Signs Youre an Alpha Male

5 Signs You’re an Alpha Male

The fact of the matter is that women want alpha males. They want the leader of the pack, the man who’s unflappable, and the man who can sweep them off their feet—but the most important question here, is are YOU one?

Most men are sniveling beta males. They make excuses, they whine and complain, they don’t get shit done, and they have a piss poor life to show for it. Most men will never amount to anything, which is why history only mentions the names of a few.

Fortunately for us however, you can adapt and change over time. If you weren’t born into the upper nobility, to an elite family, don’t worry—you can still change your behaviors. Making the transformation from beta to alpha isn’t easy, but it’s something that must be done.

Besides, becoming an alpha male is fun. You get all the money, you get all the women, and you get all the success you want. So with that in mind, how many of these five signs do you show?

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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos – Rule #1

To be honest, I’m struggling for words right now. This may be the most important post I ever make, and I’m struggling with how to present it. No post, no article, no video, and no platform can contain the wisdom of ages. It simply can’t be done, because wisdom has to be felt.

Wisdom is born through the furnace of life, strengthened through the bellows of experience, and shaped through the anvil of suffering. It matters not how hard I try—words cannot convey experience, and they cannot convey wisdom. Words are an abstraction of the real thing.

Yet still, I try—I pour my heart, my soul, and my LIFE into these posts, hoping that they will touch someone’s heart, somewhere in the world. I do not lie when I say that very few people have changed my life in the same way that Jordan B. Peterson has.

While he’s only a man, and I am only a writer, I hope that this 12-part series of posts can change someone’s life in the same way that mine was changed. I will try my best to portray Dr. Peterson’s ideas in their purest, most true form. Let’s go.

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Focal Point Brian Tracy ABCDE Method Productivity

How to Get Shit Done Like a Boss (The Focal Point Method)

We live in a world of ever-increasing complexity. Every single day, you’re bombarded with decisions to make, chores to do, and tasks to prioritize—and most people fail miserably at this.

They choose to check their Facebook likes instead of finishing that business proposal, they choose to post a picture on Instagram instead of researching the signs of a toxic relationship, and they choose to watch Netflix above all else.

Most people are massive failures in life, but what if I told you it’s easy to be successful. Would you believe me? What if I told you that after reading this article, you can literally get TWICE as much done, in HALF the time?

Funny enough, I didn’t believe this when I first heard it, but after applying Brian Tracy’s “Focal Point” techniques into my life, I was absolutely amazed at how much I could get done, with literally half the effort.

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Girls Ignore You? Read This.

Tell me if this has ever happened to you…

You feel like you’ve been doing everything right. You’ve been hitting the gym, you’ve been working on your game, and you’ve even been making a little bit of extra money on the side.

…but for some reason, girls don’t seem to pay any attention to you. Every day, you swipe right on Tinder, hoping that they’ll swipe back. You try asking girls out in your social circle, you try improving your text game, you try EVERYTHING! But nothing seems to work.

Well I’m here to tell you, my friend, that I’ve been in this situation. I’ve been there, where girls ignore me, and where I’m pissed off and don’t know what to do about it. So if that’s where you’re at right now, then read on.

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How to Develop “Alpha Male” Emotions

Learning to develop alpha male emotions is incredibly important in today’s ever-changing world. One second you may be faced with losing your job, and the next you may be forced to deal with a family crisis that you have little to no control over.

Strong masculine leaders know how to manage their feelings the right way. They know when it’s time to feel good and when it’s time to feel bad. They know how to rule their emotions in a way that help them support their advancement towards what they want to accomplish in life.

Soft boys, on the other hand, don’t control their feelings. Unfortunately, due to the chemicals in our food, the increasingly hostile environment towards males, and the overgrowth of feminine energy in our culture, too many men have turned into soft boys, or “soy boys” as I like to call them, who can’t handle their emotions.

Now, more than ever, is the time for you to handle your shit. Without strong, masculine leaders like you and I in this world, our culture will fall to ashes like the civilizations of the past. Here’s how you can learn to control your emotions, so that they’re not working against you, but rather working FOR you.

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5 Examples of “Female Privilege” The Media Refuses to Acknowledge

I was out with a buddy this weekend, when something very peculiar happened. After seeing a few local bands at a house show, we decided to check out some of the local hipster bars—that’s where it happened. We met a couple of relatively cute girls, and while they seemed friendly at first, I could tell something was off.

After talking to them for a few minutes, it turned out they had some beef with the bartender. I shrugged it off, and we continued to talk—but here’s where shit started to go down. After the bartender came and simply told us that last call was in a few minutes, one of the girls completely lost her shit.

