizes stress. On the other hand, sometimes even the most level-headed person gets stressed out and needs some chemical assistance. Here's what I recommend for helping with depression, anxiety, and feeling stressed out or overwhelmed.

1. New Mood - another supplement by Onnit. I've been a big fan of them ever since I heard Joe Rogan (host of fear factor, UFC commentator, and podcaster) recommend it. When I take New Mood, it's almost like a natural high; I just get a pleasant, mellow feeling, like everything is going to be alright. It helps take the edge off when I'm stressed out with business, finances, or whatever else. Like alpha brain, this is also the safest supplement to help you relax on this list. But again, that doesn't mean it isn't very powerful. I wouldn't still buy it to this day if I didn't feel a noticeable difference.

2. Kratom - I'm a huge fan of kratom for multiple things. Depending on the strain, you can either use it as a pre-workout, as a stimulant to be productive, or as a way to relax. For relaxation, I'd recommend "burning" 4g (if it's your first time) of a slow strain. Kratom stimulates the delta-opioid receptors in your brain, which causes a deep sense of relaxation. This is the most powerful supplement for relaxation that I recommend, but with great power, comes great responsibility (cheesy, I know). Don't fuck around with the stuff. Rotate strains, and make sure to have some off days in between so that you don't develop a tolerance.

Supplements for Building Muscle

masculine development body of an alpha

This is me

In addition to being an avid supplement sampler, I also worked at a GNC-like store when I was in college, so I have a lot of experience when it comes to supplements. Most of them are garbage, but there's a few gems out there.

1. Creatine - Creatine has been shown in numerous studies to improve athletic performance and explosive strength. It's also fantastic for your brain, your joints, and putting on muscle mass. Creatine was one of the first supplements that I started using, and I could feel results almost immediately; studies have even shown to increase your strength by 15% in just 5 days. That's fucking massive compared to literally 99% of other supplements. The only comparable "supplement" that I can think of that has this amount of an impact would be steroids. I HIGHLY recommend taking 5 grams a day with a high carbohydrate meal if you're trying to bulk up.

2. T+ Total Strength and Performance - Yet another supplement by Onnit. Can you tell how much I love their shit by now? I've also been taking T+ for years (on and off, because you have to cycle it), and have been very impressed with the results. I always take it 30 minutes before my workouts and end up SLAYING it at the gym. It's got a ton of great, natural testosterone boosting ingredients like Longjack, BioPerine, and Stinging Nettle Root, and it's even been clinically proven to increase your strength 36% faster than placebo.

3. Animal Pak - imagine a bunch of bodybuilders sitting around a table one day, complaining about how most multivitamins are made for the average man. Then, imagine that they decided to make a multivitamin SPECIFICALLY for bodybuilders, guys who subject their bodies to massive wear and tear on a regular basis. Well, that's basically what Animal Pak is. It's loaded with a ton of vitamins and minerals to help you recover faster, amino acids, liver-protection ingredients, testosterone boosting ingredients, an antioxidant complex, and even a digestive enzyme complex. It's my "all in one" multi-vitamin. I've been taking it for years and the first time I tried it, I noticed a huge difference in my mental performance and physical performance after just a few days.

4. Whey Protein/Mass Gainer - If you're trying to build on muscle mass, and get a lean, shredded physique, I recommend either taking Onnit's Dolce Whey (if you have the money) or ON's Gold Standard Whey (if you're on a budget). If you're trying to get MASSIVE as fuck, I highly recommend Mutant Mass. Both of these will work for your respective goals. When I was trying to get shredded last summer, I switched over from a mass gainer to a whey protein concentrate (like the ones I recommend). It's a great whey (haha, not funny) to get in an extra 25 to 50 grams of protein post-workout, when your muscles are starved for fast digesting protein. On the other hand, when I was bulking up over the winter, I tried Mutant Mass, and HOLY SHIT this stuff is delicious. It literally tastes like a milkshake, the ingredients are extremely high quality, and it's got a whopping 1,060 calories per serving. If you're trying to pack on slabs of muscle, I highly recommend it.

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Badass Gym Gear

As I've said before about clothing and accessories, I'm a huge fan of buying quality over quantity. I don't see what the point is in buying a bunch of low quality garbage, and if you ask me, it's cheaper to buy several nice pairs of clothing than having to constantly replace your cheap $25 shorts that always rip and tear.

1. G-Shock Digital Watch - I'm a huge fan of G-Shock watches, because they're virtually indestructible. They're mud-resistant, water-proof, shock-resistant, and can withstand a beating. I've had mine for around two years now, and despite subjecting it to extreme temperatures, bashing it around on barbells, and submerging it in salt-water, it's completely fine. They also have a great warranty, and they're very cheap to get repaired. I love this watch for timing literally anything; it has two separate stopwatches, and one countdown timer. I use it to time my rest in between sets, times that I last ate, how long I've been fasting for, how long I last in bed, how long to use my french press for, and virtually everything else. I cannot recommend this watch enough; you'll start to realize just how many things you could've used a timer for once you buy it.

2. Onnit Optimization 1.0 Shorts - One pair of these guys will run you a pretty penny, but they're extremely high quality. They've got built in compression shorts, so that when you're doing squats or running around or practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or whatever, your underwear and junk don't show. The compression short part is very snug, but the outer shorts are very loose fitting, which makes it perfect to work out in. They're stretchy, but not too stretchy, there's two pockets with zippers, which I love because my iPod always falls out when I'm doing leg presses, and they're all black, which means you can match it with virtually anything else. I highly recommend these shorts.

Great Websites

Here's a few other high quality blogs that I like:

Bold and Determined - The classic motivational blog for men. Victor Pride is a great writer, and he gives great advice from years of experience. He doesn't blog as much anymore, because he's working on live meetups and his supplement company, but the archives are rich with gems.

Danger and Play - Another classic motivational blog for men, with more of an emphasis on health and women. Mike Cernovich, creator of D&P, is a successful lawyer, blogger, entrepreneur, and documentary filmmaker, among other things. Check out his blog.

/TheRedPill/ - This subreddit is filled to the brim with interesting posts, information, infields, and practical advice. It's a great resource to explain many of the basic concepts that game revolves around.