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RAD 140: The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Testolone

RAD 140, which is otherwise known as “Testolone,” is by far the most powerful SARM in existence. Coming in at a whopping androgenic ratio of 90:1, it’s literally 90% as effective as injecting yourself with pure testosterone… with only 1% of the side effects.

In fact, using just a small dosage of RAD 140, you can quite literally transform your physique in just a matter of 2-3 months. I’ve posted my RAD 140 results below for you to see, so you can decide for yourself.

But first off, let’s explain just what this highly sought after SARM is, and why it’s so powerful. In this “Ultimate Guide to RAD 140,” I’ll be discussing everything you need to know to make an educated decision about your RAD 140 cycle, dosage, PCT, and more.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Testolone (RAD 140) Review: Before & After Pics of My 60 Day Cycle

In this article, I will be giving an in-depth and thorough RAD 140 review, and will be sharing some of my RAD 140 results with you.

For my cycle, I took 30mg of Testolone for 60 days, and had some pretty incredible results (you can see the pictures below).

In literally just 3 months, I wound up shredding 12 pounds of fat off, gaining 21 pounds of muscle, and being jacked at 7.4% bodyfat.

So, if you’re interesting in learning more about Testolone (RAD 140), and want to hear my brutally honest RAD 140 review, then read on.

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[VIDEO]: How to Live The Playboy Lifestyle While Traveling Abroad

What’s up, guys. Today I did a very special video interviewing Robbie Kramer of “Inner Confidence.”

This guy’s done a lot over the past decade, that we talk about in today’s video:

  • Turning $200 into $50,000 with online poker
  • Partying with playboy models on Yachts
  • Traveling the world while making passive income
  • Starting a successful blog, that’s helped thousands of men

If you want to listen to the full interview, click on the link down below.

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buy modafinil online guide

How to Buy Modafinil Online: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

If you’re trying to buy modafinil online, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from where to buy modafinil online, to modafinil reviews, and more.

There’s a lot of fake modafinil sites out there that will scam you, and believe me, you don’t want to buy from them.

It’s important to know where you can get high quality modafinil, and which companies to AVOID so you don’t get scammed.

In this article I will be covering how to buy modafinil online, where to buy it from, and how to avoid getting scammed.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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shit test how to pass shit test

[VIDEO]: The #1 Reason Why Women Test Men

If you follow my blog, you’ll know about the concept of a “shit test.”

These are little comments and things that women do, to test who you are as a man.

If you can pass them, her attraction to you will 10x.

If not? She’ll lose all interest in you. Here’s how to pass her shit tests.

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[VIDEO]: The Only 2 Things Women Want From Men

Women aren’t really that hard to understand…

In fact, when it comes down to it, they only want two things from men.

Value and comfort.

In today’s video, I talk about why these are so critical, and more importantly, how YOU can leverage them to improve your dating life.

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Make Money Blogging

[VIDEO]: How I Make $15,000/Month Blogging Online

What if I told you that one simple concept, when mastered, can get you whatever you want?

It can get you a shredded six pack…

It can get you the girl of your dreams…

It can even make you millions of dollars.

What’s this concept called? It’s called “Modeling.” I used it to build my blog to $15,000/month.

…and today, I’m going to share it with you for free.

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Spartans masculine development

How to Be A F*cking Commander: The Secret to Killing it at Life

There’s a certain type of guy… we’ve all seen him, maybe once or twice.

He walks through life with ease. Everything he touches turns to gold.

Most importantly, though? He’s a commander. He’s relentless. He’s the guy everyone else wants to be.

…and today, I’m going to teach you how to become him.

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How to get your ex girlfriend back

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back (The No-BS, Controversial Truth)

Google “How to get your ex girlfriend back” sometime. You’ll see all types of lies.

“Just tell her you want a second chance,” or “apologize for what you did wrong,” aren’t going to work.

The reality is that getting an ex-girlfriend back is extremely difficult, and will not happen without some struggle.

That being said, it’s completely doable. I’ve done it before, and so can you—just follow these steps, and she’ll be yours in no time flat.

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How to Turn A Girl On: 2 Critical Attraction Triggers to Make Her Want You

Learning how to turn a girl on is pretty simple…

In fact, there’s only two things you need to be aware of.

Value and comfort. These two attraction triggers hold the key to turning her on…

…and in this article, I’m going to talk all about how you can master each one.

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