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4 Life Lessons I Learned From Sleeping With 100+ Women

life lessons learning game

Look around you in the mainstream media, and you’ll see that most men are being vilified for their sexual desires.

To be fair, some of them probably deserved it. There’s been a lot of cases regarding sexual assault lately, and while I’m aware that false accusations do occur, plenty victims having come forth are probably telling the truth.

Yet, there are so few normal, healthy males nowadays, that it almost seems as if regular male sexuality is the target of criticism. This is why I felt the need to put together a list of some of the most important life lessons I’ve learned from women in the past.

Like it or not, when a man experiences many different women, he learns. He grows, he changes, and he sees himself for who he really is. This is the side of male sexuality that the media ignores, and it’s the side of male sexuality that needs to be openly debated.


1. Modern Men Are Pathetic

Carl the cuck, anyone?

When you embark down the journey of learning game as a newbie, you begin to see a lot of ugly slugs under the beautiful red curtains which society has so carefully placed in front of you. Everything you know will come to an end, as your reality shatters before your very eyes.

One of the very first thing I learned from sleeping with dozens of women, is just how pathetic most modern men are. Something about pushing yourself to become more confident, charismatic, outgoing, charming, and attractive makes you realize just how pathetic the hordes of desperate men are.

Most men do not improve themselves, at all. Most men are content with a mediocre life, a mediocre wife, and a mediocre 9-5 job. Even something as simple as getting rejected once or twice is turned into a massive ordeal by so many depressed, overly emotional little boys.

It’s funny how women expose men for who they truly are. I’ve seen men get NASTY over women, back stab their friends, sacrifice their integrity, and stoop to incredible lows if they think it will get them laid. In many ways, you don’t truly know who you are until a woman shows it to you.

You got rejected? So what, who cares? That’s what happens when you put yourself out there. Today’s generation of men has forgotten how to be tough. We’ve forgotten what it takes to succeed, we’ve forgotten what it takes to create a better future, and we’ve forgotten what it takes to be a man.


2. Women Reward Real Men

jon anthony body of an alpha
Put in the work to look like Adonis, and you’ll get laid like Adonis

On the topic of #1, women also feel this shift in masculinity our culture has undergone. In fact, women are so desperate for real, masculine energy that if you even spend just a little bit of effort improving yourself, you’ll find that dozens of gorgeous women will be all over you.

Tons of guys get butthurt and upset, because women end up “sleeping with assholes,” but do you know what the truth is? That “asshole” is sleeping with her, because he’s confident. He’s funny. He’s authentic and he’s not afraid to offend her by being who he is. That “asshole” is just on his purpose in life, and it comes first.

Women reward men who are confident, decisive, charming, resourceful, and MASCULINE. Why do you think that so many millionaires, doctors, and social butterflies end up dating the most gorgeous women? It’s because they’ve taken effort to better themselves.

Obviously you can find examples of scumbags sleeping with girls; no shit. When you look at the big picture though, you’ll find that women reward what should be rewarded and punish what should be punished. Needy, creepy, angry little losers aren’t getting laid.

Do you know who IS getting laid? The guys who take the time to improve themselves and their lives, the guys who have learned to be happy and grateful for what they have, and the guys who have a genuine purpose in life that they’re set on pursuing. Women reward real men.


3. Women Owe You Nothing

Tons of guys, when they first get into this whole self-development thing, have a ridiculous sense of entitlement. “Dude, I went up to her and she rejected me! What a BITCH!” they’ll say. Seriously, dude? You think that just because you talked to her she should whip out her tits and start fucking you?

OF COURSE NOT. Women don’t owe you shit, and in fact this parallels all of LIFE. Women don’t have to sleep with you, they don’t have to like you, and they don’t have to care about you. They don’t owe you anything, and neither does the world.

In many ways, learning game is a microcosm of the world—women, feminine energy, or whatever you want to call it, is in many ways a “smaller parallel” of the universe. This is why women test men; they know, even if subconsciously, that a man who she can easily beat will be easily beat by life.

The only things that you’re entitled to are the things that you’re willing to WORK FOR. The world doesn’t owe you ANYTHING, and whatever it is that you do end up getting for free, you’d better count your lucky stars, because nobody had to do that for you.

