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30 Days of Discipline Review (My Brutally Honest 4 Week Journal)


30 days of discipline review pdf

UPDATE: Bold and Determined has shut down and is no longer in business—Victor’s products are no longer for sale.

I was cleaning out my computer, sorting through various files that I had stored on my hard drive, and I stumbled upon something that I had almost forgotten about…an old gem that changed my life.

An old gem that gave me the confidence, discipline, and assertiveness that I needed at the time. Even though it’d been over a year since I’d opened this little PDF, I recalled how much of an impact it had on my life, even to this day.

Almost 2 years ago, I purchased Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline program. I’d been a regular reader of his blog, Bold and Determined, for a while, and decided to give his eBook a shot due to the positive reviews.

I was already a fairly disciplined and successful man, prior to purchasing his eBook, but even then, it took my discipline to the next level. Victor Pride describes it as the “boot camp for winners,” and it’s just that.

30 Days of Discipline is essentially a program to take weak, unmotivated, lazy men, and turn them into confident, action-taking, winners. But you have to put in the work.

It isn’t the program, but the participants’ hard work and dedication that turned them into winners. The program is just a road map; a guide to take you where you want to be. It’s up to YOU to take action and follow it.

30 Days of Discipline Review

guy before 30 days of discipline
Me before I started 30 Days of Discipline (not really, but kind of)

Upon reading through 30 Days of Discipline, I was very impressed at the organized manner in which Victor presented his information. It was very easy to follow, and it wasn’t filled with fluff or nonsense.

It was short, concise, and straight to the point.

It always pisses me off when I pay $20 for some 220 page eBook that’s literally 97% fluff and regurgitated information, just said in a different way.

I’d rather pay $20 for a short, 20-50 page eBook that’s LOADED with information, tells me how it is, and is completely blunt without regard for anyone’s delicate little feelings.

Anyways, like I said before, I was already pretty disciplined before I bought 30 Days of Discipline. Here are some of the habits that I had at that point:

  • I had been working out 3-5 days a week for several years
  • I meditated for 20 minutes a day
  • I had a checklist of things to do every day, and I did them
  • I woke up early and got shit done

Even with these habits, I still learned a lot from Victor’s 30 Days of Discipline PDF.

I can’t disclose any of the information in his eBook, for obvious reasons, but a lot of the things that he recommends I also recommend. Why? Because success is a simple, replicable formula.

It isn’t like me, Victor Pride, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Napoleon Hill stumbled upon any sort of magical, esoteric way to become a winner, that NOBODY else knows about.

The road to success is literally right in front of you. You just need a guide to show you the way. 30 Days of Discipline is that guide.

Despite my already decent list of discipline building habits, there were plenty that Victor recommended that I didn’t have at the time. I decided to try them out anyways, even though I knew it would be difficult.

The eBook came with a free accountability worksheet, so I could see my progress right in front of me. Being able to track my progress made it a lot easier to stick with the program.

Week 1: The Gauntlet

Me, a weak lion, before starting this program

The first week was extremely difficult. To be fair, I didn’t “ease myself into it,” as some people might do. It probably would’ve been a lot easier if I had done that.

But I decided “fuck that,” and jumped into it cold turkey. It was grueling.

I’m not going to sugar coat it and tell you that it’ll be a walk in the park, because it won’t. It will be fucking difficult.

Every morning you’ll wake up, and you’ll be exhausted from the previous day, and one little thought will run through your mind: “Just hit the snooze button, man. Come on, just do it.”

But every day, you’ll confront that little bitch and say “No. Fuck you. I’m getting out of bed and keeping the promise that I made to myself.”

That’s how winning is done. It’s the little decisions that you make every single day that add up in the long run. This is what Victor and I understand; our eBooks are based around the exact same principles, because they fucking work.

If you want to be successful, you have to be decisive. You have to work hard, you have to be assertive, build your self-esteem, and stop being a bitch.

And doing these things was hard. I thought about quitting every single day, but I made myself stick with it. When I first started, I made a commitment to myself. “I’m going to do this, to the end,” I thought. “All 30 days.” I thought about breaking that commitment every single god damn day, but not ONCE did I give in.

80% of men will probably quit after day 3 or 4, but if you make it through the first week, you will be so fucking thankful that you did.

Week 2: The Growth

lion 30 days of discipline review pdf
Slowly getting more fierce…

It was still very difficult getting up in the morning and doing 30 Days of Discipline, but something started to change…I started to like it, in a sense.

I started to like the feeling of almost giving up, but being a fucking man and having the balls to say “NO. FUCK YOU,” to that bastard voice inside my head telling me to just quit.

