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7 Common IOI’s Every Guy Should Know

Tons of guys are lost when it comes to girls. “Why are they so complicated?” they proclaim. “Why do girls always give me mixed signals?” they’ll say. Funny enough, girls actually aren’t that complicated…that is, if you know what indicators of interest to look for.

Guys are pretty upfront with their attraction. In fact, girls know whether a guy is attracted to them or not pretty much immediately. For guys however, it’s a little bit trickier—girls don’t broadcast their attraction as much as guys do.

That’s why learning to spot “IOI’s” or “Indicators of Interest” is critically important if you want to be successful with women. The best PUA’s often aren’t even successful because they’re that attractive. Instead, they’re just really good at seeing IOI’s and seizing the opportunity.

There’s dozens of IOI’s that you should eventually learn about, but as it turns out there’s actually only a few really critical IOI’s to look out for. If you spot a girl giving you any single one of these signs, the odds that she wants you are almost 100%. Here goes.


1. Deep Eye Contact

indicators of interest deep eye contact

“The eyes are a window to the soul.” -William Shakespeare

This one’s probably the obvious IOI there is, and even still tons of guys don’t take the hint. If a girl is “eye fucking” you to put it bluntly—staring deeply into your soul, and she WON’T break eye contact, this is a definite sign that she’s into you.

In fact, this is probably the #1 most reliable indicator of interest out there. If she’s staring DEEPLY into your eyes for extended periods of time, this is almost a 100% guarantee that she wants you to talk to her. If you play your cards right, sex is very likely to happen.


2. She Touches You

indicators of interest kino touching

Again, this is another one that seems very obvious, but tons of guys don’t pick up on it. Any time a girl is heavily touching you during conversation, it’s typically a good sign that she’s into you and wants the interaction to go further.

“Touching you” doesn’t even have to be sexual—in fact, most of the time it’s not. It can be something as simple as her touching your shoulder when she’s talking to you, or brushing against your hand with hers. Any physical contact is a good IOI.


3. She Plays With Her Hair

indicators of interest playing with hair

This is another great sign that a girl is really into you. Not every girl do it, but when she does it’s a great sign that she likes you. In evolutionary biology terms, this is what’s called “grooming,” AKA she’s trying to make herself look pretty for the alpha male.

As much as modern day gender benders and biology-deniers want to ignore this fact, we are hardwired to exhibit signs of attraction…and a girl playing with her hair is one of them. It’s basically a subconscious signal saying: “You’re hot. I want to look good for you, so you think I’m hot too.”


4. She Giggles Incessantly

indicators of interest laughing

As the old saying goes, if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. Unfortunately for beta males and non-PUA’s, this is 100% the case. Laughter is a very powerful weapon in any seducer’s arsenal, and you would do yourself well to practice learning some humor.

If you catch her laughing at all of your jokes, even if they’re not funny in the slightest, she’s probably into you. This is one of the more obvious and telltale indicators of interest, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate than the others. In fact, anytime I can get a girl giggling I know it’s on, and I know she’s into it.


5. She Shit Tests You

indicators of interest ios testing

A lot of guys interpret shit tests in a negative light, but the truth is that they’re actually not a bad thing. In fact, I think that shit tests are a GOOD THING, because they show that she’s interested enough to test you. She wants to know more.

Shit tests come in many forms, but there’s really only two main ways that you pass them:

  1. Amplify the Frame
  2. Re-Frame the Frame

When a girl gives you a shit test, it’s her way of saying “I’m interested in you, but I want to know more.” She wants to see if you’ll be able to pass her shit tests with flying colors, and what you say in this moment determines whether she’ll be repulsed by your needy vibes, or drawn in by your alpha male frame.


6. She Calls You A Player

indicators of interest iois player shit test

Funny enough, most guys would backtrack if a girl calls them a player. “Oh, no—I’m not a player! I promise, I’m a good guy.” This can work if you say it jokingly, with sarcasm radiating from your bones, but oddly enough this is actually a sign that she’s into you. Want to know why?

When she says “you’re a player,” what she’s really saying is “you’re so attractive I bet you have 50 other girls that want you.” It’s basically her just affirming the fact that you’re attractive, hence it’s a major IOI. To be frank I could’ve classified this as a shit test, since in many ways it is, but I decided to give this IOI it’s own little section, because it’s very powerful and accurate.


7. She Qualifies Herself to You

indicators of interest iois qualification game pua

This one is a little bit more nuanced than the others, but it’s one of the most powerful indicators of interest out there. For any PUA who’s unaware, qualification is basically when a girl tries to prove herself to you. It can come in many different forms, but fundamentally it’s her trying to say “I’m good enough.”

Qualification can be her sending you nudes, to prove to you that she’s hot. It can be her agreeing with everything you say, and easily falling into your frame. It can even be her trying to hold herself to your standards (eg if you say you like smart girls, she starts coming up with reasons why she’s a smart girl).


Indicators of Interest: The Bottom Line

iois indicators of interest how to get game

In conclusion, these are some of the most powerful IOI’s out there. I chose these seven for their obviousness and their accuracy—if a girl gives you any one of these clear indicators of interest, there’s a very good chance that she’s into you.

Deep eye contact, playing with her hair, touching you, brushing up against you, and qualifying herself to you. These are all really good signs that she’s into you, and the more of these signs that she shows you, the MORE she’s into you.

Once you learn to recognize these signs, you’ll see how easy it is to get laid a lot. Most guys don’t get laid a lot simply because they don’t recognize the tell tale indicators of interest that girls communicate to them. Once you understand this, getting girls is like shooting fish in a barrel.

All in all, I hope you guys enjoyed the article. Sure, there’s plenty more indicators of interest that a girl could give you, but this is a pretty good list to start with. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to let me know down below—and as always, I’ll see you next time.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ Are Indicators of Interest Misleading?

Sometimes girls will act like they're interested in you, when they're really not. That's why you need to get good at recognizing real indicators of interest, so you can tell whether or not she's attracted to you.

❓ What Are Some PUA IOI Examples?

One example of an IOI might be that a girl looks up and down at your body. Another might be that she plays with her hair when she's around you. One of the strongest IOI's is that she giggles at everything you say.

❓ What Are IOI's (Indicators of Interest)?

An indicator of interest, or an IOI in pickup artist terminology, is a sign that a girl gives you when she's interested in you. The more IOI's that a girl gives you, the more sexually attracted to you she is.

❓ How to Tell if A Girl is Interested in You

If you want to know whether a girl is attracted to you or not, simply look for the indicators of interest, or IOI's. These might be things like she plays with her hair, she giggles at all your jokes, or maybe she brushes up against you lightly sometimes.

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