She stood up, poured her drink over the bartender’s head, and proceeded to throw every foul-mouthed slur she knew at him. The other girl literally pushed me backwards as I was sitting down, in an attempt to knock me over. I stood up, and she began smacking me and cursing me out, even though I had nothing to do with this.

What was surprising wasn’t that this had happened, however—what was surprising was everyone’s reaction. Rather than putting these obnoxious women in their place, the bouncer didn’t DARE to lay a hand on them. Rather, he put a hand on me and asked me to leave. This is female privilege.

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There is a War Being Fought Against Masculinity

I try to avoid posts like these, as they can come off as a bit too “tin-foil-hatty” for my taste, but after witnessing the latest battle which has been waged against masculinity, I’ve been left with no choice. For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, the boy scouts recently defied over a century of tradition by now allowing girls into their mix.

Of course, they implemented this radical change in rules under the guise of “equality,” to claim the moral high ground. It doesn’t matter that the places where boys can be boys are growing increasingly rare in today’s society, and it doesn’t matter that by nearly all metrics, women are outperforming men in America.

There is a full fledged war being waged against all forms of masculinity, and it will not stop until we speak up and put our foot down. What started as an inconspicuous movement in the 1990’s has grown into an all out attempt to castrate men and ostracize anyone with half a god damn brain.

Now is the time to speak out, now is the time to voice your concerns, and now is the time to act. Without sufficient outrage in response to this ridiculous change in the boy scouts, the Marxists and their globalist allies will push farther and farther, until before we know it, it’s too late.

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The Coming Age of Decentralization (Why The Twitter Ship is Sinking)

I was suspended from Twitter recently. The Pope had tweeted out an opinion on how to end war, which is his right to do. I responded by saying that it was a stupid idea, which was also my right to do…but do you know what happened? Twitter shut down my account in response.

Unfortunately, this isn’t that uncommon. Tons of people, mainly conservatives, have been getting banned left and right by Twitter’s biased algorithms and human resources team—all for the terrible crime of having an opinion. Not for sending death threats, not for threatening violence, and not for racial slurs. No. Just for having an opinion.

This is a growing trend across all mainstream platforms. From YouTube to Twitter to Facebook, more and more online video-streaming and content sharing platforms are shutting down innocent users for the horrible, horrible crime of having an opinion that doesn’t kowtow to the mainstream narrative.

Fortunately for us, however, this won’t be a problem much longer. As I’ve discussed before, the age of decentralization is coming—and it isn’t too far away. Soon enough, everything we do will be decentralized, from our social media, to our income, to even our governments. Here’s how.

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3 Exercises to Build Up a Killer Chest in Just 4 Weeks

For those who are naturally inclined towards fitness and building muscle, going to the gym and lifting, pressing, and squatting comes almost instinctively. Sure, nobody is born having exact prior knowledge in the matters of the body—it takes patience, dedication, and perseverance to truly achieve the potential of our bodies.

…but this being said, while it certainly does take a long time to get a shredded physique, there are a ton of shortcuts you can take along the way to make things easier on yourself. There’s supplements you can take, routines you can do, and even specific muscle groups you can focus on to quickly gain the appearance of being jacked.

One of which groups is the chest muscles. I’ve always had naturally large pectoral muscles from a young age, and even when I was a skinny little beanpole (at least in my view) people would complement me on them. Now that I’ve spent time building them up however, I frequently get girls rubbing them and squeezing them at parties (no joke).

The first thing that people associate with a “strong man” are the chest muscles. This association has been practically ingrained into our collective consciousness due to popular culture and celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. Surprisingly enough, while it may take years to get pecs like them, there’s still a few ways to get killer pecs in just a short time.

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what is creatine monohydrate benefits

Creatine Crash Course: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

In the age of the internet, anyone and everyone can give out advice on supplements—and they do. A simple google search will show that there’s dozens of other “experts” and “gurus” telling you completely bogus myths about supplements like creatine, whey protein, and testosterone boosters.

Bodybuilding isn’t just an art, though—it’s a science. Everything we do can be scientifically verified. So in times like this, where anyone and everyone with a platform is recommending something different, it’s important we turn to science when asking questions like:

  • What is creatine?
  • What type of creatine is best?
  • What are the benefits of taking creatine?
  • When do you take creatine?
  • What are the creatine side effects?

It turns out that most of these questions have been answered through extensive research, and although taking creatine won’t make you put on 50 pounds of muscle overnight, it’s certainly a very powerful supplement to add to your regimen. So with that in mind, here’s my crash course on creatine.

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