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Top 3 Bodybuilding Multivitamins on the Market Today

It’s no secret that most of the food we eat nowadays is devoid of nutrients. With mono-cropping, GMO’s, and soil depletion at an all time high, the food that you eat has less nutrients than ever.

That’s where bodybuilding multi-vitamins come in…BUT, not all multi-vitamins are created equal. This is true ESPECIALLY when it comes to bodybuilding.

As you guys know, I worked at a supplement store for a while, so I’ve tried pretty much tried everything. I’ve tried tons and tons of multi-vitamins for different purposes, and I’ve got a list of my top 3 multi-vitamins made specifically for bodybuilding.

Usually I start my articles off by saying that you don’t need to take supplements, but multi-vitamins are an exception. You MUST take a bodybuilding multi-vitamin if you want to attain a high level of focus, energy, and health. There’s no way around it.


Not All Multi-Vitamins Are Created Equal

best multivitamin bodybuilding

Avoid multivitamins like these – they’re loaded with filler

Working in a supplement store teaches you a lot about what goes on behind the scenes. After being involved with a bunch of different supplement companies and trying a bunch of different supplements out, you start to realize just how much of it is bullshit.

Here’s a fact: anywhere from 75% to 90% of supplements don’t actually contain what they say they do.

Yup. Do you know how I know this? Because the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t check each and every supplement to confirm that the label is correct.

They only really care if a supplement kills a bunch of people, like, for example, the old pre-workout Jack3d (which was literally one of the best pre-workouts to ever hit the market). Sure, the FDA does some things here and there, but mostly they’re only concerned with ingredients that may give you a stroke or something.

And what’s worse, is that even if the supplements contain what it says on the label, sometimes they’re dishonest about how bio-available their nutrients are. I’m not going to get too scientific here, but some nutrients require other nutrients to be absorbed.

So, for example, Vitamin D has a complex relationship with Vitamin K, Calcium, and Magnesium; if you have too little or too much of one of these, you can’t absorb the Vitamin D that you need.

Furthermore, supplement companies often times heat process their products which denature the ingredients, AKA destroy them. Yup—bet you didn’t know that, did you? So even though technically the ingredients on the label are in fact truthful, your body can’t even absorb them.

This is why it’s so key to find a good, quality bodybuilding multi-vitamin that actually works.


First: Multivitamins to Avoid

best multivitamin for bodybuilders

Avoid this shit, too

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. I know, I know, not everyone wants to shell out a bunch of money on a multi-vitamin for bodybuilding, but come on. This is your health that we’re talking about.

So what this means is that those multi-vitamins where you can get a years supply for like $10 are complete garbage. This includes various multi-vitamins like One-A-Day, Centrum, and Walmart/Costco brand multivitamins.

If you want to build muscle faster, have more energy, and feel better, you’re going to have to spend some extra money.

It isn’t that much though, don’t worry. It can be, if you want really good quality multi-vitamins, but you can get good bodybuilding multi-vitamins for around $20 a month or less.

Also, another tip—if your multi-vitamin doesn’t require you to take AT LEAST three pills a day, it’s most likely garbage. Why? Because there’s literally no physical way that you can fit enough nutrients into just a few pills.

Back when I was working in a supplement shop, I actually decided to do an experiment. I added up all of the weights (milligrams and grams) on the label, which the multivitamin claimed to have. I think it added up to like 3 grams or something.

I then weighed the one-a-day, and it was like 1.3 grams! They were literally lying to their customers’ fucking faces and nobody even knew. This is why you want a multi-vitamin with multiple pills—not only does it contain more nutrients, but it isn’t super-compressed so it’s easier for your body to digest.


Animal Pak (Best Bodybuilding Multivitamin)

best multivitamin for bodybuilding animal pak

Ah, Animal Pak. The original multivitamin for bodybuilders. Upon opening this guy, you’ll be shocked to see that it’s filled with, you guessed it, little packs.

Each pack contains 11 (if I remember correctly) different pills. Yes, a total of 11 different pills…and if you’re training heavily, it’s recommended that you take two packs a day.

“Jesus fuck, Jon! 22 pills a day, isn’t that a bit much?” No, because you’re giving your body the nutrition that it needs to get jacked. If you’re breaking your body’s muscles down day in and day out, you need a hell of a lot of nutrients to recover.

And that’s just what Animal Pak does—it’s got one of the most impressive nutrient profiles of any multi-vitamin that I’ve seen. Take a look at some of the nutrients within:

  • 30mg Zinc – for testosterone production
  • Selenium, Copper, Manganese, and Chromium, to aid in Zinc absorption and cell reparation
  • Glutamine for muscular recovery
  • Milk Thistle for liver health and heart health
  • ALA for getting shredded
  • Bromelain, Inulin, and Liplase for protein digestion
  • Literally dozens more of ingredients

Animal Pak is by far one of the best bodybuilding multi-vitamins on the market, and it’s no wonder why.

With such an all-star lineup of ingredients, it’s hard not to see why…and do you want me to tell you a secret? Guys that take steroids almost always take Animal Pak.

Why, you might ask? Because it’s got ingredients meant to mitigate some of the side effects that come with having sky-high testosterone levels. It’s got ingredients to maintain a healthy blood pressure (your BP goes way up on steroids), to help the liver process things faster (for oral steroids), and it’s got a ton of stuff for skin health (you often break out when you’re on steroids).