Game teaches you the massive delusions that modern men live under. They think that women somehow owe them attention—bull fucking shit. She doesn’t owe you anything, and the only thing that’s going to make your life better is when YOU get better, not when anyone gives you free handouts.


4. Women Are Great

It’s pretty common in the PUA community to talk down on women—and while many of the stereotypes about modern women may hold some truth, what’s actually funny is that many guys are so angry and butthurt from not getting laid that they can’t see the obvious benefits that women bring to their lives.

I’ve learned some of the most important things in my life from women. I’ve learned about who I really am from women. I’ve learned how to draw state from within, how to validate myself, how to be authentic, and so much more from the women in my life.

Learning game and talking to thousands of women has taught me how to become a better man. If it weren’t for them, I doubt I’d be where I’m at today. Women have taught me how to love myself for who I am. They’ve taught me how to be a man.

Feminine energy exerts a calming influence on us men. Without it, we would all be stuck in our logical heads and fighting one another. Women teach men to relax, to stay in the present moment, and to enjoy life—in short, women are great.

Again, obviously some women are manipulative and evil—but that’s just life. Human beings are human beings, and as much as you may think that “all women are whores,” or whatever, ask yourself: are you really just mad that you’re not getting laid?



In short, many people will shit on the pickup artist’ aspirations to go out and sleep with as many women as possible—and while this may certainly be coming from an unhealthy place at times, it’s undeniable that learning game will improve you as a man.

When you take the time to upgrade your life and shoot for the stars, you see just how much is possible. Dating beautiful women is not at all out of your reach, in fact it’s something that’s probably far more within your reach than you realize.

Funny enough, most of us get into this to date beautiful women, but we stay in it because of the possibilities it opens up right before our eyes. Whether or not you want to admit it, learning game and putting in the work to seduce hundreds of women is actually a very enlightening process.

It teaches you to get over rejection. It teaches you to accept who you really are and to love yourself (because God knows not all women will). It teaches you empathy, it teaches you emotional intelligence, and it teaches you to become a better man. So go out there and game, boys. Go out there and game.

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Marvin Halikowski
4 months ago

Women are nothing but opportunists. If something better comes along they will dump you faster than the plague. And WHY can’t women keep their word? I have often bravely asked many women out and after getting their number and calling them they then say that unfortunately they either met someone else or got back together with their old boyfriend. I gave up on women years ago and am very happy I did

7 months ago

Easy for you to say, looking down on unsuccessful men. I am 40, and have never been in a single relationship. I have been ignored, rejected, ghosted, and had women make excuses for every girl/woman I have liked. Not a single success in 20+ years. Yep, I guess I am a loser that someone like you and the women can look down on. Congrats!

5 years ago

You sound like a feminist.

Jon Anthony
5 years ago
Reply to  Stefandemert

Not necessarily (depending on your definition). I just think that these are some important points to consider.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stefandemert

Not at all. Feminism is about “loving” women for what they are not, but some older women think they should be. This article is about loving women for what they are.

Andreas Pistol
5 years ago

Jon, I have been following you in the last months and must say you have become one of my greatest inspirations. Even If sometimes you might follow the easy way – cryptocurrencies, Modafinil or some kind of hype which supposeddly will change your life from night to day – most of the times you go deep and present us with the raw truth, showing that there are no shortcuts for success.

Regarding this article, I totally agree with points 2 and 3, but I just do not understand why you have written “Modern men are pathetic” and “Women are great”, when the reality (or at least my experience) shows that MOST of the modern are pathetic and SOME of the women are great.

I am a guy who gets laid regularly, so I can talk about this topic freely and without any anger towards the opposite sex. In my honest opinion, you could have avoided to be “political correct”, as you are simply denigrating men and somehow removing any guilt from women (who can be extremely wicked and cruel, especially the hot ones). And I am also sure that you have learned and have developed yourself with some of these men, becoming the person you are today.

Aside from this observation, keep up the amazing work and insightful content!

PS: Steve, as Diogo and Jon said, location plays a huge role in your success with women (but not only). Would you be a surfer in Slovakia or a soccer player in India? Always move where the the feedstock of your desired product is.

Temporary name
5 years ago

After this article I had my first sex


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