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The 5th Energetic Law of the Universe (Ignore At Your Own Peril)


positive energy

I’m back at it, guys. After a 2 month long hiatus, I’m finally ready to start writing again—and today I’ve got a pretty epic article for you.

After writing previously about the 4th energetic law of the universe, I got a ton of guys telling me how interesting they thought it was, and asking me to write more about it. So, me not being one to disappoint my followers, I’ve got another article on the energetic laws for you guys.

The 4th energetic law of the universe states that “like attracts like.” This is why when you learn to design your life around things that are positive, that give you good emotions, and that are focused on generosity and creativity, your life tends to naturally start improving all by itself. It’s also why when guys draw a bunch of negative stuff into their life (bad girlfriends, stressful jobs, etc.), their life tends to naturally start getting worse.

…and while the 4th energetic law of the universe is still crucial to understand, without understanding the 5th energetic law of the universe, you might as well be fumbling around in the dark.


The 5th Energetic Law

positive energy

The 5th energetic law, despite its massive importance, is actually quite simple. It’s so simple, in fact, that when I tell you what it is, you may even think something like: “Well, yeah. Isn’t that obvious?” Despite this, however, most people violate it:

“Low vibration energy seeks YOU out. If you want high vibration energy, you have to seek IT out.”

That’s it. Things such as greed, anger, envy, and depression tend to seek us out. It doesn’t matter whether or not we want them in our lives, they have a way of sneaking their way in, without our consent. High vibration energy, though? Things like happiness, joy, friendship, and love? We have to seek those out ourselves.

Despite the simplicity of the 5th energetic law of the universe, only around 1% of the population is conscious enough to use it.

Think about it—how many people just sit around, expecting to:

  • Magically find the girl of their dreams, without learning game
  • Attain financial freedom, without working to attain it
  • Get a chiseled physique, without actually putting in hard work at the gym
  • Gain a sense of fulfillment, without actively striving to find their purpose

In my experience as a life coach and blogger, this is literally the reality of most people. They don’t understand, however, that failure is the default! Low vibration energy is the default—you have to put in EFFORT to attain good things in life, they don’t just magically come because you use the “law of attraction,” or whatever.


Combining the 4th and 5th Laws

positive energy

If you recall, the essence of the 4th law was this: like attracts like. This is often called the “law of attraction,” in new age circles, but that isn’t entirely accurate. See, the law of attraction basically implies that things will just magically come into your life if you want them to—that’s where the whole idea of making a vision board comes from.

Obviously, however, this is not the case—you can’t just “wish” for something to happen. Just because you’re really positive and “high vibration,” doesn’t mean that high vibration things will naturally work their way into your life.

This is why it’s crucial to combine both the 4th and 5th energetic laws of the universe. Without the 4th law, you’re blind; yet without the 5th law, you’re lame.

If you don’t understand the 4th law, you won’t be able to distinguish between the two different types of energy:

  • High Vibration Energy
    • Emotions like joy, happiness, love, fellowship, and gratitude.
    • Actions like moving up, improving, giving, and offering service
  • Low Vibration Energy
    • Emotions like fear, guilt, anger, and jealousy
    • Actions like moving down, degrading, selfishly taking, and complaining

The 4th law allows you to see the difference between these two types of energies in your life, from relationships to business to everything in between. The 5th law, however, is what enables you to take action—without the 5th law, nothing will actually change.


Resolving the Paradox

positive energy

Now I know what you may be thinking: “Wait, Jon—so the 4th law says if you’re positive, you’ll attract positive energy, but the 5th says that you have to seek out positive energy!”

…and this is a good point. How is it that you attract what you are, and yet negative energy seeks YOU out? Well, there’s a few things to realize here, but the most important thing is to realize that every single philosophy, every single theory, every single “map of reality,” so to speak, is just that…a map. It’s not ACTUALLY reality, it’s just a convenient way to understand it.