I started to LIKE pushing myself to the edge, each and every day, and being able to lie down at the end of it all and say: “You did it. Good job.” I found that my energy levels started to increase.

Interestingly enough, despite pushing myself harder than I ever had before, I was able to get by on less sleep. I attribute this to habit #4, without a doubt.

And interestingly enough, it isn’t even doing something…it’s NOT doing something that literally 99% of men do that makes them weak and pathetic.

I’d heard about this habit before, and had tried to implement it into my life (to no avail), but decided to just give it one more shot.

After just a single week of following his advice, in not only habit #4, but in all of the habits, I noticed a massive change in my energy levels, motivation, confidence, and overall mindset.

And what’s really interesting is that this habit is actually one of my 7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity. I didn’t even realize it until I re-read Victor’s eBook today, and thought: “Wait a minute…that’s the same as strategy #5!”

And then it dawned on me. The reason that we both recommended this habit is because IT FUCKING WORKS.

It’s literally that simple. There’s a handful of habits that will turn you into a dedicated, badass winner, and every single person who’s highly successful has them. Hands down.

That’s why a lot of people coming from a very negative, unsuccessful place always talk shit about success blogs. “They all say the same things, man! Hard work, dedication, blah, blah, blah. Tell me something I don’t know!”

Yeah, dude. No shit they all sound similar. That’s because what makes one person successful will make another person successful.

There’s many different ways to become successful, but the fundamental tools that you use along the way, and the mindset that you need to have, is the exact same every time.

You need to have persistence. You need to believe in yourself. You need to conquer inner obstacles. You need to be decisive. You need to be assertive. You have to put in the work.

The same principles that made Alexander The Great, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, and Elon Musk successful, are the same principles that can make YOU and ME and VICTOR PRIDE and ANYONE successful…if they’re willing to put in the work.

That’s why Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline PDF is so damn good. It’s a foundation; a basic set of habits that will make you successful, from the inside out.

It’s designed to give you the same mindset as the greats of the past; the men who weren’t bullshitters. They didn’t bullshit themselves, and they didn’t bullshit others. They just got shit done.

Week 3: The Mastery

Almost there…

Around week 3 there was a fundamental shift in my mindset…I actually started to LOVE following the 30 Days of Discipline eBook.

And how could I not? I had so much more energy, I was enthusiastic about LIFE, I was more confident, more decisive, and I felt like a fucking god all of the time. How could I not love it?

I loved waking up every morning and doing his habits. I loved grinding it out until the end. I loved pushing myself further and further, to see how far I could go.

This is the week where the magic starts to happen. If you can make it to week 3 you’ll see what I mean.

This is the week where there’s a fundamental shift in your mindset. Rather than looking at an obstacle as something to be afraid of, you look at it as something to be defeated.

Your mind shifts from a constant state of fear to a constant state of excitement. Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin; they both anticipate a certain outcome.

The only difference is that fear anticipates a negative outcome, and excitement anticipates a positive outcome…and it was hard not to be excited about my entire life.

After conquering my inner little bitch, and plowing through my own inner resistance, how could I NOT anticipate a positive outcome? If I could do Victor’s grueling 30 Days of Discipline program, EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN DAY, for 3 weeks, what the fuck couldn’t I do? Working hard to make money? Easy. Talking to girls? A piece of cake. Hitting the gym and breaking PR’s? So easy a child could do it.

I found myself taking more risks in all aspects of my life, both personal and professional.

I became more outgoing, more assertive, and interestingly enough, the people in my life started to notice. They started to sense that I was changing from the inside out. They started to treat me differently.

Week 4: The Final Evolution

30 days of discipline after
A conqueror is born

Science says that it takes 66 days to start a new habit; this is only partially right. That’s because most habits aren’t that rewarding at first.

It’s hard to stick to a workout routine or a diet, because you don’t see the results at first…so it makes sense that it would take 66 days for your brain to re-wire itself in the face of so little pleasure.

But I’m convinced that I rewired my brain by week 4. Yes, that’s right. I believe that Victor’s 30 Days of Discipline literally rewired my brain to think differently.

“Rewired your brain? What the fuck does that mean, Jon?” I can hear you say. Gentlemen, there’s a concept known as “neuroplasticity,” which is just a fancy term for your brain’s ability to change how it’s wired to think.

It’s why when you first get into game, you’re terrified of talking to girls, but when you keep at it and encounter success, you actually become excited to talk to girls.

It’s why the man who’s just starting to work out doesn’t really like it, but after a couple of months he starts to actually enjoy the feeling of going to the gym.

