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4 Best Supplements For Anxiety (Eliminate 90% of Nervousness INSTANTLY!)

Anxiety can absolutely destroy your life. Whether it’s mild, moderate, or god forbid, severe anxiety, it takes a massive toll.

Having anxiety makes it difficult to pick up girls, to build a social circle, to enjoy your life, and to be happy…so you want to eliminate it as soon as possible.

There’s a number of different routes you can take, from anti-depressants to lifestyle changes like working out and meditating, but one simple, effective, and almost instant cure is to take supplements that act on your neurotransmitters.

I’ve tried every single one of these supplements for anxiety, and I believe that they will work for 99% of you guys. That being said, some people respond better to certain ones.

You’ll ultimately have to experiment and try these out for yourself; but if you do so in conjunction with taking cold showers, meditating, and exercising regularly, you can expect to eliminate your anxiety to almost zero.

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5 foods that kill testosterone masculine development

Top 5 Foods That Absolutely DESTROY Your Testosterone Levels

It’s no secret that having high, healthy testosterone levels is crucial for your happiness as a man.

Low testosterone has been linked to depression, low energy, low libido, and worst of all, low levels of success. In fact, studies have shown that there’s a direct correlation between how much testosterone a man has, and how much money he makes.

So clearly, you want the highest testosterone levels possible—your entire life depends on it.

Most people focus on how to boost testosterone levels, which is important, but do you know what’s even MORE important? Avoiding things that are KILLING your testosterone! Just by cutting these foods out of your diet, you can expect to raise your testosterone levels by at least 20%.

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The 13 Rules of the Relentless: How to Be a Fucking Cleaner (Part 3)

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2

As I look back on the past 5 years of my life, and how I’ve made such a radical transformation in who I am, I can’t help but ask one question: “What was it?”

Was it that I was gifted? Was it that I was “privileged,” as many modern cry babies might say? Or maybe I just got lucky?

No, no, and no. Yes, maybe I was naturally gifted, and sure, I’ve gotten things that others never had. There was also a sure bit of luck…

But the #1 factor that contributed to my success, was that I was fucking relentless.

I didn’t cry, I didn’t stop, I didn’t quit…I just. Kept. Chasing. Success. Down.

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relentless masculine development

The 13 Rules of the Relentless: How to Be a Fucking Cleaner (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1 and Part 3.

I went to the grocery store earlier today, and do you know what I saw? Mediocrity. Mediocrity everywhere.

As I walked down the aisles, I saw the dull, complacent look in 95% of the people there. They just drift through life, from cradle to grave, without ever really thinking for themselves. They just do what they’re told, and live mediocre lives.

This is not for you. Masculine Development is a community for those of you who want more.

This is a community of fighters, it’s a community of go-getters, and it’s a community of fucking cleaners.

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relentless masculine development

The 13 Rules of the Relentless: How to Be a Fucking Cleaner (Part 1)

There’s three types of people in this world: coolers, closers, and cleaners.

Coolers worry about their competition and where they measure up. These are the guys you can rely on to get things done, but the second things get really tough, they’re not accountable.

Closers study their opponents’ every move—they study them, so that they know how to beat them. These are the guys that you call in when you need shit done, but they still look to others for guidance and leadership.

Cleaners? They’re so fucking good that they make others study THEM. They’re the anomalies, the one-in-a-million. They’re the ones who end things. They’re the fucking cleaners.

And you, my friend? You need to be a cleaner.

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How Long Does Success Actually Take? (What to Expect on Your Journey)

It’s 3 in the morning. Central California, 1995.

Most of the city is asleep, but one man has been glued to his computer screen for the past 12 hours.

“Aren’t you going to get some sleep?” his brother asked. “No,” the man said. “This has to be done right now.”

An hour went by, two hours went by, three hours…finally at 6 in the morning, when the sunlight cracked through the curtains, this man went to sleep.

Then, he woke up 3 hours later, and started again.

This man’s name was Elon Musk, and he’s now worth over $13 billion dollars.

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why do girls cheat on their boyfriend

Why Do Girls Cheat? (Even if You’re a “Good” Boyfriend)

I got an email from a man a few weeks ago, asking me why women cheat—and it’s hard to blame him for asking this question.

It seems that everywhere we look, people are getting divorced left and right. Unfortunately, due to changes in our civilization and its culture over the past few generations, cheating has become incredibly common.

Some girls cheat on their boyfriends. Some girls cheat on their husbands. Some even cheat when their man is overseas—why is this, though? Is it because of our lack of morals as a civilization?

Or maybe the institution of “no fault divorce,” has made the playing field skewed in the advantage of women?

Well, in this article I’m going to break down some of the reasons why women cheat…and more importantly, what you can do about it.

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how to stop being a bitch

5 Ways to Stop Being a Little Bitch

There is an epidemic of overgrown boys in our society; men that are physically mature, but emotionally fragile and weak. Everywhere you look, you see the male gender acting like pathetic little girls.

You see it when a grown man makes pitiful excuses, you see it when a grown man is incredibly out of shape, and you see it when a grown man lets his life fall to shambles. You see it everywhere.

Why? Who knows. It could be that the elites are waging a war against masculinity, it could be our upbringings, and it could be all of the estrogen-mimicking chemicals in our environment. What’s most likely, is that it’s all of these things combined.

Don’t worry, though. Today I’m going to give you a little schooling in how to stop being a bitch, using good, old-fashioned, non-PC language. Let’s get to it.

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One Simple Question That Will Change Your Life

There’s a few really powerful questions out there that can seriously changes our lives for the better. Granted, we have to be able to answer them honestly, but if we can, you can bet your ass that they’ll transform your reality.

Questions such as:

  • “What do I want to remember on my death bed?”
  • “What do I want people to remember me for?”
  • and “Who do I want to become?”

These all strike at the heart of who we are, and have the potential to change our lives, but there’s one question that has more immediate impact on a practical level than all others. Are you ready for it? Here it is:

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positive energy

The 5th Energetic Law of the Universe (Ignore At Your Own Peril)

I’m back at it, guys. After a 2 month long hiatus, I’m finally ready to start writing again—and today I’ve got a pretty epic article for you.

After writing previously about the 4th energetic law of the universe, I got a ton of guys telling me how interesting they thought it was, and asking me to write more about it. So, me not being one to disappoint my followers, I’ve got another article on the energetic laws for you guys.

The 4th energetic law of the universe states that “like attracts like.” This is why when you learn to design your life around things that are positive, that give you good emotions, and that are focused on generosity and creativity, your life tends to naturally start improving all by itself. It’s also why when guys draw a bunch of negative stuff into their life (bad girlfriends, stressful jobs, etc.), their life tends to naturally start getting worse.

…and while the 4th energetic law of the universe is still crucial to understand, without understanding the 5th energetic law of the universe, you might as well be fumbling around in the dark.

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