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How to Pass Any Shit Test With These 2 Strategies

Anyone who’s been involved in the “PUA community” recently knows about the phenomena of shit tests.

Shit tests are snide little remarks that women throw at you to test you.

Depending on how you react, she’ll either become completely disinterested with you, or she’ll take note and start to view you as an alpha male. Most guys fail these “shit tests” miserably—and they have piss poor results with women to show for it.

Once you know how to pass them, however, you’ll notice that your success rate with women will sky rocket.


Common Shit Tests

women shit test

“Sorry, we only talk to hot guys.”

As said before, a shit test is a snide little remark that’s meant to test you. They’re a quick way for women to screen you to tell if you’re actually as confident as you’re acting, or if you’re secretly a little bitch.

Shit tests are meant to see if you have boundaries, if you’re insecure, and/or how strong your frame is.

Here are some common shit tests:

  • “Sorry, I don’t sleep with guys under 6 foot.”
  • “You have moobs.”
  • “You must have a really small dick.”
  • “You’re balding.”

Generally speaking, any insult about your appearance is a shit test (when you’re hitting on a girl).

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: You go out to a nightclub, and you’re having a pretty good time. You’re dancing, vibing to the sound of Calvin Harris’s deep bass, when suddenly a stunning girl catches your eye.

After lots of internal struggle, you work up the courage to go talk to her. The walk towards her is agonizing—your fear of rejection is slowly creeping up. Finally, you open her, and ask for her name.

“Sorry, I only talk to hot guys.” she says. You walk away feeling completely rejected, and wallow in self-pity for the rest of the night.

That, my friend, was a shit test. And you just failed it.


Why Women Test Men

women shit test

A lot of guys may get angry when they first realize that women test men. “What bitches,” the newbie may spout—or, “That’s so mean.” Or even worse, sometimes they can’t even accept it.

Don’t get mad. The reason that women test men is because they have to; this is how they figure out if you’re actually confident or not.

In other words, when a woman shit tests you, she’s screening to see if you’re going to be a frightened little baby and take it personally, or if you’re not even going to be emotionally affected by it.

Women test men, because they’re attracted to personality characteristics far more than your physical appearance. Things like decisiveness, assertiveness, confidence, and frame control, are all very attractive to women.

So what’s a girl to do? She can’t just ask “Hey, are you confident?” Obviously every guy is going to say yes. So instead, they test you to see if you’re actually confident.

That’s what a shit test does—it exposes any emotional neediness or insecurities you have.

In other words, a woman only tests you if she’s interested. When a woman shit tests me, the way that I interpret it is this: “Hmm. I’m interested in this guy, but I need to make sure he’s the real deal.”

And the best way to actually show her that you’re the real deal is to pass her shit tests.


How to Pass Shit Tests

women shit test

Generally speaking, there are two strategies that I use to pass any shit test. The first is amplifying the frame, and the second is re-framing.

In order to understand these strategies, however, you must understand the concept of “frame control.”

In a nutshell, a frame is just a way of looking at reality. Frame control is how truly confident you are in that way of looking at reality. For example, say that you believe you’re the shit. That’s the frame.

Now, say that a girl starts to tease you and make fun of you—if she gets to you, and you get upset, you have poor frame control. Because a simple comment can shake your frame, it wasn’t that strong to begin with.

Her shit tests shook your frame and exposed your insecurities. This means you have poor frame control.

If, however, her tests don’t faze you, it usually means that you have strong frame control. Your sense of reality is very strong. You are convicted.

In order to employ these two strategies, you must get good at controlling your own frame. It takes practice, but anybody can do it. Get good at creating your own reality—don’t let others dictate it for you. Forge your own beliefs and believe in them so strongly that nothing can shake you.


Strategy #1: Amplify the Frame

women shit test

The first way to pass a shit test is to agree with the girl, and take it to another level. For example, maybe a girl makes fun of you for driving a Prius.

“Oh, you must pull all the girls with that Prius,” she says. What would 99% of guys do? They’d get defensive.

“B-BUT The Prius is a very good economic choice due to its good fuel economy!” or something more subtle like “I bought it for financial reasons, not to pick up girls!” Instead of getting defensive, the best way to pass this test would be to amplify it.