Don’t take these “laws of energy,” as scientific laws—rather they’re dynamic, “big picture,” type laws. They don’t deal in specifics, but rather in generalities—generally speaking, if you’re very high vibration, you’ll attract a lot of high vibration into your life. That doesn’t mean that negative energy won’t seek you out, though.

This is the fundamental difference between high and low vibration energy. With high vibration energy, you have to make an effort to attract it; with low vibration energy, it will make an effort to attract YOU.

As an example, you can have your entire life together—you can be physically fit, wealthy, and happy, with an amazing girlfriend. This is the result of actively seeking out positive, high vibration energy. BUT, and here’s what’s key, that doesn’t mean that negative energy still won’t seek you out. Negative, low-vibration energy can come in many forms, such as:

  • Thoughts
    • “Maybe instead of going to the gym today, I should just take it easy.”
    • “I hate how my wife always does [X].”
  • Emotions
    • Feeling depressed, because you didn’t make as many sales today
    • Feeling anxious, because you’re worried about something that’s unlikely to happen
  • Physical Temptations
    • A hot secretary who works for you has been hitting on you
    • That fast food restaurant you see every day on your way to work

Do you see the point? These things tend to seek us out, even if we’re positive, happy, joyful, and generally aligned with high vibration energy. This is why success is really a matter of having firm boundaries, or cutting bullshit out of your life. In a lot of ways, success is just as much what you seek out, as it is what you AVOID.


The 5th Law and Avoiding Failure

positive energy

Once you recognize that negative energy will actively seek you out and tempt you, you’re able to create a “castle,” so to speak. You want to have a moat and gate around your castle, which is meant to keep good things in and keep bad things out. I’ll go more in depth later, but for now just realize that failure is the default.

Failure and negativity will ALWAYS seek you out—this is why you must develop resilience and will power to keep it at bay. One of my mentors said something to me a while ago, which I didn’t understand at the time, but now makes plenty of sense to me:

“Success is like climbing a muddy mountain. Even when you get to the top, if you stop working, you’ll slowly slide down.”

In other words, you have to actively work to bring success into your life, and you have to actively work to keep it in your life. It isn’t enough to just hope for it to come into your life, you have to take decisive action. It isn’t enough for you to just become successful, you have to keep working to maintain it.

The 5th law is applicable to every single area of your life—relationships, health and fitness, business, and mental health. If you don’t maintain it, you’ll lose it. If you don’t actively seek it out, you won’t get it. The default is low vibration energy.

You know the old saying: “Use it, or lose it,” right? Well, that’s basically the 5th energetic law of the universe. If you don’t actively strive to seek out high vibration energy, it will slowly creep out of your life; and, what’s worse, is that low vibration energy, or negative energy, will slowly creep it’s way INTO your life!


How to Design A High Vibration Lifestyle

positive energy

If you recall, I used the analogy of a castle—I think this is, in many ways, a good analogy for attaining success in all areas of your life. Remember that the castle has two purposes: to protect and keep in the things that you love, and to defend against, and keep OUT the things that you don’t want. In other words, it’s a structure that keeps positive energy in and negative energy out.

This is what successful people realize, that you DON’T! It’s extremely important to have STRUCTURES that keep good things in, and bad things out.

“What do you mean structures, Jon? What’s a structure that keeps good things in and bad things out?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are some examples of various structures that you can use in your life:

  • Structures to keep positive energy in
    • Clubs that meet every week
    • Social circles that you hang out with
    • Jobs that help others while making you money
    • Having Amazon automatically deliver your supplements every month
    • Having the habit of always going to the gym no matter what
  • Structures to keep negative energy out
    • Having a morning routine and night time routine for success
    • Only having roommates that are good for you
    • Not having any junk food in your house that might tempt you
    • Practicing gratitude daily

Do you see the point? The idea is that you want to automate your life, so to speak, so that these structures naturally draw in positive energy and keep out negative energy. Having a club that meets every week is a structure, because it happens regularly—it provides you with a weekly opportunity to engage in something you enjoy.