I’m convinced that Victor’s 30 Days of Discipline rewired my brain in just a month. Why? I think it’s actually pretty simple.

It’s because I felt so fucking good after week 1 that my brain literally thought it was the only logical thing to do. Why would it not rewire itself to keep doing what I was forcing it to do? It felt fucking amazing, and I could see the results right in front of me.

Others started to treat me with more respect. The women in my life magically started texting me more, wanting to hang out.

Certain people that used to give me shit suddenly stopped, because they could sense that I literally didn’t care about them. Similar to week 3’s mindset shift, there was another mindset shift in week 4.

I started to see the big picture; I started to realize just how much I could accomplish. I’d endured a trial by fire, and I’d come out even stronger on the other side.

I started to wonder what else I could do in life. Maybe I could start a business? Or learn a new language? What other things had I previously thought were impossible, that now seemed like child’s play to me?

I’m actually very convinced that had I not purchased Victor’s eBook, I probably wouldn’t have started this blog. Yeah, that’s right.

I purchased Victor’s eBook during a very critical time in my life; it was when I was just coming out of my absolute lowest.

I was bold and determined (no pun intended) to crawl my way out of the depths of depression and mental prison that I was in.

And I was making some progress on my own, but I attribute a massive amount of my progress to following Victor’s eBook. But don’t take my word for it—get it for yourself.

30 Days of Discipline is Not For Everyone

30 days of discipline pdf lion

I think that every man should follow the program laid out in Victor’s eBook, but there’s certain times in your life where it won’t be plausible.

Maybe you just spent the last year and a half enduring a grueling period of immersion for business, and you want to spend the next couple of weeks relaxing in Hawaii or something. I get that.

Or maybe you’re going to immerse yourself in game for the next several months, staying out until 3 in the morning, trying to get good with women. I get that. Maybe you’re starting a business, and you’re working 18 hours a day to get it off the ground—that’s fine, I get that.

But, with this being said, when you’re ready to start the program…just fucking start it. There’s never a “convenient” time to make massive changes in your life. There’s never a convenient time to go through a grueling 30 day challenge. Never. But that’s a good thing.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. If you’re the type of man who’s going to complain and bitch and moan about how hard it is, then don’t fucking do it.

Seriously. If you’re a loser who’s just going to give up after 2 days, save yourself some time and money, and just don’t buy the eBook. Just go, exit out of this page, and continue being a pathetic human being for the rest of your life. But, for those of you who are willing to change? This program’s for you.

30 Days of Discipline Summary

Fierce lion or weak little cub? The choice is yours.

To put it bluntly, Victor’s 30 Days of Discipline will turn you into a fucking winner. It’s designed to take weak, insecure, lazy men and whip them into shape. If you do decide to purchase his eBook, I recommend going in 100% from the get-go.

Don’t slowly “work your way into it.” That’s too easy. It’s only through struggle and hardship that we mold our character—Victor’s program won’t be easy, and you’ll want to give up SO BADLY for the first week or two, but don’t.

If you manage to make it through all 30 days, I’m literally 100% convinced that you will be a different man than you were before. It’s that simple. So what are you waiting for? Go download his program and start right now.

As always, I hope that you guys enjoyed the article. I don’t do reviews that often, but decided I’d do it for Victor’s eBook since it was very influential in helping me develop more discipline. If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to let me know—and, as always, I’ll see you next time.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ What Is Victor Pride's 30 Days of Discipline Program?

Victor Pride launched a program called "30 Days of Discipline" which is available for purchase from his blog, Bold and Determined. The program is essentially a blueprint for becoming a stronger, more motivated, and more determined man in just 30 days.

Each week, you will be given a series of tasks to complete. I can't reveal what they are (you'll have to read the book to find out), but they're fairly easy, and even though they take some discipline to accomplish, they'll change you in a very positive way.

❓ Is 30 Days of Discipline Worth It?

In my opinion, I would not be where I am today, had it not been for Victor Pride's "30 Days of Discipline" program. It helped me transform from a scared, insecure little boy, into a jacked, motivated, and disciplined man. Let me tell you, it is 100% worth it.

❓ How Much Does 30 Days of Discipline Cost?

Victor Pride's "30 Days of Discipline" program only costs $14.99, which is in stark contrast to a lot of programs like this one. Many programs of this quality charge upwards of $50 or even $100, but you can get this program for literally less than a few cups of coffee.

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PJ Pires
6 years ago

I will give a try again. Thanks for remember me about 30 days of discipline.

6 years ago

Solid article Jon, i agree habit #4 in his book and #5 in yours whipped me into shape almost single handedly, great E-book 30 DoD, I recommend it to all.


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