“Yeah, I pull all the girls with my Prius.” or “Yeah, girls tell me my Prius is hot.”

Do you see how this is amplifying the frame? The frame that the girl sets at first is “You must pull girls with your Prius.” Obviously she’s saying it sarcastically, but it doesn’t matter—if you amplify the frame, you’ll pass the shit test.

Just take her frame (You pull girls with your Prius) and multiply it by 10. That’s what those two comments do—they convey the fact that yes, you do in fact pull girls with your Prius.

Obviously she’s going to know you’re joking, but you still passed the test—these comments show her that you’re not insecure about your car. You just go with the joke.

To be honest “amplifying the frame” is a great strategy, but it’s limited. It’s best to also combine it with the second strategy.


Strategy #2: Re-Frame

women shit test

Re-Framing is by far more powerful than the first strategy. In essence, re-framing is simply accepting the facts that she states, but looking at them a different way.

For example, say that a girl makes fun of you for being short. This happens to me all the time, because I’m only 5’8″ so naturally I’ve become accustomed to passing this shit test.

“Haha, sorry…I don’t sleep with guys under 6 feet tall.”

What would 99% of guys respond with? They would try to qualify themselves—they would come up with a bunch of reasons why the girl should sleep with them.

“B-but I’m jacked!” or “B-but I’m rich!” or “B-but I have a huge dick!” None of that shit works (unless you’re saying it jokingly, but that’s another matter). Do you know what I say when a girl says something like that to me?

“Oh no, that’s okay—it makes me more attainable.” or “Nah, being short is cool. Tall guys cant fit through doors and shit.”

Boom—I accept the fact that I’m short, but I RE-FRAME it. It’s not that being short makes me unattractive, it’s that now I’m more attainable. If I was tall, I’d be way out of her league due to my other awesome qualities, but since I’m short I’m within her reach.

It’s that simple. Or maybe a girl makes fun of you for having large pecs (this also happens to me). “Haha you have moobs.” What would 99% of guys say to something like this?

“They’re called pecs, and it’s muscle!” or “Yeah, I’m trying to lose weight.” The best thing to do is to re-frame it.

“Yeah, they help me get in touch with my feminine side.”

Do you see how this is re-framing? You agree with her that you have moobs, but you re-frame it so that it’s a positive. Sometimes you can even completely reject her frame, and have it work extremely well.

For example, say that a girl makes fun of you for being bald. “You’re bald, that’s so gross!” In a situation like this, you could completely reject her frame and assert yours: “Nah, it’s hot.”

That’s it. The key is to say it 100% confidently, though—say it with 100% conviction. She’ll literally start cracking up (in a good way) and start to qualify herself to you.


Maintain the Frame! (The Key)

Sometimes girls will throw multiple shit tests at you over the course of the night. That’s okay—just maintain the frame. Don’t let her shake your frame.

If you passed her first shit test by saying that being bald was hot, don’t you dare change your opinion about this. Stay convicted to what you said—don’t let her words shake your frame.

This is known as having strong frame-control. Literally 95% of game comes down to having strong frame control, so if you just work to cultivate a strong frame, you’ll find that everything else magically falls into place.

The next time that a girl shit tests you, try out one of the two strategies that I recommended…you won’t be disappointed.


About the Author Jon Anthony

After learning to successfully trade the market, build a six pack, start a social circle from scratch, and increase his IQ by 15 points, Jon Anthony has decided to teach others how they can, too. He plans to move to Las Vegas next year to invest in real estate and live it up.

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  • rake

    What I find also helps is shit test a girl back – but with a bit of easy going humour. Look for a weakness in her – and let her know you are aware of it – and even mock it a bit play fully. Her shit tests suddenly seem to stop and she respects you more.

    • Jon Anthony

      Yup – the root of it is that women want to know you aren’t afraid to offend them. Not because you’re a dick, but because you’re grounded.