Having Amazon automatically deliver multi-vitamins for bodybuilding or whatever supplements you take, ensures that your “default,” so to speak, is a higher level of health. Having a job that helps others, while simultaneously making you money, is something you’ll do automatically every single day, that keeps the activities of service and giving in your life.

Likewise, having only health food in your house, is a way to avoid temptation and low vibration food (chips, cake, candy, soda, etc.). Practicing gratitude daily is a way to ward off negative thoughts and pessimism. Only having roommates that are positive and on the path of success, will ensure that you’re not surrounded by negative people or low vibration energy.

The big lesson to take away here is that it’s important to develop structures that will keep positive energy in and negative energy out—this way, you don’t have to put in as much effort yourself constantly doing so.


Example With Health

positive energy

As I said before, the 5th energetic law of the universe applies to everything—let’s use a specific example though, to help clarify. When I was training for the photoshoot that you see above, it was very important that I followed the 5th law. I understood that laziness and low vibration energy would ACTIVELY seek me out, so I had to be better.

There was plenty of negative energy that sought me out—junk food temptations, not wanting to go to the gym, getting jealous of other guys that were more jacked, and so on and so forth.

Because I understood the 5th law, however, I was able to counteract it. Junk food is going to tempt me? That’s fine, I just won’t buy any junk food—if I get cravings when I’m at home, I’ll just open up my pantry and have some dried fruit and almonds or something. I always get tempted to buy a crappy, sugar-filled snack at the gym? I’ll bring some high quality whey protein and a couple of bananas with me, to speed up post-workout recovery AND avoid temptation.

I’m going to get lazy some days, and not want to go to the gym? Well that’s just fine with me, because I know how to beat it; I know how to draw motivation into my life. Just drink a borderline-illegal, meth-like pre-workout while watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational video. Give it 10 minutes and you’ll be fucking BEGGING to hit the gym like an animal.

Or maybe some days I wouldn’t be satisfied with my progress—I’d look over at some dude at the gym who’s been on steroids for 10 years, and I’d think: “Damn, he’s way stronger than I am.” Well, you know what? Again—that’s fine, because I know how to avoid negative energy like that from tempting me. The key is to focus on how far you’ve come, not compare yourself to others. Compare yourself of today to yourself of 6 months ago.

The point is that, when it came to health and fitness, I understood that low vibration thoughts, emotions, and things would seek me out and tempt me—so I had a plan to counteract each one.

Ask yourself: have you been going to the gym regularly? If not, how come? What’s the low vibration thought or emotion that’s been stopping you? And how can you make a plan, so that next time around, you can keep it OUT and draw positive energy IN?


Example With Game

positive energy

Unfortunately, many guys nowadays don’t know how to avoid negative energy when it comes to game—in fact, this is probably the WORST area for most guys, because they aren’t taught how to deal with it. Let’s use some examples to clarify, though. Generally speaking, low vibration energy takes a few forms with game, and it’s important to know how to deal with them.

The most common form of low vibration energy, that will seek YOU out, when it comes to game, is manipulative women.

This is the case, especially if you have a lot of money or social status. Take my word for it, once you start getting a lot of success in life, you’ll find that there’s a ton of women who would love to take advantage of you—just look at how many great men have been destroyed from brutal divorces and gold diggers!

The way you can use the 5th energetic law of the universe here, is to seek out women that are good for you. You must arm yourself with knowledge, so that you can distinguish between high vibration energy and low vibration energy in women:

  • High vibration women
    • Very feminine and fluid, enjoys when you act like a man
    • Does nice things for you, even if they’re little, like cooking a post-workout meal for you or making you morning coffee
    • Doesn’t use emotional manipulation tactics, is generally pretty honest
    • Respects your boundaries, although she may give you shit tests
  • Low vibration women
    • Aggressive and angry
    • Doesn’t like when you act like a man, shames you for being masculine
    • Overly-controlling, doesn’t want you to have a social life with other girls
    • Guilt trips you for normal things, like wanting to go golfing with friends

There’s no one thing that will tip you off to a woman being low vibration energy—you just have to practice and eventually you’ll get good at recognizing these women.

