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4 Reasons Why The Gender Pay Gap is Complete Bullshit


gender wage gap myth masculine development

Anyone who’s watched a political debate in the past few years has no doubt seen pandering politicians throw out the gender pay gap talking point. “Women earn 70 cents for every dollar men earn!” they’ll say.

…and while this is certainly true, the gender pay gap doesn’t exist for the reasons that you think it does. Yes, women earn less than men on average, but the reasons why are many. Sexism may be one such reason, but all of the research shows that it plays a very minimal role in this.

The simple truth about the gender pay gap is that it’s an ideological myth that continues to survive, and refuses to die. It’s thrown around as a way for politicians to gain political support from the left and from women (often correlated), while being able to stand on moral high ground.

When you look at the actual research done on the gender pay gap, men’s wages, women’s wages, and the various factors involved, it becomes abundantly clear that there isn’t some “magical glass ceiling” stopping women from advancing in the work place. This is an ideological talking point, and it’s far more complicated than that. Here’s 4 reasons why.


The Gender Pay Gap Myth

gender pay gap meme

What is an ideology? An ideology is simply something which is an oversimplified view of the world which requires a constant denial of the facts, and induces a tribal mentality in its believers. I can find no better example of this, than radical feminism.

High ranking politicians continually claim that the gender pay gap is alive and kicking, but as you’ll soon see, all of the data says otherwise. So, why do politicians continue to perpetuate this myth? It’s simple: if you can outrage the public, you can win their vote.

Orators, politicians, and bureaucrats have used this tactic since the beginning of time. From Nero scapegoating the Christians to gain the support of his people, to more recent examples such as George W. Bush using 9/11 as a justification for the invasion of Iraq, politicians know how to pull our strings.

This is why the “gender pay gap” myth refuses to die, and it’s why the far left feminism that espouses it will be the death of Western Civilization.

All of the evidence, some of which I present below, shows that yes women do earn less than men, but it’s due to completely fair life choices. Still, pompous politicians will pander and prod at the masses, claiming that if they’re put into office they’ll make a change.


Women Work Fewer Hours

gender pay gap statistics

When feminists, spineless politicians, and weak chodes present the “gender pay gap” data, they always leave out the critical elements. One such critical element, is WHY women are paid less—and when you look at the data, it becomes abundantly clear why.

For starters, women work less on average. This is a choice; one of the many choices which the 3rd wave feminists fought for, that is now completely ignored. According to a 2009 analysis overseen by the US Department of Labor, women work far less than men:

  • A greater percentage of women than men tend to work part time
  • A greater percentage of women than men tend to leave the labor force for child birth, child care, and elder care
  • Women, especially working mothers, tend to value “family friendly” workplace policies more than men

Of course, some women will argue that it “isn’t their fault,” that they have to give birth to a child.

To this, I would respond: “No shit,” but you chose to do so. Just as if a man chooses to work less hours so that he can spend more time with his family, so can a woman. They will both be paid less for working less. This is obvious.

Men tend to work longer hours, in large part, due to female hypergamy. Women are attracted to men who earn more than them, so men will tend to work more hours and earn more money. It’s as simple as that.


Men Work More Dangerous Jobs

gender wage gap statistics

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the “gender pay gap” doesn’t take into account the actual jobs worked. Any hare-brained idiot with a modicum of statistics knowledge knows that you don’t just take into account the end result, but you must also take into account WHY the end result exists.

…and in the case of the ubiquitous gender pay gap, it’s very clear that men tend to work more dangerous jobs. Who do you think is working all of those jobs as a construction worker, as an underwater welder, as a soldier, as an electrical power line repairer, and as a steel worker? Men.

According to a 2001 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men have suffered far more fatal work injuries than women:

  • 92% of workplace fatalities happen to men
  • 81.6% of workplace homicides were inflicted upon men

These are simply facts, and there is no arguing against them. Of course, someone may say that the study was “funded” by some evil patriarchy group, or the data was skewed. This is certainly possible, but not probable—and besides, it doesn’t take a genius to see that women tend to shy away from more dangerous jobs for obvious reasons.


Men Are More Ambitious

This one’s really going to rile some people up, but nonetheless it is truth. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and evolutionary biologist Dr. Bret Weinstein, men become more attractive as they scale the dominance hierarchy. This is a simple truth that anyone with eyes can see.

Women are attracted to men who are competent, intelligent, confident, and charismatic; traits that are often associated with power. Anyone with half a brain knows that women are attracted to men with power, from surgeons to billionaires to celebrities to business owners.

This isn’t at all meant to be degrading or insulting—men are just as biologically programmed to be attracted to a fertile, voluptuous body and a beautiful face as women are. It’s in our genetics, but how does this relate to the work force you might ask?

Men, due to higher levels of testosterone as well as a difference in mating strategies, tend to be more ambitious than women. They have more incentive to climb the dominance hierarchy (AKA the corporate ladder), because not only do they have more of an urge to dominate others, but it will also increase their attractiveness to women.

According to a study conducted by the Syracuse University in 1998, higher levels of testosterone seem to encourage dominant behavior. So, seeing that men on average have 10x more testosterone than women, it’s not hard to see why the “gender pay gap” may simply be due to biology.


More Women Major in Liberal Arts

gender wage gap myth

This is another crucial fact that the gender pay gap leaves out—the fact that women tend to choose more liberal majors, while men tend to choose more scientific majors. According to a study conducted by Stanford University in 2009, men overwhelmingly choose more higher paying majors than women do.

“Males and females have similar preferences while in college, but differ in their preferences in the workplace,” the study says. “Females care more about non-pecuniary outcomes in the workplace, while males value the pecuniary outcomes in the workplace more.” The study found that:

  • The gender gap is largely due to a difference in choices by men and women
  • More men choose higher paying majors such as business administration, management, computer science, electrical engineering, and information technologies
  • More women choose lower paying majors such as education, gender studies, social work, and nursing

Again, this should not come as a surprise—anyone with half a brain can see that there’s FAR more men interested in nerdy professions like computer science and the like. Yet, even so, some feminists will protest saying that women aren’t “encouraged” into these professions.

I would call bullshit, and even if this were the case, so what? The crux of that argument is essentially “women are so weak they can’t even make their own choices,” which undermines the very philosophy of feminism that these people are trying to espouse. It’s a self-refuting argument, but hey, that’s female privilege for you.


The Gender Wage Gap: Debunked

the simple truth about the gender pay gap

Pandering politicians can spout the “gender pay gap” and talk about how “women are paid less than men” all they like, but the facts show otherwise. The gender pay gap exists, simply because men and women are different and they tend to make different life choices.

Women choose to work less hours, whereas men choose to work overtime. Women choose to work in safer environments, whereas men choose to work in more dangerous professions. Women choose to value family over financial gain, whereas men tend to choose the opposite.

The reasons for the gender pay gap existing are so abundantly obvious that only a fool would deny them. Every single statistic, or at least the ones that are credible, shows that the gender pay gap exists simply because men and women are different. As controversial as this may be in our overly-PC culture nowadays, it’s just a fact.

So what are you to do about this? The only thing you can do: spread the truth. Vote for politicians who don’t spread propaganda which creates tensions between the sexes. Vote with your dollars and support companies you align with. Do all you can, from your own perspective and circle of influence, to enact your will.

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Paul Dietsch
2 years ago

Men are bigger and stronger and more aggressive. They are expected to be protective and productive. How can this not have an affect on the workplace. Viva the difference.

3 years ago

I hope you don’t take me too seriously because I’m not an expert in this, and I found several points in your article that I agreed on:))


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