    • Ravi Subba

      Well said. The actual & real reason a pu*** does the so called “shit test” with men is:
      =Because a pu*** can get away without facing any consequences
      =Because a pu*** can get away without any accountability
      =Because a pu*** is given “free pass” with Societal & Legal Double Standards

      A Man can also do perfect “shit test” to a pu***, for example:
      =Hey, it seems you have saggy tits !
      =Hey, it seems you slut around a lot. You have floppy boobs !!
      =Didn’t you take shower, you smell like filth !!!

      It’s time for MEN to NOT entertain pu*****. No entitlement, No pampering, Don’t pedestal, Don’t give “undue” credit, Don’t / Ever exaggerate and/or “over” exaggerate for Natural, Mundane and Obvious things like getting pregnant and giving birth (ALL the female species on this planet does the same thing damn it !!!).

      But, Radio is not natural !, Air-Conditioner is not natural !!, Refrigeration is not natural !!!
      That’s the power of Masculinity: Machismo.

  • tony

    This guy says he has had women shit him for being 5’8 . He should stop chasing 7 ft women

    • Jon Anthony

      No, I like my tall women. It feels like an accomplishment, like I’ve climbed a mountain or something

      • Andros

        Women are fucking crazy anyway. They could be 4’8 and still demand a guy over 6ft. I think the “6ft” # is just the magical # they are aware of that symbolizes a man is within the “tall” range. A 5.0″ girl is going to see a 5’9 dude as “tall” but she’s trained t say she wants 6′ or higher.

        • Jon Anthony

          Hahaha yeah they don’t know what they want half the time, but I know they care far more about confidence and frame than looks.

  • Zayn Malik

    Women take shit test of men to judge them, is it applicable for men to shit test them to know whether they are bitchy and manipulative or not. Then how to test them, any idea ???

    • Jon Anthony

      Yeah I’ll probably write a post on this in the future, but basically you just have to look out for signs and red flags. It’s not so much testing them, but just watching out for a few key things like lying, deceit, guilt-tripping, etc.

  • Mark

    Well, I think I’d re-frame “alpha male” as someone who is a narcissist, because that’s what it all sounds like to me. You pass a shit test by proving you’re full of your own shit? Is this what women want? Maybe, but I think if so, it’s because a lot of women are just plain confused in today’s society.

    There is no biological justification for the PUA definition of “alpha male”. Biologically, a woman should be looking for a man to protect her. There is an objective measurement of that, which has nothing to do with personality. Back in the stone age, if you had a big tough warrior with the personality of a timid mouse, and a scrawny guy with the body of a mouse, who is going to be more able to protect their woman? The tough warrior of course. Doesn’t matter that he says sorry when you shit test him, because he can kill a predator. He’s the real alpha male. The reason why there aren’t a ton of narcissist “alpha” men around today, is because most of them were so dumb they ran off to fight the tiger all by themselves and got eaten. These are not the guys evolution wants.

    But society is currently in a state of de-evolving. It all started when we threw out objective standards of performance, and said everyone should be proud of themselves, everyone should be confident, everyone should get an A for participating. And even if you failed the test, you still get a gold star.

    The ironic thing is that in this environment, people have lower self-esteem than ever before. And for whatever reason, this is particularly true of women. Girls shit test you for one reason, and that is because they are totally insecure and have low self-esteem. These same girls just so happen to be attracted to narcissists, because they’re psychologically damaged, empty inside and are mistakenly fooled into thinking the narc can give them the confidence they don’t have. On the other hand, the girls who have their head on straight are the least likely to shit test, although sadly I’ve met few of them.

    So yeah, acting like a narcissist probably can get you laid. But just don’t delude yourself into thinking this in anyway makes you more masculine. We live in the western world, where life is easy relatively speaking, so that’s why this bullshit even works. When time gets tough, I think that true masculinity will become popular again. Because it will again matter who can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

    • Jon Anthony

      I’m not advocating narcissism. But the thing is, when you’re at a nightclub and a girl is getting hit on by literally a guy every 2 minutes, she has to “screen them,” quickly.

      Guys that aren’t phased by her test, pass. Guys that get butthurt, are screened out. This shouldn’t be happening all of the time with girls at work, school, colleagues, etc.

      Mainly just cold approach night game