Then, once you’re able to recognize them, you can utilize the 5th law and try to seek out the girls that are high vibration. Because remember: if YOU don’t seek out high quality women, then low quality women will inevitably seek YOU out. If you don’t seek out high vibration energy, then low vibration energy will inevitably seek YOU out.



All in all this was a pretty deep article, but in many ways the 5th law is very simple: negative energy seeks you out, but you have to seek out positive energy. If you want a better life, you have to set huge goals, and go accomplish them—you have to draw what you want into your life.

Yes, you still attract what you are—if you’re a high vibration person who volunteers, helps others, and works on yourself, you’ll attract people like that into your life…but not without some effort! It doesn’t just magically happen, you have to seek it out.

Success is like a slippery slope; it’s hard to get to the top, and even once you get there, if you stop moving you’ll slowly start sliding down. It doesn’t matter whether or not you reach the pinnacles of success—negative people, thoughts, emotions, and things will always try to bring you down. Just ignore them and keep them out of your life.

In fact, why don’t you answer two questions while this 5th law is fresh in your mind:

  1. What areas of your life have too much low vibration energy? Business, relationships, health, etc.
  2. What’s one thing you can do to change this?

I hope that you guys enjoyed the article, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to shoot me a message down below. And, as always, I’ll see you next time.

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5 years ago

Jon i really dislike putting emotions into concepts of positive and negative,especially if you’re looking at it in terms of energy.One might conclude avoiding certain emtions thinking that he’s avoiding negative energy.Anger helps a man defend himself and know when someone is pressing his boundaries.Without anger how will you survive.Jealousy might indicate that your girl is getting too physically close to other guys or pressing your boundaries and disrepecting you.If we avoid certain emotions because of some concept of good and bad,negative or positive,will this ensure that we get through life without hassle? of course not. This sounds kinda like the event oriented mindset you spoke about,avoid the emotions of the negative concept and life would be perfect and you’ll have everything you want.I think such a life is an illusion and leads to naivety just like the one most men are living. A man has to put up with a whole range of uncomfortable feelings and navigate himself through life.Nobody is set on default failure besides those who grew up listening to and subconsciously accepyting bad advice from siblings,media and society.Theres no such thing as a perfect Iife or rich man with only ‘positive energy emotions’ . Sounds like the loud to promote feminism, get in touch with your soft side and you’ll be rich and happy.We all know what happens to the soft guy ,he lives an unfulfilling life.I think putting feminine emotions in positive as a disguise is another way to destroy masculinity as well as put some masculine emotions into negative concepts even indirectly. Anyway you get my point,dont let the media brainwash you into becoming feminine especially at the cost of masculinity. I like that you trying to contrast this whole thing with activeness instead of passiveness,it just doesnt work,the only thing avoiding masculine emotion leads to is suffering with feminine emotions, and the only action he will evrntus eventually take is sacrificing himself when he is consumed by feminine emotions. And that spiritual guru you spoke to is a con-artist to get people to unlogically lose their money. I like your site and work please keep it masculine and be true to all of us guys.

Jon Anthony
5 years ago
Reply to  Izzy

Of course, this is only one way of viewing things. Negative emotions serve a purpose, but being “trapped” in them is the issue.

6 years ago

So what are the rest of these laws and where did you find them?

6 years ago

Great article. Fills in some of those holes that spirituality/self help types have in their work. Also must agree with the guy above that these posts have more going for them than the usual stuff. You have a real gift for communicating your thoughts on masculinity and its related spheres in a way that’s understandable and actionable.

What are the other laws of the universe? Just in simple statements with no explanations. Or are you saving those for future posts?

6 years ago

I like these posts… It’s a lot more friendly to my mind than the typical “grr! Be tougher!” You usually see around.


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