This is literally the de-facto bodybuilding multivitamin, especially for guys who use steroids. Now, I’m not advocating for you to use steroids, but I just want you to know how legit this is. If guys on the juice are using it, you know it’s effective.


Orange Triad (Great For Joint Health + Digestion)

best multivitamin for bodybuilders orange triad

Orange Triad is a phenomenal choice for anyone who’s an avid gym-goer. Whether you’re a veteran lifter, or you just started, Orange triad is definitely one of the best multivitamins for bodybuilders out there.

Here’s why: lifting takes a toll on your joints. This is no secret; ask any old gym rat about joint pain, and I promise you he’ll rattle off a bunch of things you can do to cure it.

This is just something that is inevitable—if you’re lifting heavy ass weight over and over, sometimes your joints will start to hurt…but they don’t have to.

Orange Triad is chock-full of high quality ingredients to protect your joints, boost your immune system, and improve your digestion:

  • MSM to lower inflammation
  • Hyaluronic acid for joint lubrication
  • Glucosamine Sulfate for enhanced ligament and tendon strength
  • Echinacea, Ginger, and Bilberry Extracts for an immune system boost

Overall, Orange Triad is one of the best multivitamins for bodybuilders on the market. And, like Animal Pak, you’ll also be taking a lot of pills—not as many, though. It’s recommended that you take 6 pills a day, for a full dose of performance-enhancing nutrients.

If you’re on the older side, such as nearing 40, I’d recommend that you start taking Orange Triad—at that age, you want to start protecting your joints, tendons, and ligaments, so that they’ll serve you strong, well into your old age.

If you’re younger, I’d air on the side of Animal Pak, but in all honesty you can do whatever you want. Both Animal Pak and Orange Triad are phenomenal multivitamins and will provide even the most seasoned bodybuilder with the nutrition that he needs to get swole.


Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men (Phyto-Nutrients)

best multivitamin for bodybuilders opti men

Opti-Men is one of those multi-vitamins that’s built specifically for bodybuilders, but that also has a ton of other health benefits. Yes, it’s got a lot of the typical bodybuilding ingredients like L-Arginine for blood flow to the muscles, ALA for mobilizing adipose tissue (aka burning fat), and a bunch of BCAA’S for muscle growth.

It’s also got an enzyme blend to help you digest your food better, which is a must if you’re trying to put on muscle. Bromelain, an extract from pineapple, to help digest protein; lipase to help digest fat…and more.

What I’m most impressed with, however, is Opti-Men’s phenomenal line-up of phytonutrients.

See, over the last decade or so, more and more nutritionists have been publishing research on the importance of phytonutrients, or nutrients that come specifically from plants.

According to an increasingly large pile of clinical research, phytonutrients have been linked to everything from having healthier organs, to having a better brain, to living longer. In short, phytonutrients are fucking important.

And Opti-Men doesn’t disappoint—it’s got dozens of phytonutrients and whole-plant extracts to help you build the best body possible. Cantelope Extract, Rhubarb Chinese Root, Garlic Extract, Green Tea Extract, Bilberry Extract, Carrot Powder…the list goes on and on.

If you’re looking for a multi-vitamin to support your bodybuilding needs, as well as your overall health, I cannot recommend Opti-Men enough.

When I first started taking it, I noticed a fairly large increase in my energy levels after about a week and a half. To be fair, some might say this is a placebo effect, but I’m very keenly aware of this since I try out so many supplements (and most of them end up being bunk).

Now, to be completely honest, when I’m in an immersion phase for building muscle, I take Animal Pak, because Opti-Men doesn’t have as much bodybuilding stuff in it.

But, if you want to get the benefit of certain key bodybuilding nutrients, while also getting a ton of phytonutrients into your diet? I’d take Opti-Men hands down.


Conclusion: Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilders

best bodybuilding multi vitamins

Overall, you’ll have to decide what’s right for you. I never like to say that there’s one supplement that’s the best for everyone out there, because there isn’t. In reality, what’s best for you will depend on your goals—do you want to focus purely on bodybuilding, while also getting a great nutrient profile? Then go with Animal Pak.

Do you want to focus on bodybuilding, with an emphasis on joint, ligament, and tendon health? Then go with Orange Triad. Or maybe you want to focus on bodybuilding, with an emphasis on whole-nutrition and phytonutrients for optimal health? Then it sounds like Opti-Men is right for you.

All in all, just decide what your goals are and take action. Spend your money wisely; don’t buy stupid bullshit, buy things that are going to support you. If you have any multi-vitamin recommendations, be sure to let me know—I love trying out new supplements (like SARMs, which are basically legal steroids). I hope you guys enjoyed the article, and I’ll see you next time.

Animal Pak Review
animal pak container

Product Name: Animal Pak

Product Description: Animal Pak is a popular bodybuilding multivitamin taken to help users gain muscle, lose fat, and stay healthy overall.

Buy on Amazon

  • Overall Cost
  • Joint Protection
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Fat Loss

Animal Pak Summary

Overall, Animal Pak is my go-to for bodybuilding multivitamins. It’s got a great lineup of ingredients, and is specifically made for bodybuilders, so you know it’s legit.


High Quality Ingredients

Muscle Recovery

Joint Protection

Liver Detoxification



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