Jon Exposes The #1 Secret to KILLING LIFE – Generate MASSIVE Success in All Areas!

Generating success in one area of life is hard enough…but all of them? How can that even be possible?

How can someone have an amazing sex life, a loaded bank account, a jacked physique, and most importantly, a fulfilling lifestyle?

Well, there’s no “one thing,” that will do it…but this secret that I’m about to share with you is probably the closest thing that there is to a magic key.

I first discovered this secret when I went to a seminar on “game,” interestingly enough…the guy talked a lot about dating advice, but he also talked a lot about business and life in general. He had an 8 figure business at the time, so I decided to take notes on everything that he said.

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how to get a hotter girlfriend

How to Find The Perfect Girlfriend (Controversial Non-Mainstream Advice)

There’s a lot of bullshit out there in the mainstream dating world. “If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen!”

People are raised to believe that their dream spouse will just magically fall into their lap, because life is just some god damn fairy tale, right?

Wrong. If you want to find the perfect girlfriend, and for that matter, the perfect wife, you’re going to have to put in some work…and by some work, I mean a lot of fucking work.

This advice is not mainstream. It is not sugar-coated. It is not meant to soothe you, or to make you feel good. If you cannot handle it, leave.

If you’re ready to take your dating life to the next level, and discover a realistic approach to getting a good girlfriend, however, then read on.

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how to get laid why you're not getting laid

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Laid This Very Second

When I first started learning game, I remember how infuriating it was.

I thought I was doing everything correctly! I was following all of the advice that other men gave me, but for some reason, it just didn’t seem to work.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling of hopelessness, where you’re just wondering if you should give up. Is something wrong with you? Maybe, but most likely not.

Most likely, you’re just making one of these five critical errors, any of which will prevent you from getting laid.

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How to Stop Lying to Yourself and Start Conquering Life

After you’ve been involved in self-development for a few years, you start to notice how often people lie without even knowing it.

They lie about their health. “Oh, I’ll start that new diet next week. I’m busy this week.”

They lie about their sex life. “I could’ve talked to that girl…but I don’t have the time right now.”

They lie about EVERYTHING. What’s terrifying, however, is realizing just how much you lie to yourself to justify your own fears.

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5 Benefits of Being Superhero JACKED That Nobody Talks About

Most people, when they consider getting into really good shape, do it for “health concerns.” They do it to lower their cholesterol, they do it to get a better hormonal profile, and they do it to increase their lifespan.

However in my opinion, some of the GREATEST benefits of working out aren’t even physical. Some of them are social, some of them are emotional, and some of them are even financial.

I’ve been actively engaged in the fitness community for the past decade, and I can, without a doubt, say that getting jacked completely transformed my life in unexpected ways. Here’s how.

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lifestyle masculine development

How to Build a Lifestyle That Women Find Attractive

When I first got into the dating advice world, most of what people were talking about was known as “cold approach.”

This is the idea that you learn how to approach and seduce women that you’ve never met before. Proponents of cold approach would go to night clubs and bars, night after night, and split test different openers, routines, and methods.

…and although cold approach is incredibly valuable, and will help you add new women to your social circle, there’s something that’s even more important.

It’s called building a lifestyle that women find attractive, and it will not only improve your happiness levels, but will also magnetically draw new women into your life. Here’s how:

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benefits of morning meditation

How Morning Meditation Will Transform Your Life (In Just 20 Minutes a Day)

When people hear about meditation, they usually get this image in their head of some weird monk sitting in a Buddhist monastery.

They think that meditation is something that only Buddhists do, or weird, spiritual hippies…but what if I told you that meditation is actually one of the most common habits of the successful?

Yup, that’s right. From Russell Simmons, the multi-millionaire founder of Def Jam Records, to Oprah Winfrey herself, a lot of highly successful people meditate every day.

Meditation, if you do it right, will supercharge your self-development. You’ll literally re-wire your brain to be calm, collected, and hyper-focused. Here’s how:

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chris pratt workout guardians of the galaxy workout

Chris Pratt Workout From Guardians of the Galaxy: Get Lean and Toned!

I’ve had a lot of guys ask me about the “Chris Pratt Workout,” lately…and it isn’t hard to see why.

In just a short time span, he went from being at least 18% bodyfat and 25 pounds overweight, to being around 10% bodyfat with his abs showing. This is a pretty impressive transformation.

And while technically nobody knows what Chris Pratt did to prepare for his Guardians of the Galaxy role, aside from his personal trainer, it still isn’t that hard to guess if you’ve been involved in the fitness industry for a while.

Chris Pratt’s physique is toned and lean—a nice, muscular swimmer’s build, but not overly bulky. A lot of guys want a physique like this, and today, I’m going to break down how I think Mr. Pratt attained his.

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how to be happy masculine development

How to Be Weirdly Happy and Motivated (Even if Your Life Sucks)

I believe that there’s a lot of power in emotions. They affect us in ways that modern science can’t understand.

They can motivate us, give us energy, and encourage good health…or, they can demotivate us, sap our energy, and steal our health.

Learning to master your emotions is not only essential to your success, but to living a good life in general.

When you learn to be “weirdly happy,” you’ll find that nothing can bring you down—it doesn’t matter how hard your life is, how hard it’s been, or how hard it’s going to be. When you use this one simple trick that I’m going to share with you today, you’ll find your happiness to be impregnable.

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frame masculine development

The Art of the Re-Frame: Hardcore Reality Selection

If there’s one thing that will either make or break you, it’s your mindset. You can have two people experience the exact same turn of events, and yet one will become wildly successful, while the other lives his life as a failure.

Why is this? I propose it’s due to something known as your “frame,” or your underlying set of beliefs. Otherwise known as your mindset, this determines how you interact with reality. It determines what you think, what you feel, and how you act.

Thus, learning to change it, is crucial for your success—this is where the idea of the “re-frame” comes in.

It’s probably one of the most powerful psychological tricks that I’ve ever encountered, and I’m going to share it with you today.

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